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Off The Rails -the epic saga of Bokuto, Akaashi, Oikawa and Iwaizumi all falling in terrible weird love with each other- continues!

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2 Months Langblr Challenge!

I have decided to create a langblr challenge for the next two months in order to motivate myself and those who want to join me to work on their target languages and improve their reading/writing/listening/speaking skills.

The whole concept is pretty simple; you choose the languages you want to learn and you set your own goals to clarify what exactly you want to do and achieve in the next eight weeks. Obviously, this is not meant to be a “Fluent in 2 Months” kind of experiment, but rather a realistic personal challenge that you can adapt to your timetable and your target language(s).

The tag for the challenge will be “2 months langblr challenge”, and I encourage everyone to join and use the tag so that we can help and motivate each other!

This is how you can define your goals for the next two months:

Your target language

  • How many new words you want to learn in a day/week/month/the entire 2 months
  • Your resources
  • Your duolingo goal
  • Anything you want to focus on or become really good at (special grammar topics, idioms, …)
  • Other goals: Do you want to listen to music or podcasts in your target language? Or watch movies? Do you want to write more? Or spend more time talking to your friends in that language? If yes, how often?

Those are my plans:


  • 35 words a week (5 anki cards a day)
  • Resources: School, media
  • 3 podcasts a week, watch some British movies
  • 1 writing task a week


  • 35 words a week (5 anki cards a day)
  • Resources: School
  • Duolingo: 10 XP a day, complete tree and don’t forget to strengthen skills
  • Work on use of subjunctive, tenses
  • 2 podcasts a week, French music
  • More talking!!!!
  • 1 writing task a week


  • 70 words a week (10 anki cards a day)
  • Resources: School, internet
  • Duolingo: 10 XP a day


  • 35 words a week (5 anki cards a day)
  • Resources: Self-learning course, internet
  • Duolingo: 10 XP a day

Chinese (Mandarin)

  • 35 words a week (10 anki cards a day)
  • Resources: Self-learning course, internet, Youtube, ChineseSkill app

I hope you like the challenge, let me know if you have any additional ideas :)

Have fun!!

  • Everyone: Regina, you used to be evil but you've stopped and become a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages, come join us!
  • Regina: :)
  • Everyone: Hook, you were a villain but you turned around and now you're a hero and you haven't killed anyone in ages either, come join us!
  • Hook: :)
  • Everyone: Zelena, you were a villain and a bit annoying until very recently but you have no magic now and you've been pretty good lately so hey, come join us!
  • Zelena: :)
  • Everyone: Rumple, you... are still the Dark One and you almost got us all killed like two hours ago, AGAIN, and refused to help Henry fix things, AGAIN
  • Everyone:
  • Everyone: come join us!
  • Regina:
  • Hook:
  • Zelena:
  • Everyone: well we're sure he won't try to screw us over a seventh time, that would just be silly
  • Rumple: :)
Ivar Imagine- Ivar Doesn't Share

So I’m posting early because I’m going out tonight, but this is in response to this week’s Friday Night Heathen Army Prompt about a “Ragnarsson sandwich”. I definitely took my own spin on it, it’s probably not a typical “sandwich” story.
But I still hope you enjoy! It was so fun to write.


You sigh in frustration at your lover, rolling your eyes as he glares at you. “Ivar, he will freeze otherwise. It is not a big deal.”

Ivar growls at you, gripping your waist tightly. “I said no. I do not want him touching your naked body!”

Hvitserk looks up from where he is currently attempting to breathe some life into your pitiful fire. “I’d very much like that.”

You shoot him a look. “You are not helping.”

“He can keep warm by the fire,” Ivar grits his teeth, pushing his body closer to yours. “He is not getting in here with us!”

You let out an exasperated groan. The three of you are currently stranded in the mountain cabin, pinned down by a sudden snowstorm. You had been hunting deer, and before you knew it, the temperature dropped to freezing and the snow starting flying. Hvitserk had stayed out to quickly try to find some firewood as you and Ivar hurried back to the cabin. With such cold temperatures, you knew body heat was the best way to stay warm. By the time Hvitserk had gotten back with a few twigs, you and Ivar were already naked and bundled up in furs.

Now, to keep Hvitserk from becoming an icicle, you know he has to get under the furs with you. But your jealous, stubborn lover is not fond of that plan.

“Hvitserk will keep his hands to himself,” you try to placate Ivar. “Right, Hvitserk?”

The blonde man opens his mouth to probably make a joke, but catches the murderous look in his brother’s eyes and thinks better of it. “Of course,” he says instead.

Ivar huffs childishly and sticks out his bottom lip. It’s an adorable look that usually has you giving in instantly. But not today. Your sister will kill you if you bring back her man half frozen to death. You kiss his pouty lip quickly and turn back to the shivering man now blowing on his hands.

“Get in, Hvitserk.”

He’s up and undressing in an instant. You ignore Ivar’s protests and lift up the furs so the older Ragnarsson can climb in.

He settles down beside you, back to your chest. “Ivar, move your arm,” he mutters referring to the possessive arm his brother has slung around your waist. Ivar snarls and clutches you tighter.

“No,” his breath is hot on your neck. “And if you even think about touching her with those big meaty paws of yours, I will make sure you lose some fingers-slowly.”

Hvitserk laughs while you give Ivar a scolding pinch on the arm. “No one is losing any fingers,” you say firmly. “Now everyone just be quiet and go to sleep. Hopefully the storm will be over by the morning.”

Thankfully, the brothers listen to you. Well, mostly. You can still hear Ivar grumbling under his breath as he keeps an almost bruising grip on your waist. Hvitserk is quiet, his breathing evening out as he slips into sleep.

It’s oddly comfortable, being pressed between the two brothers. You are extremely warm, with Ivar’s chest at your back and Hvitserk’s back against your own chest. You take the time to examine his form. You don’t have any sort of sexual attraction to him, but you can definitely say he is a handsome and well built man. Your sister is a lucky woman indeed.

You giggle silently to yourself as you think of what she would say if she saw you now. She’d laugh at you being the middle of a “Ragnarsson sandwich”. And then probably demand to switch places with you.

Eventually you find yourself getting drowsy, and you let go of your thoughts and let yourself be lulled into sleep by the peaceful breathing of the men surrounding you.

You wake with a start, disoriented as you feel someone trying to roll you over. You blink blearily, seeing Hvitserk’s back a few feet from your face. He must have moved away from you in the night. Which means Ivar is the one currently tugging on you.

You flip over to face him. “What in Odin’s name are you doing?”

“Shhh,” he hushes you, pulling you so you are flush against him. He kisses you hard, lips working against yours in a feverish dance that is all too famillair.

You groan against his mouth. How could you have forgotten? Ivar is a morning sex person. As soon as he wakes, he wants you. Sometimes he even wakes you up in very creative ways. This morning appears to be no different. Except usually there is not another person sharing the furs.

“We can’t,” you say frantically against his lips, “Hvitserk is right there!”

“He’s still asleep,” Ivar grips your hair tight and pulls it back to expose your throat. He begins to suck at the expanse of skin. “If you are quiet, he will not wake. He’s a heavy sleeper.”

You try to keep your wits about you as his talented mouth wrecks havoc on your sensitive flesh. “I don’t think we should-”

He snarls and sinks his teeth into you at the same time he yanks hard on your hair. You have to suppress the gasp that tears from your throat.

“You will please me now,” he hisses, gripping your hips so hard you will probably have hand shaped bruises. “You will be a good little dove and do as I say. We have made love every morning since you first spent a night in my bed. You will not deny me!”

The commanding tone melts your resolve, as it always does and probably always will. You quickly climb on top of him and fuse your lips as your bodies come together in that carnal dance you love so nuch. You try your very best to stay quiet, but it’s hard when Ivar can pull feelings and sounds out of you that no one else has before. That man can play you like the most finely tuned lyre and make you sing for him with both your body and your voice.

You have to bury your face in his neck at the end, pressing your lips into his skin so you will not cry out. He in turn bites your shoulder. When you are finished, you simply lay there, trying to catch your breath as quietly as you can.

“That sounded like fun. Why wasn’t I invited?”

You shriek and roll off of Ivar at the sound of Hvitserk’s voice. Ivar catches you and covers you both with the furs before glaring at his brother.

“You know I do not share,” he snarls, clutching you to him like you are some sort of prize. He does not even seem perturbed that his brother was apparently listening.

“Were you awake the whole time?” You squeak, feeling your cheeks flush red in embarrassment.

Hvitserk, who has rolled to face you, simply grins. “Not the whole time. I only caught the end. You are not as quiet as you think you are.”

“Apparently,” you press further into Ivar, wishing the ground would open up and swallow you whole.

“Are you sure you do not wish to share, Ivar? She looks like she could go a second round,” Hvitserk teases.

The growl that rips from Ivar is positively animalistic. “Suggest that again and I will strip the flesh from your bones. I. Do. Not. Share.”

Hvitserk just laughs and proceeds to get out of the furs and find his clothes. “As you wish, brother mine. I will just have to wait until I get back to Visna.” He finishes dressing and gives the two of you a wink. “The storm has passed. I’m going to get firewood. You two do what you want.”

Once the door shuts behind him, you let out a loud groan.

“I can’t believe this. I told you it was a bad idea!”

Ivar just pushes you onto your back and swings himself on top of you. “No idea of mine is a bad idea. Hvitserk can listen all he wants, so long as he does not touch.” He gives you a wicked grin. “Now, about a second round…..”

Hvitserk is right, you can go another round.

And you don’t bother trying to be quiet.


Happy Friday, my sister wives! And everyone else too, come join us!

Welcome to Day 7, the last day of Spacelatinxs Week!

Today’s prompt is FREE DAY. There is no specific prompt for today, so you can make anything you want in relation to spacelatinxs. You can make content for your favorite characters, re-use one of the old prompts, or even make a prompt of your own! Be creative and remember to tag us with #spacelatinxsweek or #spacelatinxs.

Everyone has made really great content this week, we’re really proud, so here’s to spacelatinxs, both fictional and the fans in our own galaxy. Thanks for participating and may the force be with you!

My First Kiss at the Public Execution - 9

PART 1 - PART 2 - PART 3 - PART 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8

a/n: if you enjoy this story please leave a rreply or message saying so! like my main motivation to keep writing is that people like it and I dont know if people like it if no one says so

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Warning: NSFW like for real most of this is smut. enjoy 👉👌👍👍😘😘

Eric X OFC // Divergent Trilogy

word count: 5,932

who told you love was fleeting?
sometimes men can be so misleading
to take what they need from you

I had been silent all morning. From check in with the others in the office to the present as I pulled myself into the train car, I hadn’t spoken a word. I said nothing to Eric, only nodding to acknowledge his orders for me to accompany him to Erudite. Now I stood by the open train door, watching the half decayed city whiz past as I focused on ignoring the man behind me.

“I’m getting flashbacks,"Eric commented, surprising me by how close he actually was with his mouth next to my ear. I jumped, turning around and stepping away.

"Flashbacks to what?” I asked hesitantly, as I watched him move closer.

“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about the last time we were on the train together,” he prompted with a smirk. I could feel my face change with the realization of what he meant, my cheeks burning with blush at the memory as he wore a smug expression. Moving in closer, he boxed me in along the metal sheeting.

“Have you really forgotten the way you moved against me, grinding your hips into mine as I pinned you against the wall,” He continued, letting his hands rest on my waist. I fought to maintain my composure, gnawing on my inner cheek as he moved in, trying to ignore the feeling of butterflies in my stomach that his touch inspired.

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Abeshiya Week will take place from December 19 to December 25, 2016 (JST). It will center on creating fanworks of the pairing Abeno x Ashiya/Ashiya x Abeno. Abeshiya Week will also coincide with Ashiya’s birthday (December 21st)! We’re inviting everyone to join and have fun! (o´ω`o)ノ

Please check our Rules and Guidelines for more information ε===(っ≧ω≦)っ

Prompts for each day can be found here (ㆆᴗㆆ)*✲゚*。⋆

If you would like to join and help us, please send a message ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Please reblog and help us spread the word! (≧人≦●)

We would love to see what people can come up with as a tribute for this ship! We will really appreciate it even if you do only one day. Thank you and we hope to see everyone! ☆⌒(≧▽​° )

Life of the Zodiacs #1

“I can’t believe I actually agreed to move in with all of you,” Capricorn sighed and pushed his thin glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Scorpio nodded in agreement, “I’m only here for Pisces’ sake. I don’t trust that Leo guy. Well, that and Cancer wouldn’t stop crying to me about protecting her from the ‘evil gingers’.”

“Well I think it’s going to be fun!” Libra smiled brightly and skipped ahead towards Leo who was leading the pack, along with Virgo’s help when it came to directions of course. “We’re going to be one big family!”

“Like hell we are,” The Gemini twins spoke simultaneously from the back of the group. Gem was the female twin, while Nye was her male counterpart. They were both equally sarcastic as they were manipulative.

Taurus groaned, “Why did we have to walk? We would have already gotten there if we drove like I suggested.”

“No one had a good car,” Sagittarius shrugged. “Virgo had to sell our squad’s van to pay her part of the apartment cost and the only other person who has a car big enough to fit all of us is Aquarius, but he wrecked it last week.”

“Not my fault!” Aquarius threw his hands up in defense. “That sign came out of nowhere, and then suddenly it was in the middle of my hood.”

“That’s because you weren’t paying attention and you ran right into it. You crashed into a damn stop sign!”

“I blame witchcraft.”

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Who’s that super cool new update blog?

Hello everyone and welcome to Payneful Updates! In this space we’re gonna share everything about Liam and his solo career, which we’re sure is going to bless the whole world.

We’ll be the support group you need when his album launches, the happy island when shit storms comes if you will.

Wanna know a fun fact about us? We were brought together by Liam and the love for his round cheeks, kind heart, and true talent.

We’re so excited about the bright future ahead for him, and we want to be here with you to cheer him on every step of the way.

Everyone is welcome to join us in the fun with pictures, messages and overall positivity.

As we start this journey, we intend to leave this space hate free and ask you to offer us the same respect.

Great things are ahead for our fandom!


The Payneful Update team xxx


A/N: Okay so i wrote it late last night and i never proofread it bc I’ve been really busy today and i’m beyond tired, so there may be mistakes. It was fun to write though so hopefully you like it.

Warnings: blowjob, priest!Crowley, dirty talk. I think that’s it.

Words: 1,290

Paring: Crowley x Reader

Tagging: @lucifer-in-leather

Originally posted by shvdyvx

You hated going out into the field with Sam and Dean, especially when it meant you were the bait. You much preferred to stay back and be their personal librarian. The Winchesters didn’t like making you the bait as much as you hated being it, but it was a job someone had to do.

You posed as a normal churchgoer in the not so normal church. You wore a yellow sun dress with some black heals. You also made sure to keep a purse close to you with some extra things to protect yourself with just in case.

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fabricofbooks  asked:

Can you post the invite to the BTS discord server?

sure ^^

Here’s the main BTScord: https://discord.me/army

and even though you didn’t ask for it

Heres the main kpopcord: http://www.discord.me/kpop

and heres the kpopserverindex which has basically every kpop discord in there, most of the main ones are in kpopcord but Lim added a lot of smaller servers into the index if you’re interested https://discord.gg/pFJuq3j