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I really want a fandom internet friend. So we can fangirl together, facetime and talk about our problems. I want to talk to a person from a different counrty so I can learn about them. I want to feel like I should just get to a plain and see them.


The entire time I’ve been in this community I never would of thought we would reach such a point! This is so outstanding, it’s more than I could ever ask for! Really thank you guys so much, i wanna make this celebration special so here I have some things in store for you guys ;0

First things first, the image that you see above? Ya that piece of art that I spent time on. I’ve made it so you can get it on Redbubble!! You can get this bad boy on a sticker, shirt, phone case, pillow, etc. It’s something I’ve planned on doing for a while now and I’ve finally made something! I hope some of you guys can check it out and possible buy for yourself or for a friend! I’ll be adding a few more artworks to Redbubble soon.

Alright time for some real action to begin! I plan to do a two part stream this weekend starting at 2pm EST on both Saturday AND Sunday! (Just in case ya can’t make it to one stream, ya can try and make it to the other) I’ll be streaming EoH and possibly chatting with a few friends!! There will be points where if you have EoH and PS Plus, ya can battle against me! As for the majority of the time, I’ll be playing free battle and collecting outfits I have yet to unlock (or possible play through story made again).

I’ll be running a discord server for you guys to join in to so you can come in and chat! There will be a set of rules for y’all to go by once I have it all set up. I’ll have a few mods looking over my shoulder while I play my game so i don’t have to pull away every time to see who joined and whatever. Don’t be shy to come in and say hi! It’s always a pleasure to meet new people and talk!!

I hope you guys are able to join in on the fun as much as you can and overall have a wonderful time since this milestone means a lot to me. You’re free to spread this around as much as you want! I’m look forward to this weekend with you all!!

Y'all sore Ass losers: “Suicide Squad didn’t deserve best Make up. I sure as hell have never in my life cared about make up and design ever before and I don’t know shit about it, neither do I care about how much the make up artists actually did, but I an expert know this movie didn’t deserve it.”

Suicide Squad:

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how you sleep-spn

A/N: i’m getting going on writing you guys. even if it has been a year since i posted anything here. meh

just some short n sweet little preference drabbles! there will definitely be more with different preferences and characters later, believe me. here we go!


(Pssst- there isn’t any gender pronouns for this one, so everyone can enjoy! love ya’ll :) )


He hasn’t slept on his back for years now, and now that the two of you are serious, he’s beyond desperate not to lose you too. Come nighttime (or daytime) when one of you drags the other to bed, he’s apt to settle on top of you- on your stomach or chest, arms wound around your waist and legs tangled with yours. He’ll leave soft little kisses on your collarbones while you run your fingers through his hair. The two of you don’t sleep as well unless you’re together, often soothing nightmares or preventing them altogether. Sometimes he steals all the blankets but it’s okay because you have him to keep you warm.


Dean wasn’t raised to be a hunter from birth unlike his mother and grandfather. The first years of his life were spent with someone there to kiss his ouchies, cutting the crusts off his sandwiches and being a cuddle buddy. But when he lost that, his heart never stopped aching for love, to love and be loved freely. So when you saw right through his stiff-backed, wide-shouldered he-man stance, he was both startled and relieved. You guys are never far apart in bed and some part is always touching no matter what. Most often, you’re facing each other right within kissing distance, holding hands and cuddled up into each other. It’s a rare day when you don’t wake up in his arms, and even then he’s not too far away.


Because he has no real need for sleep, he was confused when you first asked him to stay, but now there aren’t many places he’d rather be. Often you start out curled into his side with an arm around your shoulders but end up shifting into a spooning position by morning. Cas just likes being close to you for the most part, being able to watch over and protect you in your most vulnerable time. Sometimes, when you’re almost asleep, you swear you can feel his wings. They settle over the both of you and in your hazy state between sleep and consciousness you revel in the warmth that radiates from them.


Despite anyone’s impressions of him, Crowley was actually quite inclined to indulge you when you asked to cuddle. He would grumble and protest goodnaturedly, cursing the frilly word all while getting comfortable with you. You curl up into his chest as his arms drape loosely around you .When you doze off he remains awake, holding you closer and admiring your peaceful features. Though he’ll never admit it to anyone but you, one of his biggest insecurities is the idea that you might leave him. He always treats you with the utmost respect and gentleness and you are happy to comfort and reassure him.


Saleswoman 1: Yes sir, of course we are happy to accommodate your every need.

Saleswoman 2:  ¬_¬      ̿ ̿ ̿'̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•_•)=ε/̵͇̿̿/‘̿'̿ ̿

Saleswoman 1: This is why I do the talking.

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Why…. Why do they watch Dragon Ball if they don’t like Goku?

Ya got me.

I’d think you’d have to at least like the guy. He’s kinda the main character.

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Today is my birthday!~ aaand I gifted myself by pratice-painting my favorite background with my favorite color scheme and my favorite menace duo ( ᐛ )و