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Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

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What exactly happened with Dave Filoni? I've seen people mention it here and there, but I'm not familiar with it.



This was around the height of people associated with LF liking Reylo fanart, talking about it in positive terms, etc. The Reylo fandom was pretty much over the moon because HOLY SHIT CLAUDIA GREY SHIPS REYLO. DAISY LIKED REYLO FANART. MARK LIKED ART. WE ARE BECOMING MAINSTREAM, YO.

It was a bad time to be an anti. It’s always a bad time to be an anti, but, well, it was pretty good for us and they were mad. 

Enter Dave Filoni’s blog. 

A blog purporting to be that of Dave Filoni made a post absolutely trashing Reylo, and it EXPLODED. We’re talking thousands upon thousands of notes, antis in total celebration mode, much laughing and crowing that “HA DAVE FILONI THINKS YOUR SHIP IS DISGUSTING AND SO ARE YOU”

At the time, one particular anti blog was pretty much the leader of the whole movement. They were incredibly damaging and all-around horrible (I think they went on hiatus awhile back. They could still be around. I neither know nor care). They reached out to the blog and thanked them for supporting the anti cause. “Dave Filoni” announced that he was actually a big fan of said anti blog and announced that he was now following them. The anti blogger preened and talked about how honored they were, total fangirling, this is amazing. 

The antis were utterly convinced that they had a staunch ally at LF on their side, and oh, how they milked it. 

Until a few Reylo shippers asked Pablo what the deal was with Dave’s blog. 

Pablo shortly responded that he wasn’t aware of Dave having a Tumblr at all (and we know that Pablo is familiar with Tumblr discourse, albeit primarily in the sense that he hates it).

When given a link, Pablo’s response was a completely flat “yeah, there’s no way that’s him”. IIRC there was more or less official confirmation from the real Dave Filoni not long after.

An anti soon came clean and admitted that they’d created the impersonator blog themselves.

This was not long after the Matt the Radar Technician skit, and needless to say, the Reylo fandom had a field day with Matt memes since the antis had flat-out pretended to be a major player at LF just to make it look like their side had support when, as always, they had nothing.

It was absolutely hilarious and I’m still laughing about it a year later. 

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lol my mom is so adorable.. i guess she seen that leo-sims converted my conversions and wrote in the comments of their post:

lmao thanks mom for being so proud that i know how to convert things <333

Filthy NaruSaku Day here on fineillsignup

So my opinion is that the best way to respond to hate on a ship is:

1. to create new content for that ship
2. to leave nice comments on fic writers and artists for that ship
3. reblog that ship

So because of this lovely piece of garbage:

I hereby declare the rest of today to be FILTHY NARUSAKU DAY on my blog. And for the folks playing along at home, I don’t actually even ship NS… I prefer NH. *sad trombone*

Any truly filthy NS will be reblogged onto my naughty side blog @fineilikesmut which Tumblr never lets me tag.

If it’s your NOTP…… scroll, blacklist, unfollow, whatever. Just keep your nasty opinions to yourself on non-discourse posts mmkay?


This was better in my head  

Joining the bandwagon of the Personality ah Swap au by @samijen​ 

Their meeting probably wouldn’t happen like this but I just wanted this to be more of a thing. Though with Ryan having Ray’s personality he’s likely joking but Ray doesn’t need to know that.

And Jack has probably left to make bets with the other dudes about when these guys are gonna hook up. 
Bonus hours later:

Fucking nerd

I love the idea of Mike trying to hold El’s hand under the dinner table and just flubbing it up because she still makes him so self-conscious and flustered and awkward. She’s over for dinner for the first time with Will and the rest of the guys and she looks a little nervous, having just met Mike’s parents, so he wants to try and comfort her somehow, but he doesn’t know how, so he decides to maybe just hold her hand to let her know he’s there for her. So she’s sitting at the head of the table and he’s sitting next to her in his usual spot and he’s going through the whole “Should I? Is she going to think it’s weird? Am I just going to make her MORE nervous? Screw it, I’m gonna do it” and he works himself up so much that he just rams his hand into the table leg while reaching for her hand. It jostles the table and EVERYONE looks and he’s embarrassed, thinking “Wow, Mike, how could you screw something THAT SIMPLE up?” He’s completely red in the face and his mom’s asking “What’s wrong?” and he’s just saying “Nothing, sorry” and desperately trying to divert the attention away from himself. It’s a total personal DISASTER for him but eventually everyone just shrugs and goes back to their dinner. He’s not looking at anyone, especially not El, trying to stop blushing so hard and just feeling like he wants to crawl under a rock and DIE when he feels someone’s hand tentatively rest on top of his and he looks up and it’s EL and she’s shyly smiling at him, her own face a bit pink as she looks away, sheepish, and he just wraps his fingers around hers and smiles back at her, making her turn a shade pinker, he notices. But the nervousness starts to fade from her eyes, and suddenly he feels ten times better, although the blushing definitely doesn’t go away.

Happy Birthday winterwinddancer!

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We wish @winterwinddancer a very Happy Birthday! To help you celebrate the lovely @historywriter2007 has written you a special Everlark Fic!

A/N: The prompt was: Anything is wonderful, but I do love Everlark as work friends who like each other. Thank you to Everlarkingjoshifer for pre-reading for me!  Happy Birthday winterwinddancer! Rated G,

The staff gathered in the ballroom, there were only two days before the summer rush would begin. The pools, tennis courts and golf courses would open and the events would triple.  Panem Country Club was the biggest and best in the county, a distinction that also made them the busiest.  The Mellark’s knew they owed all their success to their staff and they made sure they were taken care of.  It started with the before summer party where they spared no expense to make sure the staff felt appreciated as well as getting them some key information for the summer. Katniss also couldn’t complain about the pay, it was higher than all the other clubs, the Mellark’s were willing to pay the best to keep the best, but they did expect a lot from the staff in return.  

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so… there is the distinct possibility that i’ve been thinking endlessly about japanese girl gang AUs…… so i drew a barely-recognisable DJD…

they are the disciplinary committee of the decepticonian girls school and terrorise students with their approved-by-principal-megatron delinquent brute force. tesarus and tarn have scars from gang-related fights/challenges/maulings, probably. they get up to a lot in their off-hours but in a school day, don’t let them catch you cheating on that maths test, or running in the corridors.

i imagine tarn likes to skip over (after school, of course) to the neighbouring autobot girls school and pester model student pharma in the biology classrooms. i have no excuses besides that i’m a highly embarrassing individual (*´-`*)

Perfect Surprise - Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Here’s a little fic inspired by the fact that today, April 8th, is Stiles’ birthday! This fic is AU cause I kept people alive that shouldn’t be and also because some of these people may not be all that happy to be in the same room together but in honor of my favorite dork Stiles I think they can handle it.

“Did you order the cake?” Lydia asked you, sliding up and leaning against the locker next to yours.

“Yes. I’m picking it up after school.”

“Okay, good. Aiden and Ethan are getting the decorations and meeting us at Derek’s at 5 so we can set up. Kira and Malia are picking up our other guests at the airport, and Scott and Liam are keeping Stiles busy until the party starts.”

“Good. I’m so nervous. I hope this works out like we planed.” Planning a surprise party for Stiles was stressing you out.

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Oh yeah. I could go and say if it was a good vacation or not, yes? So..

Worst. Week. Ever.

Everyone was grumpy and salty so I though “Fuck it, I’M HAPPY~” and tried to be positive all the time which lead to me being screamed at 24/7. And this time even worse than ever.
Oh, and I had 2 breakdowns, YAY.

Imagine Leo buys him and N couple gifts. ‘Im with stupid’ sweatshirts and a cream colored and a golden brown Rilakkuma plushies that velcro together at the hands.

Lucky One

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Got chu girl~ Guess who's writing it now!!! MEEEE

“She was then, and still is to me, the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Summary: It’s crazy how you think you end up bumping into someone out of coincidence or sometime it’s just fate.. You were planning just a normal trip to Korea to see you favorite Kpop group of all time BTS… But what will happen when you start seeing than more than you were originally planning to? 

Part 1~

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Your Point of View 

“Can you believe it! We are finally here!” You said smiling excitedly as you continued stare out of the taxi car looking at the beautiful city of Seoul, South Korea.

“Am I dreaming?”

You looked at your cousin and could see her head against the car seat with her eyes closed smiling. You slowly leaned closer to your cousin ear and whisper. 

“Maybe.. just maybe you are.” 

Your cousin immediately opened her eyes and looked over to you with a death glare stare. You shouldn’t help but giggle and look back out the window. 

Working day after day just to save up for a trip to Seoul! It’s been your dream to come here ever since you got into Kpop and at last here you were.. You were here to go to one BTS concerts and of course to explore Seoul with your cousin that you grew up with since you two were in diapers.

You felt the car stop and you looked around you and realized you were at your hotel.

“How much?” your cousin asks the driver as you stepped foot out of the taxi and walked your way to the trunk.


“I swear I still feel like I’m dreaming,” your cousin says as you two walked through the hall looking for your hotel room.

“But we aren’t, we are actually here,” you smiled and you found your room number just in time. 

Your cousin handed you the hotel room key and you took a deep breath before opening the room door and you slowly opened it. 

“Time for the moment of truth!”

You two stepped in the room and rush of a excitement rush through you finally hitting you that you weren’t back home… 

You really were here! You really were going to go to BTS concert tomorrow night and you finally were able to cross things out of your bucket list.


“What?” you asked confused looking over at your cousin who was already on her bed laying down looking at her phone.

“My husband tweeted duh,”

You rolled your eyes and giggled. Your cousin had a thing for Taehyung and everytime he would tweet something on BTS account she seems to spazz out all the time.

“You concern me sometimes,” you commented as you finally took your first seat on your bed you were going to sleep on for a month.

“Like you don’t die when you see Yoongi tweet something,”

You looked over to your cousin and just smiled. You were caught… Of course you were going to fangirl over Yoongi.. HAVE YOU SEEN HOW HOT HE IS!


Your cousin couldn’t stay in the hotel room for at least 2 seconds without wanting to early explore.

“We don’t even know our way around Seoul and you want to go out and explore already?”

“I’m hungry. Plus we will figure out our way around here,” she says as she moves her eyebrows up and down and the elevator door opens in front the two of you. 

“I swear you are going to the be the death of me.”

“Love me,” 

You giggled and followed behind her and out of the hotel. Your cousin was the type to do anything she feelings like doing. She doesn’t care how ridiculous the idea might sound, she has to do it if she wants to do it. She hated more when people would constantly tell her what to do.

So even if you tried to stop your cousin from doing crazy plans, she will ignore you and do them regardless.. So at this point you learned just to follow along with her dumb stupid ideas… 

“Do you even know what your looking for?” you asked your cousin as you guys continued to walk without a damn destination.

“Somewhere where there is food.”

“And there is where?”

“Whatever catches my attention, now enough with the questions and trust me,” she smiles and you sighed and again.

Something tells you… you two were going to be walking for quite some time now.


 “HERE WE ARE!” She point a random restaurant and you giggled. You two have been walking for an hour around Seoul and couldn’t seem to find a restaurant your cousin wanted to try out too finally she made up her mind.

“About time!”

You two walked into the restaurant and you looked around the smell of spicy food hit your nose. You looked at the food on people’s table and could feel your mouth watering.

“Oh my god…” You couldn’t but to say and your cousin looked at you. 


“Sorry… i’m just starving.”

You two went to the register and paid for just the two of you being there since it was a buffet they only made you pay depending if you were an adult or a kid. 

As soon as you two were finally able to get your food, since you haven’t eaten since you’ve gotten off the plane you were starving!

You grabbed a plate and looked at all the food in front of you. What the hell were you going to choose? 

You grabbed the spoon for the soup and just as you were about to pour soup onto your plate, your cousin runs up to you and starts to hit your shoulder repeatedly.. 

“Y/N! Y/N!” 

“What?” you asked annoyed and she continues to hit your shoulder.

“Yah just tell me already!”

“Look over there!” your cousin says panicking and you looked to your right and saw nothing. 

You cousin slowly began to get impatient and grabs a hold of your head and points you at the direction she wanted you to look in the first place. Your eyes widen as soon as you started to see what your cousin was talking about.

“Is…. is that…”

“Jimin? YES!” 

You felt your heart racing and you felt yourself slowly dying…. 

“Holy shit..”

Without even thinking twice the plate you were holding on two slipped off of your hands and fall to the ground. 



Your eyes widen and you felt all eyes on you… Even Jimin eyes were on you.. You froze and felt completely embarrassed…

Now this wasn’t the way you wanted to track a member from BTS attention..


You paid for the broken plate and helped them clean up the mess… But you were embarrassed to even go back and try to get food again…

“Come on, just try not to drop the next plate.”

You rolled your eyes at your cousin’s comment and walked back to where the food was. You carefully grabbed a plate again and walked over to the soup that you wanted to get in the first place.

“Hey… Are you okay?” you hear a voice and you looked up and found Jimin standing right then and there. 


“Um… yes. I am thanks…. for asking” you said awkwardly as you turned a shade of pink.

Before Jimin could say anything else, your cousin comes in to get herself noticed.

“Y/N ar- Oh my god you jimin!” Your cousin says and you gave her a glare.

“Yeah,” Jimin blushes and you looked at jimin.

“Sorry about my cousin.”

“I’m glad to know she a fan.”

Wow your cousin is now the one who is getting noticed…

“We actually came to Seoul to see you guys tomorrow..” you couldn’t help but to say and Jimin smiles.

“So the two of you are fans?”

“I guess you can say that,” you said trying control your crying and screams to yourself. 

You constantly had to remind yourself in your head Jimin is only human. 

“Can we get a picture!” you cousin blurts out and your eyes widen. You can’t just randomly ask them for a picture… Or can you?

“Of course,”

Your eyes lighten as you hear those words leave Jimin mouth and set the plate down before you dropped it again and pulled out your phone. 

Your cousin stood next to Jimin as he puts his arm around her shoulder and you could see her eyes widen and the urge to scream. You took the picture and couldn’t help but to smile. Jimin was looking really good in the picture.

“Do you want a picture too?” Jimin asks looking at you and you slowly nodded your head and stood next to him.

Your cousin grabbed your phone and you felt Jimin’s arm around your shoulder making your heart beat super fast..You smiled at your cousin and at last she took the picture.

You and jimin pulled away and you looked at him.

“Thank you so much,” you smiled as your cousin hands your phone. 

“I’ll be seeing you two tomorrow?”

“For sure,” your cousin comes in and you smiled.

“Great,” he smiles and you both exchanged byes as he walked out of the restaurant..

Day 1 in Seoul… And off to a great start.


Jimin’s Point of View 

“Took you long enough,” Yoongi mumbles as I finally took a seat in the car.

“My bad I was taking pictures with some fans.”

“Did you get mobbed in there?” Yoongi asks me and I smiled.

“No actually… I saw a poor girl drop her plate in front of everyone and she looked embarrassed so I went up to her eventually and ask her if she was okay. Little do I know she was a fan and so I took a picture with her and cousin,” I said shrugging and Yoongi just stared at me. 

“Wow….That’s a first…”


“You going up to fan.” Yoongi says and I rolled my eyes.

“Plus she was beautiful so why not? You have to make sure was okay.. Am I right?” I asked moving my eyebrows and Yoongi smirks in return.

“Damn, kind curious on how she looks like.”

“Well she is going to be at our concert tomorrow.”

Yoongi looked at me with those face expression he usually makes when one of us say something stupid.

“You know how many fans will be there tomorrow?”

“I’m sure she will stick out,”

She certainly seemed to be the one to stick out..


To Be Continued