everyone is laughing and everything is warm

You know everyone’s been thanking Mappa for well-written characters, non-sexualised beautifully developed same-sex relationships, nice plot and everything and I’m so SO grateful for it too, but at the same time hardly anyone realizes how heart-warming it is to see russians in foreign media that are represented as real people with UNIQUE personalities and dreams, people who have genuine talent, who are able to cry and laugh and feel true love. We have not been given a typical psychopath Ivan with a tough childhood, who designs nuclear weapons  when he is not busy drinking vOdКА, but we got Viktor, Georgi, Mila, Yurio, Yakov and many others, who might be..AHEM.. eccentric, but they are convincing. And you can empathize with them and feel proud of them for real. The creators of the show did an amazing job, they were respectful. I could actually clearly understand what characters were saying in Russian without subs, majority of words and sentences were written correctly, Saint Petersburg wasn’t buried under 35 feet of snow during Rostelecom cup and everything looked believable. And as a part of lgbtq+  seeing a russian “real life figure skating legend” building a romantic relationship with a man and being supported by others… Just… Everyone in russian community is so hyped. It’s a big step forward and I’m simply really happy to be a part of it, so I’ve decided to write this here for someone to see. Yuri!!!on Ice surely does destroy boundaries.  And I can’t express enough how grateful I am for this show.

  • Shownu: Brings a lot of gifts to everyone and when it's turn to give yours he's way too flustered to give it to you but when he does he does it with a blank stare
  • WonHo: Takes a picture of his gift, the tree, the pool, himself, the table, the food, the guys, the bathroom, and literally everything just so he can remember everything well the next year
  • Minhyuk: He brought fireworks and drinks, he sincerely told you that you looked gorgeous and took a picture with you. He asked Hyungwon if there were any mistletoes just so he won't end up having to kiss Kihyun
  • Kihyun: He told everyone the pool had warm water, and when Minhyuk believed him and threw himself in the water and gasped, he laughed his ass off for a good hour
  • Hyungwon: The one who made the party, is having fun while drinking cola on the kitchen and waiting for your deliver food to reach, is looking at the mistletoe above him
  • Jooheon: Screamed loudly when the first firework was set off and exploded making a hard sound, cuddled you trying to ignore the scary sounds these were making
  • I.M: Is stuck with you under a mistletoe and when everyone pointed it out and you kissed his cheek he fainted making everyone worried, he woke up 10 seconds later tho

tonight i hope for little glimpses in the clip where everyone just … acklowedges each other???

where eva and isak just acknowledge each other and smile at one another and share a few words. and that kollektivet are SO happy seeing even happy. and that sana and isak and even just have a lil bit of a banter session. and the boy squad with even are chilling and laughing. and vilde’s making rounds around the party making sure everything’s okay and she thanks isak for hosting and isak’s just *shrugs* “it’s cool!”. and that it’s all just a lovely, warm, filled with love atmosphere where even’s comfortable and smiling and isak, in his quiet way, is there, beside even, for when maybe it may get a bit overwhelming.

and isak just has a moment to take everything in and acknowledge how far /he’s/ come and how at peace /he/ is within himself, with his parents, with even, and sonja and emma, and all his friends.

because: alt er love. now, everything, is love.

Right hand woman / snow

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Winter in the sanctuary! Hell yes.

A/N: Hello guys, I’m back *crazy laugh* Well, I’m trying because I’m still super busy with uni >.> but I felt like some short one shot for the remaining winter time. I’m still doing the Christmas things, cause I’m grieving it’s over T_T 

The last weeks were cold, too cold for a region like Georgia. You had a lot of trouble keeping everyone warm, gathering every damn heater you could find. The list of needed supplies was lying in your lap und you sighed deeply, as you still couldn’t check off everything.
“Don’t be so hard on yourself, Y/N!“, Simon tried to soothe you. You two entered the sanctuary with about five trucks following you. Negan stood right in front of the gate with Lucille on his shoulder and a big grin on his lips.
“Let’s hope he won’t be“, you replied and could see him shake his head before you headed out.
The cold air immediately hit you and you wrapped your arms around yourself.
“I can’t say I’d like to see you shake in that kinda way“, Negan greeted you and just earned an annoyed glance from you.
You handed him the list. “Sorry boss, it was a good run but still…“ “Ah shush!“, he used the paper in his hand to silent you. “Go inside. I don’t like to see your pretty little ass in this goddamn weather anymore.“
You felt a bit startled, when Simon came running and the two men went off chatting about supplies. Would he punish you for not being able to get everything? Would you loose your status? Another shiver ran down your spine but it wasn’t because of the low temperature.
You went inside and into your room. Once you dropped yourself on the mattress, you fell asleep immediately.  
So you didn’t process the first knocks on your door. When it knocked for the second time, you groggily sat up and tried to rearrange your hair. “W… what?“, you asked in a harsh voice and the door swung open.
Negan leaned back and eyed you up and down. An amused smile spread across his face. He walked inside and placed Lucille on a spare chair. “You look so fucking cute.“ He chuckled.
You couldn’t but look away. His demeanor could be a bit too much, especially when you felt all his attention on you… and especially when you felt like he might fire you.
“About the supplies..“, you started, but he cut you off once more. “Yeah, about the damn supplies for these ungrateful motherfuckers.“
He seated himself opposite from you in your big leather chair. You locked eyes again and furrowed your brows, unsure of what he would do. “Do you know your fuckin’ position here?“
You just opened your mouth, when he repeated himself accentuating every single word. “Nah, Do… You… Know… Your… Fuckin’… Position here, baby girl?“ You were too tired to play with him right now, so you just sighed and waited.
His expression changed from amused to slightly pissed. “Damn, you’re too tired to say you like to be on top, amiright?!“
A short laugh escaped your throat. He was so right about you, about this place, about nearly everything. And he needed you for that last bit of knowledge. How could you believe he would get rid of you?
Negan stood up again and took Lucille back into his leather glove. He used his free hand to point at you. “You get the next days off, get some rest, doll. Ah and Simon as well, so you won’t be bored, but he’s kinda overworked as well.“
He stepped into the doorframe and you let yourself fall back on your bed. Negan turned around once more. “At least he knows how much I valuate you two. So next time I’ll punish you for that.“ He winked and closed the door.

You didn’t hear the knocking. You didn’t hear someone opening the door and you didn’t hear his heavy boots sneaking towards you.
“Y/N“, Simon whispered directly into your ear and your reflex made you hit him on the head.
“Goddamn, what’s wrong with you?“, you asked the grumpy looking guy on the floor. “Don’t tell me you’re bored!“
He got up again and placed his hands on his hips. “Fine.“ Simon licked his lips and you laughed out loud because of your right assumption.
“I demand vengeance“, he stated and you asked yourself why the big bad guys always turned into little kids around you.
He tilted his head and looked like he was desperately trying to hide some amusement, which made you pretty curious. ”And what are you thinking of, sir?“, you asked and got up. “Outside, in five minutes“, he just said and went out.
You sighed, because you actually wanted to have a nice breakfast and then spent your day reading or doing nothing, but you put on your shoes and coat anyway and headed outside.
Your first step in the yard sounded funny and you felt your jaw drop, as you saw nothing but white. Snow… in Georgia? Well, the dead were roaming the streets, so you shrugged it off.
Suddenly something cold hit you hard on he shoulder. “Ha! Got you!“ You looked around and saw Simon gathering snow for the next hit.
“Not like that!“, you shouted playfully and dipped your hands into the cold fluff. You hit him on the leg and ducked under his next snowball. Soon you two were laughing and fighting like crazy.
You were just throwing the next ball, when you slipped and fell back into the snow, your projectile making a silly turn. You just made out Negans silhouette and saw him reaching back with Lucille. He hit it hard and the snow rained down in front of him.
Simon was the first one to break out laughing and soon got his mouth stuffed with a snowy missile from Negan. “One for me!“, he exclaimed and the battle started.

Tagging some people who might like it :) @negans-network @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash and the idea was kinda from @wafflii and me!

GOT7 as Teachers {Requested}

“I just discovered your blog and I really love it! Can you do GOT7 as teachers?”

Here you go anon! :)

JB: Dark and Mysterious. Leans over your desk to hear your answers. Tells you that you’re his favorite student. Ignores you when you see him in the grocery store later the same day.

Mark: Reads directly from book. Likes when his students keep their questions to the point. Usually answers anything by just smiling. You don’t have a clue if the smile means yes or no.

Jackson: The Teacher that talks to much. Classes always go long because he finds more to say. Very gullible. Believed you completely when you said your dog ate your homework.

Junior: Confiscates everything. Has a million classroom rules. Warms up to you if you bring him an apple. Forces you to bring an apple everyday.

Youngjae: The Substitute. Doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. Laughs nervously for most of the class. Gives out sunshine stickers to everyone if they’ll tell the Principal that he did a good job.

BamBam: Voted Best Dressed Teacher. Gives out A’s to people who wear heels. Always knows the latest dances that kids are doing. Dabs to the roll call.

Yugyeom: Seems like a big kid himself. Very easy going. Helps you figure out the problems. Finishes early so that you can talk to your friends in class.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

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Pairings: Poe x Reader

Warnings: none

Prompt: Anon wanted a fluffy story based off the song Baby It’s cold outside

A/N: This is part one of two, the second party will be smutty I promise. Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The first flakes of winter had began to fall from the sky, stirring up a chill in the wind. Nothing could be heard besides the wind that blew hard sending snow across the base like a white blanket encasing everything around it and the sounds that came from within each shared house. Everyone stayed inside huddled from the cold drinking alcohol and playing silly games in their rooms trying to warm themselves from the inside out.Lights flickered from the windows of communal houses sending out a warm glow into the darkness of night, among these was Poe’s small house which was not left out from such winter time rituals. Inside he and y/n shared stories from their childhoods laughing at each other’s past embarrassments.

Poe grabbed the bottle of wine off the table and began to fill his empty glass and he listened on. Y/N continuing with her childhood story starting to laugh prematurely at her memory. Poe smiled at her waiting to hear what was making her laugh so violently. Y/N was recalling the time she had made her father split his pants in front of the senate, something she was scorned for but later found the hilarity of the situation. “So I came up behind him, and began calling for him after having just cut my hand open and as he turned around and bent down to inspect my injury he torn his pants,” y/n laughed trying to catch her breath before continuing “all I remember seeing was his face turn pale as we heard a discerning rip. And the best part is that he had done all this right in front of everyone in the senate, I remember laughing along with everyone else as my father turned crimson red.”

Y/N and Poe both joined each other in laughter as tears began to form in their eyes from the story. The results of the alcohol had started to kick in sending a warmth through theirs bodies, it’s intended purpose starting to take effect. As they both began to calm y/n looked up at the time and noticed just how late it had become.

“I should probably head home,” y/n said placing her now empty glass down on the table. She stood up but was stopped by a hand on hers. “It’s cold outside,” Poe said standing up and moving closer to his best friend. There was a tension between them like static that had only built up over time, they both desired each other but neither of them would admit their feelings were anything more than platonic.

“My house mates are probably wondering where I am,” y/n contested, afraid of what she might do if she stayed. “I’m sure they know exactly where you are,” Poe said coyly, a smile dancing along his lips. Y/N knew Poe to be right, she had spent so much time here with him alone that her friends never questioned her late returns. They of course believe the tension between the two had already sparked into something more. But for now they were just friends.

Y/N looked up at Poe as he held her hand in his and he rubbed them brushing his lips across her delicate skin to form a kiss, his eyes smiling at hers, tempting her to stay a while longer.

“I really must go,” y/n said trying taking her hand back from Poe. He was quite the charmer when he wanted to be and his allure had almost worked on the young woman, she did really want to stay, but knew it was wiser she head home. “Beautiful, what’s the hurry?” Poe said licking his lower lip before biting it with a smile. The wine had given Poe the confidence he needed to flirt with his friend, he never needed this sort of assistance before, but he had always cared for y/n so much that he was always afraid that expressing his feelings in such a way would send everything they shared to a sudden hault.

“Maybe just half a drink more,” y/n suggested pleased she had come up with a compromise. She told herself that she would go home and not stay the night but she could however stay a little while longer with the man she loves.

“Excellent,” Poe cheered pouring more wine into their glasses. Poe filled y/n’s glass half way just like she had suggested before handing it over to her. As she took the glass their fingers brushed causing their stomachs to flutter in unison. They held the glass in silence looking into each other’s eyes, both testing to see who would break first. “Your eyes are like starlight,” Poe said lost in y/n’s eyes her beauty leaving him lost for a moment. Y/N felt blood rise to her cheeks, swirling around to form a blush. “How do I break this spell you’ve got me under Poe?” y/n questioned and Poe took back the glass he had just given her placing it back down to its place beside his own. Y/N’s heart began to race in her chest, her breathing heavy in anticipation.

Poe slowly moved his body to face y/n, watching her become very bashful. Her hands lay in her lap, her face covered by long waves of hair, her chest red showing off the same blush that lay delicately upon her cheeks. Poe now realised that the tension between them had a mutual effect. Somewhere in her heart she felt the same way about him as he did her and this delighted the man. Poe place a hand under her chin raising her eyes to meet his own. He was happy with the affection that lay secret there, telling him all he needed to know. She needed him just as fiercely as he needed her and Poe understood this now as he began to lean in stopping inches from y/n’s face, watching as her eyes looked down at his lips. His tongue darted across his lips licking them in anticipation before biting down hard. Y/N’s eyes quickly shooting back up to Poe’s trying to hide her lust but it was too late. Poe leaned in further and watched as y/n closed her eyes waiting for his kiss. Y/N brushed her lips across his lightly, tempting him to make his move but he stopped and answered her question his breath dancing along her lips.

“The same way you break most spells, with a kiss.”

Signs as colors

Aries: Red- bold, loud, and outgoing. Found in many things because of its ability to fit in and get along with so many other colors.

Taurus: Brown- neutral and chill. Has a dark aspect to it but is very adaptable and warm.

Gemini: Burgundy- Dark and enticing, always looks good on clothes (and everything else) and is a combination of red, brown and purple. 

Cancer: Baby pink- Childlike and innocent. Brings back memories and is very comforting.

Leo: Purple- strong, pretty, and deep. Can always interest people with all its interesting shades.

Virgo: Green- bright, natural, and mysterious. Reminds of nature and outside adventures such as camping during the summer.

Libra: Blue- Artistic and puzzling. Makes people think, laugh, and feel comfortable. Almost everyone loves this color because it is so adaptable. 

Scorpio: Black- Dark and strange, but when you are familiar with it, it is one of the best colors. Very expressive, beautiful, and enhancing.

Sagittarius: Orange- Bright and funny. Can be sour but is lovable and makes people happy.

Capricorn: Silver- shiny and exciting. Gives people the feeling of a new start and great things, but can also be mistaken for gray.

Aquarius: Dark violet- Dark, intense, beautiful. Takes a while to know well. Rebellious and strange but when you look deeply into it, it can e seen as one of the most beautiful colors out there.

Pisces: Magenta- bright and cheery. Looking at the color makes people think positive thoughts.  

My warm down from last night after working on some project stuff. 

Been playing mystic messenger and i started another route and I always kind of laugh when the MC is told not touch anything in the apartment incase the alarm rings. 

I always just picture her gingerly moving around trying to avoid everything. 

I was tagged by my wonderful friend @giraffehowell. Ilysm Clara!

List 5 things you like about yourself and tag some people 

1. I like my hair, it’s really curly.

2. I always try to be patient with everyone.

3. I somehow attract smol children and animals. Babies just look at me with twinkling eyes and I love it so much. I always seem to make them laugh and it’s so cute.

4. I can remember almost everything my friends have told me and small little details about them. It’s very warming to see their eyes light up when you tell them you remember or you noticed something.

5. And finally, I like my outlook of the world. I always try to see the best of people and I am accepting of everyone. I try look at the good but still acknowledge the bad. 

I tag @sawssbuck @mortal-apollo @cherry-girll @cuteandcuddlyvampirate @gaydrienagreste @glittery-anus @mint0reos and whoever wants to do this, you are all beautiful.

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The Mistress's Favorite

She is his world, and he is her favorite, and for the first few years he does not quite understand what this means. He is a child, and with a naïveté most elves have outgrown even at this age in Tevinter he believes that his situation is no different than any other. That everyone has a comfortable pallet on which to sleep, and is given trinkets and gifts by their masters.

Soon he is old enough to understand that this is not the case. While he sleeps warm in the small room adjacent to his mistress, the other slaves are in shacks behind the vineyard, crammed together with at least two families per room. While the mistress gives him gifts the others receive lashes. She laughs, and his heart soars. She laughs, and the others tremble.

He is lucky, then. Andraste must favor him, as his mistress favors him, and so he vows he will do everything to preserve his station. If she wants him to sing, he will sing. If she wants him to play an instrument, he will master two, and more, and he will entertain her and her friends with a smile and song in his heart whenever she calls. And when she places blame at his feet for a misdemeanor that is hers, he will guard her secret and brunt the master’s anger.

“Pater, do not be harsh with him,” she urges, all sweet smiles as she lays a hand on her father’s arm. She is a beautiful thing, brown hair and big eyes- her father’s favorite, as Alauda is her favorite. “Do not harm his lovely face. I couldn’t bear it.”

So he is beaten, but his face untouched. Nothing that will leave permanent damage. It is the first of many times, but he never feels spite. Rather, he is grateful for the protection she offers, and endeavors ever more fervently to be worthy of it.

When they are older, she reminds him of this kindness. Reminds him at the most random of times that she could have him flogged, lashed, strung up naked in the courtyard for the birds to peck at.

Usually he agrees with her, submits his life to her whims without a moment’s hesitation, ashamed to have given her cause to even give such reminder.

One day, to counter whatever sour mood brings on the harsh words, he sinks to his knees before her. “Domina, have I not been loyal?”

There’s sadness in the downward pull of her lips. “I wonder how much longer it will last.”

“Forever, Domina,” he insists, emotion urging him back to his feet. She takes a step toward him and his mind reels. Lately she’s taken to sitting closer to him when he plays the lyre, touching him when there is no cause to, playing with his hair. She does so now, curls her fingers around the tail of his braid and tugs it gently. “Domina, I…”

“Congratulate me, Alauda,” she says, “I’m getting married.”

He blinks, surprised though he shouldn’t be. He’s heard whispers of a courtship, of dowry. He tries not to think about what it will mean for him. Things are bound to change; they are already changing. There is a look in his mistress’s eyes he’s never seen before, a shadow he cannot name. He swallows. “That is wonderful news, domina.”

She sneers and turns away. “My new husband is very rich. His father is a magister. That means he’s guaranteed a seat in the Senate one day. The children I bear will be magisters as well.”

The politics of their great country are beyond a slave, but Alauda knows this much. Seats in the magisterium are almost always passed down to a next of kin, provided they have magical talent. He does not understand why she is telling him this.

She continues: “An estate in Minrathous, and a summer villa on Seheron. I’ll want for nothing.”

“That is good,” Alauda says, wanting to please her. But she does not seem pleased. She’s facing the window, staring down at the garden. Alauda takes a deep breath, searches for something, anything that might lift her spirits. “Shall I play for you, domina?”

Finally she turns to face him again, and he is horrified to see tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

She whispers, “Lay with me?”

At first he thinks he has misheard, but it is not the case. She has asked this of him, crossed a line in their relationship that he never expected her to. She is his mistress; he is her slave. It’s not a matter of propriety, but timing. This sort of thing is not at all uncommon; masters lay with favored slaves so often it’s practically expected. But she is engaged to be married; to sully her before the consummation of that marriage – it is a death sentence.

“I’ve seen you stare at me, Alauda. I haven’t told anyone because I stare at you too, very often. And I think of you. You’ve grown so handsome.”

“Thank you,” he says, quiet, because he doesn’t know how else to respond.

She tilts her head. The setting sun is a golden halo behind her. “Am I not beautiful?”

Of course she is, of course; the most beautiful woman he’s ever known. He’s lived twelve summers in this house and seen her grow and mature, flourish with womanhood, and he knows he stands pale in the shadow cast by her brilliant light. He is not worthy of her. They both know it, and yet she comes to stand before him, gazes up at him as if she never desired anything more.

“Must it be an order?” When he cannot answer, she presses closer, an arm around his shoulder keeping him in place. The warmth in her eyes seeps away, chased into hiding by his hesitance. She thinks he does not want her. “Very well - I order you to be a man, and to treat me like a woman that you love.”

“Domina…” His hands hover by her hips, not quite touching the silky peach nightgown she wears. He is trapped, whatever he chooses. If he accepts and anyone finds out, he is dead; if he refuses and loses her favor, he may as well be dead. Finally, his hands drop to his sides. “I can’t. Forgive me.”

A muscle in her jaw clenches. She can make him, force him down on the bed, cast a spell that leaves him mindless but for his own desire of her. Instead, she hangs her head, dark bangs falling into her eyes, and dismisses him.

They do not speak of the occurrence for such a time that Alauda thinks it forgotten, and himself with it. The mistress does not call on him to entertain her and her friends, and instead he is forced into menial chores such as packing for the trip to Minrathous. The wedding is to be held at the end of summer, just before the senate disperses for their month-long recess. There is much to do before the occasion, and it seems within the estate that no one is ever fully at rest between all the preparations.

Whispers follow him about, but he can never get a lead on them, and so he is caught off guard when his mistress announces on the day before she is to leave for her new home that he will be coming with her. Relief washes over him.

“Domina, I had not thought– Thank you.” He bows low. She looks away, idly fanning herself. They sit side-by-side in a garden alcove, the sun high and air sticky.

“My new husband thinks you will make a fine addition to the wedding entertainment.”

Alauda flushes with pride. “I’m honored-” he begins to say, but she speaks over him.

“I suggested they start the bidding at ten gold. My fiancé disagrees and says five, but that’s only because he hasn’t seen you yet.”

Pride ebbs away, replaced in inches with fear he’s never experienced around her. She has been his world as long as he can remember; how will he ever survive elsewhere? He swallows, desperately thinking of how to make amends. “You wish to be rid of me, domina?”

The rays of the sun strike her in a harsh light as she lowers the fan and laughs, illuminating the cunning angles of her pointed face. “You’re just his type- a pretty elf with a pretty voice. With luck, he’ll have you on our wedding night instead of me.” She leans in close to him, tilting his chin up with the tip of her fan. “If only you hadn’t guarded your honor quite so well.”

christmas with got7

jb: he tries to make sure everything’s in check. even though he’ll laugh and make jokes, he secretly want a quiet christmas where he can just listen to music while drinking something warm. but he jokes around anyway.

mark: he loves to be around everyone during christmas; he hates the thought of leaving someone out. he’s telling everyone to come together so they can take a bunch of group photos. he’s laughing so hard, he has tears in his eyes.

jackson: he singing a lot of christmas carols. his voice fills the room as he’s smiling brightly and dancing around the lit tree. he’s wearing an ugly christmas sweater to truly get into the christmas spirit.

junior: while he sits in on the end of the couch silently watching, he’s actually quite happy. he likes to see people enjoy themselves. he laughs along with the jokes and hums christmas songs when things get quiet.

youngjae: he’s excited. he wants to open the presents. he chants the whole day about how much he feels like he bought the best presents for everyone. every time you look at him, he’s eating something.

bambam: he’s jumping around screaming like a five year old. he’s also wearing an ugly christmas sweater. he’s shaking everyone asking them if they’re ready to see santa. even though he’s singing the christmas songs out of tune, he’s giving his all.

yugyeom: along with bambam, he’s jumping around. he’s dancing a lot to the music too. he’s wearing a santa hat and santa bed slippers. he can’t contain his excitement, he’s squealing and tries to open the presents when it’s not time to.

always in my head - fortyfiveangrycats - Haikyuu!! [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
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Relationships: Tendou Satori & Ushijima Wakatoshi
Characters: Tendou Satori, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Kawanishi Taichi, Semi Eita, Shirabu Kenjirou, Goshiki Tsutomu, Oohira Reon, Yamagata Hayato, Washijou Tanji
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“Satori,” begins Coach Washijou, “please, for the love of everything, put your phone away and do the warm-ups like everyone else!”
Tendou raises an eyebrow at his coach, smirking slightly.
“It’s for a research project,” he answers, continuing to swipe around on his phone screen.
“What kind of research project could you be—” Coach Washijou stops speaking, his expression falling flat as Tendou begins laughing really hard, followed by Yamagata, then Reon, then Goshiki, then the whole team is laughing, and the managers and passerby are incredibly confused. Coach Washijou narrows his eyes, his temper flaring as the entire team is holding their phones, all giggling at who-knows-what, and he sits down in defeat.

this is short and ridiculous and once again dedicated to @aymmichurros

Why the signs are cuties (from a cancer)

There are a lot of things that make you guys cuties tbh but these are just a couple examples 💖

Aries: omg you literally bring energy with you! idk how you do it but you light up every room without even trying 💞

Taurus: you dont let anyone push you around, but you’re still adorably soft (also you’re like the best cuddler???) ❤

Gemini: you are the best person to joke around with like when im always laughing when im with you (you have the cutest smile and laugh btw) 🌸

Cancer: you are always so caring and anytime i feel sad you are there to help ilysm 💓

Leo: omg you are so confident and i love that so much you help me to find that star power within myself ty ✨

Virgo: you are so shy when you first start talking to someone but once you warm up you are the weirdest person ever and i love that 💕

Libra: you get along with everyone, but you dont always show everything about you. Deep deep down, you’re a total nerd and it’s great ilysm 💗

Scorpio: somehow your mysterious side is rly cute idk how and how you get a lil shy when people turn the attention to you omg 💙

Sagittarius: you are so full of life!! Omg you’re so funny and adventurous and i love you for that ✌

Capricorn: it feels so special being a part of your friend group bc you can be so selective. you are so caring and you will defend those you love anytime you need to ❤

Aquarius: ALIEN ALERT!!! Jk you’re the craziest and thats the best part about you. i can say weird shit to you and youll come back with even weirder shit its amazing 💕

Pisces: omg do i even have to explain?? You are just adorable!! Everything you do is so adorable i feel like i have to protect you bc you’re a cinnamon roll tbh 💖


You couldn’t help but admire him. He was a prince, for christ’s sake. Everything about him screamed LOVE ME. His dark curls always framed his chiseled jaw. His big brown eyes were always alight with a mischievous twinkle. His glowing white smile shined brighter than the sun against his beautiful brown skin. His rough laugh was warm and inviting. Everything about him was inviting. He was perfect.

And yet here in the middle of your chemistry class sat the world’s most beautiful boy, brow furrowed in concentration as your class mixed chemicals. He had begged his parents to let him attend university with everyone else in the kingdom and they begrudgingly let their perfect boy mix with the mere mortals you called classmates. And now he was sitting only feet away from you, his strong shoulders and back straining against his tight white button up.

“You’re staring again.” Your best friend Ella teased, nudging you out of your reverie.

“Shut up.” You grumbled softly, trying to hide the blush on your cheeks. A loud hiss followed by a boom erupted and a thin layer of grey smoke began to spread in the air.

“Fuck! Sorry!! FuckSorrysorrysorry!” the harsh words fell from his perfect plump pink lips and you couldn’t stifle a giggle watching him struggle to get the window opened. You quickly covered your mouth when he turned to shoot a glare at you, but it only made you laugh harder.

“You have to unlock it.” You whispered, biting your lip and pointing to the tiny latches he had previously overlooked.

“Here, your majesty. It’s no problem at all. I’ll handle that for you, sire.” Prince Calum’s trusted handler/bodyguard, Michael said smoothly before lightly shoving the prince out of the way.

“Thanks, Michael.” He grumbled, sitting back down with a pout and looking more like a scorned puppy than the heir to the throne.

“Happens to the best of us, your highness.” The professor said gently, lightly clapping Prince Calum on the shoulder. “Alright, class. Show’s over. I’m feeling generous so I’ll let you guys go early. Enjoy your weekend. See you on Monday.” The professor said with a smile as everyone began quickly shuffling out of the room.

“Do you have to go see Will? He’s a grown man, he can take care of himself. I’m a smol girl who needs her best friend to come to lunch with her. Pleeease.” You grumpily whined to Ella as you walked out of class. Her boyfriend had the flu so she was ditching you to go make him soup before work. You heard a chuckle behind you and turned to meet twinkly brown eyes.

“I’m only a smol prince but I’d be happy to take you to lunch.” His voice soft and silky as he stepped closer to you.

“I’m only going to the cafeteria. Not sure that’s up to your royal standards.” You said sweetly, causing Michael to smirk behind Calum.

“If it’s good enough for your pretty lips then it’s good enough for me.” Calum’s eyes crinkled as his smile widened, holding the crook of his arm out to you. Ella shrugged at you, nudging you towards the beautiful boy. You blushed, wrapping your fingers around his bulging bicep and allowing him to escort you into the cafeteria. And into his heart

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  • my friend: Why you love Bangtan Boys? I cannot understand.
  • me: ...
  • me: .....
  • me: ........
  • me: Because they're Bangtan and they make me smile everyday, make me laugh everyday, and give me so much love. When I cry, sufficient that I glance at Hoseok smile and I feel warm in heart. When I want to give up I glance at Jin, because he always practice a lot to be better, even it's choreography or something else-he never gives up. When I realize I don't have time for passion/hobby I'm thinking about Suga because music is his everything, is something that he cannot live without it and then I understood-I cannot live without my passion. Jimin show me that I cannot live without smile, laugh and love, and taught me that I should love everyone who means a lot for me. Rap Monster every day shows me how important it is to be a nice, good, that I should think of others and have a deeper thoughts. Our beloved Jungkook shows that it is worthwhile to work hard and learn new things. And finally Taehyung, who showed me that I should be myself and don't look at what others people think and be happy. Yeah. These are the reasons why I love them.