everyone knew they were endgame

I’m a grown ass (bi) woman and I do not understand problematic Clexas for the life of me????? Personally, I saw no chemistry there. I KNEW there was going to be SOMETHING between Bellamy and Clarke from the jump (don’t open the door because toxic air) - it was clear the writers were going to have these two strong characters grow together, whether it be romantically or not, but…

Clexa seemed so forced?? Just my opinion, but I’m really good at these things.

Like, I have been doing the shipping thing for a loooong time. We’re talking Moonlighting and Cheers, probably further back and I know, as well as so many others, when a show is creating a bump in the road for the lead. Lexa, I’m sorry, was a bump in the road - a device. She was not an all-consuming love. She was what Joey was to Rachel while everyone knew Ross and Rachel were endgame. 

If Clexas are mad that their ship didn’t get the true attention they think it deserved, be mad at the writers and showrunners? Or be level-headed and realize that Lexa/clexa was irresponsible on the writer’s/showrunners parts. iT SEEMS TO ME THEY THREW THIS WOMAN (Lexa) IN THE MIX TO SAY OH LOOK WE HAVE A BI LEADING LADY WE ARE WITH THE TIMES GET IT WINK WE KNOW WHAT THE COMMUNITY WANTS. 

Please please please realize that they are not above using a bi character to say “it gets ratings right now because people want representation”

They introduced her, it was clunky and stunted (again, my opinion), and now SHE IS GONE.

This is not, nor will it ever be any one of the bellarke shippers faults. the bellarke shippers saw what potential these two characters had from the start and not because he’s the tortured male lead and she’s the princess, but because they are both tortured and untrusting and literally need each other. 

Speaking of needing - there are so many ways to say i love that are so much more important than saying I LOVE YOU - in fact, in my experience, I would rather KNOW and HEAR the following:

I cant lose you
I need you
I trust you

Because I have said i love you and not meant it, but i have never said i need you or i trust you and not meant it. EVER. I’ve been told “i love you” and rolled my eyes because yeah yeah so easy just words, but when i don’t have to question for a second how someone feels because of their action alone - that’s real. 

and that, my friends, is Bellamy and Clarke

p.s. I will not adjust a ships name for fear of showing up in their tag. I’m not bashing their ship - no need. 

Pardon me for the disjointed rant. I’m slacking at work and have thoughts that need to be let out