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Ok I want your Top Ten Kellex moments from the live stream please and thank you. *grabs popcorn*


***disclaimer: if you weren’t a kellex shipper before… get ready to become one

#10: The look they give each other after they get the question: “What’s the best memory you have with eachtother?” …

(WHAT ARE THEY REMEMBERING BYE) ps. one of their memories was living together #best three months of their life.

#9: When they thank @ G O D for each other being there

#8: When Jim behind the scenes makes fun of Kelley and Alex doesn’t laugh and lowkey looks kinda pissed that someone insulted her lil squirrel her bff.

#7: Alex saying that not seeing Kelley in four hours is a long time,

and their psychicly timed coffee trips:


#5: Anytime Alex makes fun of Kelley + Stanford (because honestly, who gave them permission to become their own fanfic)

#4: Alex joking about Chef Kelley…

*However let’s not forget this gem from when they actually lived together:

#3: When Kelley blames Alex for getting her sick because she can literally hear when her voice is slightly raspier than normal……. 

#2: The Kellex Hug™️….. #thanks for scoring <3

#1: aaaaand the moment that has ended my life (and forever changed the way I look at squirrels????/?/)

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in what world do people think would either of them actually casually admit in a vlive that they are in a relationship? lets pretend they are. y'all know how lgbt+ people are being treated in sk and especially in the kpop scene its basically a big no go to even show that you are openly supportive. so if they would say “yes we are dating” do you think it would do their group any good? do you think everyone would just be like “lol ok nice” and move on?

idols dating straight is already a shady topic but same sex relationships? out in the open? not gonna happen any time soon and especially not if a group is active and doing good. so if you say “lol they are so mean for always denying it how dare they uwu” think about how they simply CAN’T just say anything because it would be harmful to them

and lets not forget the fact that its not any of our business and we should never ever push them or take all of this shipping mess too seriously bc we are talking about real human beings with emotions and all that jazz

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What is your Fav part of now having a kitty?


Well, let me preface this by saying i had two kitties before I moved. Maybe some of you remember me posting about them several months ago. 

Unfortunately I lost them in a bad breakup (my ex was a fucking crybaby and threatening suicide if I tried to ‘take them away’ *shudders*) so I now only get to see them on my rare days off when I feel like driving two hours. 

Skip to the move. I LOVE my new apartment and the independence, but I’m NGL, it was hard to adjust to a no-cat kinda lifestyle. I missed the cuddles. I missed playing with mousey toys. I missed having a personal heater for my lap. 

For those of you who don’t know, some students at my school found Ardyn in the parking lot, crying and alone. I picked her up and she instantly fell asleep in my arms. How can anyone say no to that!?!?!? She ended up coming home with me that very day, and has been my cuddle buddy ever since ;3; 

Best part about having her? The purring. She’s like a non-stop purr machine, especially in the morning when she doesn’t want me to get out of bed. She purrs when she sleeps, and when I come home from work and open the door. She’s just so happy and it make me happy, too!

The least best thing? She likes to try to eat my Chocobros. No lie. Have some proof: 

(Prompto is her favorite. I swear I didn’t plan that when I named her >_>) 

i always feel like hob is really the visual representation of the word ‘dance w ur heart’. dancing really comes so naturally to him he doesn’t even need to think abt it, that’s why hes always seen just bursting out random moves everywhere nd everytime. when he’s walking, waiting, when the food is good, when he’s happy, even when he’s standing he can’t stand still. dancing just flows so gracefully within him, like not to be dramatic i really do feel dancing is a (important) part of him nd not just a talent of his. he’s so beautiful? truly art in motion

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Honestly I wouldn't count drive forms as they're just palette swaps and depend on the default outfit in the world. And I wouldn't count Xion, Roxas, or Vanitas as they are them and no one else.

Yeah, I wouldn’t have included the Drive Forms for exactly that reason. I just wanted to fit as many of Sora’s unique outfits as I could in one doodle. I missed a couple, but I think I did all right! Hahaha

So I started thinking about all of these shows that have been off the air for years and come back later for another run (X-Files, Full House, Will & Grace, etc.)

What if Supernatural did that?

What is s13 was the finale and they come back in like 10 years? Maybe by then Robbie Thompson and/or Ben Edlund would come back and write for us again!


What if after being off the air for a long time we got another small run? And what if the first episode opened on Sam living in a normal house, wife, kids, dog. Apple pie lifestyle. <3<3<3


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SHIKAI YOURE SO SNEAKY!!! orz orz orz orz.... you're too nice omg got me back fair and square pffffbbbttttt <33

Reminder that you should all participate in this month’s challenge and thank Ore, aka the creator of Gemsona Week, by drawing their gemsona Dorey

(Need some extra refs? Look here: 1, 2, 3, 4). 

Have your gemsona hang out with Dorey, talk about your favorite Gemsona Week memories, or fuse your gem with theirs in honor of the old Gemsona Week fusion project! Show Ore your appreciation for all their hard work over the years for the gemsona community!

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Apologies if you've answered this but what inspired the title for Blackbird?

Well obviously the most fun and important part of any spy story is sorting out everyone’s COOL SEKRIT CODENAMES, so I wanted to get that sorted early. My original idea for Yuuri was something pig-related, for obvious reasons, but I decided against it early on as a) it didn’t seem like something Minako would have called him and b) the katsudon connection wouldn’t be there, as katsudon apparently had not been invented yet (I know, I weep for poor Blackbird Yuuri).

Ultimately I settled on ‘Blackbird’ as his codename as it sounds suitably cool but is evocative of something small and easy to dismiss but that can be loud and ballsy as hell given the opportunity- very much the sort of figure he cuts in the story. And since ultimately, it’s the story of how Victor came to betray his country for Yuuri- and how Yuuri was willing to sacrifice just as much in return- it only made sense to name it after the thing that brought them together in the first place: the fact that a lonely young man a long, long way from home chose to do what was right, no matter how hard it was.