everyone looking embarrassed


Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother


This was better in my head  

Joining the bandwagon of the Personality ah Swap au by @samijen​ 

Their meeting probably wouldn’t happen like this but I just wanted this to be more of a thing. Though with Ryan having Ray’s personality he’s likely joking but Ray doesn’t need to know that.

And Jack has probably left to make bets with the other dudes about when these guys are gonna hook up. 
Bonus hours later:

Fucking nerd

I love the idea of Mike trying to hold El’s hand under the dinner table and just flubbing it up because she still makes him so self-conscious and flustered and awkward. She’s over for dinner for the first time with Will and the rest of the guys and she looks a little nervous, having just met Mike’s parents, so he wants to try and comfort her somehow, but he doesn’t know how, so he decides to maybe just hold her hand to let her know he’s there for her. So she’s sitting at the head of the table and he’s sitting next to her in his usual spot and he’s going through the whole “Should I? Is she going to think it’s weird? Am I just going to make her MORE nervous? Screw it, I’m gonna do it” and he works himself up so much that he just rams his hand into the table leg while reaching for her hand. It jostles the table and EVERYONE looks and he’s embarrassed, thinking “Wow, Mike, how could you screw something THAT SIMPLE up?” He’s completely red in the face and his mom’s asking “What’s wrong?” and he’s just saying “Nothing, sorry” and desperately trying to divert the attention away from himself. It’s a total personal DISASTER for him but eventually everyone just shrugs and goes back to their dinner. He’s not looking at anyone, especially not El, trying to stop blushing so hard and just feeling like he wants to crawl under a rock and DIE when he feels someone’s hand tentatively rest on top of his and he looks up and it’s EL and she’s shyly smiling at him, her own face a bit pink as she looks away, sheepish, and he just wraps his fingers around hers and smiles back at her, making her turn a shade pinker, he notices. But the nervousness starts to fade from her eyes, and suddenly he feels ten times better, although the blushing definitely doesn’t go away.


D: “Hey ;)”
K: “Hey??”
D: “what s uup”
K: “Hanging with Bo, You??”
D: “horny AF hah a a”
K: “….”
D: “ ypu know what my  fav sport is? volleyball. sex is a close secon d tho u down?”
K: “I’m dropping Bokuto off rn where are you??”


Inktober 25: The Black Order

I drew (some of) my (MANY) faves!! I was going to make them all Cool and Detailed, maybe color them too, but some people told me to keep these the way they are? I’m not convinced but here you go…

anonymous asked:

What would happen if a strain hit Yata and turns him into a flirty/horny cassanova type of character? And to turn him back, he needs true love's *ahemfushimi'sahem* kiss or something like that. But, it needs to be the first kiss after getting hit. Thanks!

So say Scepter 4’s actually out chasing this Strain and they fully know what its powers are, like Fushimi’s leading the alphabet squad and they’re all aware that the Strain’s powers turn you into a total flirt and the only way to counteract it is for the person you love to kiss you, but it has to be the first kiss after being affected by the power and if the person kisses anyone else the power might never wear off. Fushimi’s being pretty careful and the alphabet boys probably have Yata’s number of speed dial just in case because everyone knows how it is with Fushimi and weird Strain powers. They’ve almost managed to corner the Strain when they run into Yata and some of the Homra guys who are also out Strain hunting. Fushimi tells Yata not to get in their way and Yata’s all hey this is Homra’s territory and he’s in the middle of arguing when the Strain suddenly appears out of nowhere and aims right for Yata.

Fushimi probably immediately retaliates and pins the Strain to the wall with his knives but it’s too late, Yata’s been hit. Kamamoto runs over to check on him and ends up with Yata like wrapping an arm around his shoulder and being all flirty, like oh my legs are weak why don’t you carry me. Fushimi turns and sees this and his face just kinda twitches (bonus if this is summer Kamamoto so it basically looks like Yata is hitting on tanned super attractive Kamamoto and it’s just sending Fushimi’s jealousy meter through the roof, poor Kamamoto is highly confused about what’s going on and why is Fushimi looking at me like he wants to kill me). Fushimi tries to intervene because true love’s kiss and all but then the Strain tries to escape and by the time he turns back around Yata’s gone. Fushimi swears quietly and heads off to find Yata before Yata kisses someone and ruins everything.

Wacky hijinks ensure as Yata wanders around the city randomly hitting on basically everyone and Fushimi follows along a few steps behind constantly trying to intervene before kissing can happen. The power makes Yata’s general ‘virgin’ thing more suppressed and he can even handle girls now, like maybe he runs into Neko who was out shopping with Kuroh and Shiro and she’s lost her panties somewhere and asks Yata for help finding them. Yata makes a really dorky comment about how he knows all about taking off a woman’s panties not putting them back on, Neko stares at him blankly. Kuroh probably walks in on them as Yata’s trying to chat Neko up some more with suggestive talk about her underwear and it’s only Fushimi’s timely intervention that keeps Yata from getting his butt kicked because Kuroh is not going to stand for that kind of talk. After that Yata ends up stumbling upon the Scepter 4 vans where as it happens Munakata’s waiting, Fushimi spots the two of them getting very close and has to throw a knife to stop Yata from kissing Munakata. Afterward Fushimi’s like what the hell Captain and Munakata is very confused, he was simply being friendly with Yatagarasu-kun (by getting very very close, that’s how you be friendly right). Finally maybe Fushimi thinks he’s too late for some reason and someone kissed Yata but then Yata comes up to him and starts in on the cheesy pickup lines, Fushimi tells him to shut up but his voice is a little choked and Yata smoothly tries to cheer him up by kissing him. The power wears off halfway through the kiss and Yata kinda squeaks and tries to pull away, Fushimi is not having any of that but he’s only doing it because he’s so relieved Yata’s okay now so Yata can’t really complain.

Now because everything went calm down, I just look through my Tumblr notifications and messages… And Somehow, I feel like laughing to myself that everyone has come looking for my arm and tights www so then i feel like a bot looking for its arms and legs


CREDITS FOR LIVE REPORT: @eternally_vivid

  • All five changed for the encore again. Uruha and Ruki were the same as before. Reita wore the black tour shirt and the holdie. Aoi and Kai wore the Jesus shirt. 
  • During Kai’s MC before the second encore, Aoi accidentally played a note on his guitar. Everyone laughed and he looked embarrassed.
  • When Kai started talking again, Uruha then purposely played a note and smirked. Then a few moments later, Aoi played another note, on purpose this time, but tried to blame it on Uruha & pointed at him like, “IT WAS HIM!”
  • For the part before Uruha’s solo in TND, he went to Ruki’s step up and Ruki put his arm around him, then nuzzled his neck / whispered to him
  • Aoi went over to Uruha during the encore and leaned against him. They played back to back for a while.
  • Ruki’s MC: “We’ve forgotten what standing lives are like. I guess it’s the same for you. There are no seats? No seats… No seats, right?”
  • Reita went over to Uruha, and they played back to back, then Uruha turned and nuzzled Reita’s hair.
  • They played Kantou Dogeza again for the second encore.
  • During the beginning of TND, Ruki tried to make Uruha scream into his mic, but Uruha turned his head away like, “No! Don’t wanna!”
  • When Ruki stood next to Uruha during TND, he hit him in the face with the brim of his hat.
  • When Reita came close, we could see black makeup smudged all over his neck under his chin and jaw.
  • Ruki rolled up his sleeves during the encore and front rows could easily see his tattoos.
  • Ruki came to the front of the stage during the main set, crouched down, reached out teasingly, then actually grabbed some fans’ hands. 

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