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Hey darling, here's a request if you're interested a little imagine or headcannon maybe with 76, Gabe or Pharah where they return back from an early morning workout and find their s/o sleeping in some of their clothes.

°•Soldier 76•°

         Walking down the street, a small duffel bag in hand as well as a plastic bag containing some sweets and such, Jack strode down the street to your house, scrolling through his texts with Amari.

Ana: Aaaawww how cute, I’d never taker you as a hopeless romantic

Jack: Me neither

Ana: So, are you bringing her to the park later? The team is going to meet up there with all the kids to meet

Jack: Sure, and give them an idea of having kids?

Ana: They would be cute kids Jacky!

Jack: Alright, I’m home now, you can harass (Y/n) about kids later

Ana: YUS ;)

                Jack chuckled, chucking his phone into duffle bag, taking out his keys as he walked up the porch, and placed the bags down to open the door, picking the up and walking in, locking it placing after placing the bags on the couch. The sighed, running his hands through his hair and then down his face, the workout making his muscles burn as he moved, especially in his legs.

“I need a shower…” He mumbled, going up the stairs and walking to the room you two shared, lightly pushing the door open and dimming the light as he opened it so it didn’t wake you up. He walked to his side of the bed, confusion picking up on his features as he looked for the sweatshirt he left. He usually left his cloths on the bed for when he came back but, he was missing his favorite sweatshirt.

“What the…” He mumbled, looking around, under the bed and shifting around the sheets to see if it got lost but he couldn’t find it. That was, he couldn’t find it until some of the bed covers fell off your shoulder, exposing the sweatshirt.

He gave a small chuckle, he should have expected this, going to the closet to grab another sweatshirt. He then grabbed the rest of the cloths before walking to your side of the bed. He leaned down, moved some hair out of your face, and gave a quick peck to your forehead before lifting himself up and going to the bathroom to shower.

For an FYI, he was smiling like a dipshit because he loves that shit.


       Gabe was driving back from an early workout with Morrison, he brought a hand to the back of his neck to get a crick out of it, hearing a satisfying crack before pulling into the drive way of the cabin you two were staying at.

He drove up the hills and eventually got to the cabin, parking and grabbing his belongings, he jumped out the car and shut the door. He pulled the keys from his pocket and walked up to the door, unlocking it and walking in before locking the door.





“Morrison did you change my fucking ringtone again?” His gruff voice answered quietly, going to the kitchen to open the fridge, grabbing an apple and taking a bite from it.

“Awwww, you aren’t yelling, you must really care.” He could hear the smug grin on the blonde’s face.

“What did you call me for?” He asked, walking to the room you shared with him.

“Oh! I wanted to know if you wanted to bring your kids over later today, I made some sweet ass gifts for them.” He beamed, being the proud uncle of Gabe’s children.

“Alright, I’ll bring ‘em over. Just don’t let them touch the guns again.”

“It was one time and that was 2 years ago!”

“Two years ago, they were 10!”

“Fine… ill hide ‘em in a room or somethin’”

“Thanks, and the kids are going to love seeing your again.”

“I know, everyone loves me.”

“Alright I’m sick of you now.” Gabe joked, lowering his voice as he passed the kids room and was walking to yours.

“Love you to babe” Jack made a feminine voice, laughing at the end of his sentence. Gabe hung up and walked into the room. He chuckled at the sight.

The kids were curled around you, with you in the center, in a starfish position, wearing his hoodie and beanie. One of the kids was curled on your stomach, wearing one of Gabe’s beanie as well, she was in a fetal position. Your son was upside down, wearing another beanie, his feet near your head and his head near his sisters. Gabe smiled and took out his phone again. He held up his phone and smiled, before taking a quick snapshot.

“I’m posting this.” He chuckled, before making his way to the kitchen again.

Let’s just say, he posted it on the main group chat for Overwatch members.2


         “Mom I’m going back home now, Gabe and Jack already left and I’m going now.”

“Honey you just repeated yourself.”

“I must be really tired then.” She chuckled, adjusting her bag on her shoulder before walking a bit faster to the apartment you and her shared.

“Alright honey, do you need a ride?”

“No, mama, I’m fine but, I’ll see you later.” Pharah replied, walking to the lobby, and going on the elevator,

“Alright. But I want to see you at the fair later today! We all need to have a little fun once in a while.”

“Alright mama”

“Bye baby”

Pharah hung up the phone and walked out the elevator, before walking up to the apartment door and unlocking it, walking in and closing the door was well. Dropping her bag on the floor next the door, she walked up to her partners bedroom before walking in to a sight she loved to see.

You were there, safe and in bed, cuddling a pillow on Pharah’s side of the bed, wearing her hoody. She smiled lightly, walking over to kiss your forehead before lifting herself up so she can shower. But, before she left the room, she took a quick snapshot and sent it to you.

Have fun with a picture of you drooling on a pillow.

Tested/ Gabe

Request:For Gabe, maybe you could do something based on how he reacts when he finds out that his girlfriend is part of the supernatural.


You were laying on your bed with your boyfriend Gabe just enjoying each others company when he started to talk about this crazy idea that he had.

“Gabe you are going absolutely crazy.” You said looking at him.

“Y/N this is a great idea if we just give everyone in school a cut we can separate the humans from the monsters and it will be easier to take them out.” Gabe said with a small smile.

You just looked down trying not to let tears fall out of your eyes. You were madly in love with this boy and he was after you. He didn’t know that you were supernatural but still hearing him talk about wanting to take you out hurt you.

“Are you okay babe?” He asked as he ran his hand up and down your arm

“Y-yeah I’m fine. I just think that going around cutting people with the same blade is a bit unsanitary.” You said looking at him.

“Babe you shouldn’t worry about that. Be happy you’re gonna be the girlfriend of a famous hunter.” He said with a smile as he kissed the top of your head.

“Yeah yay me.” You said with a small smile.

The next day you had seen Gabe and  Aaron going around cutting people. When you looked at Gabe when he approached a kid you just didn’t see the sweet and nice guy you fell for it was like you saw a monster. He just looked scary and you were actually scared of him. You saw them come toward you and you turned around and walked away but Gabe was faster and caught up with you.

“Hey babe look as much as I hate to do this I need to test you. I mean I know you aren’t anything but just otherwise this just isn’t fair.” Gabe said as he held your hand.

“Gabe come on you know me.” You said as you started to get scared.

“Yeah I know but this has to be fair okay I’m really sorry babe.” He said as he leaned in to give you a kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and looked at you hand and cut it. Because it hurt a lot actually you jerked away your hand and ran away. You tried to come up with a plan on how to make it look like it didn’t heal right away but you couldn’t. Gabe was getting very suspicious especially since you ran away when he cut you Aaron wanted to run after you but Gabe stopped him and said he would go find you. You were currently in the girls locker room standing at the sink trying not to cry. You knew that Gabe would know what you were know and you just didn’t know how he would react. You heard the door open and heard Gabe’s voice and your nerves just got worse. You turned around to look at Gabe as you hid your hand.

“Y/N p-please just show me your hand.” He said as he walked closer to you and held out his hand so you could give yours to him.

You hesitated but you just gave him your hand knowing he would find out either way. He looked at you hand and bit his lip and you could see tears coming to his eyes. He pushed your hand away and turned around while running a hand over his face.

“You’re one of them.” He said angrily as he turned around and looked at you again.

“Yeah I am. I’m a werecoyote.” You said as you flashed your blue eyes at him.

“How could you? W-Why you lied to me. I-I asked you and you didn’t tell me why didn’t you tell.” He said walking closer to you.

You being scared he would do something took a step back but then realized that you couldn’t back up a lot because of the sink that was there. You looked in his eyes and you thought you would see anger but you just saw hurt. He was hurt that you didn’t tell him.

“What was I supposed to say oh hey Gabe yeah I’m a werecoyote. I’m not stupid I’m not gonna tell my hunter boyfriend that I’m a werecoyote.” You said looking at him.

“Yeah you were supposed to say that.” He said like it was obvious.

“Oh yeah why so that you could go and tell Monroe that you found another monster.” You said with hurt in your voice.

Gabe looked at you with hurt in his eyes. You actually thought that he was gonna kill you and he couldn’t believe it.

“You’re not a monster Y/N.” He said as he looked down.

“Are you sure cause you’ve made it very clear how you feel about my kind. You really think I wanted this life. I was born like this I couldn’t choose this. You think it’s fun for me to be running from hunters my whole life and having a boyfriend who is constantly talking to you on how he can kill people like me.” You said as you pushed him backwards angrily.

Gabe just looked down and felt guilt wash over him. He hated himself for hurting you by saying that stuff.

“Look I’m sorry for saying that stuff but….I mean come on Y/N can you blame me. Did you see that thing in the library a few months ago how can I not want to kill that.” He said looking at you.

“Yeah I can because guess what smart ass we wanted to kill that thing to. You have no idea what we have done for you. If we wouldn’t have been here you would’ve been death.” You said poking your finger in his chest.

You were getting really angry and you tried to keep calm because you didn’t want to scare Gabe.

“So what are you gonna do now huh? You gonna tell everyone that I’m one of them so you can kill me.” You said with tears in your eyes.

Gabe just shook his head and walked out of sight and you thought that meant that he was going to go to tell Aaron that he had found another monster but to your surprise he came back with a red marker and bandages. You looked at him confused as he started to wrap the bandage around your hand.

“W-what are you doing?” You asked him.

“I’m bandaging you up.” He said as he cut of the bandage and secured it with some tape.

“Why I healed.” You said confused.

“Why? Because this way no one will know that you are a werecoyote and this way you’re safe.” He said as he put some of the red marker on the bandage to make it look like you had some blood come out of our hand.

When he was done he put the stuff down and put his hand on your cheek.

“I love you okay and I would never hurt you or kill you. No matter what you are.” He said with a small smile.

“R-really?” You asked surprised.

“Yeah Y/N you mean everything to me I could never hurt you or kill you. I need you with me.” He said as he took your hand.

“What are you gonna tell Monroe?” You asked him.

“As long as you keep these bandages on for a few days you should be fine.” He said with a small smile.

“You uh you better put this red marker away before someone sees it.” Gabe said as he handed you the marker.

You took it and put it in your bag and then took his hand and walked out of the locker room and towards Aaron because well they had more people to test. Gabe held the hand that he had bandaged and you hid behind Gabe a bit because that Aaron kid just really freaked you out.

“And?” Aaron asked Gabe.

“She’s okay she’s a human.” Gabe said with a small smile.

Aaron looked at you a bit suspicious and he walked towards you and wanted to take the hand that Gabe was holding but Gabe stopped him.

“Hey I said she’s human. What you don’t believe me?” Gabe asked looking at Aaron very intimidating.

“Fine let’s go we’ve got more kids to test.” He said as he walked away from the two of you.

“I’ll see you later babe.” Gabe said as he kissed your cheek.

“Okay I love you.” You said as you gave him a quick hug.

“Thank you.” You whispered in his ear.

He pulled away with smile and kissed your cheek again before walking of with Aaron.

anyone just kinda secretly hope one day in the Overwatch comics that some kind of canon-confirming Reaper76 thing happens like even a small thing like in a past thing Gabe giving Jack a lil cheek smooch and being like “hey babe” and Jack just smiling or like in present someone talking to Soldier76 and everyone knowing Reaper’s Gabe and someone asking him if he knew him and Jack’s like “yeah, I knew him… he was my partner… thought I’d be spending the rest of my life with him once…” like just a small thing but just enough and it’s so probably not gonna happen, but like, what if