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A message to all my awkward, alternative, nonconforming black babes still learning how to be comfortable in their own skin

You are beautiful inside and out.
But your physical attractiveness does not define your worth.
Your insecurities do not affect your worth.
Other people’s perceptions and expectations of you do not define your worth.
You are worthy and valuable because you are here. Simply because you exist.
You are an immaculate being, a unique soul, worthy and powerful and lovely and I have all the love in the world for you.
I am rooting for you!
Keep being excellent!

Tag Game!

Ok, so, I’ve already done this one, but I got tagged again so I’m doing it again!

I was tagged by @the-nerdy-gay. Thank you so much!

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 (I’m not doing 20) blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname(s): Katie

Starsign: Cancer

Height: I think I’m 5′4″ - 5′5″ I have no idea

Last Thing I Googled: Writing tips for longer works

Favorite Music Artist: Lana Del Rey or Lady Gaga. Can’t choose

Song Stuck in My Head: The choir song “Gate Gate” by Brian Tate. It’s so fun to sing!

Last Movie I Watched: Either “Clueless” or “Elf”. I have a horrible memory.

Last TV Show I Watched: Breaking Bad. I’m at the beginning of the final season, and I already know something bad is going to happen, but I don’t want to know what it is. I love the characters so much!

When Did You Create Your Blog: Last year. I think.

What Kind of Stuff Do I Post: I reblog anime, books, history stuff, and anything else that interests me. When I do make an original post, which is once in a blue moon, it’s usually writing prompts, headcanons, fic recs, or some meme that won’t get any notes.

Do I Have Any Other Blogs: I have my fanfiction blog: @katies-fanfiction. I used to have a langblr called workingtopolyglotism for about two or three days, but then I realized that I probably will have troubles keeping it active, so I deleted it.

Do I Get Asks Regularly: Nope. Not at all. That doesn’t really bother me, though, since it’s not like I regularly post original content.

Why Did I Choose My URL: Mostly every single ask I send starts with “Hi!” or “Hello!”. My name is Katie. Smush that together and you get Hi-I’m-Katie

Gender: Female

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

Pokémon team: Mystic

Favorite Color: Green, black, and purple. Certain shades of gold, as well

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With: Three. Until I kick them off the bed one by one

Average Hours of Sleep: 8. I go to bed at 8:30 PM and wake up at 4:30 AM most days.

Dream Job: I want to be a Middle Ages/ Renaissance historian/ professor who writes YA novels on the side!

Following: 378 blogs!

Now for blogs to tag. I’m only going to do ten since I’m lazy.  @iaminope @usukes @aph-shy @moila13 @derpynekotrash @smolangrybeanishere @myblackcamera @genderfluid-fierro @me-theawesomecat @cloudkitten-chan

thank you ♥

@inevitablyfitzsimmons - Thank you so much for sending me this, Jocelynne. You are always an amazing friend and you never cease to amaze me with your support and kindness. Thank you!

@the-nerdy-stjarna - Sanna, I really appreciate this message from you. Not only are you a sweetheart, but you’re also a super active member of the fandom and it’s always a delight to see you post a new fic. Thank you for everything that you do.

@bioforensics - You are so wonderful, Adrienne! I love you so much and I’m thankful to have you as a friend and I’m always so touched by your messages. You’re always sending stuff like this and it’s SO appreciated. You’re amazing.

@amanda-rex - You sent me one of these too, but I’m really sorry it didn’t fit into my screenshot. Amanda, you know already how much I love and appreciate your amazing spirit and supportive nature. I couldn’t make it in this fandom without your friendship.

In other words, all of you - anons and not - you ALL have amazing hearts. Thank you. 

Hello everyone, Nerdy here and I’m opening commissions for everyone! If you like my art, and want something specific like an icon, bust, or a full-fledged image in my style, now’s your chance!

Here are some examples below, following with the price range:

Traditional: $5


Color: $15

For extra characters, traditional will be +$1, and digital will be +$2, If you would like more examples, you can look through my art tag here.

what I will draw:

  • OCs
  • Humans
  • Fanart
  • Pokemon

what i won’t draw:

  • NSFW
  • Fetishes
  • Gore

Anyone can come and get a commission, there are no limits! You can reach me through behughes97@yahoo.com or privately direct message me on tumblr.
If you can’t purchase one then please signal boost and spread the word.
Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a great day!

Trouble and strife...

I was talking to my partner recently about getting a dedicated space to set up for painting which would also double as a work station for when I work from home. I’ve been looking at antique bureaus which can be locked so that the kids can’t get their mucky paws on my man-dollies.

Anyhow, I came across a bureau which had an adjoining display cabinet and showed it to my partner, thinking it would be nice to have a space to display stuff, rather than it all just living in cases. To my surprise she strongly vetoed it and said “We’re never having your geek stuff on display in our house”.

Now, I know that this stuff isn’t for everyone - and a bit nerdy - but I was pretty surprised by this response. It got me thinking about whether I need to familiarise my hobby with her to make her feel a bit more comfort. I think I’ve underestimated her feelings and I wonder if she feels a bit embarrassed by it.

I’ve always felt she was disinterested, but I suspect now that it might amount to more than that, which is a bit upsetting as it’s my main creative output and certainly not something I would give up or that I feel I need to hide away. Suggestions, ideas, similar experiences? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

what better way to kick off my new half-constructed gw2 blog than slapping up some halfassed art of everyone’s favorite nerdy tree right

mostly I just scribbled it to see if I actually could pull off drawing him recognizably

will I ever draw a background on anything I do?? stay tuned to find out maybe

How to Get Away With Murder

Just knocked HIV stigma out of the fucking park guys.  I literally squealed in front of my mom.  I have never seen anything like this on TV and I’m speechless.


Ya’ll know Conner AKA the Man of Everyone’s Dreams

And his nerdy-sexy-adorable bae, Oliver, who just so happened to test positive for HIV?

YEAH.  Conner lurvssss Oliver and he don’t give a shit about the HIV because Oliver is an amazing man who deserves the world and Conner is lucky enough to try and give it to him and HIV ain’t a big deal because they sexually responsible but Oliver still wants to wait for the Prep to kick in and Conner wants his D but will wait because he a good man who lurvs his bae and is just happy to be with him even if it means being a domesticated, boring couple for 13 more days until they can sex the shit out of each other.

I may or may not have had some bomb-ass Sauvignon Blanc (Oyster Bay my Wino’s) if my drunk writing wasn’t already apparent….


Tips for rising freshman

•all you REALLY need in high school are folders, binders, pens/pencils, and flashcards to study with. No need to make your backpack heavy with a bunch of useless school supplies

• be nice to EVERYONE, I can’t stress this enough. Even if all your friends don’t like someone, give them a chance first! Smile at people and talk to everyone, including the nerdy kid everyone bullies

• pls don’t procrastinate. I know you will but make it a habit early to finish things BEFORE they are due. Try working on something the day it is assigned so if you have questions you have time to ask. A tip is to set your own due date a few days before the real one so if you do procrastinate you aren’t working on it the night before the actual due date

• sleep Sleep SLEEP. Go home, do your homework, and go to bed atleast before 12 or you will regret your life, seriously.

• don’t be scared to make new friends or joining clubs, etc. Its a great way to come out of your shell and it keeps you busy. If you have social anxiety like me, I know it’s hard but I promise if you put yourself in situations like this over and over you get better at feeling comfortable with large groups of people.

• Socratic Circles are only as hard as you make them. Remember that everyone has to talk the same amount of times as you and are probably just as nervous as you are! Most likely your classmates are thinking more of about what they are going to say and less about what you are saying out loud. And if you prepare enough the night before you shouldn’t worry because you know what to say.

• enjoy freshman year :) it only gets harder and the drama gets more dramatic

• don’t give a shit about impressing people, high school is about finding yourself so don’t let other people get in the way of your happiness

• don’t send nudes, dont send nudes, dont SEND NUDES

•your high school bf/gf will probably mean nothing to you once your in college, remember that.

•getting bad grades a few times is NORMAL. everyone gets them so just try harder next time, there is nothing you can do to fix it now

• be friendly with your teachers. Youre going to need them for teacher recommendations and when you need extra credit

These are all the things I wish I knew or was told that helped me a lot freshman year. If you want to add anything feel free to comment!

The signs as a high school stereotype
  • Aries: Clumsy kid that everyone thinks its weird
  • Taurus: Alternative girl who thinks she is so different from everybody else because she watches doctor who and shit
  • Gemini: Shy kid that never talks
  • Cancer: Dumb hot jock
  • Leo: Drama kid
  • Virgo: Mean cheerleader/ popular girl
  • Libra: Nerd
  • Scorpio: Punk
  • Sagitarius: Class clown
  • Capricorn: Smart kid who's also the class president
  • Aquarius: Bully
  • Pisces: Rich kid