everyone laughs at sunggyu that way

In an elevator with Sunggyu

Scenario: You end up stuck in an elevator with Sunggyu for a while. I guess you need to find some way to entertain yourselves…
Rating: sweet and steamy
Word Count: 3265

You stormed into the apartment building ahead of your boyfriend Sunggyu, letting the door swing closed into his face. He angrily followed you in, catching up with you just as you pressed the button for the elevator. You often bickered with him over small things, but tonight had been ridiculous and you were pissed. He had always hated being dragged to your work get togethers, but it had been an important night for you – you’d just been promoted and the head of department had hosted dinner and drinks at an exclusive restaurant you knew Sunggyu had always wanted to go to. It had seemed the perfect opportunity for you both to have a good night out. However, your boyfriend’s idiotic jealousy had almost ruined the night. It wasn’t your fault that your colleague Sungyeol was so charming and good-looking. He was a little younger than you and always called you noona in this little sing-song voice; you’d pretty much taken him under your wing as a younger brother since he started working with you. The two of you had developed a great working relationship and you would be lying if you said you didn’t enjoy his company. You often ate lunch together at a sandwich bar across the street from your office.

Tonight he’d shown up solo, having recently broken things off with his latest fling. And yes, you’d accepted a drink or two from him, and okay maybe you’d laughed at his jokes a lot and touched him lightly on the forearm. You might possibly have winked at him across the table while your manager was giving a speech at the end of dinner. But Sunggyu was acting as if you’d thrown him onto the dining table and made out with him in front of everyone. Which was, quite frankly, ridiculous. You’d been with your boyfriend for almost two years now and it was obvious to anyone that you were helplessly in love with him. You even found yourself starting to like his little flaws; smiling at the way he would get irritable with the coffee machine in the mornings, or how he always forgot to hang up his shirts after they’d been ironed.

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