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helLO my lovelies!!! Alright so last night we hit 3k!!! and i’m !!! excited !!! thank you all so so much (again)! Having this blog is something that i love/enjoy and having so much support makes it 10x better. 💖 So to thank you all and celebrate this milestone I decided to do some name edits and url edits!

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also sorry i dont have visuals i took this in the kitchen like a few hrs ago actually (bc im always hungry) and made it black and white since the lighting in my house sucks but i dont want to go outside for better lighting HAHA 

i’ll tag:

@nnuest-time i know u hate this but u love me so 

@lamortdelagenisse ;) my fav

@onibugi-jr the best i love

@kangbaeks i see u around and i cry bc ur tags