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Clean Me, Daddy | 30.03.17
  • Phil: "Why aren't you cleaning us?" said Candice. Oh...
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: Last time I did a live show, I accidentally ordered 300 cleaning wipes.
  • Dan: I know. I've seen them.
  • Phil: So, you can have the honour of cleaning them.
  • Dan: Excuse me?
  • Phil: The webcam. It's a bit grubby, so you know give them a clean. Give them a wipe. Someone just said "clean me, daddy".
  • Dan holds the cleaning wipe with regret. Phil burst out laughing and Dan starts speaking in a high pitched voice.
  • Dan: Yeah, I read that too. What is this?
  • Phil: It wasn't this weird when I did it!
  • Dan: There's a section of your live show where...
  • Phil: No, it's not a section!
  • Dan: ... you clean them?
  • Phil: No, I'm just saying we're slightly blurry and they'd like to see us in 1080pHD quality.
  • Dan: No, you planned this. It's a section where you clean the audience. Now everyone is saying "clean me".
  • Phil: They liked it. Just do it! I'll make the sound effect.
  • Dan: There's dozen of tens of thousands of people saying "clean me" right now.
  • Phil: Dan, clean them. Clean them!
  • Dan: Jesus Christ.
  • Phil: Do it! It's what you signed up to do.
  • Dan suppressing a regretful chuckle, Phil grinning so damn wide.
  • Dan: Oh my God, stop! The chat! Frick. Even the YouTube comments are going to be ruined. Oh, whatever you fricking..
  • Dan wipes the webcam while Phil makes the sound effect.
  • Phil: That's the noise of the cleaning wipe. Look how clear we are now though. My pores are here.
  • Dan: And yet, I feel dirty.

Dear Anon,

I see you’re going through some hard times right now. Let me just say that when you do have the courage to come out to you family, friends, co-workers, etc. that you don’t let anything they say deter you. You are who you are, and that’s all you’ll never be. You’re you, not someone else. I never understood why people wanted to be like everyone else, a world full of the same people with the same qualities and interests would be boring. So don’t change a thing about yourself.

The people who stand by you will be your friends no matter what, and the ones who don’t accept you…you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Don’t ever feel ashamed of who you are. Hell, you’re inspiring ME to come out. Have you ever heard of being a panromantic asexual? I hadn’t until I figured out what I was. So…I hope you find out who you are.

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“You can do it, da? I believe in you.”

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C4: Mchanzo?

Heyo Anon! Thank you SO much for the challenge! (and i am SO sorry it took me so long to reply! Life is a biooooootch right now!)  But this absolutely was what i needed today. Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy some traditional art for a change… and my phones lousy camera quality lols! 

Wanna challenge me? Shoot me an ask! Just make sure to add “Soupery’sSoft Couples Pose Challenge” [link to original challenge here!] so i can quickly  get the challenges going! (Got a few sitting on the back burner for people to shoot me asks for) thanks!

Want to challenge me with something else? Go to my master post of all the challenges i am doing to pick one! Bring it on! :D

Gif Coloring Tutorial

So, I got asked by a few people how to color our gifs, and specially hard scenes, such as yellow scenes from Suicide Squad, they can be a pain to color, so here I’m gonna show how to do this kind of coloring:

Basically you’ll need

  • Knowledge on how to make gifs
  • Any version of Photoshop (mine is cs5)

Please note that this a very detailed tutorial so that everyone can do it, including screenshots, so everything is under the cut.

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Dear “rude Anon(s)”...

This is the last reply you lovely trolls/hater will get and I’m gonna be super rude now, so please grab some ointment, you might get butthurt. 

And a lot of effort. I am not going to pressure anyone who is in, or working with my team in any way. Everyone has a private life, you know. 
We have jobs and kids and health issues and all these crazy and super uncommon things, so weird right? And guess what? Sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Sometimes we feel like doing other things in our freetime, how selfish!

Everyone is free to work on whatever project they want. If we’re too slow for you, do it yourself. Won’t change the fact that we’re still gonna do it. 

And although your ignorance and stupidity are super amusing to me, I won’t reply anymore. I will read, I will laugh and I will delete. :)
We do this as a hobby, we do this for fun, we don’t have to please you and we don’t have to deal with your bullshit <3 

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Thank you to everyone who doesn’t treat us like we’re their slaves. xD
Thank you to those who are understanding and patient and loving and supporting. 
We love you guys so much and we’ll continue to do our best. 
Thank you for being an awesome community! <3


Do you ever just...

Aries: Curl up your toes and smile uncontrollably because you’ve fallen in love with someone so hard

Taurus: Stare at a dog and just look at their eyes it’s just WOW

Gemini: Look at your best friend and wonder all the shit you two are gonna start up when you’re like 80

Cancer: Feel like you’ll never find someone you can love AND trust at the same time

Leo: Just look at your handwriting and think WOW call me John Hancock because that A is LIT

Virgo: End up in the same room as that ONE person and you just keep repeating in your head “please don’t talk to me”

Libra: Truly wonder how can anyone possibly honestly say they like your qualities and may actually WANNA date you

Scorpio: Wonder if everything’s gonna be okay the way everyone says it will be because right now I’m not feeling it

Sagittarius: Legit wanna smack the teacher with her ruler when she says “the bell doesn’t dismiss you I dismiss you”

Capricorn: lay your head in your hand and look at your friends and wonder how they’re still alive with all their crazy crap

Aquarius: Want to have perfect memory, so you don’t forget/underappreciate anything ever again?

Pisces: Feel like your whole life is validated because a SINGLE person said that your post was relatable bc sameeee

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6, 7, 18?

6) Do you have or would you consider having a monster muse?

IDK about having in the present, though I’ve written some I might consider monsters in some aspects like Elijah from TVD/The Originals. I’d definitely consider it though, the challenge of it is always welcome. 

7) What do you prefer, supernatural horror or psychological horror?

Supernatural horror is easier to write, I think, and psychological horror is scarier, if you get it right, since it’s more of a thing that actually could happen. I’d go with supernatural, just because of the fandom I’m in right now and how inherent it can be to their world. 

18) What’s your favorite negative quality about your character?

His aggressiveness. Seriously, it makes me swoon. Everyone sees Alec as this honorable beacon of justice and righteousness and to his credit, he tries to be just so most of the time. But have you seen how aggressive he is? How out of all of them he is the one more likely to hear up for a fight, throw a punch or simply throw whatever is in reach at a wall ( RIP that poor drawer from Clary’s room ). I love how despite how gentle and adorable Alec can be he’s also a warrior, also someone that is itching for a fight, and that might not be the most beautiful of traits but it’s part of what made me fall in love with him. 

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It just figures you'd fall for Gladios, he's the daddy type after all. But what do you think about the other three? Especially Prompto?

Gladio’s the swoll type first of all. I die after those strong arms. I want to be held by him to feel save and protected forever and ever 💕

I like everyone. Ignis made a pun (he ‘nose’ [knows]) so he’s automatically my second favorite, plus I love men with wacky-yummy cooking ideas. Prompto is adorkable! BFF material. Noctis is sweet, a bit boring right now. I think his true qualities come out later since he’s the main character. His personality is fashionably late.

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Sonja, I'm so so sorry you've got hate and people have been so nasty about nothing more than a misunderstanding that's not your fault in any way and while I don't agree with many anons you've posted I get you just wanted to give everyone a way to express their opinion without necessarily aggreeing with them. I'd completely understand if you wanted to leave this hell fandom after this but selfishly I wish you'll stay since you're one of my favourite blogs and I love seeing you on my dash.

i’m planning on staying as of right now (stubbornness is one of my best and worst qualities).

also can we just make it a blanket rule not to call anyone a cunt in this fandom over a difference of opinion? i know it differs based on where you’re from but it’s got a really, really nasty and misogynistic connotation in canada at least and i really don’t appreciate that word being used against me when i really haven’t done anything to deserve it.

Heir Apparent (Leo x Sakura)

A submission by @bandofbaskets

Spoilers for the ends of Birthright and Revelation

This was ridiculous.  He was the fourth child, for gods’ sakes.  He had no right to be standing here.  It should have been Xander, or Corrin, or even Camilla.  They would have been excellent monarchs.  But no, Xander and Corrin were gone, minding their own kingdom, and Camilla had given up her title to play house with her husband.  Leaving him here, being fitted for coronation robes by his own son.

“What do you think of this color, Father?” Forrest asked, holding up a swath of Kendal-green fabric.  “This will bring out your eyes in the most marvelous way, don’t you agree?” He, at least, looked happy – his eyes twinkled in merriment, and a pale pink flush of excitement colored his face.  Leo knew his own complexion was closer to sour milk.

“Black,” he said in a clipped tone.  “Violet trim, if you insist on other colors so much. It’s customary for ki –” He choked on the words.  Kings of Nohr.

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do you have any online shopping site recommendations?

idk what kind of online shopping you’re doing anon but I’m gonna assume it’s clothes

first: THE DON’TS

  • Don’t buy anything from storenvy. The popular Asian fashion stores like Moooh! and UZIP are taobao resellers, and you can buy all their items on AliExpress for 2/3rds the price. All you have to do is reverse image search the picture, type in “site:aliexpress.com” into google as needed, and you’re golden
  • Forever 21 has a good return policy, but their clothing is made for giraffes and tends to have… unwanted surprises (hi-low, tricolor, distressed, the list goes on…) 
  • Modcloth is a conglomerate of ugly vintage clothing from a vast variety of labels, ranging from cheap to semi-designer stuff– not that you’d know it, because it’s all chalked up at forty dongers moreover Modcloth, ever the pinnacle of honest business practices, often refuses to list the designer for the item of clothing so you can’t compare prices! This is why you should try to find the clothing item using descriptors on Google, first– you can’t reverse-Google image search in this case, because they use their own models

ok now the actual recommendations

  • Here’s advice on ordering from AliExpress, which can be pretty cheaply-made and shady but you can still get great pieces. Many people swear by Taobao, but I can’t read Chinese and you need a Taobao agent to ship outside of Asia, which is stressful. AliExpress delivers right to ur door (ok, the nearest post office)
  • Yesstyle is gud and ships international 👍🌍
  • Ebay and Amazon are great for tracking down a cute item you found on, say, Polyvore or ASOS that’s no longer being sold by the manufacturer. I got my Dear Creatures coat for $100 with tax/shipping off Amazon, two years after its initial release (it originally was going for maybe $250)
  • Now, I’ve seen SheIn (previously SheInside) get a lot of flak for being-cheaply-made-in-China, but in doing research for this ask, I actually found that SheIn can have crazy good sales, so that a sweater going for $80 on its original website can be going for $18 on sale. However– I also saw a lot of AliExpress resells. I’ve bought a couple of slippery patterned polyester blouses from SheIn that were gorgeous (and imo that’s their strong point) but people I know have bought dresses and gotten shitty results
  • I’m 5′1″ but I have thighs, so literally all my jeans are from the petites section of TopShop. I literally buy from nowhere else. They cling to my every erotic curve. I never buy from the physical stores anymore, only online, because EVERY SINGLE TIME I try and buy at the actual store the stupid sales clerk goes “oh honey, you can’t possibly be a 28W28L! you’re so tiny!” and forces me to squeeze my flabby gut into pants made for a middle-schooler in a badly-lit changing room while The Weeknd muzak whinges thru the overhead speakers listen I’m not bitter or anything I just like to have room for my stomach I own TEN PAIRS OF YOUR PANTS sorry I got sidetracked
  • @pinstripebowties swears by Missha (American site, Canadian) for makeup and skincare, and we should all trust her more than my clearskin privileged ass. Shipping is a flat rate of $10.50 on the Canadian website, but the American one is MAD CHEAP considering the quality. My Missha order is coming in 2 weeks presumably so I’ll follow up on this

    (M… MAKEUP REVIEW?!?!)

A few older Pines family (extended) headcanons cuz why not. @choc-chip-pancakes and @headful-of-feathers, i’m tagging you guys because headcanons.

-In their teenage years, Dipper pulls a Stan, and basically frequently walks around the house in a tank top and boxers because he’s going through a lazy teen phase, and starts complaining about his bad back (because of terrible posture rather than age though). Dipper somehow doesn’t see it, but the whole thing amuses Mabel to no end.

-Mabel, Candy and Grenda all dye their hair at the same time, with Mabel having rainbow hair, Grenda having a bright pink mohawk, and Candy having an electric blue pixie cut (dunno where this hc came from tbh, I just like picturing them with these hairstyles XD)

-Pacifica getting her own place and everyone being shocked when they come over and find her lazing about in a sweatsuit with messy, unwashed hair, because everybody’s used to Pacifica making herself look her best, but she’s just so damn happy to have this freedom, she finally has total control over her home and can do whatever she wants in it, and if she wants to slob out a little in her own place, she damn well will thank you very much.

-Mabel collects all sorts of bits and pieces for no particular reason, like shiny candy wrappers, buttons, loose rhinestones, posters from magazines. She sometimes uses some of these things for art projects, but mostly she just likes to take them out and look at them every so often.

-Dipper starting off from the bottom in the entertainment industry, because media degree or no, that’s one hell of a competitive industry. So he starts off as an assistant to a producer or something, basically fetching coffee and the like, and slowly he works his way up, because every so often he gets an opportunity to show off his skills, and he is damn good at it, so he eventually works his way up into becoming a camera assistant, then an editor, then a directing assistant, and finally he becomes a showrunner for his own TV show all about the paranormal.

-Mabel doing everything, and I mean everything artistic. She paints, draws, makes some music, does a little acting, fashion designing here and there and so much more. Also she gets ridiculously good at electrical engineering (remember the light-up sweater). Nobody knows how she has time for it all and yet still has time to spend with friends and family. The power of Mabel conquers all.

-Dipper trying out tennis in highschool, and to his surprise, he actually gets really into it and gets pretty good at it. He plays against Pacifica in the summers/when they visit, and they become friendly rivals in the sport.

-Mabel having a kid, and the entire time at the hospital Dipper is just really emotional and crying a lot because Mabel’s a mom and he’s an uncle and he’s just so full of love and joy. Meanwhile Mabel is tripping balls on pain meds and is the most hyperactively overjoyed that she’s ever been, basically yelling shiz like “I AM THE FAIRY QUEEN OF NARNIA AND THIS IS MY BEAUTIFUL PRINCESS!” as she holds her baby for the first time.

-Stan and Ford keeping up their adventures well into their very advanced years, because they’re stubborn and won’t let their deteriorated elderly bodies get in the way of adventure, until it’s at the point where Stan’s just like “Sixer, I will explore this ancient crypt of doom in my wheelchair if I have to”.

-Dipper and Mabel of course frequently going on sibling adventures together, and sometimes they’ll just vanish for weeks at a time and everyone’s just like “where the hell did they even go?!”, because literally nobody has the slightest clue.

-Mabel being really averse to swearing well into her teen years, when she suddenly gets really frustrated one day and let’s out the biggest F-bomb ever heard by human ears. People are at first shocked, and then Stan’s just like “Sweetie, I am so proud of you right now”.

-Wendy becoming a sort of drifter, going from place to place at her own chilled out pace, just living life as she sees fit, and she’ll just randomly show up with like new tattoos and scars and the like, and a whole bunch of new awesometacular stories to tell everyone.

-Soos getting really, really good at the Mr. Mystery schtick, and taking the Mystery Shacks to levels of quality and popularity never before seen, and Stan just being the proudest dad-figure in all the world, he’s so proud of what his wonderful manchild son has made of himself. Sometimes he still performs alongside Soos as “Mr. Mystery Senior”.

-Dipper and Mabel getting tattoos of their symbols, but they get their twin’s symbol rather than their own, so Dipper has Mabel’s shooting star on his wrist, and Mabel has Dipper’s pine tree on hers. It’s a permenant physical statement of their eternal sibling bond, and they both display these tats loud and proud to anyone who shows interest.


And here we find ourselves again friends! To pad out some recent expenses COMMISSIONS ARE BACK AGAIN! These commissions will have multiple tiers as pictured above, but will ALL be single character full-body illustrations. (Some people have mentioned things like comic pages and while I’m not going to advertise that right now, if you really REALLY want some just say so and I can give you price estimates!).


  • Commissions will run in 10-slot “waves” with a first-come-first-serve basis. This is to keep me focused on a select number of commissions at a time so quality does not drop.
  • Only one character per slot per wave will be allowed at least at first, to ensure everyone get’s a fair opportunity. BUT if you want multiple characters please let me know and I might be able to get multiples in one go!


  • Payment will be done via Paypal ONLY.
  • Payment will be accepted when each slot fills up. I’ll supply my Paypal (not the same as my contact e-mail) and once payment is received work on the piece will begin!


  • To reserve a slot simply e-mail iamdavidbelton@gmail.com with the e-mail titled: “Commission Slot Request”.
  • PLEASE INCLUDE: the tier of work you want, your Paypal e-mail and name (so I can keep track of who has paid), and provide at least one full-body picture and the name of said character/OC. Attach files, or provide working links. Either is fine! Feel free to include any short notes on what pose, expression, sound FX, or objects you want your character to have.
  • If the wave is closed and you didn’t make a slot, you will receive an e-mail saying you are in the next one, and will receive another when I’ve moved onto that one!
  • If you’re nervous about if I’ll do certain content or not: just ask! The worst I’ll do is politely say “Sorry, but no thank you”!

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Hiya! Just wanted to ask about your plans for the upcoming season 5. Will you be streaming placement matches? And how about doing quick plays with your subscribers?

I’ll probably stream my placements in Season 5, I want to set up a semi-regular streaming schedule. Right now, it’s just sort of whenever I feel like it, and games at the end of a Season aren’t terribly high quality. I’m open to doing Quick Play with whomever wants to, but that’s with the big old asterisk that you’ll likely be playing against Master / Grandmaster players due to my MMR. Not everyone finds playing against higher level opponents to be enjoyable, so it’s really up to the individual if they want to play against people like that. I’ve played with a few of my Gold friends in Quick Play, and often times they just get stomped by the enemy. If you’re fine with the possibility of being stomped, I don’t have a problem playing with you, I just want to make sure you’re aware of the type of matches you’ll get with me.

I’ve been deciding what to do with my Bean Camp Mocs recently. The uppers have aged very well. The soles on the other hand are cheap and the heals wore through in a little less than 2 years.

Now I know about the satisfaction guarantee at Bean. I thought long and hard about sending them back for replacement. Even though they would have done so with no questions asked, at the end of the day it just didn’t seem like the right thing to do.

I went on a few made in the USA sources for camp mocs… The prices were higher than I wanted to pay. Everyone was well over $200.

Back to the shoes, I decided to take them to a shoe repair shop around the corner. The cobbler showed me a quality boat sole from Goodyear for $50. So today I dropped them off and for $50 I’ll repair my Camp Mocs. These treads will be high quality. Yes, I know I could have almost bought another new pair for $30 more! But, there’s something that felt right about having something repaired.

I am trying to live by the motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” It’s a philosophy that was adhered to by many in previous American generations.


Sam: Again, not mandatory! It would just really really really help a lot! 

Lara: Thank you, everyone ^^;

(and of course, donations would keep the rate of the posts active so I won’t have to keep disappearing to commissions and the like! And the quality of the art could go up too, since I’ll be able to take more time with them. Thank you guys! I’m really in need of money right now, trying to get my girlfriend a visa to live in the States, so anything at all is very helpful!)

MMFD Fanfic: "A Shady Lane" Ch. 6

Chapter 6 

Finn had set Archie up with the task of escorting the older guests to their seats, and assigned himself the task of waiting for the Bridal party. He lingered in front of the chapel, checking his watch every 30 seconds. Chop was waiting at altar, looking atypically slick in his fitted wool suit. The lads had spent the morning trying to piece together the previous night. Finn’s massaged his pounding head before it was upstaged by his pounding heart. A black cab pulled up to the front and Chloe exited, followed by Izzy. 

Rae came round the other side and helped Izzy maneuver her dress out of the cab. Finn felt like he had never seen Rae in the light before.

Every lovely thing that he’d ever noticed about her seemed to snowball into the next lovely thing. Her hair was sleek and shining. She had done something to it, and he wasn’t sure what it was, but it suited her. Her skin looked soft and creamy, but it always did. He just didn’t normally get to see this much of it out in broad daylight. And her cleavage was probably going to make Finn’s face melt off, it was so…something. Her eyes shined bright and her mouth was pleasantly pouty and concerned as the shook out the back of Izzy’s dress. Her boobs sort of went up and down and Finn was definitely keyed in to such things, but now more than ever. 

When had the girl he fancied for her low-key coolness transformed into this sexy man-eater? It’s almost fucked up, how good she looks. Finn resisted every urge to run down the steps, take her by the hand, and just keep running. Forever. He realized his mouth was literally hanging open and he tried to look away. He tried. 

But it was like she was surrounded by this impenetrable light that shone out of the ends of her hair and her fingertips. He’d pretty much talked himself out of asking her, thinking about waiting until maybe summer to see if she was interested in getting married. But he had the inclination that if he didn’t wife her as soon as possible, he would likely implode.

He slipped back into the chapel and tried to get a grip on himself.

The girls made their way into the outer sanctum of the church and Finn couldn’t help himself. He snuck up behind Rae and pulled her to a little alcove next to the chapel.

“Hey…” she started, but he cut her off with a gentle kiss that made his knees go wobbly. Just feeling her in his arms was doing wonders for his hangover. Her body was the exact temperature of comfort.  

“I’m sorry I were a bit funny yesterday,” he whispered, pushing a strand of her hair behind her ear, trying to cop a whiff of her shampoo without being to obvious.

“No, I was definitely being a twat,” she said, eyes wide with regret.

 Finn swallowed hard. Looking at her made him feel super stupid and his mouth was dry and he wanted to ask her then to do him the honor of spending the rest of their lives together but instead, he said, “Well, you can make it up to me on the dance floor, eh, girl?”

She grinned and he could have stood there all day, but he heard Archie in the corridor. 

“Where’s Finn? We’re about to start!”

He and Rae burst from the alcove and Finn gave her hand a quick squeeze before heading into the chapel with Archie. 


Archie had never cried at a wedding. He’d only been to a handful in his youth and he mostly remembered frolicking about with other kids in the churchyard. But when he saw Chop look at Izzy, he absolutely fucking lost it. He struggled to direct his attention elsewhere, anywhere to avoid betraying his cool and collected demeanor.

He found Devon’s face and smiled nervously. Devon winked at him subtly and mimed wiping a tear from his eye. Archie then looked at Finn, who was swaying and fiddling with Izzy’s wedding band in his hand, waiting for his cue to hand it to Chop. He then snuck a peak at Chloe and Rae. Chloe was wiping her eyes daintily with a silk handkerchief and Rae was just beaming at Archie. She stuck her lower lip about a bit and smiled, causing Archie to feel dewy-eyed all over again. He loved these nutters, every last one of them. 

Chop got choked up reading his vows and Izzy was so overcome with emotion, she rushed through hers just to get to the part where they were finally married. 

Before he knew it, the ceremony was over and Archie was escorting Rae out (Finn, as Best Man, was escorting the Maid of Honor, Chloe) and strolling leisurely to the hotel on the high street where the reception was supposed to be. 

“That was bloody brilliant, am I right?” said Rae, uncharacteristically starry eyed. “Like a fairytale, but more…Lincolnshire.”

A few of Chop’s and Izzy’s cousins had brandished beers and flasks for the walk and jostled into Rae and Archie.

About a block down, Chloe released Finn and he snaked back through the crowd toward them.

“So…how are things with you two?” whispered Archie. 

“How do you mean?” said Rae. 

“He was a bit put out last night,” said Archie. He was not prepared for a tense and awkward ride back to London tomorrow.

“It’ll shake out,” said Rae under her breath as Finn caught up to them. “Hello, Finley, best bloke! That’s what they’re callin’ ya, right?” Finn grinned ear to ear and wrapped his arm around Rae and fell into step with them.

Archie felt like now would be a great time to fuck off and he turned around to see if Devon was heading over and he clocked him lighting a cigarette half a block back.

“Oi,” he said as another man cut him off…and headed straight for Devon. Archie froze as he saw this man reach down for Devon’s hand. Archie spun into an alleyway and prayed Devon would not notice him. The two men walked on past him, jovial and intimate. It was very clear they were familiar.

Archie felt his face begin to burn as he hastily replayed the events of the week. He’d literally only just snogged this bloke one time. Whilst drunk. And then barely said a word to him again. As he replayed this over and over in his mind, he realized he had completely fabricated this creepy, depressing image of a sweet holiday romance. Was he literally trapped in a shite television Christmas special about finding love for the only gay in the village? Archie decided he would make a delayed arrival to the reception, wait for things to fill out before slinking back in to face the music. Music.

He’d all but forgotten that he and Finn had been practicing a song for the reception per Chop’s request. Now he was going to have to sing a fruity little love song in front of everyone, including Devon and his posh boyfriend. So much for staying under the bloody radar. Archie remembered just how fucking much he hated Lincolnshire and thought that his return to London couldn’t come quick enough.


I am stoned as fuck right now, ladies and gentleman. I am so sorry for the quality of this Chapter. But the next one is the penultimate chapter! Get ready for some romantic entanglements on the dance floor. I’m going to go eat some blue ribands and watch Skins.

Cheers m’dears!


Let me know what you think about the direction this ‘ish is heading?

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how would the rfa want the mc to comfort/support them when they're feeling depressed?

Mod sammy is back….to procrastinate all the homework i said i would do….



  • Even if he’s on a limited budget, he buys you some cupcakes and rents a few movies he remembered you saying you liked
  • He asks if you’d be okay with just laying down to watch a few, and he completely understands when you say you won’t be much company
  • “I don’t mind, just being near you is enough for me!”
  • You end up falling asleep on his shoulder half way through the first movie
  • He’s so glad to see you look so peaceful after so long of seeing you look so sad
  • He also knows he can’t cure you, but he always makes sure to tell you that even if he doesn’t know exactly how you feel, he’s willing to listen. In a way he does know how you feel though, as he felt similar after Rika’s death
  • //now beginning what you actually asked for//
  • He would just want you to sit down with him and play games
  • He can’t help but laugh when you get mad at the AI’s, because…they’re just so easy, how have you died six times already?
  • little does he know, you’re acting terrible because you know it always gives him a good laugh, especially when you replace cuss words
  • “FFFFuuunnnnnnn, this is so FUN”
  • He can’t help but feel happier with you around


  • He makes sure to take a few days off work to spend more time with you
  • He also makes sure to help keep the house cleaner than normal, and to get you outside a bit more often.
  • “A little sunshine never hurts, right? And I read somewhere that spending more time outside can help..?”
  • You’re really thankful for all his help, and constantly apologize for being a burden, but he refuses to believe that you were ever one.
  • “Everyone goes through rough times, and I’ll always be here for you when they happen”
  • //now beginning what you actually asked for//
  • He loves to hear you sing, he doesn’t care about the song or the quality, he just loves your voice so much
  • just sitting down and watching some movies, with his head in your lap while you just talk about miniscule things that happened with your day
  • He especially loves it when you play with his hair


  • She sends you multiple texts throughout the day to remind you to eat, and to take care of yourself. She also texts you small encouragements (”I believe in you, MC” “We can get through this together”)
  • Her computer is filled with google searches on how to help someone dealing with depression, and she has multiple notes on her phone.
  • During the rough spots, she always helps you keep the house clean, and cooks meals that are healthy for physical and mental health
  • She hates seeing you so upset, but she also knows it’s not something she can cure, but she’ll try her hardest to help you through it
  • //now beginning what you actually asked for//
  • She’s never directly asked for it, but you make sure to go around the house and make sure everything is organized
  • You don’t let her come home and work; you instead make her some tea and a light dinner, with some of Zen’s works on TV
  • You never hold her back when she starts to go fangirl mode


  • He, of course, takes a week off work to spend with you
  • You’ve told him that you don’t need material things, but he buys them anyway (he’s trying his best)
  • He leaves reminders all over the house, scribbled on sticky notes for things to do when you have nothing.
  • “We need some ingredients for curry, if you would want to go pick some up, I left cash on the counter”
  • “Here are some numbers for activities, feel free to try any of them”
  • Listed below are piano, violin, art, and dance instructors
  • You take him up on the art one, and even if you aren’t the best artist, he always acts like the works you show him are masterpieces
  • And of course, he showers you with attention and love all throughout the day
  • //now beginning what you actually asked for//
  • Just. Being near you
  • He get’s incredibly clingy, like he holds your hand wherever you go around the house and is always cuddling you.
  • He always likes to hear about your day, even if you just spent the whole day inside. Talking about a cool recipe you found online? He’s overjoyed just to hear you talk about it.
  • He’d never admit it but he loves it when you run your hands through his hair


  • He brings home a lot of different ‘comfort foods’
  • AKA, candy and everything unhealthy and delicious he could find at the super market, along with a bunch of soft blankets and stuffed animals
  • He also bought some games for you two to play together!
  • He knows what you’re going with, and he completely understands you whenever you try to explain what you’re feeling, and can respond likewise
  • “I dunno, it’s…hard to explain. I’m so tired even when I sleep all the time, and-”
  • “Yeah, me too. It feels real annoying, right?”
  • You’re so thankful for how good of a listener he is
  • //now beginning what you actually asked for//
  • You usually pull him away from work for a while, and ask him to open up a bit
  • It takes a while, but when you coax him just right, the flood gates open
  • You just hold his hand and listen as he rants and rambles, nodding as he speaks a million miles a minute about whatever’s bothering him
  • You can always answer with something you’ve gone through as well, and he’s so thankful for it
  • When he starts cracking jokes again, you know that the storm is finally starting to pass