everyone look at chris

i love how episode 10 changed how everyone looked at Chris.

Like a lot of people disliked him because of how touchy feely he was and his weird sexiness. Like, I get the feeling if he hadn’t climbed all up in yuri’s space the fandom wouldn’t have universally disliked him post ep. 6

but episode 10 gives us firm context and implies that he doesn’t go around just touching people without permission (after the stripper dance off at the banquet, he probably thought he and Yuuri were close enough to allow that), and is very supportive and friendly towards Victor and Yuuri

im glad chris’ character got some fleshing out tbh

  • Yurio: I was looking to the ice rink
  • Chris: He was looking at Otabek
  • Everyone: Yurio likes Otabek
  • JJ: he does not!
  • Everyone: JJ likes Yurio
  • Seung gil: he does not
  • Everyone: Seung gil likes JJ
  • Phichit: he does not!
  • Everyone: Phichit likes JJ
Nice things I want to happen in episode 12
  • Yurio and Otabek having friendly bets over which one of them will get the gold
  • Phichit, nervous before his performace, video calls his parents and asks them to see his hamsters and spends at least half an hour talking to them in a cute voice

  • Yuuri thinking that Viktor will avoid him after their conversation, but as he’s getting ready Viktor comes in and styles his hair like he always does

  • Yakov and Viktor talking and Yakov telling Viktor that he’s doing a good job as a coach

  • Viktor congratulating Yurio on breaking his record and being genuinely happy about it

  • JJ realizing that his fans love and support him no matter if he wins or not

  • Before they leave, after the GPF is over, all 6 skaters return to the rink and try to perform each other’s routines as well as they can. Everyone laughs at how weird Chris looks while performing Yurio’s Agape.

  • Viktor joins in and does all the routines flawlessly, because of course he would

  • Phichit uploading tons of photos on IG and his fans realizing that he accidentally caught Yuuri and Viktor kissing in the background of one of them. Phichit freaks out that he hasn’t seen that himself

  • Yurio inviting Otabek to Russia to meet his grandpa (and eat pirozhki). Otabek accepts.

i had a dream a few nights ago that chris took dan to a concert for a date or somethin and it was rly good…….

remember when those promotional pics of cap 3 came out and the model’s chin looked different from chris’ and everyone thought that meant bucky was gonna be cap dahkashjwe how fuckig dumb and naive were we in early 2016

Chris&Eva #14

This was requested. 'You aren’t gonna like what I have to say.’


“So, I told him that Eva was my girlfriends just so he would back off,” Vilde said, laughing so loudly that few people were casting her annoyed glances.
“And, what? He actually believed it?” Sana asked, eyebrows knitted
“Yeah. Why wouldn’t he?” It was Vildes turn to knit her eyebrows. “We’ve made out in a parties before. In “Help the Penetrators” one and we kissed in the Russ buss, when we were partying with the Riot club guys.“
"Well, maybe, because everybody thinks that her and Chris are together?” Sana asked, giving Vilde her you-can-be-so-clueless look. Vilde was always at the  receiving end of that look.
“We’re not together. I am with Kasper . Everyone knows that,” Chris said, confusion written all over her face
All of the girls burst out laughing, except for Eva, who looked stricken. The last thing she wanted was for everyone think that she was one of those hopeless romantics, who thought that she could turn a fuckboy into a decent man. She wasn’t, nor she wanted to be one. Chris was, who he was and she was fine with it. She never expected anything more or anything less from him.
“Vilde is talking about Pentrator Chris. Everyone thinks Eva and Chris are a couple”  Sana said, her gaze focused on Eva, waiting for her reaction. Eva felt her face get hot, they clearly weren’t together, but they were something, she just didn’t know what yet.

She shruged  and stood up, her next lesson was Spanish and she didn’t want to be late for class because if she was, teacher would definitely ask her to read her homework and without Noora to help her, she was as helpless in Spanish as ever. She took her backpack and said, making her voice as cold,as she could,“People can say and think what they want, I don’t need their approval…. or disapproval  for that matter.” And with that she walked out  her shoulders back,  head held high… Only thing lacking was “Boss Ass Bitch” playing in the background.
For the rest of the day Eva tried to do her best and focus on school, but every single time her thoughts drifted to Sanas words. “Everyone thinks Eva and Chris are a couple”
Did everyone really think that? Eva didn’t think that hooking up at party a few times…ok… more than few times and sometimes leaving the parties together made them a couple. More like a fuck buddies.
It was almost 1 AM and Eva still wasn’t able to fall asleep, somehow, she ended up dialing Chris’s number and waiting for him to answer, after few second she realized how stupid it was for her to wake up him in the middle of the night and was about to end the call whe she heard a sleepy “hello”.

“Umm, hey…” Eva said, she contemplated telling him that she unintentionally called him, but it sounded stupid in her head and Chris no doubt would think so as well.
“Hey. Want sex, huh?” He said with a laugh, “Sorry, babe. I am nobody’s booty call.”
“Yeah, because you are usually the one doing the calling. Honestly, get over yourself,” Eva snarled, she began to regret calling him. If he was going to be his usual self-assured douchy self, she might as well hang up.
“Wow, why so agressive? Might I remind you that you were the one who called me,” Chris replied.
To that Eva had no reply. She drew in a  deep breath, might as well tell him now, “You aren’t gonna like what I have to say,’ she began slowly.
"What is it?” Chris asked, suddenly sounding more serious than she had ever heard him., “Did something happen? Did one of the Yakuza assholes hurt you? I swear to Go-”

“No, no. I am ok. It’s just that… turns out that everyone at Nissen thinks we are a couple. And before you start accusing me of something, I found out about it today. So, don’t go blaming me for spreading these rumors.”
“That’s it? That’s why you decided  to call me at 1 AM?” Chris said letting out a low chuckle, “Eva, relax. Who cares what they think?” He said softly, and Eva felt her body relax. Chris wasn’t angry. He almost seemed… fine with it.
“So, you are ok with this?” Eva asked, dubiously. Why was he so chill about this?
“Let them think what they like. I don’t desire their validation,” he said and she was almost certain that he rolled his eyes, “Seriously, Eva. It’s fine. Now get some sleep and maybe , if you are lucky, I will visit you in your dreams… naked,” Chris said with a laugh, now it was Eva’s turn to roll her eyes.
“Goodnight, Chris. Get some beauty sleep, God knows you need it, ” Eva said, hanging up, but before she did, she was certain that she heard him laugh. She put down her phone and felt herself smiling. Chris was fine with everyone thinking that they were together.

These Hands of Mine

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Chris Evans x reader

Imagine: you are Chris Evans wife and are apart of the avengers cast


A/n: Dude, Chris has got some beautiful eyelashes. Has anyone else noticed that?  Why does everyone else seem to be so majestic while i’m a lil potato stuck on a train?????

Genre: Romance, Humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: swearing

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You were sitting in your husbands lap, back to his chest, messing around with his hands. You were exhausted and the scene that your friends were shooting was the last one before everyone got to relax. You looked down at Chris’s hands and traced the veins and lines, Chris watching from behind you. You smiled softly when Chris started to sing into your neck. He was singing nothing in particular and you laughed when he sang.’ain’t nobody gonna steal my woman, or i’ll sock it right to them’ You both giggled and Robert looked over at you two.

“Uh, someone separate these two please. Too much cuteness might melt my face off and i need my face.”

Scarlett looked over and rolled her eyes at Robert.

“Leave the two alone, Robert. They’re just responding to mating season. It is spring.”

You laughed and replied to her comment with ‘Meow’. Hemsworth shook his head and face-palmed, a small smile on his face while he muttered.

“God save us all.”

chris and you giggled and Chris whispered in your ear.


You laughed and turned your head to him, kissing him softly. Before he could react, you pulled away and Chris huffed.

“That was so unfair on so many levels.”

You shrugged and started playing his his hand again. You froze when Mark stated, trying to keep a straight face.

“I’m surprised they’re not fucking like bunnies though if it’s mating season.”

You retorted.

“Because we’re not bunnies. We’re cat-dog. Mewoof.”

Everyone chuckled and Chris pulled his hands away. You gasped and pouted, crossing your arms.

“Give me a real kiss and i’ll give my hands back.”

You turned to him and narrowed your eyes. Chris just grinned at you and you kissed him, his hands returning to your hips slowly. Robert made gagging noises and Tom just rolled his eyes at Robert, hitting the back of his head.


  • the academy: it appears 98% of our nominees are white and people are upset! let’s hire a black host that’ll make everyone feel better and it’ll make us look better too.
  • chris rock: *drags the academy*
  • the academy: it appears our plan has backfired.
another script excerpt from a episode prematurely titled Ronny Got Robbed
  • ronny: and you all ran away!!! I could've gotten killed what the fuck is wrong with you all
  • cassandra: ok here's the thing I see you and I see your concerns but also I am a trans woman and if I stayed I would have DEFINITELY died so like
  • ronny: ok yeah that's true. but you didn't have to push me into him
  • deb: me and piper were also at risk. like you don't get it as a guy I can't do shit until I finish up my Krav Maga class
  • ronny: that's...fuck, that's fair.
  • deb: once I have my yellow belt ill be more secure
  • *everyone looks to Chris, the cishet guy*
  • Chris: look I've got no excuse I'm just a coward and I may have peed my pants a little bit?

Oh, just a redraw from the cutest smile in the world….

Sudden Heartfelt Explosions

Summary: Chris comes to a sudden realization as he and the strange man go and save Josh from the shed.

WC: 2,265


A/N: I finally caved and became official Climbing Class trash. This is for fullunadulteratedart and agentoklahoma. Prompt from FUA ♥ I hope you like it. Also, I want to say this is my first Until Dawn fic so I’m sorry if characters seem off. Part of it is borrowed from the game, but you should be able to tell where it deviates off XD I’d very much appreciate comments and critique! And maybe prompts who knows I got a lot to write still lol

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