everyone knows long distance doesnt work

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Zoe i sincerely think u are the definition of perfect girlfriend because:: -u are kinky -u are beutiful -u are really nice to everyone -u are funny -and i could ask u to "Draw me like one of those RFA butts" and u would -did i aldery said u are kinky?

You know that reminds me of the lastest guy I flirted with, hes really into me but I dont like long-distance relationship so it doesnt work in the end. But once I flirt I always went to the extreme, teased him to no end, and he found that hes not as kinky as I do (he was in many relationships before) Pretty sure his self control would snap if we were close distance, because I always like to test the limit even when we were just chatting. We have never met, he just saw some of my photos nothing exposed, but still he admitted he was always UP. Now that I think about it, perhaps I should tone down lol

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