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i jus got out of the shower and i need a haircut

a sneak peak of one of the cell ships asks! Dunno who the big guy is but he sure looks  👍 👍 👍


OK I’m just posting this now or I’ll forget. I apologise for the selfie it’s just a picture I took specifically for this at uni in the toilet 🙈 Also I have no music on my phone or it will die so I just picked a recent song on youtube ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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EW’s Buffy Reunion. Everyone looks fantastic!


I was tagged by @jumpingski and @allforaustria to post my lock- and homescreen, the last song I listened to and my most recent selfie (actually this was taken a little time ago but it’s the last one I saved because I usually never take selfies and you can clearly see why, I’m not wearing any makeup in this one and having my resting bitch face on and it was raining so… not that cute, but that’s all I have). I tag @magioghvitetekopper and @ilovepicnics!

So, I have a story from my high school years where my Physics teacher just completely roasted me in front of the whole class for a good, solid ten minutes. She literally just stopped all of the momentum of that day’s class to roast me.

There was a time in my life, specifically from 10th to 11th grade, where I completely transitioned from a nice-looking Christian-style boy to nothing but black everything and punk head to toe.

She was in the school system on her computer looking at everyone’s old yearbook photos and found mine. 

Seriously from 10th grade with a nice, clean-cut haircut, nice and plain clothing with a big smile on my face to 11th grade with a giant, perfectly straight-up fohawk, 6 piercings in my face (one on my eyebrow, one in my nose, and four on my bottom lip), a skull hanging around my neck, a Chelsea Grin band shirt, and a straight face because I hated my smile.

This must have been the most jarring and hilarious thing to her because she had to stop the class and just put those two photos side-by-side up on the projector screen for the whole class to see.

I’ve never really been the guest of honour at a roast before, but I got a good taste of it’s like that day.

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Lmao, you can't just say you see Yuri as of legal age """in your mind"""" and expect that a valid response. You're just coming up with excuses as you go along. Even if characters age outside of canon (which they don't) he'd still be under 18, meaning he'd still be a minor dating an adult. Sure, the age of consent is 16 in Russia but Tumblr runs under USA laws, which include porn depicting a minor being illegal. Keep your fetishes to yourself.

I have to answer this just to keep visible to everyone. Look at this. I’m laughing so hard. Sorry.

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Don't imagine Princey breaking free and killing you all. A dark and corrupted Logic; his tie red. A calm malicious Anxiety who can tear you apart seam by seam. Really really don't think of yourself; the emotional manipulator. You do it with everyone. The dad look, the guilting. You manipulate all of their emotions for your benefit. You don't care love, you pretend.

No-! I- I love my children, my friends, I love them so much, you can’t tell me that, please, no, no, n-no-

Something I’ve realised working in retail is that………..ppl just don’t fucking read……