everyone loves each other

Romeo & Juliet AU where the families are longtime friends and business partners, trying to get their heir children to marry and consolidate the companies but they fucking hate each other

So the Montagues and the Capulets are desperately trying to get Romeo and Juliet to get married but the two can’t even be in the same room and it turns into an all out political brawl including R & J’s respective significant others and lots of lawyers and blackmailed priests

I think it isn’t that they don’t trust each other I think everyone in Fairy Tail loves each other so much they make mistakes in order to protect each other.

Hello!! I’m Melissa!

Number one:
I’m quite a quirky person and I love that about myself. I love to laugh. I’m a huge fun of horror movies and 80s music.

I’m on a journey to a happy, healthy life and I’m fighting everyday. Im fighting to be a stronger person.

I love the fitblr community and how supportive everyone is of each other. I’ve learned so much and it’s inspired a dream. It’s something that I don’t tell people because when they looks at me they assume that because I’m plus size I don’t know anything about fitness or nutrition. But I would really love to one day be a personal trainer and help people lead a healthier lifestyle.

Number two:
I absolutely love to read. I have always been lost in other worlds that I read about. I used to get in trouble in school for reading ahead or reading my own books instead of doing my schoolwork. Right now I’m pursing an English degree to become an editor for a publishing company!

I also have a huge love for the movie the Labyrinth! It’s seriously the most amazing movie and David Bowie is my queen in it 👑👑

Number three:
Something you all might not know is I’ve been on ESPN. I used to do all-star dance and every February I got to miss a week of school and go down to Florida and compete in nationals and it would air on ESPN. I also would go to Disney World!

Heteros in a movie: *looks at each other*
Everyone: they’re in LOVE!
Two gays in a movie: *full on making out*
Everyone: they’re just good friends.

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Jensen about being a bit uncertain about how to play Demon!Dean and how Jared helped him with that. [x]

just in case you needed a reminder of how much tanaka totally and completely adores nishinoya.

ur welcome.


MCU MEME — [2/7] seven relationships » Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov

“Your world in the balance and you bargain for one man?”


The Night’s Watch is your house now. We are your brothers now.”

Are you going to be okay?
Don't worry about me.

the winchester family

so after i’d already drawn it out i was like KEVINNN but i liked the composition too much to change it and just sticking him in there looked awkward ): he’s got mommy tran though who i am saying is alive no matter what