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I’m here to give you a warning. Leave me and the people around me alone. And what if I don’t? If you don’t, I’ll come and find you, no matter where you may be. I’ll end our first encounter with just this warning but if I ever come to see you a second time, you will die.

this mass shooting is horrifying. EVERY mass shooting is horrifying, but you don’t know how scary it is until it happens close to home.

Sutherland Springs is about 40 miles from my home, but to us Southerners.. that’s just ‘right next door’.

men, women and CHILDREN are reported dead. some asshole opened fire inside a church and just kept reloading until, as some have reported, everyone was dead.

this needs to end.

Please keep praying for John. He died shielding strangers from the gunshots. And please also pray for his son, Travis who was also shot (in the arm), but continued to help other victims until he had to carry his father out to a hospital where he died from his injuries. Please pray for his five children and one grandchild he left behind. They have now lost both of their parents in horrible ways. Especially pray for his youngest daughter who is only 14 and now orphaned. Please pray for everyone affected by the shooting.

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Honestly! There are so many comments from make up artists, stylists and other photographers under the cover pics that everyone involved posted! I love this!!!! I hope this mean that we'll get more shoots soon!

me toooooo, i’m loving all the louis love!

backpack notes [michael m. x reader]

words: 2400+

warnings: terrible, sub par writing; out of character probably

i liked how this turned out and then realized that everyone is probably extremely out of character. goodbye, i say as i fling myself into the void


You had been in the same classes as Michael Mell since the sixth grade. You’d liked him since seventh. You’d been in love with him since ninth. He’d always been a few feet away in a handful of your classes, just out of reach physically and metaphorically. The distance between you had kept you from talking to him; if he was just a little closer, maybe your anxiety could shove off for at least a few minutes, long enough for you to strike up a conversation.

Your curse of not being close enough to the glasses bearing boy finally, finally came to an end when, on the first day of junior year, the only open seat in algebra for Michael was in front of yours. While your courage never grew and your anxiety always got the best of you, just knowing that you’d see him in class the next day and he was an arm’s length away from you put you at ease.

Halfway through the first semester, in the middle of a dragging, dull period of algebra, your anxiety dissipated long enough for you to come to a decision. Fifteen minutes later, an entire notebook page had been filled with the neatest handwriting you could manage. Just as your anxiety was making its return, you quickly maneuvered, pressing the note into an open pocket of Michael’s backpack before the second guessing could start.

Dear Michael,

This is ridiculously stupid. I’m [Name]. You don’t know me. We’ve somehow been in the same classes since 6th grade, but we’ve never sat next to each other. We’ve never been paired up for a project or been assigned as lab partners for something. This is the first time my anxiety has shoved off long enough for me to even try to start something with you.

School is a drag for me. Coming and learning and being present is draining. I don’t enjoy it and some days, I never want to come back. I think that sometimes my mind tells me that if I just stopped showing up, nobody would notice. Some days, I consider the idea of dropping out.

Then I think about you. I tell myself that I’ll see you the next day. You’re like an anchor because as long as I think, ‘I get to see Michael in algebra tomorrow,’ I’ll be okay. This is stupid and dumb and probably extremely creepy, but it’s true. I always remind myself that coming to school means seeing you and it gives me the motivation to keep coming back, even when it feels like I shouldn’t.

Christ. I’m embarrassing myself. I should shut up and finish this letter and put it in your backpack or something for you to find before I can talk myself out of it.


Sincerely, me

You stood up as soon as the bell rang and rushed passed Michael, sending his arm to knock uncomfortably against his desk. When he raised his head to address you for it, though, you were already out the door and halfway down the hall. The rest of the school day dragged on too slowly and it was plenty of time for your mind to come to the conclusion that writing a letter for Michael and leaving it in his backpack was a horrible idea, and that you needed to stay home the next day, so you didn’t have to deal with him confronting you over being a complete creeper in front of everyone.

Michael didn’t notice the paper, folded neatly and tucked securely into a pocket on the outside of his bag, until he’d gone home for the day. He had planned on playing a new game he’d gotten from Jeremy, but the pristine white of the paper caught his attention. With baited breath, he pulled it out of the pocket and carefully opened it up, his eyes skimming the writing; his heart nearly stopped when he’d gone back to read it in detail.

“As long as I think, ‘I get to see Michael in algebra tomorrow,’ I’ll be okay.”

Your name sounded familiar; yeah, he recognized you. Despite being in the same classes every year for the last eight years, he’d never thought to talk to you; Jeremy had been the only friend he’d ever really needed in his life. To know that you thought so fondly of him without having ever talked to him warmed his heart, no matter how weirded out he probably should have been.

Folding the letter carefully back up, he slipped it back into its place in his backpack, sealed carefully away from everyone. He arrived in his post-apocalyptic world, shooting zombies and admiring the story and graphics. No matter how enticing his game was, the note lingered in the back of his mind; you lingered in the back of his mind. As he traversed a building, he planned out tomorrow: he’d act like everything was normal and in fifth period algebra, he’d turn around and talk to you.

His day didn’t go according to plan, however. He acted like everything was normal – he walked with Jeremy to class, left school at 12:30 to get his normal meal from 7/11, and jammed to Bob Marley with his best friend until the end of the lunch break – and it was fine until then. He was mentally preparing himself to talk to you, his anxiety flaring up: what if you didn’t want to talk to him, what if it was just a cruel joke you were playing on him, what if, what if, what if?

Deep breath, he reminded himself. Deep breath and step in.

But when he stepped in, you weren’t there. That was weird, you were always the first one in the classroom. He played it off as you were possibly just held up somewhere else, but the bell rang; the teacher called your name and silence answered her.

He still waited.

Five minutes turned into ten. Ten turned into twenty. Twenty turned into the end of class.

You weren’t here. You were always here. You were always here.

Michael wasted no time in sprinting from the classroom as soon as the bell for sixth hour rang. He tried to catch Jeremy as he left his biology class, animatedly talking with Christine.

“Jeremy! Hey, buddy! - Hey, Christine, looking good as always - Hey, do you know where [Name] is? No, listen, I know you have English with them second period.”

“What’s gotten into you all of a sudden? Why are you asking about [Name]?” Jeremy asked, laughing. “Slow down, Michael.”

“It’s just… It’s important, Jer. Please.”

His friend sighed and tapped his chin jokingly, feigning being lost in thought. Michael was about to playfully punch his shoulder before Christine piped up.

“Oh, come on, Jeremy. I think Rich worked on a project with [Name] a few weeks ago for US History. You might be able to find their address from him. He should be coming this way now.”

With a quick thanks to Christine and a goodbye to the both of them, Michael pushed his way through the crowds of students heading to their next classes. He thanked whatever God was out there when he spotted Rich standing over by a water fountain, chatting away with a friend.

He scurried over, a bright smile on his face. “Hey, Rich. Mind if I interrupt for a second?”

“Sure thing. See you later, Jake!”

Jake smiled cutely, waving and shuffling away.

“What’s up, Mell?”

“Okay, so Christine said that you worked with [Name] on a history project a few weeks ago. I was just wondering if you have the address to their house?” His words rushed out in an unintelligible storm, but he was relieved to know that Rich understood what he was saying.

“Yeah, I do. Is there, like… a reason or something? I don’t want to give it out if you’re gonna be a fuckin’ creep or whatever,” Rich replied, his eyebrows furrowing and raising comically.

“They just missed a lot of notes today in class and I wanted to help them out, so… Yeah, I’m not going to stalk them or whatever the fuck,” he answered, a determined look in his eye.

“Alright, dude. I’ll text it to you later.”

Michael made a mental note to find a way to make it up to Rich as he gave his thanks and rushed off towards his next class. Two more hours and he was free to go; free to confront you. His classes passed by agonizingly slow and he wished it’d just be over with already, but when the final bell of the day finally rang, he was out of the doors faster than he’d ever been. His phone vibrated fervently in his hoodie pocket and he let out a sigh of relief when the house number and name of your street stretched across the text notification on his lockscreen. He shot Rich a quick “thank you” text before he was off.

The junior and senior parking lots were incredibly cramped: everyone was itching to go to someone’s house party or get started on their weekend plans. Thankfully, though, he made it easily to his car and was able to get out of the parking lot successfully.

His fingers tapped restlessly against his steering wheel as he pulled up to a stop light that just wouldn’t change to green. What was he supposed to say to you when he confronted you? Did you even want to see him? His mind backtracked all the way to wondering if you were just playing some sick joke on him to make fun of him. Surely you weren’t; surely you were being sincere. In which case, he was going to be sincere, too.

The PT Cruiser squeaked to a stop in front of your house. It looked empty; there weren’t any cars in the driveway and the windows were void of any light or movement. He wondered for a moment if Rich had given him the wrong address. Bracing himself, Michael stepped out of the car and walked up to the front door, knocking nervously against the barrier between you and him.

“Just a minute!”

He recognized the voice; it was you. His hands shook and his knees were bristling, feeling like he could collapse at any second. Nevertheless, he stood his ground, pushing his glasses up and taking breaths to calm his nerves. The door opened with a soft sound, revealing his tired, anxious looking classmate.

“Michael!” you exclaimed, nearly falling over when you saw who had knocked on the door. “What… What are you doing here?”

Your classmate scratched the back of his neck, his other hand burrowing into the pocket of his hoodie. “I, um… Can I come in?”

You stepped aside, completely shellshocked, and closed the door behind him as soon as he was a good ways into the hall. He looked out of place in the dark house, his bright hoodie completely offsetting from the dimness. Your mind raced at a million miles an hour.

“I, um… I read your note you left for me.”

Damn. A part of you had hoped that he wouldn’t find the note and you could go on with your life like nothing had ever happened, but another part of you knew that it was wishful thinking.

“God. It was stupid, right? You found my address so that you could come over and tell me how creepy and weird I am and that you never want to talk to me. Which I totally get, by the way. It was dumb of me to do, so-”


You were taken aback by the sharpness of Michael’s single word, effectively cutting off your rambling. He looked like he regretted saying it as rough as he did, like he’d take it back if he could. He mimicked a fish out of water for a moment, his mouth opening and closing as he searched for the right words to say.

“I-I mean, no. I didn’t think it was weird, like… At all. I promise. I’m really flattered actually. It’s just… I’m really warmed to know that you think that of me when we’ve never talked, you know?”

You wondered where he was going with this; he wondered where he was going with this. He hadn’t thought this far and the rambling at happened as a reflex. A million scenarios and ideas bombarded his mind and he had to take a breath to sift through them all.

“I just… I thought you’d be weirded out or something. I mean, a person who has never talked to you is practically confessing their love to you through a stupid note. I’d be a little creeped out if I were you.”

Michael’s head shook and then his shoulders shook. It took you a second to realize that he was laughing under his breath. You wanted to wonder why Michael Mell was laughing in the middle of your front entrance, but you just ended up laughing with him. The sight of him, eyes closed and shoulders shaking, was adorable and you thought that seeing this for the rest of you life wouldn’t be so bad.

With his laughter dying down, Michael looked over at you, a smile pulling at his lips. “I don’t know, man. I just think it’s adorable that you confessed like that.”

His sentence was enough to bring a heat to the back of your neck and you wanted to bury yourself, all the while laughing and giggling about the whole situation. A silence fell between the two of you, but it wasn’t uncomfortable; it was like you had been friends for years and the looks you exchanged were speaking instead of words.

“I really don’t think it’s weird, you know. If you don’t mind, maybe we can go out tomorrow or something?” he asked, a playful glint in his eyes. “We can make up for eight years of lost time.”

“I’d really enjoy that, Michael,” you answered, smiling brightly.

He stuck around for a little while longer, the two of you sitting on the living room couch chatting away until your parents came home. He’d easily convinced you to exchange numbers and, by the time 7 PM rolled around, he’d reluctantly strolled out the door with the promise that he’d text you later with details about your date. You leaned against the door frame, waving a little and smiling as he pulled away from the curb in front of your house. It wasn’t the most romantic story of “how I met my boyfriend,” but it was yours and Michael’s and at the end of the day, that was all that mattered.


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‪P4 with T’s MV, I’m happy that so many people watched it!!!‬
‪Also looking forward to next week’s broadcastt!‬
‪Since I’m happy I’ll post off shots of the shooting then!‬
‪Everyone also gets along too ヾ(*´▽`*)ノ‬

When your NOTP is the most popular ship in the fandom so it’s all you hear the fandom talk about

When your OTP from that fandom interferes with the popular ship so everyone always shoots down your OTP

When you find posts that start out with vibes of your OTP but then it turns into a post about your NOTP because that’s the popular ship and “is more likely to become canon”

When the popular ship is constantly shoved down your throat and you can’t stand it because it’s your NOTP but the shippers don’t understand how anyone could hate the ship



These are the last pictures I’m posting from our shoot. I’m sorry about spamming everyone with my Rock Lee cosplay. I’ve just never connected with a character like this before. I’m so happy I get to cosplay him as much as I have. Speaking of which, today I got to cameo in Legacycosplaygroup’s video. I can’t wait to see it!!

Taken by: Jennifercotephotos


(AKA the reason I watched the SuperBowl)

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I just cannot

“Bath Time, Relax” Jinyoung Scenario

Anonymous said:

Can you do Jinyoung scenarios. When reader and Jinyoung kid having cute time with reader. Jinyoung enjoy that. Soon in bed with reader tell how cute that was. Have good day! P.s. my English is very low quality, sorry :D

Your English is fine honey. :) Sorry this took so long, I had no time to write this past week. But here it is! Hope you like it~ Remember if you like it please like/reblog as it helps me a lot!

Summary: Jinyoung gets sent home early from a shoot only to find a surprise scene in the bathroom.

| Words: 1096  | Genre: Fluff  💞 |

requests open !

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A list of my F/F ships that are either dead, not together, or just being teased lol

*A couple of you need to get a SENSE OF HUMOR lol I tag my f/f ships when i make a GENERAL “f/f ship” post that isn’t aimed at ONE specific ship. So to the 3 Shoot stans who didn’t get the joke like everyone else, calm your tits. I tagged Shoot in my post about f/f ships always being blonde and brunette, I tagged Shoot in my post about the 4 types of f/f ships, there was NEVER an issue, so I dont see why the 3 of you are SALTY now. This is a general f/f ship post, Shoot IS a f/f ship, so chill out and fuckin relax lol

Jared’s Facebook masterpost 2015 and AKF

Just a little timeline I made of Jared’s facebook posts and videos in 2015 and the Always Keep Fighting campaigns, because I have trouble remembering what happened and when. If I couldn’t find the exact fb post, I linked the same tweet. All links go to my blog. This list is still missing some posts. if you find a post that is not as a link below, please send me a message!

March 2015
- Jared joins Facebook 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB post and the launch of the first AKF campaign 3.3.
- Jared’s first FB video + tag for all posts about it 4.3.
- Jared’s second FB video about AKF contest winnertag 5.3.
- Jared’s FB page has one million likes + tag 5.3.
- Jared’s video from set wearing the akf shirt + tag 6.3.
- Jared’s “hey buddy” pic from set 6.3.
- Jared’s post about personal strenght after filming ep 10.19 6.3.
- Jared’s message from the airport with AKF shirt 7.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the friend who inspired AKF + tag 7.3.
- Jared posts a pic of Thomas wearing the AKF shirt 8.3.
- Jared’s FB video about the second AKF contest + tag 9.3.
- Stephen Amell’s video with Jared about AKF + tag
- Jared’s FB video announcing the winner of signed script + tag 13.3.
- Jared posts that he’s sick at vegascon 16.3.
- Jared’s FB video announcing the last winners of AKF contest 17.3.
- Jared’s FB video update about the AFK campaign + tag 18.3.
- Jared’s post about extended AKF campaign 18.3.
- Jared’s 40 000 sold shirts post and vneck sweater contest 18.3.
- Jared’s post about akf shirts and spn family 18.3.
- Jared’s AKF post about Wounded Warrior 19.3.
- Jared posts a pic with Shep and guitar 23.3.
- Jared’s post “Sorry I’ve gone AWOL for a bit” 27.3.
- Jared’s post about final winners of the campaign 28.3.

April 2015
- Jared posts a set pic of cast and crew 1.4.
- A pic of AKF shirts ready to be shipped 2.4.
- A pic of Jared and Tom playing Easter Bunnies 6.4.
- Jared’s FB video with fake tattoo + tag 11.4.
- Jared’s moose pic announcement of second AKF campaign 14.4.
- Jared’s FB video (stripping) teaser about AKF 2 + tag 15.4. 
- Jared meets fans wearing AKF shirts on set 17.4.
- AKF 2 announcement time video with Jensen + tag 17.4.
- J2 picture on set with the AKF 2 shirts 17.4.
- Celebratory outtake video of AKF 2 with dorky Jensen + tag 18.4.
- 2nd outtake video in Jensen’s FB and J2 with crazy eyes + tag 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic of Tom and Shep in a tree 18.4.
- Jared posts a pic with Tom and announces phone call contest 19.4.
- Edited J2 on set pic about signed shirts contest 21.4.
- Jared’s post about his sister’s Big Mo book 22.4.
- Jared (grey beanie) posts a campaign update video + tag 23.4.
- J2 announce another phone call contest 24.4.
- Another J2 outtake video + tag 24.4.
- Another edited pic with Tom and new contest 25.4.
- Jared makes a post about fans’ AKF tattoos 25.4.
- Jared’s post with Tom and Shep about AKF 2 shirts in kids’ sizes 26.4.
- meme!jared post about soulless!sam 28.4.
- meme!jared post 1 day left 28.4.
- meme!jared post “t-shiiirts!” 28.4.
- J2 FB video 12 hours left of the campaign + tag 29.4.
- meme!jared 1 day left wincest manip 29.4.
- J2 video “A message from Jensen and SRV and me” tweet + tag 29.4.

May 2015
- Jared hints about a surprise 1.5.
- J2 FB video Pay Day relaunch of AKF 2 + tag 1.5.
- meme!jared post “17 hours left” 2.5.
- meme!jared post “6 hours to go” 2.5.
- Jared’s last AKF 2 post 3.5.
- Jared posts a Tough Mudder pic 4.5.
- Jared L’Eto post tweet 6.5.
- Jared in Bruges eating a waffle tweet 7.5.
- Jared asks good stories about Spn or AKF 8.5.
- Jared&Gen Mother’s Day post tweet 11.5.
“Get Ready” AKF 2 shirts being printed pic 12.5.
- Scruffy J2 in the backseat Asylum14 pic tweet 13.5.
- TBT shirtless Austin lake selfie tweet 14.5.
- Jared’s post about needing support 16.5.

June 2015
- Jared and Gen Gilmore Girls reunion selfie 8.6.
- Jared and Gen ATX GG smilebooth pic TBT tweet 12.6.
- Jared’s selfie Cafe Dean pic 19.6.
- J2 in the pool with the kids aka Father’s Day post 22.6.
- Happiness Found pic with padafamily tweet 24.6.
- Jared posts an AKF2 collage pic 29.6.
- Jared and Gen kayaking tweet 30.6.

July 2015
- Jared posts a pic of walking Tom and Shep to “school” 2.7.
- Fourth of July post 5.7.
- Jared’s sneak peek video of day 1 of season 11 + tag 8.7.
- Jared with “Biggest Heart Award” trophy 9.7.
- Jared with fans end of day 3 s11 10.7.
- Jared’s note to Delta Airlines 12.7.
- Jared’s pic of San Diego from a plane 12.7.
- Jensen, Misha, Mark, Jared sdcc backpack pic 12.7.
- Hammin it up with Jensen, Paul and Ian at sdcc 12.7.
- Jared’s post thanking fans for the Hall H akf candle tribute 12.7.
- Jared’s new FB profile pic of his hand holding the AKF candle 14.7.
- Clif posts a video of Jared’s giant tyre workout 15.7.
- TBT pic with Jensen, Ian Somerhalden and Paul Wesley from sdcc 16.7.
- Jared and Gen at Fixe restaurant in Austin 18.7.
- Jared teases about a new AKF campaign 19.7.
- Jared’s FB video of AKF 3 campaign and his birthday + tag 19.7.
- Jared with Tom and Shep in akf 3 shirts “We’re blown away…” 21.7.
- Jared’s bruised woohoo face on set, 2 million likes 21.7.
- Jared’s video from set announcing the winner of signed shirt 22.7. 
- Jared FB video over 11,000 shirts sold 23.7.
- Jared posts pics with Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- Jared reading to Tom and Shep in AKF 3 shirts 23.7.
- J2 pic with akf 3 shirts on set, 12,000 sold shirts 24.7.
- meme!jared should i buy one - just do it 24.7.
- meme!jared akf i want five 25.7.
- Little video from set announcing winner of phone call contest 25.7.
- Jared’s thumb up pic in akf 3 shirt and new contest 26.7.
- Jared’s selfies from a jog in Washington D.C. 26.7.
- meme!jared soulless sam post almost 20k sold shirts 27.7.
- Jared’s cheery pic from set wearing akf 3, over 20k sold 28.7.
- pic of Tom and Shep brushing teeth in akf 2 shirts  28.7.
- meme!jared post 2 days left yellow fever Dean meme 28.7.
- bloodied pic from set in vneck, 2 days left of campaign 29.7.
- J2 pic on set in akf 3 shirts, “what does akf mean to you?” 29.7.
- Jared’s video telling the winner of signed script + last contest 30.7.
- Jared pic on set, 9 hrs left 30.7.
- Jared’s text post reflecting the first akf campaign 30.7.
- “heading home from a looooong day on set" 30.7.
- meme!jared post tell everyone to order theirs now 31.7.
- meme!jared “i hug every shirt” 31.7.

August 2015
- meme!jared pay day relaunch 1.8.
- Jared’s shirtless pic with Amell and akf 3 relaunch post 2.8.
- meme!jared “can’t seem to find my akf shirt” 3.8.
- Jared’s video final AKF contest 4.8.
- meme!jared post “Just Do It” 4.8.
- bruised Jared pic from set with akf note and instagram promo 6.8.
- Jared’s TBT pic with ipod box 6.8.
- Jared’s selfie with Nathan Fillion shirt 11.8.
- Video of Jared signing Paul Blackthorne’s charity shirt 13.8.
- J2 pic from set sitting in baby 14.8.
- Happy Friday y’all impala pic 15.8.
- meme!jared post Katniss EverDean 15.8.
- First #MotivationalMonday text post “everyone you meet…” 17.8.
- TBT baby jared photo shoot pic 20.8.
- MotivationMonday pic about suicide 25.8.
- TBT J2 pic 2005 with pink and floral shirts 27.8.

September 2015
- Jared’s suit selfie “always fun to rock the FBI Winchester look” 2.9.
- Danger asbestos selfie tweet 4.9.
- Jared’s video of Travis Aaron Wade’s trut4h campaign  5.9.
- Jared and Gen kissy face selfie tweet 6.9.
- Jared’s vneck selfie Wolrd Suicide Prevention Day 11.9.
- J2 FBF pic with Samantha Smith 11.9.
- young Jared green tshirt pic TBT 17.9.
- Jared crashing Ian Somerhalder’s and Paul Wesley’s panel tweet 21.9.
- Jared posts a pic of Jep Robertson wearing akf 2 shirt 24.9.
- TBT wedding day pic 24.9.
- J2 njcon fb posts 28.9.

October 2015
- J2 with casts of Lucifer and Legends of Tomorrow 1.10.
- Trailer Thursday spn 11 video 2.10.
- Group pic from AustinCityLimits + tag 6.10.
- Jared’s hot prof Sam selfie, season 11 premiere tomorrow 7.10.
- Jared’s selfie on set, cast and crew watch s11 premiere 8.10.
- TBT young J2 bnw school pics 8.10.
- #FanPicFridays vegascon2013 light saber photo op 9.10.
- purple group pic World Mental Health Day 10.10.
- meme!jared J2 marvel manip 15.10.
- TBT pic of season 1 binder for journalists 16.10.
- FBF pic of Jared in A Ring of Endless Light 16.10.
- FanPicFriday J3 vegascon photo op 17.10.
- #DaddyDayCare pic with Tom and Shep 19.10.
- MotivationalMonday post, be kinder to yourself 20.10.
- Jared’s post “There is no shame in asking for help” 20.10.
- Jared with a steak 21.10.
- TBT pic of bearded daddy Jared and Thomas insta 22.10.
- FanPicFridays J2 njcon photo op 24.10.
- meme!jared pic GLADalecki 25.10.
- MotivationalMonday post about living through the lens of others 26.10.
- TBT pic of J2 in 2005 spn promo 29.10.
- FanPicFridays of 2 kids cosplaying as Sam and Dean 30.10.
- J2 cemetary Halloween pic 31.10.

November 2015
- Padafamily cosplay pic tweet 2.11.
- MotivationalMonday quote of a struggle + exciting launch  2.11.
- meme!jared pic “I Want You” + holiday campaign launch 3.11.
- video of Jensen playing keyboard on set 4.11.
- Jared’s “allergy” live video of Holiday AKF 4 campaign + tag 4.11.
- Jared’s selfie with akf 4 shirt, biggest ever first 24h of sales 5.11.
- meme!jared (cinderella) with facebook live info 6.11.
- Jared’s AKF 24 hour update video, 10k shirts sold + tag 6.11.
- Jared’s akf 4 hoodie selfie, kangaroo pocket 6.11.
- Jared’s live video with black hoodie and beanie live Q&A part 1 7.11.
"Lost my connection” live Q&A part 2 7.11.
- Third time’s a charm live Q&A part 3 7.11.
- Jared’s live Q&A video part 4 + tag 7.11.
- MotivationalMonday “I know you are tired” 9.11.
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December 2015
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Hirunaka no Ryuusei Live Action Tweets - Part 1

So hey guys! I’m finally free so I’m going to start translating all the HnR Live Action goodies. I’m going to try and split it up because it’ll be such a long post.

“The shoot is going well (good job) ☺︎. Everyone, the seasons are changing so please be careful in not catching a cold!”

“Recently, the weather has been good constantly ☀️✨. The shooting site is going well too!! This photo is of Mei-chan with an onigiri for the shoot”

“Hirunaka no Ryuusei. I’m filming everyday surrounded by lovely staff. I’m with Nagano Mei-chan who plays the role of Suzume. Her clarity is awesome. - Shirahama Alan”

“Today is a Hirunaka shoot as well! The shooting site is so fun! Ahhh. I want to return to being a high school student… (laughs) - ALAN”

“Today we’ve been shooting while it was getting a bit muddy 🎥✨ Shirahama-kun, we heard that you encounted a wild deer when you were moving around 👀 After that, I heard this was your “intimidation pose”!!”

“Everyday I’m seriously thinking and feeling that it was good that Shirahama-kun could play Mamura 😭 Also, this is really beautiful…!! I went to the shooting location with my assistant Kame-chan and because Shirahama-kun was shining so much we couldn’t look at him at close range 😳”

“Hirunaka (slightly cloudy) talks. Shohei and Shirahama talking in the school yard… What kind of big talk are they having…!?”

“This is a bit sudden, but seeing these people making the story that I’ve written somehow makes me feel so grateful. Wah!”

“The result of the talk… A friendly pose ✌️️✨ Their distance has slowly shrunk 😍💕 Shohei-san is cherishing Shirahama”

“When I was at the shooting location, I met Shohei Miura-san for the first time and he was really cool as a gentleman, it’s almost like he came out of a shoujo manga I thought “This is so luxurious having a guy like him playing Shishio…!!!”. I’ve been impressed. I’m sorry for running my mouth like this 😭”

“Today is a Hirunaka shoot ☄️ I haven’t been excited on the ground in a long time 🔥😂 A flare from a stretch! 🌀”

“Practising repeatedly whilst on break…Mei-chan wants to be good enough so that she can boast at these stilts 😂 Look at the hands 👀✨ On this blue sky day, isn’t this smile such a match!? I have a video of this so please look forward to it (^^)!!”

“Shishio-sensei and Mamura 🐴 Their roles often has a lot of conflicts but… once the camera stops they become the friendly pair. These are 2 photos taken on their breaks”


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