everyone is more attractive with glasses

Cameron Dallas - Photoshoot (smut)

Request:  can you do a Cameron smut? 💓

Okay, so it is my first smut ever written in english, I hope I didn’t mess it up, if you like it I can write more in the future!


I was sitting on a couch, watching Cameron doing his photoshoot. He looked so damn sexy in his outfit, and he was just like a real model.

He promised me to take me out after the shooting, so now I was just waiting for him to finish it all, but I couldn’t get enough of him, he was the most attractive man alive.

“Okay, everyone, twenty minutes break, then we take the ones with the glasses on!” someone shouted and everyone scattered.

I followed Cam into his dressing room, where he had to change his outfit.

“How long do we have to be here?” I whined sitting down on a chair as Cam was getting his clothes off.

“I’m sorry baby, I know it’s boring for you” he looked at me apologizing. Now he was only in his boxers and I felt myself getting frustrated.

“It’s not the problem” I mumbled trying to concentrate on something else, but it was hard.

“What?” He walked to me and lowered to my level, putting his hands on my knees. “What’s gotten into you princess?” he asked looking at me playfully.

“Don’t do this Cam, because it’s a twenty minutes break and I’m starting to feel seduced” I said giggling as he was trying to kiss me but I always pulled away teasing him.

“Twenty minutes are more than enough” he told me taking me into his arms.

“Cam, what are you doing?” I laughed as he sat me down on the table and stood between my legs.

“You are not the only one feeling seduced here” he said kissing my neck, I instantly slipped my hands on his biceps feeling his muscles work.

“They will hear us” I protested, but when I felt his hands under my shirt I knew I would never stop him.

“Then we have to be quiet, baby” he said getting rid of my shirt.

I took his face in my hands and kissed him passionately while he unbuttoned my pants pulling it down on my legs leaving me only in my panties and bra.

I pressed my hips to his and he growled into my ears. I could feel is erection, he was so ready for a quickie. He unclasped my bra and threw it away immediately.

“My beautiful girl, always so ready for me” he murmured into my chest as he started to massage my heated clit.

“Cam, we don’t have time for this bullshit” I moaned lacing my fingers into his hair. I needed him right at that moment.

“As you wish, baby girl” he smirked pulling my panties down so now I was completely naked. I tugged at his boxers and then he get rid of it, but suddenly he pulled away and stepped to the door and locked it.

“In case someone would like to interrupt us” he winked at me and came back, pressing his body against mine. His hands were roaming my body, I was getting impatient, but I didn’t have to wait for too long.

He lifted me a bit and then pushed himself into me.

“Oh God, Cam” I moaned trying to not be too loud.

“Shh baby, we will get caught” he said kissing me on the lips. I nodded and he started to move in and out. “Fuck, you feel so good, baby” he groaned never stopping.

With one hand I held onto his shoulder and with my other I was grabbing the edge of the table.

“Cam, please move faster” I said barely finding my own voice. He leaned down kissing me and fastening his pace.

“Come on baby, we have to be quick, just let it go for me” he said kissing my neck again and pulling me closer to him to give him a better access.

I was close and so was he. I tried to hide my moans but some of them escaped, Cam hid his face into the crook of my neck biting lightly into my skin which just topped the whole.

Then with one last deep thrust I reached my high, I wanted to scream but I just bit my lower lip to shut myself up.

“Oh God Y/N” Cam growled in a deep, sexy voice.

We took some deep breathes to calm ourselves down.

“I love you baby” he panted my shoulders and then pulled away from me.

“I love you too” I said caressing his chest one more time. He picked up our clothes and gave me mine.

“Alright” he said when we were all dressed up. “Let’s get this shooting done” he smirked at me, took my hands and we walked back like nothing ever happened.

Glasses Wearing Guys in Manga

I didn’t include any manga that i’ve already watched an anime for and most if not all are main characters. 


Suzuki, Yori (Ano ko no, toriko.): I don’t want to talk about how hard it was to find a decent picture of him with his glasses on. Doesn’t always wear them… one of those situations where he’s more attractive without his glasses to everyone… bleh

Hara, Youichi (Bread & Butter): An older man for you all.

Kurosawa, Ayumu (Dame na Watashi ni Koishite Kudasai): An older hottie ex delinquent type with a cold personality. 

Shishio, Satsuki (Daytime shooting star): Sadly he doesn’t wear them all the time… but he looks good with or without them!

Endou (Endou-kun no Kansatsu Nikki): Shounen ai in case you all get interested in the picture but you aren’t interested in reading that genre!

Ojiro, Kazuma (Faster than a Kiss): Almost every time there’s a student teacher relationship in Shoujo the Teacher wears glasses. I wonder if it’s a rule of the genre…

Sakaki, Momo (Fukumenkei Noise): Rude.

Mineta, Kiyoshiro (Haru x Kiyo): I want this manga to be updated already…

Shinguuji (Hetamen)

Kawasumi, Kouha (Hibi Chouchou): What a freaking cutie!

Sakurai, Haruka (Kinkyori Renai)

Kikuchi Hideo (Paradise View): Yaoi though…

Hoshino, Kaoru (Yozora no Sumikko de,): Shounen ai though…

My stereotypes of MBTI

Most of these are widespread stereotypes, some are probably ones I‘ve formed myself. Generally the first images that come into my head when I think of them.
From an INTP.

INTJ: Arrogant nerd in the corner with laptop and glasses, probably evil and secretly taking over the world. Usually out of spite for humankind.

ENTJ: Terrifying, powerful, smiling man in a business suit loudly taking over the world. Owns 8 large organizations. The only appropriate response to meeting one is to scream and run away.

INTP: Nerd with one facial expression, more intelligent than everyone else. If we speak, we only speak in abstract theories while staring into space. Outer space. Because that’s where we’re from, probably.

ENTP: Only exists to point out the flaws in everything everyone says, with a smile on their face. Spends their entire life arguing for things they don’t believe in. Automatically attractive. They also have glasses.

ESTP: Wild child getting all the girls but is probably going to die early because the only things they do besides flirting is bungee-jumping, dirtbike riding, etc. Extremely attractive, but probably trash inside.

ISTP: A silent ESTP who hates everything except cars. Probably married to a car. Only males can be ISTP.

INFJ: Old wise forest spirit, sees the future, knows what’s best for everyone, but is never understood. Mystical, precious, but always sad. Because humankind is sad. FYI: INFJs are the best.

ISTJ: The OCD personification of logic, order, rules, organization, and everything normal. No emotion or sense of humor. Married to laws and perfection.

ESTJ: The leader. They lead things. Lots of yelling commands and yelling for people to get in line and get their act together. They probably don’t feel any emotions except anger and sarcasm.

ISFJ: Everyone’s mom, baking cookies for them and constantly asking if they’re okay. Doing everything they can to help but are never appreciated because you don’t notice them.

ESFP: A sinnamon roll in a flowy red dress covered in sequins, singing and dancing loudly on stage, because that’s literally all they do.

INFP: They are actually books. High Fantasy/Romance, mainly. Smoll, idealistic, believes everything has a moral and a happy ending. Quiet, awkward and underappreciated. Probably fairies.

ISFP: The Instagram hipsters. All of them. When they’re not posting selfies, they’re either fingerpainting or making sunflower crowns.

ESFJ: The living incarnation of a chic flick. They like makeup, cupcakes, and making drama over boyfriends and TV show stars.

ENFJ: The hero. Will hug you. And hug everyone else at the same time. Made out of support, love, imagination, cookies, and adventure.

ENFP: Kittens playing in the sunshine. Made out of 100% pure ice cream, probably. Also very messy and procrastinates. Screeches a lot.

concept: jb lounging in a chair on the balcony of a fancy restaurant, dressed in an expensive Italian suit and sunglasses that cost more than my house, hair slicked back, swirling a glass of champagne in his hand, everyone in the restaurant is watching him, wondering who’s he’s waiting for. all of a sudden, a yell and another attractive man in an equally expensive suit is running through the restaurant with a bunch of flowers, apologising for being late. it’s jackson. jb touches the ring box in his suit pocket. he smiles.


(You have a crush)

You gazed over at him from a far. It appeared that he was focusing on the teacher, but he was really thinking about something else. Justin was the ‘man’ of the school. Admired and loved by almost everyone and surprisingly friendly towards most. He wasn’t the stereotypical type of guy that all the movies glorified; he had a humble side to him and you were able to see that over his looks and athleticism. You had always thought that he was attractive, but all of sudden you had become fascinated with him. Inflactuated with wanting to know the real him. The more you thought about it, the weirder it was. Never had you been so determined to talk to someone even as just a friend. Sighing you turned your attention back to the balding man in glasses lecturing in front of the class.
“And now you may take five minutes to pick your partners for the final project. Choose wisely,” he snarled. You blinked, realizing that you had missed most of what he was saying. As the class moved around you, you stayed still. Picking partners for a project was an unusal challenge, but it would be especially hard because you hadn’t been listening to the instructions. ‘Great job self’.
“Uh excuse me,” there was a deep voice that interrupted your thought process. You looked up and your eyes met his figure.
Your heart rate increased; you tried to calm it down.
“Do you want to work together,” he asked smiling hopefully. You blinked. Not too long ago you were gawking at him just wishing you had the nerve to talk to him and now HE was in front if YOU. Asking to work together.
Oh the irony.
“Um sure, I’m Y/N.”

Soooo.. I feel likes it’s been a while, maybe it hasn’t been, but this is like my little intro. My returning imagine. It’s very random, I just started typing and this is where I finished so hope you enjoy and guys I can’t stress enough how much requesting is needed. Don’t be shy there’s no reason to be. Thanks

Split Personality

Anon Request: Hi. I like your Baekhyun oneshots kekeke. Can I request something where the main girl is a popular goody-two-shoes and she has the hugest crush on the school nerd Baekhyun after discovering that he is not as nerdy as he seems seeing him wild at a bar one night. No smut… just other things. Hahaha. I hope you get it. You can do whatever you like with it. Thank you. :D

Some people told you who you matched with. Some people told you that he didn’t match with you, and you should find someone much more suiting. 

You were attracted to the way his glasses sat on the bridge of his nose, complementing his already cute face. Even though the whole school pegged him as the ultimate nerd, he was always really nice to you. 

You thought it was strange that people thought you didn’t match together. Considering everyone pegged you as a goody two-shoes, even though you kind of were, you thought that matched fairly well with Baekhyun’s nerdy character.

You didn’t make much of it, since there was nothing wrong with doing the right thing, or so you thought. All of your friends were determined for you to let loose a little. 

The best part of the day was the first, and the last, knowing you’d see Baekhyun at his locker, the one right next to yours. Maybe today was the day you’d find enough courage to talk to him. 

Even though you were supposed to be the popular one, you would always find yourself so shy in front of him. Boys were never really your forte. 

Just like always, he was shoving books into his backpack, almost too quickly. You walked over to your adjacent locker and greeted him. 

“Hey Baekhyun.” You chirped, opening your locker. 

“H-hey…” You put your books as slowly as you could, wanting just to be next to him. You heard your friends calling your name excitedly, scaring off Baekhyun, to which you pouted. 

“Guys,” You hissed, “You scared him off!” 

Your friends all rolled their eyes. “Aw, who cares? Listen, we’re going to the club tonight and you are coming with us!” 

Your eyes widened as your friends nodded while you shook your head. All of your friends loved clubbing, and they always begged you to come. This time they said you had no choice and needed to get out there more. 

You were told to dress comfortably, and comfortably was in shorts and a t-shirt, not the appropriate club attire so you had learned that night. Every girl in that club was wearing really tight dresses or mini skirts that barely covered anything, and revealing tops. 

Your friends sort of laughed at your ignorance, but also thought it was cute how you didn’t know. It was loud, it was hot, it smelled gross, and you wanted to go home the moment you stepped in. 

You were surrounded by loud music, sweaty people, and drunk people. Half of your friends went straight to the dance floor, the other half went to the bar, dragging you with them. 

All of you sat,  your friends ordering their alcoholic drinks, while you just wanted water. The bar tender gave you a funny look, not even bothering with you. “Hey look, doesn’t that guy look like that nerd?” 

That nerd, they couldn’t have been talking about who you were thinking of. You look over to where your friends were pointing, and saw a small group of guys who fit in this club more than anyone else there. 

One in particular caught your eye, that nerd they were talking about. Your nerd. His hair was pushed back and his outfit took a turn from his button ups and slacks to a leather jacket and tight jeans. 

He was sitting there, looking smug and scanning the club and all of the glory in it. It was no doubt Byun Baekhyun, but he looked so…different, and not the kind that you wanted. 

Your friends actually fawned over him, saying things like how hot he was or how he cleaned up so well. You looked away, putting your back toward the club. 

Now more than ever you wanted out of that club. No matter how many times your friends begged you to come dance with them, you just politely refused, thinking it was a mistake coming in the first place. 

Seeing Baekhyun like that sort of put you off, not that it was necessarily a bad thing. You just wondered why he was like that. The music pounding in your ears was starting to make you feel light headed, and you really wanted that water. 

“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be all alone in a club.” A voice tauntingly seethed in your ear. 

A sleazy looking guy had maneuvered his way in the seat next to you, slyly swinging his arm around your shoulder. You tensed up immediately, knowing what happens to girls at clubs when they get left alone. 

You tried to put on a brave face, but you stuttered your way through an answer. “T-that’s…none of your business.” 

You desperately looked around for anyone that you knew, but all of your friends had disappeared into the dance floor. 

“Aw, come on, baby, just a name-“ 

“She said that was none of your business.” 

You were gently pulled away from the sleaze into the arms of another. You looked up and saw Baekhyun as he protectively wrapped his arm around your shoulder. 

You couldn’t help but blush at the closeness, never expecting him to even notice you there. The guy rolled his eyes and folded his arms. 

“What are you supposed to be?” He said with disinterest. 

“Her boyfriend. Back off.” Baekhyun started leading you out of the club where there was fresh air and less noise. 

“Are you ok? What were you doing in a place like that?!” He scolded, scary when angry. You jumped at his tone, looking down at your feet. 

“M-my friends…dragged me here.” You bit your lip, a chill hitting your bare arms. Baekhyun sighed, dragging you even farther away from the club. 

“Come on, I’ll take you home.” His hand was intertwined with yours as you were walking, the chill becoming greater. 

Baekhyun noticed and took off his jacket and put it over your shoulders. Once you were far enough away from the club you started getting more brave. 

“Baekhyun?” He stopped walking, hesitantly looking over at you. 

“H-how come…you’re like this?” He looked guilty, running his hand through his pushed back hair. “

You wouldn’t believe me if I said my friends dragged me you here?” 

You shook your head, daring to look him directing in the eyes. There was a slight tint of eyeliner around his eyes, changing his look even more. 

“It’s…kind of stress relieving.” He admitted, but not really making any sense. 

“But which one is you?” You dared. 

“A little of both, I guess. You’ll just have to find that out for yourself.” He winked, stopping in front of your house. 

“Goodnight.” He bent down and kissed your temple, smugly walking away. Your friends were way wrong. Your nerdy Baekhyun had much more than what meets the eye.

Wow Baekhyun is really popular with requests. Hope this is what you wanted!

so I made a post about Remus Lupin being the biggest Hinny-shipper ever but I don’t feel like I explained my thought enough

-Let’s not forget that Remus first met Harry just a few months after the Chamber of Secrets-incident. If you don’t think Ginny was even more in love with Harry than ever before then you are probably wrong and holy shit Remus noticed. Because Remus Lupin is basically a mindreader and this is canon.

-James would have been damn proud if his son married a red-haired Quidditchplayer.

-I think Ginny reminded everyone who knew Lily a lot of her. (Not just because of the hair). At least, my picture of Lily is a bit like Ginny, even if we do not find out a lot about her. Loyal, bright, brave. Hard-nosed. (Obviously attracted to boys with messy black hair and glasses.)

-When Remus met Harry again for the first time after Sirius’ death, he noticed immediately that something had changed.

-Harry looked at Ginny in the exact way that James looked at Lily.

-Remus had heard about Ginny’s boyfriends (through spending a lot of time at the Burrow, where Fred and George was) and assumed that she was not avaliable. He thought that she looked at him in a special way, too, but tried to convince himself that it was only his imagination.

-So Christmas 1997 and Harry, Ron and Hermione are out to find the horcruxes (well Ron is actually at the Shell Cottage but they do not know that) and just for a moment Ginny and Remus are left alone in the kitchen for some reason and he asks her how she is doing. She trusts Remus so she tells him that she is worried.

‘‘What if I never get to see him again?’‘
‘‘He knows what he is doing, Ginny.’‘
‘‘I know, I know, but still… what if he’s already… what if…’‘
‘‘They are all taking care of each other. I am sure. Ron is smart, and…’‘

She is looking at him confused for a few seconds before she goes; ‘‘Ron?’‘
‘‘Is he not who you were talking about?’‘ Remus asks.
‘‘Oh… yeah… Ron… of course, yes, I’m worried.’‘

Remus realizes the truth immediately and he fangirls eternally on the inside.