everyone loves bug

Marinette and Adrien accidentally swap Kwamis
  • Adrien: Oh my gosh oh my gosh I have so many questions what is LadyBug really like? She's just so amazing I love her can I meet her I want to marry her omg I'm freaking out by the way I'm Adrien I can't believe I met Ladybug's Kwami!!!
  • Tikki: wait you're that boy Marinette lik-HOLY CRAP HOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT KWAMIS
  • Adrien: shit
  • ~
  • Marinette: uh so what exactly are you?
  • Plagg: my name is Plagg and I'm Chat Noir's Kwami
  • Marinette: oookayyy do you want a cook-
  • Plagg: it's Adrien 100% Adrien he is Chat Noir totally him I have proof yep lady Adrien Agreste is Chat Noir deal with it also screw cookies where's the cheese
  • Marinette: *loud screaming*

Link: *eating raw fish as he runs naked through a field shooting down bokoblins with fire arrows screaming*

literally everyone in hyrule: wtf

Zelda: i love him so muCH

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia opening credits featuring Charlie’s Paddy’s Pub song

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whar r your top 5 fan art of supercrop

Ohhh man! You know I’ve been thinking about this since I read the question and I am still struggling!?

In no particular order:

  1. Supercorp Wedding Doodles by @sango-blep
  2. Kara and Lena Grow Closer by @tantoun
  3. I’ve Got You by @trappedinvacancy
  4. Promise? by @nikanono
  5. When you’re tired and lose a little of your impulse control and kiss your crush by @plastic-pipes

“Ed will introduce Ed’s full name: Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV. … Ed made up that name for Ed. Isn’t it cool?”

3/5 Non-Binary Favorite Characters: Radical Edward

Confessions of the Not-So Innocent (M)

Genre: Angst/Smut

Characters: Sehun/Chanyeol/Yixing/Jongdae

POV: First Person

Word Count: 2,125 

Plot: Will you lend an ear to a stranger?

Warning(s): Mature content & language

**Thank you to the wonderful @loser-dot-com​ for the awesome moodboard! <333**

Will you let me vent to you? I have something that I just need to get off my chest. 

You will?

Well… here goes nothing.

It’s been said before that we all have a story to tell, but mine is just a little more difficult to explain.

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i have a cork board on my wall now :)


Welp it’s time for another doodle dump! Up next we have Woodie again from the game Don’t Starve. XD

I swear I draw more stuff then just DS art…

I drew a lot of these while feeling under the weather so don’t kill me too much for his lovely anatomy. Woodie is my sister’s ( @bilboisjam ) character to play as whenever we play DST and we just love making awful puns about science and wood. >u>”

I actually REALLY like drawing this guy, his face is so fun! I especially love his floofy hair. Am I the only one who thinks his hair is super soft? I would think his beaver form is just as floofy…

I love your horse art!!! (I mean I love your art in general but I associate you a lot with horses,, I think the first art of yours I ever saw was horse related but idk)
I think my horse phase only lasted a couple years bc all those Horse Girl Books were so repetitive and I got bored jfdhfkhdjf

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could you recommend some blogs for me to follow? I'm new to the kingdom hearts tumblr fandom

Welcome to the family!! I hope I get a chance to speak to you off anon at some point but for now, welcome! ^^

Of course I can recommend you some blogs, I will now spend twenty minutes gushing about all the wonderful people I follow! ^^

However not all of them will be 100% Kingdom Hearts but if you have other things you’d like to your blog you’re bound to find some who share similar interests! ^^

  • neovongolaprimo, Dennis is a sweet heart, he’s not a 100% Kingdom Hearts blog but he makes the prettiest Kingdom Hearts gifs and he’s lovely to be friends with so I recommend you follow him! ^^
  • xivxionswan, Elle is a really good friend of mine and she’s super sweet and lovely! Honestly, if you want a blog to befriend then it should be Elle because she’s hilarious, adorable and sweet. She also has a really brilliant blog!
  • avataarkorra, David has a consistently brilliant blog and it was actually one of the first blogs I followed before I even made this blog and contributed to me making this blog so… I mean if that isn’t reason to follow I don’t know what is! ^^
  • silence-traitor, Morgan’s blog was another that I was following for months before I made this blog. Her blog is always consistently great and is a great addition to any Kingdom Hearts blog’s follows!
  • twilightown, Autumn is another blog that just about everyone is following or should be following, her blog has always been one of my all time faves!!
  • tidusboo, Sara makes the loveliest Kingdom Hearts renders and they are 100% worth checking out because I sometimes sit and look at them and question whether she’s magical. She’s super talented and you really shouldn’t miss out on seeing her blog!
  • noelkreist, Ann is my editing senpai! She’s soooo talented and I am in awe of her most of the time. She’s super lovely too!!
  • danderedreams, Mimi isn’t a 100% Kingdom Hearts blog but she’s the sweetest ever and you should follow her just for her personality because she’s soooo nice and her Kingdom Hearts reblogs and stuff are just a bonus! Don’t miss out on her blog!!
  • youarewonderfilled, Renya is so cuteeeee!! Her blog is fantastic and she’s the cutestttttt!! ^^ She was one of my first friends I made from having this blog so she’ll always be dear to me!
  • datasoriku, Erica’s blog is consistently fantastic and if you love Sora and Riku you definitely need to be following!!!
  • moooogle​, Holly is simply lovely! She also reblogs a lot of Final Fantasy so if you love Final Fantasy you should follow, she’s super sweet and makes really pretty gifs!!
  • auraras, I really love Megan’s blog and I’ll bet you will too!! Followwww!!
  • endureandsurviving, Ellie is adorable, simply. Her blog is also really wonderful, she’s actually one of the people I really want to befriend but I hate bugging people haha! ^^
  • khdecoded, Ben has one of those blogs that if you were to buy a guide to who you should follow on Tumblr if you’re about to start a Kingdom Hearts blog his name would be at the top in bold. He’s also super sweet, I also wanna befriend Ben but like I said I hate bugging people haha >.<
  • misomilk, I admire Lea’s blog because it’s amazing and I wish I’d been following it longer so here’s your tip to follow it quickly! ^^
  • kingdomheartsnyctophiliac, Mel’s blog is another blog that would be one that everyone would recommend because her blog is fantastic and she makes the nicest graphics!!!
  • khnightmares, Luna is so sweet and her blog has soooo much Kingdom Hearts that it’s not worth missing out on!!
  • ibbaras, Kathy will be one of the kindest people you follow if you choose to do so. She’s one of the easiest people to talk to and I really wanna be her friend hahaha
  • cloaked–schemer, Berry will be one of the funniest people you follow if you do, she’s amazing and I feel like I don’t tell her enough so you should go think she’s fab too!!
  • peppyxion, I only started following Sasha this week but I love this blog so much!
  • kidkytes, Mark is amazing, like seriously! I should’ve followed him a long long time ago but I’m glad I’ve followed him now because he’s amazing! If you love Roxas and Sora you shouldn’t miss out on his blog!! ^^

And a very special recommendation of my bestie aomination! I’m not really sure which of Pinta’s blog she uses for Kingdom Hearts now, but her other blog is childrenofetro, she was my very first friend from Kingdom Hearts and she has been there for me since the first day I started this blog so you should go and befriend her too because she’s amazing and she’s always there if you need her!! ^^


I know this was a lot of blogs but I wish I’d had all these wonderful blogs to follow when I started! You should check all of them out because they’ve made my Tumblr experience, so far, very special. I know I’ve missed people, it was very stressful trying to get everyone together so if you’re not on here and I follow you I still love you! ;_; xx