everyone likes taemin so much ; ;

shinee as starbucks baristas


  • his nametag says jim (who’s jim??? he doesn’t even know anyone named jim??)
  • taemin: pls stop spinning the mop you make cleanup so much harder than it needs to be and i am wet
  • writes the names wrong all the time, enjoy your latte, brick
  • lowkey (highkey) he looks like he hates his life when not smiling


  • memorized the entire corporate-approved playlist, singing under his breath while making coffees in an angry mocking way bc they won’t let him change it
  • corporate trying to keep him down but he won’t be broken 
  • wears his visor backwards 
  • when not in work keeps smelling coffee, asks everyone to smell him to see if they smell it too (key: “jong we work at a coffee store ofc we smell like coffee” / jonghyun: “BUT I SHOWERED LIKE THREE TIMES”)


  • arrives to work with starbucks from another location
  • but literally when his shift starts a group of people always come in and get frappes
  • he’s smiling but his smile is not really a smile you know???
  • had to fend for himself bc onew hid in the closet when he saw that group because he need to “look for coffee beans” so he locked him in for a bit and “forgot how to unlock it”
  • free cake pops tho


  • cute latte art!!!! it’s not required but he learned how to do it through youtube and sometimes minho-made coffee have cool designs on them
  • after closing time, has flipped a table (╯ㅍ□ㅍ)╯︵ ┻━┻) bc he always wanted to try that
  • it wasn’t as fun as he expected it to be and plus he had to pick it up after which defeated the purpose 
  • lifting competition with jong on who can squat the most bags of coffee beans (they’re both red and sweating and look dumb af)


  • puts too much whip on order, coffee pours out of the sides and he is panicking 
  • honestly he just struggles with that whip cream canister in general 
  • puts mobile order stickers over the starbucks logo 
  • taking shots of espresso on his breaks
  • employee of the month (???????????)

SHINee World 2017 in Osaka Day One–170216

Jonghyun: Taemin, Minho, and Key all had a dance [solo]~
Onew: Wait! I had a dance too! Before “Because of You!” (raising a hand) I danced like this/this much.
Key: (laughing) You can’t call that a dance. If that’s a dnace, what is “Get the Treasure?” How would you express SHINee’s dance in words? Please answer me with that much confidence [as before]. […] Since everyone will be here from now until the end, show us a dance.

Taemin: If you do it you have to do the serious version.

Jonghyun: I’ll be anticipating where Onew’s dance version will come~

Onew’s spirits suddenly dropped.

Key: Your eyes said that you want to do it so~ do it! Decide casually. Even though [we’re] dance idols~~~

Taemin: Since you’ve been dancing for over ten years I want you to dance with confidence.

Jonghyun: Onew, do your best~~~ Everyone, for Onew’s sake!

Audience: Do your best~~~~~

Onew looked down and Jonghyun back-hugged him without thinking.

Cr. korea_shygeeks Trans: Professorjjong

After Onew said that his solo dance is in “Because of You,” Key told him it was a gesture.

Jonghyun: Then, Onew trying doing a solo later!

Onew: …I can’t.

Onew fell silent.

Key: Earlier you said [Because of You] was [your] solo dance, right? Since you said that, please do it! Now is your chance! 

Cr. aionee_51 Trans: Professorjjong

SHINee in MNL (OneK Global Peace Concert) 03/02/17

P. S. I’m just going to blog about SHINee since I’m a SHINee blog but I wanna commend all the other artists that performed. They all did an amazing job.

OKAY SO I AM STILL FREAKING OUT OVER THE FACT THAT I SAW SHINEE LIVE IN MANILA YESTERDAY!!! AND THEY WERE FINALLY COMPLETE!!! (SHINee already visited the Philippines twice before but the Taemin wasn’t there on their first time and Minho wasn’t there for the second time)

My Shawol friend and I decided to just buy the general admissions ticket because we knew that they will just perform less than five songs (and we’re still students so we can’t afford the VIP seats TT.TT)

The concert was supposed to start at 7pm but it actually started at 8:30 pm. It’s good ‘cause we arrived at 8pm since we ate dinner first. During the dinner, I was just chill and all and eating slowly ‘cause I knew that SHINee will perform late since they’re a senior group. My Shawol friend was agitated for some reason and she wanted us to eat faster. (There were five of us who watched the concert together. Two of us were Shawols. One girl was a kpop lover in general. Two of us were foreign students who just wanted to check kpop out and one of them is the guy I’m dating rn hahahaha) I was like “Allou, chill, it’s not starting rn and SHINee will probably perform late” And she was like “Minho’s hosting!” And I was like “OMG WHAT MINHO’S HOSTING? ASDFGHJKL EAT FASTER GUYSSSSSS”

When we got to the arena, it was already packed. We were lucky enough to get tickets with SHINee World PH so pretty much everyone around us were Shawols. AND AND AND Two rows below us, there was a group of Korean Guy Shawols!!! They were so cute!!! AND AND AND All their stuff were in pearl aqua. Their bags, their shirts, their accessories, they were so adorable I wanna squish theeeeeem

When the event was about to start, fans are starting to chant “Minho Minho Minho” since he was the host. When he actually came out with Seolhyun, the arena erupted with cheers HAHAHAHAHAHA PH Shawols were already screaming their lungs out omg I was the complete opposite. I was just staring at him while covering my mouth because I can’t believe that I’m actually seeing Minho live omg (The guy I’m dating was like “Is that Minho? Are you okay Mars? Is that Minho?” he was so cute bye)

They were speaking in Korean ‘cause there was a screen that was posting their translated script but I can’t read it because the font was small and we were in Gen Ad huehue

Minho is like the cutest person in the world TT.TT You know that he maintains eye contact with the fans and he takes care of his co-host (there’s more to come just wait)

SHINee was the second to the last to perform (PSY was the finale) When Seolhyun came out alone, everyone lost their shit because they knew SHINee was next!!!

They started their set with View. The first thing I actually noticed was the fact that Onew wasn’t really that bubbly. Like you know how smiley Onew is naturally, right? But during View, he looks more like Jinki than Onew. Even my Shawol friend who is an MVP also noticed it and said that there was something off about Onew. We kinda brushed it off because after Onew’s line, we were just simply mesmerized with SHINee as a whole huehue Plus there was a tiny JongKey moment when they had a duet part and the cameras showed them together in the screen and I can feel that all the JongKey fans screamed hahahaha

SHINee World PH released a set list of songs that SHINee would perform the night before the concert. We knew that View, 1 of 1 and Everybody will be performed. Allou and I were speculating about the fourth song because no one knew what it will be. My guess was Beautiful. Allou doubted it and we started eliminating songs but we ended not having a final hypothesis. Haha. The sound system wasn’t really very nice so we couldn’t tell if SHINee was singing live. (In our defense, some of the artists weren’t singing live. And during one of SHINee’s visits in the PH, they lip synced huehue) All our doubts were erased when the second song started playing. I couldn’t here Jonghyun’s first part because of the screaming around me so I started hearing the actual song on Onew’s part. I think his Jinki aura suited this part of the concert. He looked so solemn while singing. We all know that he is an actual angel given by the heavens to us but he looked like one and his voice actually opened the gates of heaven bye then it dawned on me that THE SONG WASFUCKING ENCORE AND THEY WERE SINGING LIVE AND WHEN IT GOT TO MINHO’S PART EVERYONE WAS SILENT AT FIRST THEN AFTER HIS LINE WE STARTED CHEERING BECAUSE HE WAS REALLY SINGING LIVE AND HIS VOICE IS SO GENTLE AND PURE AND BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD AND OMG AGAIN KIM JONGHYUN WAS SO EXTRA WITH HIS VOICE LIKE WOAH BOY YEAH I KNOW YOU’RE ONE OF THE BEST VOCALISTS IN THE INDUSTRY CHILL YOU DON’T HAVE TO PROVE ANYTHING BUT GAHD HE HIT NOTES SO WELL YOU CAN SEE HIS EXTERNAL JUGULAR VEIN PROTRUDING GAHD 

I’m not really sure when exactly they had their talk cause my feels were overwhelming but when they actually had it, Key spoke in English and we were screaming again so I didn’t understand most of it I’M SORRY HAHAHAHA Oh but it’s sad again ‘cause Onew didn’t introduce himself but the rest did :( (But his energy started to build up on their next set and he was full blown during the last one so I hope he gradually felt better) The complete opposite of Onew was Taemin. The baby boy was just smiling the whole night and with his mushroom hair cut again he looks like a toddler omg he was so cute why is he even real please protect him. JongKey were talkative as usual and Key was trying to translate it to us ^.^

The third song was 1 of 1. What really caught my attention during this part was Key. Boy oh boy your attention should be really caught by Key. I always read fans saying that Key’s energy is really different compared to the rest of the members. Knowing Key, I’m not really shocked whenever I read this kind of stuff. but when I was the one watching him dance the way he’s dancing, it’s really different. Key loves attention and I can say that attention loves him back. And the way he pops his body is so extra. I’m a Flamer for years now but my attention can’t really stay too long on Minho whenever Key’s near him because the latter’s aura is out of this world I swear!!! 

After 1 of 1, SHINee members started laying down and then it dawned on us that it’s Everybody time so we started chanting “SHINee SHINee SHINee” DUDE BRO MAN I THOUGHT THAT I WAS IN A SHINEE WORLD CONCERT BECAUSE THE WHOLE ARENA WAS SINGING TO THE SONG AND CHANTING WITH US!!! (They were already singing with us on the first three but the fan chants were superb on Everybody like no joke we had ZERO chill) For years I knew that SHINee is one of the best dance groups in Kpop but when I was watching the choreo for Everybody, I got GOOSBUMPS. Even the guy I was dating admitted that their choreo was amazing and he got taken aback by the fanchants. I told you it was amazing how these fans of different artists were singing one song and fan chanting like we were all in the same fandom. Omg I’m actually crying while remembering that moment bye But wait I need to commend our baby boy Lee Taemin because his dance moves were on point from the start and was extra extra on point during Everybody (plus he removed his jacket for a few seconds that got everyone screaming then he smiled after doing that what a little shit omg that brat) 


During the encore, all the artist gathered on the stage. SHINee members were being clingy together as usual. Yonghwa from CNBLUE, being the crowd pleaser that he is, started to walk to the extended part of the stage to wave to the fans. I was waiing for SHInee to do the same. Minho pointed Yonghwa to Jonghyun and I assumed that they wanted to do the same. After awhile, the rest of CNBLUE followed their vocalist then the other artists followed as well. When SHINee got to the extended part of the stage, they were all waving to the fans. THEN MINHO SPOTTED THE SHINEE WORLD PH PART AND STARTED WAVING AT US AND WE WAVED BACK THEN HE WAVED AGAIN HUEHUE AND THE REST OF THE SHINEE MEMBERS WAVED TOO OMG Except for Lee Taemin because guess what, he was the last member to get to the extended stage because he didn’t know what’s going on HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

So yeah, that’s my One K Global Concert experience for you guys. I hope every Shawol will meet or watch SHINee live someday. I never knew this day will happen but it did. Keep the faith, loves :*

Golden Prince

Title: golden prince

Pairing: Lee Taemin/Reader

Summary: Taemin always lived seen by others, living to the expectations of the king and by the rules of the queen. His curiousness got him closer to what he thought was heaven, but oh, Taemin doesn’t know hell yet.

Chapter I/Chapter II/Chapter III/Chapter IV

Fitted, silky materials surrounded the prince as he looked at himself in the mirror, not completely sure if he’s supposed to hate or love what he sees. His hair was parted slightly in the middle, noticing Kibum behind him as he tries to sow the little parts that were a little unfitting on the skinny prince. Taemin was never one for expensive clothing, different? Absolutely, yes. There was just something thrilling of trying new things and seeing how they looked on him, but it was almost impossible to try so when your clothing was sown and prepared exactly for you by Kim Kibum, the most perfectionist fashion enthusiast you’ll ever meet.

“Straighten your back, for fuck’s sake,” Kibum mumbles, some of his utensils hanging from his mouth as the sewing needle went through the navy clothing he was wearing. Taemin, following Kibum’s instructions, lets out a scoff, but he can’t help but be a little nervous…what was this person his mother was talking about? “You’re exceptionally quiet, today.”

“Am I not like that usually?” Taemin asks, knowing damn well that he was a perfect mixture between talking too much and too little. He was a mystery, per say, he didn’t say anything about himself but he did talk to others; that’s how he lived his whole life. Kibum looks at him from over his shoulder, pulling on Taemin’s sleeves as a pleased smile appears on his face. The suit looked perfect.

“Well,” Kibum says as he places his needle on the little box he had for them, giving Taemin a watch to wear with his suit as he leans back against the little table on Taemin’s wardrobe, or rather…changing room for himself. “You’re one to say something back when I try to tease you, but you haven’t said anything today.”

“Mhm…” Taemin hums as he fixes the watch on his wrist, looking at the time to see that he still had twenty minutes for the meeting he had with his parents. “Just feeling a little bit lost, that’s it.”

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SWJ+ update ✩ 170423

Everyone in Hiroshima, thank you so much for the 2 days!
I am really happy to be able to meet you guys after a year!
I can feel the heated support from you guys!!

Like Taemin said we would be happy to come to Hiroshima and meet you guys faster, taking less than a year! Even though it’s a pity the concert that started since January is going to end next week. Everyone’s support has really become strengths to us.

Let’s enjoy ourselves till the end~!!

cr pic. naname0525 
Translation: iheartshinee_

My take on the bands I stan and their fandoms.

BTS: My first ever group. Actual members are cuties, lots of little jokes and they care for each other a lot. Didn’t come from one of the big KPop companies, but still one of the biggest Kpop groups with a wildly huge international fanbase. The fans are kinda cringy and problematic, and I say this because I used to be the more cringy fans (not problematic tho). A lot of fans are sweet and respect BTS, but some go too far and hate on other KPop groups, like Exo, and even Kpop kings like Big Bang and Shinee. 

GOT7: Half of them aren’t Korean, and it’s great. Papa Jaebum and Mama Jinyoung did their own thing for a while before they were a part of Got7. Normal fans, as in they’re normal, not really crazy and disrespectful. Fans are often also fans of BTS. Were hella underappreciated for a while, but are starting to get attention. A passionate + nice fandom, comes from JYP, a pretty chill company that takes care of their trainees. 

Monsta X: Underappreciated cuties. Made from No Mercy, which was hella emotionally scarring. They’re all social butterflies, especially Jooheon, and hang out with people from other groups and companies. Fans are very chill, and very supportive. I’ve never heard anyone call any of the members ugly. Not from one of the big 3, so it’s harder to know if their company is good. (10/10 Fans)

Astro: Cutesy group with a fanbase made of people who stan other groups too. Very pure, fans are very chill. Great rookies with great music. Rocky is the best dancer. Eunwoo does a lot of side stuff like hosting and going on shows to promote Astro more and it’s very cute. That’s it. It’s cute and pure and good.

Seventeen: Holy Shit. So many members. I stanned them anyway. Jeonghan got rid of his long hair it’s sad, but he still looks beautiful. 2 Chinese peeps and 2 Americans, it’s a very cool group. No one has ever called any of them ugly, except for themselves. Fans are very creative and have hella vines and crack videos. They’re all memes, and I love them. Very pure band with funny fans. 

KNK: UNDERAPPRECIATED. I love their songs, and I hope that they are successful in the future. All are very tall, especially Seungjun like wtf no one is as tall as him. They love lying on the floor, even though they’re so tall that they’re closer to the ceiling. Fans are supportive and good. 

NCT: HOLY SHIT. If you thought Seventeen was big, jokes on you because NCT literally has endless members. And I do mean endless. People are being added every second, and Mark Lee is in every addition. U is made of the mature super boys, 127 has a mix, and Dream are the small boys. Still older than me tho. Fans are chill, and love the underappreciated babies, like Ten and WinWin. Have a lot of foreigners, which is cool but might be a problem bc apparently SM treats foreigners like shit?

Twice: PROBLEMATIC FANDOM. There’s some weird fan war between Twice, Red Velvet and Blackpink? I don’t understand, they’re all talented and beautiful. The actual members are cuties, and they’re all dorks. Fans are wild, all the comments are about reaching 100Million views and stats about how Twice are doing. 

IKON: Chillest fandom. Literally will never have a fucking comeback so maybe that’s why fans are so chill: they have been waiting for a while and have fallen asleep. Members are all like little kids, especially Jinhwan since he’s the height of one. (He still is taller than Woozi tho lol rip Woozi) Some people (mostly non-fans) call Bobby ugly, which makes no sense bc he’s the most beautiful human ever. Ikonics are SO CHILL I DONT UNDERSTAND. Can’t google anything with them bc it’ll just come up with Icons.

Exo: Problematic fandom too. They’re THE best boy band in Korea. Doesn’t give SM the best reputation: Kris, Luhan and Tao all left for mistreatment. Members are cuties anyway. I thought Suho was super tall bc he looks like Kai and he’s the leader and the leader is usually tall but sike he’s small af. D.O is the smallest (still not as small as Woozi) and the angriest. The oldest is Xiumin and boi you wouldn’t think so bc he’s a cutie. Lots of ships, but everyone seems to agree on Xiuchen and Baekyeol. Fans argue with BTS fans.

SNSD: QUEENS. I love them so much. Nothing much to say other than that. Their fans are also kinda obsessed with stats, but they’re pretty chill.

Shinee: Watching them on Knowing Bros made my heart leap off a cliff. They’re Kings of everything, visuals, singing, dancing. Chill fans, mostly bc they’re mature. Taemin is shipped with everyone and anyone. Most popular groups these days are fanboys of Shinee (like Seventeen lol). 

That’s all the groups I stan as of now, but I’m forever stanning new groups. 

yuuki2244  asked:

why is everyone argueing about my dear bro Tae and his hair?? It is OBVIOUS that he looks great no matter what colour his hair is. The secred is...his eyes 😏👌💖

i couldnt agree more his eyes are just so pretty like they’re bright and happy 

Originally posted by herewegobebe

but then sinful ???

Originally posted by shawollet

this gif effects me so much tbh taemin likes to give these looks and im so 😩👌🏼 (his dark eye makeup looks too tho,, i dont want to go into that im just in a state of shook whenever it happens)

anonymous asked:

hey, i was wondering if u could recommend me some bl manhwa.. i'm new to all this, i've only read killing stalking, and never understand. i would rlly appreciate it !!

Haha okay~ 😊 Actually I also dont read that much but there are some i could recommend.


Because it is really good. It is a mystery bl. I read it non-stop even tho there was a really important exam after that day  😅 I also read it again and again because whenever I read it I notice a new thing. About summary, the guy with blue eyes (Jesse) lost his memory due to some circumstances. He wakes up in the hospital without his memories and you are trying to find truth with him. And there is the exteremely suspicious blonde guy (Law) says he is Jesse’s lover. For a while you are doubting Law but after some time you are even doubting Jesse who actually narrates story. I mean basically your brain is gonna explode  😝

You can read the prologue here.

At The End of Road

I also really love this webtoon. I’m gonna go to summary right away. There is a boy (the boy on left: Siwon) who gets bullied everytime at school so much that he wants to end his life. So he jumps in front of a truck.  Then there is another guy (Taemin) that lives alone and does his best to live literally opposite of Siwon. And this guy also hit by truck. Then everything changes… This two guys change their bodies. Taemin finds himself in Siwon’s body and of course in Siwon’s life. While Taemin trying to find true and deal with guys who bullies Siwon (I mean its actually Taemin now in Siwon’s body of course :D) then Taemin meets Woojin (the guy on the right) who was his old and very precious friend that he didnt see for years. He hides the truth from everyone but cant hide from Woojin. For Woojin, Siwon’s behaviour reminds of Taemin so much that he starts to suspect something. This is really good. AH!!!

You can read the first echapter here.

A Guy Like You

Basically Jinha (the guy with silver hair) follows Siwon (other one) in his dreams but this dreams just feels so real. He says there is something happened between them before about 2-3 years ago that Siwon doesnt remember because he was drunk. Lol you can say what he forgot right anyway.. They meet in the dreams but in the college Jinha behaves like nothing happened. Siwon searches for meaning of all this dream. And throughout the story Siwon realizes that ‘the thing happened between them 2 years ago’  is not the only thing that he forgot about Jinha but there was also a ‘promise’ between them. This is also one i love so much. 

Yes and the prologue is here!

Ah sorry if i couldnt explain very well because English is not my main language so I hope I could’ve give the point. And thanks for asking. All is yours! Enjoy! 

anonymous asked:

i'm so emotional now that little princess is over, a part of me is still sad that y/n didn't end up with taemin but i'm glad how things turned out in the end. thank you so much for writing something so amazing!

Everyone really seemed to love Taemin and I honestly feel a slight bit guilty for jipping him. 

SO HOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!! 

What if I write a part three to LITTLE PRINCESS?


It would be a spin off, and focus on Taemin and a new (Y/N). The reader in LITTLE PRINCESS will be given a name, I will reuse her and connect the two stories. But this one would focus on Taemin and him finding a relationship. 



Also, thank you so much for your support. I’m really so pleased by the reception that LITTLE PRINCESS garnered and it makes me really happy to see people enjoy it so much. 


Jonghyun Smut Scenario

Anon said: Herro! I really really really really really
really love your blog!!! So… I wanna request somenthing. I loved the onew smut
oneshot so I was wondering if you could do one with jonghyun, where it’s your
first time…It doesn’t have to be the exact same. Thank you!

A long one!

Warning!: Sexual content. Read under your own risk.

“Show me the way to your room.”

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SHINee On Their Wedding Day

Taemin: The youngest of the group would have the most support out of any member of SHINee. The guys would make sure he wakes up on time, and is at the alter so he could see his blushing bride. He would be so pampered he would forget that there’s another half to this wedding. All things would change as soon as he sees the love of his life walking down the aisle. Standing there, he would begin to internally panic, looking at Onew for support. Of course, all Onew can do is smile, which makes Taemin start laughing. This makes everyone in the group start laughing, and makes for an awkward situation. At the reception, he would cling to his new wife, making sure she’s cared for. He would comment any chance he got about how beautiful she looked, and all of the pictures the photographer got of Taemin candid, are of him grinning at his wife.

Jonghyun: He’s the sensitive one. The entire day he’s a bundle of nerves, tearing up anytime someone mentioned what was about to happen. The group vowed not to say the word “wedding” in hopes it would prevent him from crying before he says his vows. Of course, this isn’t successful. When Taemin presents him with a gift from his wife to be, he starts crying. When everyone finally gets him calmed down, they walk him into the wedding ceremony. His dry eyes don’t last long, for as soon as he sees his bride walking towards him, he starts crying. He’s crying so much, he can barely say his vows. The ceremony takes longer than previously planned, but he gets through it. At the reception, he performs a song that he wrote for his new bride. It also serves as the first dance song. Like that of Taemin, Jonghyun would also be photographed candidly smiling adoringly at his wife.

Originally posted by herewegobebe

Minho: This ball of adorable manliness is the most chill one out of the group getting married. He’s all smiles, excited and anxious as he dresses himself for the ceremony. Anytime anyone gives him a hint about what his bride looks like, he smiles so brightly, his eyes lighting up with it. All of his emotions are displayed on his face, and he does nothing to hide this. All of the boys pat him on the back with per-congratulatory gestures. As he stands up at the alter waiting for his bride to walk down the aisle, he bounces on the balls of his feet, unable to sit still. This is naturally the competitive side to him, being on his heels waiting for whatever comes his way. The ceremony is perfect, with cute vows and cute Minho dad jokes. As they make their way to the reception, Minho changes into his favorite soccer team outfit, and him and his wife take adorable matching team photos on a soccer field with shirts that read “Mr & Mrs. Choi”. They are late to the reception, but have no worries, the rest of SHINee have been entertaining the guests.

Originally posted by oppasofkpop

Onew: He’s the unpredictable one of the group. Having naturally been a leader, he naturally takes control of the group even at his own wedding. However, they make it imperative he just worry about his wife. After he relaxes, he can’t help but smile. You know that super bright smile Onew does? That’s plastered on his face the entire night. However, in the process, he’s so nervous he has to change his shirt multiple times because he’s sweating so bad. He finally gets to the alter and stumbles through the ceremony. He’s extremely nervous, a new side to him. At the reception he spends most of his time eating. He planned the menu, and he spends most of the night feeding his new wife. Fried chicken is the main dish, and he confesses to his wife fried chicken will always be his number one love. He asks the group to perform a song for him and his wife, and of course they do, followed by fun stories to tell the new addition to the group.

Originally posted by jonghyuns-flat-ass

Key: And the bride is who again? Key not only planned this wedding, he dressed the groomsmen AND bridal party. He picked out the colors, and even the decorations to the reception. Of course, he wouldn’t outshine his bride. After hours of preparing for the ceremony, Key finally makes his way to the alter. With the members of SHINee by his side, he takes a deep breath and waits for his bride to walk to him. As she does, he begins to cry. His vows include: taking you to Paris for fashion week, making sure your closet is full of the season’s new trends, and of yeah, loving you. His dogs would then come into the venue, carrying rings to complete the ceremony. At the reception, he wouldn’t waist no time taking photos with his new bride. He had an entire photo shoot planned for them. He would also hold his new bride extremely close, not wanting to let her go.

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shinee is the perfect mix of personalities sm could not have picked a more solid group of people.. like onew is the cute super duper nice leader n then jjong’s like the fake deep conceited talented one n key is the flamboyant witty one that doesn’t care abt what ppl think n minho is the cute athlete next door who’s tall n dorky n then there’s taemin who’s extremely talented in everything but humble and everyone adores him i love shinee so much

  • taemin: just a quick reminder to everyone that (most) would say this sunday is p much one of the most important dates in all of history.
  • taemin: if u have to ask why, ur deleted.
You get a drastic makeover for your groups comeback (SHINEE)

Onew: -your wardrobe changed you dressed business casual and fell for the simple caramel hair color. Tight dresses, white blouses, and black skirts was so grown up from the past look. He loved the new look- “well baby you look hot. Like really keep the look forever please”

Originally posted by duwbu

Jonghyun: -your new fashion fit the Married To The Music look but you decided to wear it all the time and your bright purple hair. You looked slightly childish but you liked it and he liked you happy so he made sure you liked how you looked.- “babe you look so adorable. Don’t change ok?”

Originally posted by lordkey

Key: -you had needed to get glasses so you decided to get multiple pairs all different styles, sizes, and colors. The outfit depended on the pair of glasses you wore that day. Your platinum white hair bolded your eye wear more. So he made sure you looked like you matched day by day- “my gosh jagi you’re wearing the heart shaped ones with that. Got change now”

Originally posted by littleshinee

Minho: -your wardrobe got tighter and your hair got longer, your new MV made you look like a goddess and Minho seemed to be jealous of everyone of the boys who made a comment about how amazing you looked each day- “go away. My girlfriend you hear me M I N E!”

Originally posted by dearmyfairyboy

Taemin: -you liked the casual look so you started dressing that way. His shirts and skinny jeans were the most common thing to see on you. He loved the look except when he needed what you were wearing that day- “as much as I like that on your baby I need that shirt for a performance you need to take it off and I’ll pick you a new one”

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Pairing: Taekey
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 8300+ 
Content warnings: Breathplay, unprotected sex, mentions of alcohol.
Synopsis: Key is the hot DJ playing at the local club and Taemin is the fan who wants to get in his pants. Smut with a bit of plot, and perhaps a dash of angst. 

Taemin didn’t hear Jonghyun when he entered the room behind him, didn’t notice the older student until he leaned over Taemin’s desk and snapped his fingers in front of the junior’s eyes to get his attention.

“Jesus!” Taemin snapped, his reflexes shooting his rolling chair back, narrowly missing Jonghyun’s toes as he ripped off his headphones. “Warn a guy!”

“How am I supposed to warn you when you won’t answer your phone and you’re playing–” Jonghyun grabbed one side of the headphones and bent down to listen for a second “–Lady Gaga at approximately one million decibels?”

Taemin sighed. “What is it?”

“What is what?”

“What do you want, Jonghyun?” Taemin had no time for this. He just wanted Jonghyun to get to the point.

“Well, since you asked so nicely, I’m gonna go to Velocity tonight and I want you to come with.” Jonghyun picked up a translucent lime green pen from Taemin’s desk and rolled it between his fingers. Taemin slapped it out of his hand and rolled his chair back to his desk. “I don’t have time,” he said, and put his headphones back on.

Jonghyun pulled the headphone jack out of his laptop. Donatella blared into the dorm room, and Taemin frantically muted the song.

“What the fuck?” he said, turning in his chair to face the senior.

“Why don’t you have time?” Jonghyun folded his arms across his chest.

“Because I have this physics exam!” Taemin gestured at the open textbook on his desk, all the pages dogeared from his constant stimming with the corners as he studied.

“Dude, it’s in like three days,” Jonghyun shrugged.

“Hence the studying!” Taemin jabbed at the textbook with one emphatic forefinger.

“No, hence you have plenty of time and hence you need to come to the club with me and dance your stress away.” Jonghyun slammed the textbook shut, almost pinching Taemin’s finger as the younger student jerked it away.

“That sentence doesn’t even make grammatical sense,” Taemin grumbled. “And I’m not coming.”

“Whyyyyyyyyy,” Jonghyun whined.

“Because I’m too old to be club trash,” Taemin said.

“Please.” Jonghyun rolled his eyes. “You turned 21 like three months ago. If you’re too old, what am I?”

“Embarrassing?” Taemin ducked to avoid Jonghyun’s swat.

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Henry Lau left a voice message on Flitto

 Henry: Hi
Taemin: Hi~
Henry: Hi~~
Taemin: Hi~~~
Henry: Who is this?
Taemin: I’m Taemin
Henry: Hi Taemin
Taemin: Hi Henry hyung
Henry: I came to your green room right now but..
Taemin: Yeah
Henry: there’s no food. Why isn’t there anything to eat?
Taemin: We already ate everything there was to eat. We did
Henry: You guys ate all of it?! Ah, I thought you guys were dieting. It’s not that?
Taemin: It’s not that. We ate all of it so yeah, the caterers told us to stop eating
Henry: Ah~
Taemin: They said other members aren’t able to eat because of Shinee
Henry: Yeah don’t be like that. Let us eat too
Taemin: I didn’t know. I thought there was enough prepared. But for how much we normally eat, it was a bit unsatisfying
Henry: Okay anyways do well on your performance later
Taemin: Okay fighting thank you~
Henry: Okay got it. And is there anything you want to tell your fans?
Taemin: Uh fan everyone, I love you~
Henry: He says he loves you
Taemin: Hehe okay
Herny: Okay. Bye
Taemin: Bye~
Henry: Bye~
Taemin: Bye~
Henry: We should do a performance together some time soon too
Taemin: Yeah we need to
Henry&Taemin: “(singing) I’m becoming exhausted. I must be dreaming alone.” Bye! Bye! Bye!

translation by: bsaturn

adore you - jongtae

~1k words. pg-13. pure, unadulterated highschool au fluff.

tw: mentions of homophobia

this was done for the lovely cescedes, who doesn’t have enough high school aus and most definitely deserved more. <3 I hope you like this!

Good morning, Chungdam High School. It is I, Kim Jonghyun, with your daily school news announcements, and more importantly, the announcement that Lee Taemin’s new hairstyle is super cute… I’m trembling… but, anyway, on to the boring bits.

The people around him in class either snicker or sigh loudly, and Taemin has to repress a small peal of laughter as his homeroom teacher yet again rolls his eyes. Jonghyun proceeds with the announcements over the intercom, and finishes off with his classic tagline and an obnoxious kissing noise.


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Pure (Taemin)

Loosely based off of Press Your Number


Summary: Innocence is a pretty good act to cover up the bad in us all. But even the baddest of men will crumble when it comes down to the ones they love.

You were always well behaved, the good girl, overly friendly. You didn’t just have your beauty to keep you in the eyes of many, including him. The typical drop out, naughty boy, your old neighbor. He had maybe 5 years on you if lucky. You were preparing to graduate high school life ahead of you, boring workload you were knowing you would have once the days of teenhood were over were short of scaring you.

But you played if off pretty well.

You walked into the convenience store looking around quietly before looking at the young cashier “where is the bathroom?” you asked. She simply pointed towards a door before you thanked her and walked into the bathroom. And downhill it went.

When you walked out of the bathroom you saw him. He looked different than before. He and you made eye contact as you began walking towards the exit knowing no good could come from you staying. You stopped at the door when you noticed the group of boys sitting in a car waiting for who you would guess would be him. You tuned slowly to look at him. As you stood still you watched him pull something out from behind his back. 

Him holding up a gun wasn’t what you were planing on seeing. Your eyes opened wide as he aimed it at the cashier. Filling up a bag full of the money in the register before he turned to face you. You knew his name and all about him. Lee Taemin. 

You locked eyes once more before you opened the door watching him walk outside. Following behind him you stood there watching him again. When he looked back at you he saw the look of being unimpressed with his actions like you saw that coming.

After school one day you sat listening to the radio in your car, the recent robbery came on. You were a witness but you ended up contradicting all the lady behind the counter leading them away from Taemin. For some reason you didn’t want him getting caught. 

A light knock onto the passenger side window jolted you from the silent moment you were having with yourself. The car door opened slowly and before long came to a close as the seat was now occupied by someone. The description of the young male filled the air. 

Dark brown almost black hair, light green eyes, sorter stature, Caucasian traits went on and on. You were more shocked they believed you so much. “Why did you cover for me?” you turned slowly glancing at Taemin “it doesn’t matter” you say back. “Do you think I owe you something now? That I should be thanking you or something” he asks back. “You do and you should. I didn’t rat you out Taemin” you spoke back calmly. “What would you want me to do?” he asked “stop being an idiot and actually be responsible for once” you tell him.You two made heavy eye contact “I never want something like that happening again. Someone could have got hurt or much worse” you tell him honestly. “I know. If it matters at all the gun wasn’t loaded it was for show” he tells you as he looks out the window. “I never want to be the reason someone dies” he continues “that’s good to know” you smile.

Leaving home right after you graduated with him. It didn’t take much for him to go with you. You two indulged in each other, taking advantage of the fact you could go anywhere. You went where ever you pleased to go. But that all changed quickly. Getting a home, jobs, marriage, ext. 

Taemin filled the tank up of the car before he looked over at you “we seem so boring now you know” he spoke “why’s that because you aren’t getting chased around by the cops?” you joke. “We seem like everyone else” he mumbled “I like not having to worry about you being something bad” you say. He sighed as he climbed into the car “I know” he says as he readjusts the mirror meeting the eyes of a smaller pair of identical eyes with a feminine gleam were clear. He smiled lightly looking back at the little girl in the backseat who gave him a toothless smile when their eyes met again. He had a good reason to stay out of trouble these days. Even if some days he wanted to be bad revert back to the old him. He had two people he wasn’t going to risk losing.