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New Girl On Set // Dylan O'Brien imagine

Summary: There is a new member of the Teen Wolf cast in season 4 where (Y/N) gets to play the role for a main character, Sierra, who is dating Stiles Stilinski. Dylan O'Brien is her crush since she saw him on the first episode. But there’s just something in the air between them two the first couple of days & we aren’t talking about love.

author: @obrienimagines

Word count: 2.045

Thanks to @writing-obrien for helping me a bit with this one!! :)



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“Here is your caravan.” My assistant was the best, mainly because I never had one before.

“Thanks Jenny, you’re the best.”

“Your first day on set begins in 5 days so make sure you know your script by heart. Everyone is super chill and nice so don’t worry about messing up a line or anything. Oh, and I am going to introduce you to every single member of this crew. Especially Dylan O'Brien.”

Did she really just mention that? I blushed. “Psssht. Scott can hear us, remember?” We both started laughing.


“Everyone listen please. This is our new family member (Y/N) (Y/L/N). Show her around and try to not make her run away from you little idiots, because she really is a good actress.”

“Thanks, Mr. Davis.”

“Oh please, call me Jeff.” As he walked off I got to know everyone on the set & they were all super sympathetic. Giving me nicknames that didn’t have anything to do with my actual name was one of the things Posey & Sprayberry liked to do. It was still an honor for me to be part of this “family” now.

“So you’re actually from (Y/C)?”


“That’s cool.” I talked to Posey, Shelley and Holland for a while until I turned around wanting to get myself some water and bumping straight into him.

“Oh I am so sorr-”

Into Dylan O'Brien.

“Well I didn’t broke any bones so I guess I’ll forgive you. You’re (Y/N), right?” He knew my name. He actually knew my name. My body went numb and I was speechless. It felt like an eternity until my mouth opened, because the only thing I did, was looking straight into his beautiful caramel eyes, his cute freckles that were scattered around across his face and his messy hair which looked like he ran his fingers through them a million times.

“Earth to ‘I think your name is (Y/N)”. Reality hit me.

“Uh- yea- umm.. I’m sorry. Yes, yes my name is (Y/N).” “Good, you’re cute. I think we are going to be a cute couple.” He winked before he walked away which caused me to not move at all because I was so shook.


Back to my caravan, I was lying in bed and thinking. ‘He actually called me cute. Wow. Well, (Y/N) I guess you got O'Brien-verified of being cute’. These where my only thoughts for the rest of the night where I could barely sleep. It was hard to realize which phone numbers I collected that day. The cast didn’t lie when they said they were treating everyone including themselves like a family. I was glad being in such a nice group.


It was a couple of days ago since I arrived here and they already started doing pranks on me. Once, Sprayberry broke into my caravan to steal my hair dryer because he thought it was funny leaving a girl with her hair wet throughout the day, then Posey hid my food while the whole crew was eating together as I went to get myself some water, Ryan tried to make me believe that he actually came from Afghanistan & Hoechlin threw a pie in my face while I was talking to Dylan. “I am going to kill you Hoechlin!” Running after him wasn’t a good idea since he was ten times faster than I was. Apparently, Dylan was fast too, because after I tried chasing Hoechlin he was gone. I tried to wash the pie out of my face & I looked for Dylan.

“There you are. Why did you leave we were in middle of a conversation?” I approached him at his makeup chair where he was reposting some tweets.

“I left? you clearly- Nevermind.” He clenched his teeth together.

“I’m sorry I ran off like that, you’re right that was my fault. It wasn’t a nice thing to do.”

“It’s ok.”

“So what where we talking about?”

He grinned at me. “we were talking about how good the pie suited your face.” I started laughing. “Jerk.”


The last day of the “we just gonna chill until we actually get to work-days”, we were all obviously chilling , outside the building at the benches. After a while I was going to get myself another bagel at the buffet which was next to the benches because they were delicious. Hoechlin was getting the same thing so we started talking and laughing a lot as we were there.

“So you’re saying that you actually did that on set while they were filming?” I couldn’t help but laugh hysterically about the things Hoechlin has done on set.

“Yep. And the only one laughing was me which was more than embarrassing”. I was laughing even harder until I turned around to the benches, realizing Dylan was just glaring at us.

I walked up to him and sat next to him. “What’s up?”.

“Nothing.” He didn’t bother looking at me.

“Someone’s being salty today, geez.” I know I probably shouldn’t have said that because he looked mad. “Are you still mad for me running off yesterday?”


“Is that all I’m gonna get?”


Why was he like that all of the sudden? I know it wasn’t ok that I ran off like that but still. Everything was kind of normal yesterday wasn’t it?


“(Y/N) wake up!” I heard from the outside of my caravan.

“M-mh.” Before I could get up I heard the door open. “What’s up? Why are you here so early?” It was Holland in a sports bra, some Nike leggings & shoes with her hair up in a ponytail.

“We’re going to go jogging now so get dressed, we need to stay fit.” She winked at me.

I took a quick shower, brushed my hair, put it up in a bun, threw on a sports bra and some leggings just like Holland and my super comfy Adidas shoes. “Let’s go.”

“Ok stop I am definitely done for today.” I was completely out of breath. We were jogging for about 10 minutes now.

“You need to train on your endurance more.” “I don’t think I will because I hate doing any kind of sports.” “That’s actually really sad but then let’s go back to our caravans so we can each take a shower.” She said that while she nearly tripped over her feet like she always does.

“Sure.” I giggled


I walked over to Hollands caravan in the evening so we could spent some time together since we didn’t know us so well. Some meters away from the caravan I heard some voices.

“No I won’t tell her that!”

“Tell me what?” I walked towards Dylan and Holland to meet up with her like it was planned.

“Nothing.” Dylan was being bizzare. He looked at Holland in a way like he wanted her to shut up and not spill anything.

“What are you guys hiding?” I leaned my head to the side and watched them with narrowed eyes.

“Nothing!” Dylan countered even louder as he walked off.

“Why is he like that?”

“How is he? He’s pretty normal I guess.” She was being sarcastic but she wouldn’t tell me what was wrong with him all night.


I went to bed. My thoughts on what could possibly be wrong with Dylan caused me not to sleep at all. I was readjusting my pillow several times to get a position I could rest in, but it didn’t work. It was midnight & I decided to text him to come over so I could talk to him since his caravan was next to mine.

I typed.

Hey, are you awake? I really want to talk to you

I deleted it & started typing again.

Hey, really wanna talk to ya you coming over?

I deleted it again.

Hey, are you awake? Really need to talk to you.

And again until i finally texted him this:

Are you awake?

Frustrated waiting for an answer while I got these weird thoughts floating my head like

What if he doesn’t like you? Or he doesn’t want to talk to you? Or he actua-

-bip bip-

A text from Dylan.


So I started typing again.

I need to talk to you, can you come over?

I waited 2 minutes (which actually felt like 2 hours) to here that bip again.

Sure, I’ll be there in 5.

Kay, thanks.

I waited 5 minutes full of anxiety of him not coming or screaming at me for waking him up. But he didn’t show up yet.

5 more minutes went by and there was still no Dylan in my van.

I was laying down & my eyes started closing because of how tired I already was.

knock knock knock

knock knock knock

I jumped up and immediately opened the door.

“Oh, god sorry I must’ve fallen asleep.” Of course he looked beautiful. The lights of the lamps in my caravan made his eyes shimmer beautifully. He wore some light brown pants (most likely his Pyjama pants ) and a dark blue Star Wars t-shirt, that color suited him the best.

“It’s okay I came late anyways so if I was you I would’ve fallen asleep too. Ok, no I probably wouldn’t but ya know.” He laughed. That laugh made my body tense up as soon as I heard it. “Come in.”

“So what’s the topic?”

“I’m sorry?”

“The reason you wanted to talk to me at 1 in the morning.”

“Oh, yea right. You know what? It was stupid of me to bother you at 1am you really don’t have to-”

“Stay? So after I came here in the middle of the night you are going to kick me out?” He laughed ironically.

“No, no. Of course not. Look-” we both took a seat. I sat on my bed, and he sat on a chair next to it and in front of me. “-I just felt like you were really repellent.”

“Well-” he sighed. “-I don’t know, I guess I just saw you being with all the guys from our set, laughing with them, pranking each other that I just got-”

“Jealous.” I cut him off.

“No, not jealous but just.. ok yea, probably jealous. And I know this happens super fast and I have no idea how I gathered these feelings for you in just a couple of days but it happened. I literally spent over ten minutes in front of my mirror to do my hair ,that’s even the reason why I am so late, and my hair still looks the same as it did 1 hour ago.” Am I dreaming? Is Dylan O'Brien just admitting he has a crush on me? I tweaked myself. Nop definitely not dreaming. And also not talking. I had no idea what to say.

“This is usually the part where you say ‘No it’s totally not crazy’ or something along those lines.”

“Yea, yes of course. Oh my god, I’m speechless.”

“Great. The first time I get my courage up to tell a girl that I like her, ends up in a mess-”

“I like you too.” i mumbled while looking down.

“I’m sorry what was that?”

“I like you too.” I said a little louder but now into his face. He leaned in and so did I, our lips nearly touching until he fell on my lap because he leaned too far in forward which caused us both to laugh. He sat again but now on my bed. Eventually leaning in again and now our lips were finally connected. It felt magical. But I guess that’s what everyone says. We broke apart and I said “Do you want to stay over tonight?”

Our foreheads leaning on each other’s. I bit my lip while he smirked. “If you’d like me to.”

“Is that even a question?”

Both laying in my bed or better said my couch I could roll open, my head on his chest and his hand playing with my hair. It is so easy to fall asleep next to someone you love, knowing they hold you tight no matter what.