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Link: *eating raw fish as he runs naked through a field shooting down bokoblins with fire arrows screaming*

literally everyone in hyrule: wtf

Zelda: i love him so muCH


female awesome meme ♡ [1/10] lead female characters 

riley matthews (girl meets world) - there is no end to my horizon 

my tablet was broken for like a week but! im back! and i drew nina as a princess because thats basically what she is already

also! i tried to record this as a speedpaint and i kinda messed up but you can watch it here if you’d like !

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Who is 'Kop'?

You mean THE Kop?  THE Haley Kopmeyer?

Well lemme just tell you a lil’ about this Michigan Native!

Born and raised in Troy, Michigan. Her parents signed her up as a kid to Rec, went to 5 tryouts but didn’t make a team until one needed a back-up.  Eventually became a starter and from then out performed for her team. In high school, she was named to the all-state first team, the all-district first team, the all-conference first team, and all-region first team. She then attended the University of Michigan! Go Blue!

She had a terrific career at Michigan. During her best season, which was her 1st after a season ending injury her freshman year, Kopmeyer led the Big Ten in saves (56), save percentage (.862) and saves-per-game (5.60) during conference play while topping the conference in overall save percentage (.848) and sharing the lead in saves (95). She played in 16 games, making 15 starts and set the school rookie record for shutouts with six.  She was awarded the University of Michigan Athletic Academic Achievement Award for the second year running and earned Academic All-Big Ten honors. 

After 4 incredible seasons, this Michigan product, to her surprise, was drafted 31st overall by the Seattle Reign in 2013. Kopmeyer didn’t believe she’d even be drafted and thus already had plans working somewhere else in marketing. She even watched the 2013 NWSL draft until the 29th pick and stopped there and went to work bc she thought she wasn’t going to be drafted only to get a call from her father to which she started bawling. 

Unfortunately, she was released from the team due to league roster constraints; however she was re-signed by the team for the 2014 season to back up Hope Solo.

In 2014, as back up to Hope, Kopmeyer believed it was a year she and Hope had began their relationship which was ‘massive’ , in her own words, in the sense that she had the opportunity to grow and learn from the best goal keeper in the world. She finally had someone who believed in her and thus from there on out kept improving as a GK. 

On her first ever start in 2014, something only our Kop would do, she went to the wrong goal and so ran the entire field to get to the right one. 

However, she did keep a clean sheet and the unbeaten streak while bringing the club to its fifth shutout in twelve games. Not to mention, some really good saves 

cr: here

Kopmeyer has been the back up since 2014 but in the years 2015-17, she’s taken a bigger role as Hope is in rehab now and taken a break from football. She is now the No.1 and has been putting on stellar performances for the Reign. 

From being rejected as a kid in rec games, to starting in the wrong goal as a professional to being Player of the Week and now Seattle Reign’s No.1, Haley Kopmeyer is a Seattle Reign FC Original and forever a gem to our team. 

P.S follow her Twitter for Gold quality content.


Kop being the most extra and crawling on the airplane floor to find out if Lu was in First Class

This has been a Haley Kopmeyer Appreciation Post. <3.

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

Ai Yazawa End-of-Book Notes 1-21

So at the end of every volume of NANA, Ai Yazawa has a brief paragraph about the manga or just some introspection about her life. They give great insight into the series and I think only a few are found on the scans of NANA online, so I thought I’d share them all!

Volume 1

The creator, Ai Yazawa, told us, “I created this story so that it could be enjoyed as a stand-alone and, at the same time, have a complete ending that could be connected to an ongoing series.  I hope you’ll look forward to the future of the two Nanas!”

Volume 2

A note from Ai Yazawa: “I had thought that if the two Nanas met each other, they would probably be constantly fighting, but they seem oddly friendly.  What’s up with that?!  It’s one of me (not so) seven wonders (ha-ha).”

Volume 3

Since childhood, the artists I’ve looked up to haven’t been writers and illustrators, but mostly musicians.  Music provides me the most emotional effect and excitement.  If there was no music, I don’t think my creative juices would boil.  Music is that important to my life.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 4

I realized one day that there are hit songs with the same names as the main female characters, NANA, JUNKO, and SACHIKO (the kanji for JUNKO is different, though).  It’s not that big a deal, but I sometimes just hum the melodies longingly.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 5

In the initial drafts, Nana’s band was a rockabilly band like the Stray Cats.  But due to various circumstances, I didn’t keep it that way.  But if they were rockabilly, Ren, Nobu and Shin would have had pompadours.  And Yasu too?

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 6

When I was a child, I used to take piano lessons.  Even after I stopped taking lessons, I bought sheet music I liked and continued playing.  I’ve had my hands full for several years now, but one of these days I’d like to learn how to play jazz piano, which I’ve wanted to do for years now.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 7

I had an opportunity to interview a group of professional musicians.  I showered them with questions, but they answered willingly, and it was very helpful.  I was having problems balancing the fictional world of manga-like simplicity and gorgeousness with a sense of reality.  But I realized again that what’s important is the humanity of the characters.

- Ai Yazawa

Volume 8

When I was in high school, there was a cool girl in my class who was a lone wolf.  I was really into a foreign New Romantic-type band then, and when she asked me one day, “Do you want to go to their concert together?” I was overwhelmed.  My heart fluttered more than when I was with my boyfriend (☺).  Have you had a Hachiko experience like that?  - Ai Yazawa

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5 Ways Hitch Dreyse Will Outlive All of You

so i have a lot of thoughts about Hitch, and honestly i have never really collected or posted them before but i’ve been thinking about her character a lot lately, and so i decided maybe i should do so. There’s always been stuff floating around about her, and i never really resonated too hard with most of the fandom views, so i think i’ll try putting into my words what i think about her (and some on marlo) as a character and where her position *may* stand right now (if she shows up again.) This wasn’t supposed to get so in depth but it did, and hopefull it can help other people see her better than how she presents herself at face value, becuase she is SO interesting. 

Here you are! My first ever meta post!

What happens next may shock you! More under the cut!

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I spent till 2am finishing this I’m so tired lol. BUT HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 2017 EVERYONE!! (or as Romancedy would say – Happy Hearts and Hooves day! ) 

I know its not the best editing but i’ll keep getting better! For now enjoy some Miss Romancedy lovin!

But sincerely love you guys, hope your day is fluffy be it with friends, family or your special someone :3c ! 

Detail of one of the scenes on the side of the little golden shrine, found in the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The scene is described as follows in the book “The Small Golden Shrine from the Tomb of Tutankhamun” by Marianne Eaton-Krauss:

Ankhesenamun anoints Tutankhamun

Tutankhamun sits on a high-backed, armless chair with lion legs. A patterned cushion covers not only the seat, but the back of the chair as well. The design of the chair includes the “union of the Two Lands” motif in open-work between the legs above the strut. The king’s attitude, with his elbow resting on the chair back, is a mirror image of CR4. His feet, which are unshod, rest on a low footstool.

The king wears the same kilt, with the addition of a crimped sash and sporran, as in all the other panels on the shrine. His costume includes wristlets, armlets, a broad collar, and a shebyu-necklace. An unusual feature is the depiction of the rectangular clap at the nape of the neck, a detail sometimes included when the necklace is displayed but not usually shown when it is depicted worn. The blue crown with uraeus and streamers completes the king’s regalia. A vulture hovers protectively above and behind the king’s head. The shen-sign held in its talons is augmented by the addition of an ankh. In front of the king’s face is written:

“the Perfect God, Nebkheperure, Son of Re, Tutankhamun, Ruler of Upper Egyptian Heliopolis, give life like Re.”

Behind the throne one reads:

“all protection of life is around him like Re”

The queen stands before her husband and inclines towards him. With her far hand, she touches his far upper arm. In the other hand, she elevates above her shoulder a footed dish containing a garlanded ointment cone. Draped over the cone are two lotus blossoms: two more blossoms and three buds hand behind her hand, presumably to be understood as also held in it.

Ankhesenamun, like her husband, is barefoot. Her jewelry includes wristlets, a broad collar, and a stirrup earring with dangling pendants. She wears the Nubian wig with an elaborate uraeus diadem, as in CR 4, and with streamers. Her modius is adorned with a frieze of uraei with sun disks; a garlanded ointment cone sits at its centre, flanked by four feathers. Two vertical columns of hieroglyphs behind the queen identify her as:

“hereditary princess, great in favours, Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt, possessor of charm, sweet of love, the great wife of the king, beloved of him, Lady of the Two Lands, Ankhesenamun, may she live forever and ever.”

Her “mother” abandoned her, she was a child, alone in an unknown village without friends or family.  

No matter what she went through, she never wavered.

And despite all the things she’s endured up until now, she remains grateful

Because she has all she needs, she was able to meet her real family.

Family isn’t about whose blood you carry, it’s about who stayed, who loved you and remained loyal no matter what.


Bucky X Reader

Summary: he was your everything but apparently you weren’t his. Left with nothing but some memories where will life take you?

Warnings: Super angst right from the first sentence, Sam being awesome

A/N: ok I know I shouldn’t be starting something new when I’m working on something but this can to me and I needed to write it out before it left me. I’m tagging some people that have helped me write and make a better story. I hope I have put all your advice to good work. @annadier @marvelous-imagining and @metalarmproblems And the always amazing @veronicalei

“You promised you would stay with me. That nothing on Earth could stop you from breaking that promise. What did I do? I don’t know what I did wrong, not to make you leave me.”

“I know she’s perfect, she’s everything you deserve but I thought, maybe for once, I could be enough for someone, for you. You said I was everything you could ever need. Did you ever want me though? If you only needed me, you could have needed me and just been my friend. Why drag me through this and give me so much, only to say none of it was real?” Your cries have fallen on deaf ears. His back is now turned from you shutting you out once more.

The words were echoing in your head they were the first moments of everything crumbling down around you. You couldn’t stay here anymore. He wanted you gone.

You hastily scribbled out a note it was written on the back of one of your pictures making it hard to write on and puncturing the photo at times. Your hand was shaky and tears blurred you vision. You were determined however to get this out and send it to him.

“I’m sorry. I should have seen the signs earlier, but then again I guess I did. I was just fooling myself into thinking I could hold on to you longer when that’s probably when I already lost you. I’m sorry I kept you from her, I won’t bother you anymore. I hope one day you’ll forgive me for keeping you from her for so long.“

You write Love before scribbling it out and simply put your name.

You slide it under the door and walk away. He wouldn’t get it for a few days as he was gone on a mission. That left you with enough time to make a clean get away, not that anyone was going to come after you.

You weren’t a part of the team, didn’t work with them, didn’t technically live with them either. You were just dating one of the members. Well dated one of them. In fact if he hasn’t said anything they may not notice your absence for awhile thinking you were busy or something.

You had come to collect everything that you had left here. The clothes, the nic-nacs you had collected over time, photos, really anything that could remind him of you. He moved on and didn’t need your junk in the way. Carting it all away you drop most of it down the garbage shoot putting an end to that. You walked into the main lounge and collected a couple more things. With a final look around you said goodbye and the door shut it all from your view.

“FRIDAY, I’m leaving now you can revoke my access privileges as per his request.”

“All right, Miss (Y/L). It has been nice knowing you. Have a pleasant day.”

“I’ll try FRIDAY.”

Stepping out of the building you head out not quite knowing where you were going but knowing it was far away from here.

The team had gotten back from a grueling mission, they were all banged up and suffering from an arrangement of injuries but none needed professional medical help. A couple bandaids would do the trick and a hot shower for everything else. They filed out of the quinjet; to their surprise you weren’t waiting there for them. Usually you would be fidgeting waiting to see that each one was back and relatively unharmed.

Sam was the first to speak up “Hey man where is (Y/N)?” He asks Bucky. “She knew we were coming back today, yes? You text her?”

Bucky stiffens forgetting that you wouldn’t be here any more. He shrugs attempting to take the subject off you and more so him.

“Man, I could really use a hug from her right now. You know check over my injuries, berate me for getting injured in the first place.” He jokes with the others. They all chuckle knowing that is exactly what you would do to all of them. Well except Bucky, you would be pampering and nitpicking his every move just to reassure yourself that he was safe.

“Maybe she fell asleep waiting for us. FRIDAY, we’re back, is (Y/N) in the building?” Tony asks, you had done that a couple times before because of the lateness of a mission.

“No Sir she is not. She has not been back since two days ago. She collected some of her stuff and hasn’t been back since.”

“Oh, alright I’ll just have to text her since other people seem to have forgotten.” He says shooting Bucky a glare. Bucky can’t meet his eyes knowing the true reason to why you weren’t there.

They shuffle to their separate rooms to shower and change. They all eventually drift back to the kitchen when their stomachs announce their need for food. All but Bucky had come down, Steve the concerned friend he always was went to get him. Knocking on the door he found Bucky standing in his room showered but staring at the bed. It was nicely made the grey comforter pulled up and the pillows tucked under and plumped. The room was perfectly squared away not a thing out if place it seemed odd but Steve shrugged it off and continued in to the room.

He places a hand on Bucky’s shoulder causing him to jump at the touch. “Hey just wanted to let you know that there is dinner in the kitchen everyone is waiting for you. Have you heard anything from (Y/N) yet?” Bucky shakes his head. “Hey what’s up with you you’ve been weird for this whole mission and even now?”

“Its nothing Steve, I just been dying to sleep in my own bed now.”

He rolls his shoulder pushing Steve’s hand off of him. He heads out leaving Steve behind, Steve takes a deep breath and drops his head. He was only trying to help. A picture on the ground catches his eyes, he stoops down to pick it up. It’s the picture from one of your days on the beach together. Bucky and You had romped along the beach all day playing in the water and building numerous sand castles only to have the other knock it down. Here though you both had laid down tired from the day, your head was on his chest, his arm wrapped around you both sleeping under an umbrella. It was one of your favorites, flipping it over he reads your words.

His heart breaks, suddenly everything makes sense. Bucky’s attitude, he wouldn’t focus to save his life missing quite a few easy shots during the mission; the room, he looks up none of your personal things could be seen, there was nothing scattered about like you usually have. So thats what happened, he whips around and chases Bucky down. He starts waving the photo as he sees him sitting at the kitchen counter, not fully taking in his surroundings.

“What the heck is this?” Shoving it in his face. Bucky grabs it and looks at the photo before turning it over. He reads the words but doesn’t quite comprehend it all, so he sits and stare trying to make it say something else. He thought he wanted to move on from you that you weren’t enough but now, he wasn’t so sure. He hadn’t cared while you had screamed at him and begged him to explain.

“Answer me Bucky what happened between you and (Y/N)? Why isn’t she coming back?” You could here a pin drop it was so silent in the room all gaping at Bucky.

“That’s why she is not here?“ Tony half standing now from where he had been sitting on the couch.

“Tell me!” Steve snaps. Taking Bucky by the collar and forcing him to look him in the eye.

“I….I broke up with her.” He whispers, “Right before the mission.” His voice keeps getting smaller.

“Why? Why would you ever want to do that?” Steve pleads. “She was your everything. You couldn’t stop talking about her when she wasn’t with you and when she was you were attached at the hip. She’s your best friend, a kind of friend I can never be.”

“I thought…” He trails off not wanting to phrase the next part wrong . “I thought I wanted something else… someone else.”

“You arrogant son of a… Did you cheat on her?” Tony growls.

“No I couldn’t do that. Not to her.”

“But you could break up with her out of the blue after she gave you everything!”

“Hey whoa back up, now let’s calm down and talk it out” Sam is standing pulling Tony back by the shoulder trying to mediate before tensions could rise further. “Sit down Tony this isn’t going to help anything.”

Tony sits with a huff. Sam faces Bucky meeting his eyes. “Bucky I’m guessing you’re regreting breaking up with her now. Why?”

“I walked in the room and nothing felt right it wasn’t home, I looked for anything to hold on to buts all gone. She took everything of hers is gone even out here. The book she kept on the side table. The bankets, even the pillows every single one is gone. She disappeared and it like I’m missing a part of myself. I don’t know what to do.“

“And this person you were leaving her for, she doesn’t make you feel this way? Does she make you happy? Maybe you just need to get used to the idea that (Y/N) is gone.”

Protests were heard all around. Sam held up his hands shushing them as he went to explain himself. Bucky was looking even more confused staring now down at his hands like they held the answer.

“All I’m saying is I don’t want you trying to get her back just because you are used to her being there. She was a constant but you drifted away from her for a reason. I want you to decide whether she is everything you could ever want and need now and forever. That she is going to be the only one always. Or you can let her go and you both move on with your lives. You need to know she is not just going to let you back in after what you did to her. You are going to have to fight to get her back. It may take a long while longer than either of you may like but you have left a very broken girl in your wake. I want to you to be absolutely certain you love her with all you have.”

Now everyone is staring at Sam. They tend to forget he is a councillor for the VA so everything that he just said made so much sense and very true. Now the question was he willing to fight for you?

To be continued……

@metalarmproblems and @veronicalei
I know I can't

Here’s week 2 of grace can’t write! Langst edition <3 Sorry if there’s feels, slightly based on a true story. Hope you enjoy!!

Word Count: 1355


Practically collapsing, Lance draped over the couch in the common room with the rest of the team. A mission to free, not one, but two planets at the same time from Zarkons rule left the team tired and injured but no one even had enough energy to bring themselves to the crypods. They just wanted to sleep forever and forget about Lotor, or Zarkon, or whoever stands in between the paladins and their rest. “Paladins, up and ready! Now!” Though they loved her, everyone couldn’t help but groan when Alluras demands rung through their heads. They knew it was yet another Political Meeting but no one had enough energy to deal with aliens right now; no one was gonna disrespect the princess so one by one every one stood up and stretched.

They’ve already landed, so when they exited the ship they were bombarded by screams and cheers of the newly freed aliens. Lance, only trying to joke around, stood in front of the group bowing in to the crowd. Shiro rolled his eyes and smiled, while the rest of the group had a small smile and continued walking down to the planets headquarters, but not everyone enjoyed the blue paladins show. When he ran down to catch up with the others he couldn’t help but overhear some of the mummers, but decided to ignore them.

As his team was finally coming into sight again, he sped up but only ended up tripping over himself and onto his best friend, sending them to the ground. Already knowing that everyone was staring, he quickly stood up and brushed himself off before offering a hand to Hunk. In a hushed whisper he stammered, “sorry man,” but the larger man thought nothing of it until they heard a loud cough. Lance diverts his attention to the towering alien in front of him, which he could only assume was the prince. He murmured another sorry to the prince before hiding in between Shiro and Hunk.

“As I was saying before we were, ahem interrupted, it would be an honor to support ‘responsible’ allies in this war. I, Prince Zahir would love to create and alliance.” The stress on responsible was not a secret to the team as he stared straight at Lance when saying so. Zahir took another look at the blue paladin, before continuing into their headquarters, motioning for the paladins and alteans to follow. Without skipping a beat the Prince started stating things about the lions, some of which Lance hasn’t heard before.

“If I remember the tales from my father correctly the blue lion is a miracle of what you humans call the ocean. The blue paladin must be courteous, agile,” glancing back he couldn’t help but scoff. “He MUST be courteous, agile, and graceful; a paladin that is willing to support his team. He is the right leg after all.” Lance was sure that the entire solar system could feel how tense Hunk was getting, after all this stuck up prince was insulting his best friend. Feeling Lances hand rest on his shoulder, Hunk calmed down a bit but he didn’t let his guard down.

The rest of the meeting seemed to have moved off of the subject of the blue paladin, and onto more urgent affairs dealing with an alliance. However just as the meeting was coming to a close, both sides fairly happy, Zahir requested for a private chat with the Allura off to the side. He know he shouldn’t have, but Lance couldn’t help easvesdropping as they were still only a few feet away from him. Not to mention it didn’t matter, as the prince still spoke loud enough for the entire room to hear. “If you don’t mind me asking princess, how is the search for the blue paladin going?”

Allura took a step back, not knowing what to say about the the new allies comment. “Excuse me?”

Only paining Lance more, the prince couldn’t help but chuckle as he continued. “Surely that can’t be the true blue paladin? He lacks everything the blue paladin is known for.” The entire team was on their feet approaching the two. Shiro and Pidge were approaching cautiously, knowing very well how close they were snapping. On the other hand, Hunk and Keith were already leaving heavy foot steps and heavier breaths with every inch closed between them and the one insulting their blue paladin. Before anyone could defend him, Lance spoke up coming the closest to the prince, “may I?” Everyone took a step back but remained ready to fight.

“I know I’m not special. I’m not as intelligent as Hunk and Pidge are, I’m not nearly as skilled in close combat as Shiro and Keith are, and I’m far from an ideal paladin. I’m not this amazing paladin that you have stated, and I have no idea where that paladin may be. I am the new paladin, Lance Mcclain. I’m a los level fighter pilot and the runner up to Keith Kogane. I am just a boy from Cuba, but I am the blue paladin and this is my team.” He could hear his team take a step closer to him, left in a state of shock after what he has said. Keith even tried to close the distance between them and hug him but Lance only took another step forward, closer to the prince and away from his team.

“I assure you that you will not have to worry. I will pay more attention to what I will and will not do in the future. You won’t have to worry your royal little head about the Blue paladin that’s holding Voltron and the future of the galaxy back.”

“Lance, stop -”

“I do hope we can continue this alliance and defeat Zarkon together in the near future.” Letting his stance fall with his sentence, the blue paladin turned sharply and rushed back into the Castle of Lions. Hunk, bayard equipped, was torn between giving the snob prince a piece of his mind or rushing after the obviously distressed paladin. In the end, he let Zahir off and ran towards the castle with the others. They alerted Coran of the situation and started searching for Lance but he was nowhere to be found. Only two hours later, did Hunk stumble out of the castle defeated on where his friend might be. He stared at the stars a bit wondering 'come on bud, I know you love staring at the constellations. Where are you?’ After a bit he sighed and turned back to head into the castle when he spotted something on the very tip of main building. He put on his helmet and broadcasted to the others, “guys I think I found him.” He alerted them of where he’ll be before using his jet pack to hover next to his life long friend.

He tried to grab Lances attention, but ended up only startling the already jumpy paladin. Luckily, Hunk caught him before he could fall, and he slowly descended with Lance in his arms and across his chest. Even in the middle of the night, the stars lit up Lances puffy and tear ridden eyes. Still in Hunks arms, Lance started bawling and Hunk held him sat down to hold him closer. Leaning back, he took in the face of the one who’s always been there for him. The tear stains that ran down his face like rain and every freckle that outlined like stars. In a husky voice, Hunk forced out three words “Leo the lion.”

Melting into the hand that now grazed his cheek he looked up, “what?”

“Did you realize that you have a set of freckles that makes the Leo constellation?” Lance pulled away from hunks hand, though he still held in place, staring at the boy in front of him. Then Hunk was blessed with the music playing as Lance started laughing. He hugged the shaking boy and kissed his cheek before picking him up bridal style and heading back into the Cassie where the rest awaited. “Come on, lets go tell everyone you’re still alive mi leon.”

A little comparison

Last night I watched Arrow 5x16 (again) and when Oliver rescued the DL, I started thinking. Just  watching how he was with her. He’s been with her for months now, everyone knows they’re dating and supposedly he “loves” her, right? (To our eternal dismay, but that’s not the point) My point is that he should’ve been desperate for hugging, touching, kissing her, right? He didn’t even gave her little taps on the shoulders! Nothing! And not only that! He said go, get to safety and walked out on her. Just look…

Now look how different he was with Felicity, way back in time, on 2x03 when they were nothing.. he hadn’t even recognized to himself that he had feelings for her (that happened 3 episodes later on 2x06 in Russia, right? ok) and when the doll maker grabbed her and pushed her and felicity hit her head. He stayed with her (TOUCHING HER) until Digg came. Just then he went after the doll maker.  Here’s the proof…

Looking at it logically, he could have shot an arrow to Mathis to stop him, just before kneeling next to Felicity. It would have taken literally ONE second, but that was too much time to make sure she was ok. And didn’t leave her alone at any moment. With Susan, he didn’t kept his word that he’d get her out and left her at her own risk. Sure, he knew Promy was waiting for him, but what if he was working with someone else (We knew he was!) or what the DL found one of the bombs trying to get out or didn’t get out in time before the building exploded, or a million other things. Digg was nowhere near to help her. Neither was Curtis who was rescuing Rene and Dinah. I mean she could have gotten caught again or whatever (That wasn’t the play but the possibility was there) and Oliver didn’t care. 

If she had been Felicity, he’d not have thought in leaving her alone not for a second and that conversation on the elevator would have been the opposite, pretty much like this: (I’m doing just the dialogue, you imagine all the touching, hugging and kissing)

“Felicity! Are you ok? I thought I lost you!”
“I’m fine, I’m ok. A-Adrian Chase is–”
“I know! I need get you out of here.”
“No, wait, Oliver. Chase is here! You need to get the son of the– yeah… bitch!”
“No, until you’re safe and out of here.”
“I can’t take care of myself. Go! I’ll be okay”
“Oliver, go!”

And he’d have gone and kicked prometheus’ ass (instead of getting himself kidnapped) not only cuz Adrian deserves it, but cuz his wifey told him to

And of course, this comparison it’s just one of the many I could make with Oliver and Felicity, but I think is more striking doing this way due the status of the relationships of Oliver with each woman at the time of the events..

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