everyone loves jaime

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My Samris Lavellan is a 19yr old bi disaster - everyone is attractive and it's terrible. Anacrea, Nyvera, Hanin, Varlen, Maraas, and Delton would probably rob him of the ability to speak properly, just stutter his way through a conversation. He, Jaime, and Darren would bond over being young blonde marshmallows, but after saying goodbye Samris would grab the nearest cushion and scream into it in frustration. Why is flirting so difficult??

Nyvera: Oh god, really? [Sighs] So we’re doing this, then? Fine. M-m-m-m-make yourself useful or g-g-g-g-go away. Talk is cheap, little boy. My time is far from it.

Jaime: Ha! Well, I might not be able to bond over being young, but if you need to vent I can certainly lend an ear to the cause!

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What are your BroTPs for the SSM universe? Crossovers are allowed

Remember how I said Gwen Stacy ships with the Batman: The Brave and the Bold version of Jaime Reyes? Everyone else in SSM LOVES Jaime. He and Peter can connect over balancing heroism with being teenagers going on college kids. And he and Eddie Brock make the perfect love-to-hate-you rivals. ( @tgunn64 actually wrote a really great fic of their comicsverse counterparts battling, though it’s basically all vitriol and rivalry with no hidden “I think I kinda get you” the way I sorta see them, but the point of this fic series is battle, so yeah, if you’re up for a read: http://fighttowinfanfic.tumblr.com/post/148804081911/fight-to-win-venom-vs-blue-beetle)

As I mentioned in my ships…Norman Osborn and DCAU Joker (the idea of @gavillain). They would ruin EVERYONE’S lives together and be over the moon about it.

Mysterio and Mozenrath (Aladdin: The Animated Series). Is this just me saying my favorite Marvel villain and my favorite Disney villain would get along? Yes. Yes it is. But they both have an appreciation for magic (even if it is stage magic vs. real magic) and I see Mozenrath as being able to lend Mysterio’s illusions some “reality” with his own powers. 

I want Shocker and Mysterio to go on a double date with Firefly and Ragdoll from The Batman. Because on one hand, you have Shocker and Firefly, the level-headed professional criminals, with Mysterio and Ragdoll, the eccentric attention seekers. But on the other hand, comicsverse Firefly has almost the same origin story as Mysterio, so I imagine the TB version also has Mysterio’s appreciation for theater, and Shocker and Ragdoll can just go be Jeff Bennett together, so basically, the four of them in a room is perfection.

Shocker and the Huntsman (American Dragon: Jake Long) for more Jeff Bennett practicality.

Rhino and Snipe (Storm Hawks) just because…well…anyone who knows Snipe knows EXACTLY why.

Electro still has his alliance of Elsa (Frozen), Sadira (Aladdin: The Animated Series) and Terra (Kingdom Hearts) as the “Everyone hates us for our powers that we have a hard time controlling, but we make it okay in the end” group. 

Electro and Harley Quinn (The Batman) as bros who can share in each other’s pain but help cheer each other up too.

Anyone Electro gets along with, Sandman gets along with. He’s just kind of a friendly guy like that.

And finally, the ever-canon Sandman and Rhino. 

I do on some level ship Peter and MJ, so I can’t call them an outright broTP - there is romance there. I just know I don’t ship it as much as Peter/Gwen.

Brienne fell in love with Jaime.

Not the expert swordsman. Not the golden knight. Not the Lannister. Not the arrogant prick he pretends to be. She fell in love with the selfless man who is willing to sacrifice his life for the people he loves. The broken man with one hand. The dirty bearded man who tries to make her understand that he wanted to save the city.

And Jaime. He doesn’t love a tall woman with buck teeth and a wide jaw who lacks social skills. He loves a hero with beautiful blue eyes that stands for forgiveness and goodness. That was willing to go to the ends of the Earth to save 2 girls to honor their mother.

THIS is why I fucking love them.