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HEY I just got ur cathouse sweatshirt and? I'm so cool now everyone keeps asking where I got this dope sweater and I'm like "jeffs crab emporium" (but really I love it thank you for putting it up on redbubble! You're one of my favorite artists keep doing that Good Shit™)


THATS GREAT!!! thank you :’^)

make way for the raven king 

in celebration for the release of the 4th book!! #savethegangsey

The Nanny

When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny


bts MVs: a summary
  • no more dream: fuck this school bus
  • we are bulletproof pt2: ireumeun jungkook, seukeireun jungkook
  • no: fdp
  • boy in luv: jimin looks at jungkook's dick in the bathroom, neither of them wash their hands
  • just one day: the cutest shit
  • danger: underrated
  • war of hormone: thirsty hoes
  • i need u: everyone dies, tae kills a man
  • for you: for gotten
  • dope: Turn 👏 The 👏 Fuck 👏 Up 👏™
  • run: the boys are dicks to cars
  • forever young: runs into the sunset
  • fire: bultaoreune
  • save me: *hobi voice* hoo hoo
  • blood sweat and tears: taejin demon au
  • spring day: yoongi gets left in the washing machine
  • not today: look at all the back up dancers we can afford now
My Squad and the Most Important Skills to Learn

INTP: Polite conversation with strangers (especially in a service job, can save your ass multiple times)

INFP: Not to spill their guts when they’re nervous (if you’re uncomfortable, no one will knock you for dropping out of a conversation)

INFJ: Care less about what people think of them (you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for everyone)

ISTP: Just be yourself, you’re fucking awesome (seriously, your ideas are dope and your choices are valid)

ESTJ: Stop fighting with everyone (ffs please)

ENFP: Stop letting people use them (that dude you’re obsessed with doesn’t care about you)

INTJ: Control their facial expressions (you’re inadvertently scary sometimes)

Support the girl meets world cast!

Yo so our show may be over but our favs are still doing awesome things that you should totally go support!
. Rowan has a reoccurring role on the goldbergs as a super cute, nerdy girl who’s also the main character’s love interest. She also has a role in the new adaptation of a wrinkle in time that comes out this year
. Sabrina’s album is popping and full of crazy awesome songs and she has a main voice role in the Disney animated series Milo Murphy’s law
. Corey has a role in the upcoming film #squadgoals and has a role in the play ‘dog sees God’ at the Hollywood fringe festival
. Ceci has been doing multiple theatre projects that you can find out more about on her Instagram
. Amir just dropped a bunch of new music that I highly recommend listening to (shit is fire) and is going to attend college in the east coast in the fall (Boy getting that higher education I’m so proud y'all)
. Ava has a role as young Elise in Insidious: chapter four that’s slated for a 2018 release
. Cooper (Doy) has a bunch of roles lined up, including a reoccurring role on Colony
. Nathaniel Potvin AND Kamran Lucas (Two of Farkle’s friends from season one) BOTH have lead roles on the Disney XD series Mech X4 (which is so dope btw everyone needs to check it out)
. And Peyton is…
. Peyton is uh….
. Well Peyton is…..
. Oh, Peyton is on celebs react!
. And Uriah is busy being a flop bye

JungkookXReader Cop/Detective AU Part 1

A series of drabbles surrounding Reader who is a detective and Jungkook who is a cop.

Part 2


The first time you met him was when you were assigned as a homicide detective and it was the first day of the job.

You were standing outside, staring up the the building ahead of you atop a line of stairs. You were wearing a pitch black suit and your makeup, although limited, was perfect. You made sure of it. You looked ready to kill and you wanted to make a good impression on your peers.

You stood outside the building of the police station, taking in the view. You worked hard for this. And now you’re finally here. You felt pride as your throat closed up. You giggled to yourself as you shook your head. Taking a deep breath, you placed a foot on the first steps that lead to your future, ready to barge into your new life.

Until a scream stopped you.

“Hey! Get back here!” You heard someone yelled.

You turned your head to the left,which was where the scream came from when you saw a man running directly towards you. He was wearing a t shirt and jeans with a nasty cut across his cheek. It took you a second to notice the gun in his hands and the murderous rage in his eyes.

Before you could even blink, the man had grabbed you by the arm. He dashed around you, placing the gun to your temple. An arm circled around your neck as he froze you in a choke-hold.

You heard him giggle behind you as another man stopped several steps in front of you, taking in the situation.

He was a cop, evident by the badge attached to his belt. Besides that he just wore the black outfit required for policemen to wear

“So what’s it going to be Jeon?” The man holding you yelled. “If you take another step closer, i’m blowing her brains out.”

You tried not to panic, making sure to not hyperventilate as you tried to figure a way out of this situation.

You heard people around scream and run away like ants. More footsteps by the building were heard and off the corner of your eye you saw the Chief Kim Namjoon and several other people who had run out of the building when they heard the commotion.

The man with the gun seemed to notice as well as he twisted his body to face the group, taking you with him.

“This goes for you assholes as well!” He yelled, now placing the gun beneath your jaw, tilting your head upwards. “If you don’t want the pretty lady to die, you’ll do as i say.”

To your left, you heard the cop take a step.

The man panicked as he lost his concentration, slipping up as he loosened his hold on the gun.

Quickly, taking your chance, you grabbed the gun, twisting it out of his hand. The man yelled in pain as you slightly injured his arm in the process.

Elbowing him in the stomach and immediately followed by a headbutt to the guys nose, you managed to break free from his hold. You pointed the gun to his knee and pulled the trigger.

And it simply made a click. Nothing happened.

The man yelled and charged at you as you looked in disbelief at the empty gun.

Reacting quickly, you smashed the gun across his face. His neck snapped sideways, another cut opening on his cheek, the blood immediately pouring out.

“You bitch!” he charged at you again but this time, you were too slow as he tackled you to the ground. You didn’t let this affect you though. You drew back your arm and elbowed him across his temple. You hit him so hard he tumbled off of you onto the ground. Moving fast, you quickly pinned him to the ground.

“Handcuffs!” You told the brown haired cop, extending your hand.

When you didn’t get a response you risked a second to look up at him.

He was simply staring at you, eyes wide, mouth slightly open.

“I said handcuffs!” You yelled, shaking your empty hand.

That seemed to have brought him back to his senses as he pulled out handcuffs from his pockets and gave it to you.

You snapped the cuffs onto the man on the ground, cutting off his struggling. Standing up, you pulled the offender onto his feet and pushed him onto the cop.

Looking surprised, he quickly pinned the man and started dragged him into the building, casting you another glance.

You looked up at the entrance of the building where the cop was dragging the man inside. The other members were staring ,slack jawed and eyes wide. Except for Namjoon. He had a smile on his face and a look of pride.

“Welcome to the precinct, detective.”


“Hey, you.”

You turned around towards the person who was calling you.

It was the cop, Jeon if you remembered correctly.

“Hello.” You said, getting off your chair and bowing down. “I’m the new detective here,” you said, telling him your name, introducing yourself, “Please take good care of me.”

“Where did you learn to fight like that?” he asked, ignoring your comments.

You tried not to frown as you answered, “It comes with training to be a detective Sir. It’s kind of necessary.”

He raised an eyebrow, folding his arms, staring at you.

A few awkward seconds passed by and you felt more and more uncomfortable with the cops staring. You broke eye contact, looking around the room but every time you tried he just simply cocked his head, following your movements, making sure to maintain eye contact.

You were about to ask him what he wanted you to say when you were saved by Namjoon

“That’s enough Jungkook. You’re going to scare her away.”

Jungkook simply let out a ‘tsk’ sound as he looked at the chief.

“It’s a good thing the two of you are here actually,” he said, ignoring Jungkook’s glare, “there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell the both of you.”

“Yes?” You asked softly.

“From now on”, he said, taking your hand and Jungkook’s, “the two of you are going to be partners.”

“What?” Jungkook said.

“Partners?” You asked at the same time.

Namjoon smirked, amused. “That’s right,” he said “we generally pair the cops with the detectives. We had 2 detectives and 4 cops. I myself categorize as both, so we all ended up pairing with each other to make work easier but Jungkook ended up without a partner. But now you’re here.”

You saw Jungkook roll his eyes and sigh. “Guess I don’t have a choice huh?”

“That’s right.” Namjoon said with a grin.

Letting out another sigh, Jungkook took his hand away from Namjoon and shook yours.

“Let’s work well together… Partner.”

You shook his hand as well. “Yes sir!”

Retracting his hand, he said, “you don’t have to be formal with me. Just call me Jungkook.”


My first fan-fiction, heavily inspired by the V-live episode where some of the members were criminals while the others were cops. Jungkook seemed so confident and had such a bad-cop vibe to him that I had to write something about it. Also him smacking Jimin’s ass was so hot.

I’ve made this a series, with each part consisting of two short scenarios based of the pairing ‘first times’. Hope you enjoy!


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On another note- lets predict the laziest casting based off British media's tendency to use the same actors. Ok so Martin Freeman and Benedict Cabbagepatch are Aziraphale and Crowley ofc Helena Bonham Carter is Anathema Device David Tennant is Newt Pulsifer Brendan Gleeson is Shadwell Judi Dench is Madame Tracy And everyone else is CGI. How does that sound?

How about everyone being CGI except for Hastur or Ligur or someone random like that. Or better yet, Neil Gaiman himself could play everyone. Problem solved.

It did take Bundy a while to convince his fellow Death Row inmates that he was not “a rich, naive college boy, someone who people can run games on,” as he explained it. Everyone tried to borrow money, sell him watches, share his dope, take things from him. His strategy was first to cause trouble, the mark of a stand-up con. Ted refused to take down posters Louise had sent him, and he spit at the guard who ordered him to do so. Result: A “Disciplinary Report” and thirty-day loss of privileges.

Another time, Ted later told me, “some guy came up to the gate down the hall from my cell. He sounded like an officer. He said, ‘Is Bundy down there?’ And the trusty says, 'Yeah.’ And the guy says, 'Well, is Bundy a sissy?’
"I doubt that I can duplicate the string of red-hot expletives that came out of my mouth. It was something like You dog mutherfuckin’ punk, bring your fat ass down here I’ll show you who’s a sissy. I’ll turn you out you mutherfucker. I’ll leave you on the floor dyin’ in your own blood. I’ll slit you right open, mutherfucker!” Ted smiled at the recollection. “Or words to that effect,” he said.

- The Only Living Witness by Stephen G. Michaud & Hugh Aynesworth