everyone is laughing and everything is warm

malcontented-heathen asked:

When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy, and then send it to the last ten people in your recent activity!

1. The smell and feel and sound of the rain. There’s something soothing about being surrounded by it, even though most find that it makes them feel melancholic. Maybe that’s why I find it comforting; to fold myself up in warm blankets with the windows wide open and knowing that it’s okay to stay inside today.
2. The smile and laugh of the people I love. And of everyone else. Happiness is contagious and it helps to know that even on your worst days, there are still reasons to smile about.
3. The ferociousness, the calm and the energy of the mountains. I’ve always loved to hike and along with the physical reward of being deliciously tired, the view and the feeling of being away from everything for a while never fails to brighten my mood.
4. Feeling like I am contributing something special and good to the people around me. I mean, everyone likes to feel this way, but when you’re often thinking about how you’re inferior to everyone around you (stupid, I know) it’s nice to be reminded that even if you’re not the best, you can still offer something positive.
5. Yoga, although everyone always kind of makes fun of that, really does make me feel a lot better. Even though I’m not particularly good at it.
6. Being in a group of people or just one person who I’m comfortable with and don’t find too draining to be around (this is nothing against other people, I’m just waaay too sensitive)
7. Being utterly and totally submerged in a good book. Nothing like reading a book in day because the story was too good to put it down for more than 10 minutes.
8. Having someone hold me and kiss my neck and tell me that I’m too good to be theirs.
9. Doing something incredibly stupid because you’re crazy young and want to feel alive, even for just a moment.

(That was more than 5 things, oops. Guess there’s too much to be happy about ;)

Everything I Am

I’m the cool girl
I’m easy laughing with a loose mouth
I only want to make you happy
The first thing I think of is you
I’m the sunny one in the middle of the crowd spinning in a beam of light
I’m warm
My movements are weightless
There’s nothing holding me down
I came into this world floating
I never have anything to be sorry for
I only bring out the best in people
Everyone feels buoyant around me like being rolled gently by the sea
I’m perfect weather at the beach
I’m a belly button full of sand
I’m easy to be around
I make you feel safe
I make you comfortable with mirrors
I make invisible your flaws
I am light when the tunnel starts to narrow,
Casting out your demons with lemon water
I am clean.

anonymous asked:

Something I've found that I really admire about you: even though you're very quiet sometimes, you laugh at literally everything. Your laugh is so warm and bright and every time I've been in the same room as you, the instant you start to laugh (even that snort laugh you do when you're trying not to laugh) the whole room just becomes so bright and happy and warm and everyone else feels great. I admire your cheer and happiness. Keep on laughing at everything please ^_^

awh!!!! that is so so so so cute u jus made my entire day!! I always thought it was quite annoying that I laugh at everything omg, I’m like a small child lol. thank u thank u you darling angel :’) ur the kindest lil soul :-)!!! this is so sweet to hear!
ew lmao my snort laugh is horrible but thank you 💕✨

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hey could you answer number 13 for the question thingy :)))

Oh wow okay, so for those of you who don’t know, #13 says to ‘talk about a time in your life where you have felt most alive’. And this is a hard question to answer i guess because there are many times when ive felt “alive”. But i think when i felt most alive was when it was me and a few of my best friends and we were all at my friends house, maybe a year ago or so. It was like midnight and we were all going around and telling stories, some were funny, and some were heart warming and nice, and the whole time everyone was smiling and laughing and we all felt like a family i think. And we talked about everything. From our crushes to cute stories about when we were little to how we were feeling currently. And it was such an open and happy atmosphere and it was honestly great. So I think that would be the time when i felt most alive. Thanks for asking!

Ask me these cute questions

In the end, when the skys bleeds a deep red, when the rivers freeze over solid, and the air runs frigid, I will stand smiling looking out into sky. Everyone will be confused and ask what it is that im looking at that keeps me so happy in such a time. And moments before the sun goes black, ill turn to them and say, “I see the clearest water, the brightest flowers. I see abundance of life. I see joy. I see everything anyone has ever wanted. Its warm here.” The last thing ill see before pitch black will be the crowd puzzled, some laughing at such words, others angry. The truth is my world was created the day i saw you. I know no matter what end may come, what pain, what struggle, I’ll be fine when i close my eyes and escape to reality all there is, is you and the beauties of life that you’ve opened my eyes to. So when the end comes, and all is threatened to be lost, my hands which once touched your skin, my eyes which peered upon your beauty, and my heart which beat for you, will remain warm. For my love will burn a fiery path into the world I have created for you and I. So reach for my hand through the cold and the darkness, and I will guide you there.