everyone loves him right


he’s so beautiful (´▽`ʃƪ)♡

headcanon: over the centuries, maui has, very deliberately, honed “making a dramatic entrance” down to a science

he can look at a scene and know that, for instance, a bad guy is about to set him up with a line like “what do you expect him to do, drop out of the sky” or the perfect angle to come in from so he’ll look suitably heroic

(corollary headcanon: when he doesn’t take the time to make a dramatic entrance? that’s when you need to start worrying.)

honestly fanon Lotor is awesome with Lance but…also….keith is awesome…hunk is awesome…pidge is awesome…shiro is awesome…LITERALLY ANYONE YOU SHIP WITH LANCE WOULD BE COOL AS LONG AS THEY LOVE AND SUPPORT LANCE. DON’T LET THIS BOY BE IN AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP. LANCE DOES NOT DESERVE THAT.

Okay it may just be me, but I actually have a lot more confidence for Nygmobblepot after this episode. Yes, we definitely are going to be on a wild ride. Owl lady knows about them! She now knows Oswald is in love with Ed! She won’t be letting that go, that will be used against them. Hopefully she won’t turn them against each other. But we can easily say that this isn’t over. Now that we have seen some of Isabella I can say that girl is creepy and suspicious as hell. She is just too perfect. Who is just okay with someone murdering their girlfriend after knowing them one day??? Like??? No one?? And can we talk about her in the preview. Wtf? I think she is a spy sent by the Court or the Red Queen. But we know their relationship will not last, and I think there is high hope for our boys.


Every actor loves playing dress-up, losing yourself in a character, and having fun. Not to get too deep with Deadpool, but he filters all his pain through a prism of comedy and humor. I love that. I relate to that. I’ve done that since I was a little kid. I’m the youngest of four boys in my family so I was never gonna win anything with my fists. I had to win it with my mouth, and I think that’s essentially Deadpool as well. – Ryan Reynolds

more wolfstar fic recs !

even more ridiculous romance between our two favorite nerds ever.

if you haven’t noticed, i like AUs

  • a wolf’s heart : no magic!AU where Remus has a congenital heart defect and believes in fate. you have a heart ? be prepared for it to be crushed.
  • the price of liberty : dystopian!AU with kidnappings, illnesses and also jegulus ( my ultimate weakness ) and james is a complete badass
  • semi automatic : no magic!AU, texting fic. a lot of angst. you will cry. and scream. incomplete at the moment but still awesome
  • the lines we cross : student/teacher!AU where Sirius is a seventh year and Remus is the new extremely sexy and understanding DADA teacher
  • a cure for nightmares : no magic!AU where Remus is the mysterious new boy in school. can be perceived as “love cures mental illnesses”
  • this is you and me : no magic!AU. everyone is in love with remus. no one will treat him right.very angsty. ( tw : homophobia, stalking, mentions of suicide, mentions of depression, mentions of mental illness )

( the triggers warnings are specified in the fics, except for “this is you and me” )

Warning:“ To those who don’t read OP there might be some spoiler below so don’t read if you don’t want the possible spoil!”
This is my favorite part of this chapter !
This sentence :“That’s just you isn’t it?” is like the symbiosis of everything related to Sanji! He is kind AF and even to people who deserves to die! Seriously what do you want from him Oda? Everyone should be in love with sanji right now 😂
I’m happy to see that everything is slowly falling in place after a YEAR of suffering!
I really want to know what will happen to the Vinsmoke after this is over because seriously, except for Reiju, the other don’t deserve my love even though they were “modified to be evil” because as far as I can see they are just fine with each other so no excuses for them! And the father betrayed his own wife to create what he wanted! (Seriously why was that gorgeous,kind women with this man???)

Can’t wait for the 2 weeks to pass and I think that this whole “sanji’s year arc” will be the only volumes of the Manga that I will buy 😂

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Its just so lovely how Louis is surrounded by love and everyone is taking care of him right now. I love that they went out and celebrate the song and the performance, i am sure it’s just what Jay would have wanted. To celebrate her beautiful boy’s life and success.

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imagine Peter meeting your family though: he’s so worried but have been pep talking himself in front of the mirror all night, you said that everyone will love him, it wont be that bad, right?
He barely gets any sleep the night before, he’s so busy trying to convince himself it’ll all be fine, and it almost works too. But when you both get to the gathering he just gets so worried and awkward and keeps shyly standing behind you like a shield

Now imagine him taking one sip of champagne while you’re in the bathroom, getting more than tipsy and making everyone love him because he’s such a hilarious storyteller with a drink in his hand.

He’s horrified when you tell him all he did later once he’s sobered up with you taking care of the poor baby Petey. He’s too embarrassed to ever face your family again and groans into a pillow when you tell him that he was such a hit he’s officially invited to every family gathering from now on.

I love how in the elevator scene bucky catches steve staring so steve pretends like hes all business and nods

if y’all fell in love with bucky with all his three lines in the winter soldier then idek how this fandom is gonna handle civil war

the vast majority of pictures and gifs you see of fiyero on tumblr are aaron tveit who wasn’t even in the original broadway cast and i think that’s beautiful