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Nothing Suits Me Like A Suit: The Final Stretch

“Getting all this, Merlin?” she asked, desperately glad that Daenerys had had the sense to order her shoes with next-to-nonexistent heels as she slid around a corner and came face to face with her first red-clad guards. “Any advice?”

“Kick the shit out of them.”

“Fantastic advice,” she agreed, snapping her umbrella open as the trio ahead of her opened fire, reaching under her left arm for her handgun, “but how do you suggest I get close enough to bring kicking into the equation?”

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Brienne fell in love with Jaime.

Not the expert swordsman. Not the golden knight. Not the Lannister. Not the arrogant prick he pretends to be. She fell in love with the selfless man who is willing to sacrifice his life for the people he loves. The broken man with one hand. The dirty bearded man who tries to make her understand that he wanted to save the city.

And Jaime. He doesn’t love a tall woman with buck teeth and a wide jaw who lacks social skills. He loves a hero with beautiful blue eyes that stands for forgiveness and goodness. That was willing to go to the ends of the Earth to save 2 girls to honor their mother.

THIS is why I fucking love them.