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Why do anti-fat people have to go into the fat positivity tags?

Do you think you’re educating us? Do you think we’re learning from your “wisdom”?

You are only enforcing what we already know! The world thinks we’re gross. That we don’t ever exercise or eat healthily. That we are somehow deserving of your hurtfulness. Of the shame you inflict on us. Of the feeling when we look in the mirror and cry because we aren’t pretty or thin like the other girls.

We create fat positivity so that we can survive.



Donghyuk’s cute pillow fight~ (^ ▽ ^) …wait! Donghyuk??
[D-469] waiting for my ☾[D-471] waiting for my ☼ 


Of the deep and meaningful lyrics of this song.. 

“Oh Ten Years ago no matter what I couldn’t imagine this day coming,Hey ten years after what day will you bring?,Like this forever If we can be like now it would be the best,Your eyes when you turn around,Bring on hope for the future,Time flies, makes people afraid,Time flies, but we don’t change


of the beautiful sapphire blue ocean ..


This was the last concert of their first japan tour and this tour and hyukkie means a loooot to him…in the past 2 years he and hyukjae has worked so hard to get to where they are now  … from nothing to 1 album, 5 singles & 2 tours…

*2013 First sunrise:

hyuk: if there’s a eunhae concert in 2013
hae: if everything works, if we have new singles, have activities and concerts
hyuk: the current situation is there’s no contract
hae: there’s nothing, not even songs.
hyuk: company doesnt know too
hae: we only have oppa oppa & oh no which nobody knows 

* D&E 1st Japan Tour,Osaka day-1:

Donghae: “ I was about to shower then I listened to our album. I was so touched,and it was like a dream come true to be able to release an album and do concert tour. I was about to cry, but I didn’t want to cry alone so I went to hyuk’s room and said thank you for making this dream come true

 *D&E 1st Japan Tour , Budokan Day-3 – Donghae Letter to ELF :

“Everyone hello, this is Donghae. It’s 10th May 2014, Saturday night. In 10 minutes, the concert will come to the end. Until now, we had done a lot of concerts, but now, at this moment, I’m really happy to be here with everyone. I always receive letters from you but I only replying now, I’m such a jerk. We both are immature people, but we’re really thankful for all the love we received from everyone until now. I wouldn’t know how much everyone loves me until I die. But, everyone also don’t know how much I love you right ? I can continue breathing, I can move forward because everyone is here. That’s how important your existence to me. Let’s say I love you to each other. Everyone, I love you.”

Before Hae started his letter, he said “I don’t really know what and how to say it, but we did a lot of concerts until now, but both of us to be able to do concert together, it really means a lot to us.”