everyone is invited to the wedding

The wedding

When Yuuri posted the wedding invitation on instagram, the skating world exploded.

Phichit got himself a new camera and a new selfie stick and was constantly gigling and spamming both Yuuri and Victor with questions about everything. And when Yuuri asked him to be his best man, he started gigling even more.

Yurio, on the other hand, looked like he was about to throw out his breakfast. He told everyone that he wasn’t going to attend the wedding, surely not. But when the day came, his little blonde persona was seen on some of Phichit’s pictures hiding behind Otabek.

Leo just commented on the post that he is making the music, only to be corrected by Guang-Hong that THEY are making the music.

Axel, Lutz and Loop immidiately teamed up with Phichit and took photos everywhere.

Chris was thinking about giving the couple a pole as a gift, but then threw the idea away because it probably would not have a good reaction from Yuuri. Instead, he brough the Pole with him and casually started dancing on it, catching eyes of everyone.

On the big day, when Yuuri threw the bouqet into the audience, there was almost a fight about who will catch it. It missed JJ’s fingers only by few inches, and he and many others (including Georgi, Seung Gil and Emil) just watched hellplessly as it landed in a tiny hand of Guang-Hong, whose face blushed immidiately as he turned to Leo. Victor and Yuuri could not stop smilling.

Percabeth's Wedding

You cannot convince me that Percy did not, PERSONALLY, ask Hestia to attend his wedding as a patron, instead of that b*tchy-hag known as Hera.

Like he approaches her at camp, everyone else watching behind him all confused, while he asks her verbally to attend his wedding, with a basket of gifts and an envelope invitation to his wedding to sit in the front row with the parents. And Hera isn’t even allowed on the wedding’s premises.

(Hades and Persephone are also invited, they bring Cerebrus)

Hazel is the flower girl and Nico is the ring bearer.



And so… We come to this.

-If Victor proposes, it’s at the Grand Prix Final

-If Yuri proposes, it’s probably while they’re alone and it’s just the two of them

-Both post their rings on Instagram; the skating community BLOWS UP

-They try to have it in April, when the cherry blossoms bloom

-They hold the wedding at the family onsen


-Pichit, Leo, Guang-Hong, and Yurio are personally invited. The rest of the skaters, even Mila, Sara, Seung-Gil, and even their coaches, crash the wedding

-Pichit is best man to Yuri, Yurio is Victor’s best man.

-Both Victor and Yuri cry during their vows

-“I now pronounce you husband and husband. Congratulations, Yuuri Katsuki Nikiforov and Victor Nikiforov Katsuki. You may now kiss the groom.”

-Everyone cries, even Seung-Gil, Yurio and Yakov!

-Wedding banquet of course was also in the onsen, katsudon anyone?

-Pirozhkis were also provided, made by Yurio’s grandfather; Yurio totally ate half of the batch

-You can’t tell me that 「History Maker」 and 「You Only Live Once」were not played in the background during the banquet

-JJ totally performed during the party; JJ hand gestures everywhere

-Victor and Yuri dance to 「Stay Close To Me」

-That was originally going to be it, but since all the skaters are here, SURPRISE EXHIBITION AT ICE CASTLE HASETSU!

-EVERYONE skates their short and free program from last season; Yuri is still a seductive pork cutlet bowl, so much that Victor totally got hard XD

-「Stay Close To Me」 plays once again, but this time Victor and Yuri pair skate to it.

-Pichit and the 3 triplets are totally taking pictures EVERYWHERE; pictures of the newlyweds, the performances, Celestino and Minako getting wasted, and Leo and Guang-Hong KISSING IN A SECLUDED PLACE?!

-Everyone stays over in the onsen overnight

-Victor and Yuri cuddling in bed.

-“Good night, Victor Katsuki.” “Good night, Yuri Nikiforov.”

-“愛してる.” “я люблю тебя”

  • Shaw has called Root hot and admires her gun handling skills
  • John has called Root pretty and praised her kidnapping skills
  • Zoe said she was cute and knew the picture of Turing’s husband was fake becase she picked up gay vibes from Root
  • Fusco said she has a big brain
  • Harold thinks she’s brilliant
  • Greer wanted her on his team
  • The Machine chose Root as her analong interface and imagined everyone as Root
  • Samaritan agrees that Root is pretty

I’ve never seen a show where everyone praises a character as much as everyone praises Root

Renruki Wedding invite text

I thought the wedding invitation was really cute, I typed out the text quick and translated below:


皆様にはお健やかお過ごしのごととおお慶び申し上げます。 幼少から一緒に春った私たちは、真央靈術院 を経て護廷十三隊でともに剣をとって戦陣にたってきました。

先の大戦を経て、甫び立ち上がろうとしている尸魂界ですが、 私たちもその中で剣ではなく、手をとって新しい道をつくっていくことにしました。


つきましては、日頃お世話になっております皆様に感謝の気持ちを込めて、ささ  やかな小宴を催したく存じます。


Dear sir/madam season of frosty nights.

(okay that sounds weird in English, but the above is basically a greeting you may find on Japanese Wedding invitations for weddings taking place in December)

We would like to extend our happiness that you are all well. We grew up together from childhood, after getting through the Shino Academy, we stood together on the battlefield gripping our blades in the Gotei 13.

Souls Society was just beginning to recover after the last Great War, wherein we gripped each other’s hand instead of the blade to create a new path.

This time, we have decided to host our wedding ceremony.

With the feeling of gratitude to everyone who we are forever indebted to, we would like to host a small banquet.

Thank you for your continued support, we sincerely request your attendance.

Victor Hugo Facts and Legends

-His middle name was Marie

-It took him 20-30 years to write Les Mis

-He would write naked a lot bc he claimed it cured his writers block

-May have had a foot fetish?

-Some say he had sex with his wife so much on their wedding night that she got mad at him

-He spent some time in exile bc of Napoleon and the he got invited back but he stayed out until Napoleon III was gone bc he was not having the whole emperor thing

-During that time some Belgians got really mad at him and attacked him shouting “Down with Hugo! Down with Valjean!” (Maybe)

-Basically all of France celebrated his 80th birthday like this guy was a legend

-6 hour funeral procession

-Let me reiterate

-six hours.

-Legend says that when he died most of the brothels in Paris closed in mourning of the loss of their best customer

Supergirl 3x22 Spoiler

It’s the Sanvers wedding. They got engaged at the midway finale of season 3. Alex is hyperventilating because ‘holy shit a girl likes me’. J’onn is walking Alex down the aisle. Maggie wears a suit. Her parents stop being dicks and come support her. Kara is the prettiest maid of honor and Lena is her date. James blinds everyone with his amazing smile. Winn is wearing a bow tie. M’gann goes out of her way to show up and stays afterwards bc shes a queen. Lucy looks beautiful as always and tries to invite herself on Alex and Maggie’s honeymoon. Man Hell rotted away long ago. I cry tears of joy.

My serious but kinda crack headcannons for the Victuuri wedding

Yakov gives Victor away. Yurio is the ring bearer (because in episode 10 he was lashing out from anxiety and fear of failure/replacement so he’s not really mad at Victuuri he’s just a scared teenager and this violent reaction shows he does actually care). The triplets are the flower girls. Minako is the maid of honour. Chris is Victor’s best man. Phichit is Yuuri’s best man

Minami faints when he gets his invitation (which is from Victor no Yurri so our poor katsudon is very surprised to see his #1 fan at his wedding)

Phichit, Guang-Hong and Leo take so many pictures everyone wonders why they bothered hiring a photographer

DANCE BATTLE. Featuring reining champion Yuuri Katsuki-Nikiforov and his arch nemesis Yuri Plisetsky!!! With special guests Victor Nikiforov-Katsuki, and to everyone’s amazement (and because of Yuratchka’s begging) Otabek Atlin!!!!

A portable stripper pole courtesy of everyone’s favourite hoe Christophe Giacometti which gets brought out at the after party (which Yuri, Otabek, Minami, Guang-Hong, Leo, the twins and Yuuri’s parents are not there to witness as they all went home as Chris poured a 15th glass of champagne down Yuuri’s throat)

Victor picks their tuxes because he (and I quote) doesn’t trust Yuuri’s fashion sense.

After the minors leave bodyshots galore.

Drunk Yuuri begs Victor to be his husband and Victor is just like “Oh little katsudon” and everyone’s hearts melts.

Yuko and Yurio have a reunion and my brotp lives once more

(Feel free to add more I’d love to read them)



Head canon

Otabek fully accepts Victor and Yuuri as Yuri’s dads. Like “thank you for inviting me to your fathers’ wedding” , “Victor, Yuuri, you have raised a fine son.” “You share a strong resemblance to your father Victor” *sees Maccachin and pictures of Vicchan* “ I see you got your love of animals from your fathers ” and everyone is slightly confused but they just roll with it

Some Sweet Flips wedding hcs:

  • Everyone on the moon base was invited to Carey and Killian’s wedding, and I mean everyone. I don’t know how but the void fish was definitely there too and they may have decorated its chambers
  • Magnus walked Carey down the aisle and merle took Killian down the aisle, Taako was the flower boy and did throw some leftover flowers in Angus’ hair
  • Angus was 100% the best man of one of them, maybe both, he was up there with them in the nicest clothes with his big brother Avi who was also a best man
  • Johan did the music no question and it was beautiful as always
  • Magnus was bawling as soon as he sat down, this man is a wreck by the time they exchange rings
  • Merle is just holding sobbing Magnus, it’s a little awkward because he’s not had the best experience with marriage but he’s super happy for them and knows it’ll go well because it’s obvious they do love each other a lot
  • Taako is loving this, he didn’t make the food but he did decorate the wedding cake and that’s a step for him. Killian and Carey compliment his decoration and he secretly is glad
  • The Director marries them and by the end she’s a little teary but hides it well
  • Leon and Garfield the deals warlock are invited and actually provide most of the set up (at a great deal of course)
  • At the reception, Killian and Carey have their dance it is beautiful and even Garfield is touched and Magnus is crying again 
    • Magnus is a lot tipsy and can’t stop talking about how much they love each other and how beautiful marriage is and also how great Carey’s duck butts are
  • Killian and Carey definitely dance with Angus too and do that dance where the kid stands on the adult’s feet 
  • It’s a great time and everyone has a lot of fun and it’s the best moon wedding ever

Ok so dumb headcanon of the day;

For special life celebrations in Remnant, attendees of whoever’s event it is traditionally where the colours that represent that person. Christenings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and many more. It was always a great way to not only show tribute to The Great War and the colour naming rule, but it also helped make those events a whole lot brighter. Especially funerals which are usually a sad event, but everyone wearing the colours of the deceased helped bring the happier memories and helped them remember them.

Bonus: After that tradition became popular, for a while wedding attendees would wear the colour of whoever’s family they got invited by or are closest to; but more recently it’s become popular to request attendees wear a mixture of the two colours if they make a colour they like (E.G. Red spouse, Blue spouse = Attendees wear Purple)

finally.. ........ the truth about the miraculous ladybug fans

Ladynoir Fans: watched too much anime when they were twelve

Adrienette Fans: see a cute boy in the soup aisle and start designing wedding invitation covers

Marichat Fans: who cares they’re not reading this they’re too busy writing porn

Ladrien Fans: like to suffer™

Dj Wifi Fans: pretend they just like the dynamic but are secretly crushing on Alya

Nathanette Fans: aren’t even pretending anymore like. they have like five homemade Nathanael plushies

Julerose Fans: everyone pretends Adrienette is the purest ship but these guys got it figured out

Heartrate Fans: they are definitely reading this since they’re on tumblr searching for another gif of the one scene they have

Okay but what if Tutti is just R’s version of George Glass and he wants to make Enj think that he’s cool and so he’s like oh yeah I have a boyfriend and les amis are like oh yeah R what’s his name and he’s like umm
And everyone sees through it except for Enj who gets super jealous of Tutti bc he wants to date R. Every meeting all the amis are like Grantaire! old boy! How’s Tutti the love of your life? ?
He gets super committed so Tutti has a fake instagram and all the amis act like they hang out with him. And when they finally break it to Enj that Tutti doesn’t exist he doesn’t even believe them because “Feuilly there’s Evidence and how could you deceive me like this”

Enj and R invite Tutti to their wedding obviously.

More Than Friends

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Request: “Can I request a scenario where you’re Namjoon’s best friend and you’re very very comfortable around him, almost too much, you just never show your feminine side, but he still manages to fall for you ? Thank youuu”

Word count: 3371

A/N: You might want some wine with all that cheese ;)

Like always, the teacher was late and almost everyone was already in the classroom. Everyone but the one person you wanted to talk to: Kim Namjoon. You were really close since elementary and for the first time you actually felt nervous to talk to him.

Next weekend was going to be your sister’s wedding, and you were allowed to invite a friend – thankfully, since you knew you were going to get bored – and who else would you bring other than your best friend? But for whatever reason asking Namjoon for such a favor made you feel a bit uneasy. It might’ve been because for the first time in forever you were going to wear a dress – a pink bridesmaid one at that – and his reaction scared you. Or maybe because he’d say no, because it’d be so boring. But mostly – although you didn’t want to think about it that way – it was because you typically went to weddings with your boyfriend or a date, and he wasn’t exactly that.

After a few minutes of pondering through the window, you heard him stumble against a chair as he entered the classroom. He was wearing some black shorts, with a baggy oversized sweater, his socks reaching his calves and a smirk plastered on his face as he walked towards his seat, next to yours. It had become a habit of yours every morning to wonder how someone like Kim Namjoon could pull off the wackiest of clothes and always – really, always – look fashionable.

He smiled at you as he sat down. You were about to talk to him when he was distracted by Bora walking past him. She was the most “wanted” girl since seventh grade – her early development the source of her success. That day, she was wearing a low cut shirt, so of course he was going to get distracted.  

You couldn’t help but purse your lips, immediately catching a glimpse of jealousy, that you tried to shake off as soon as possible. Your best friend was a guy – and Kim Namjoon at that – so what did you expect? Still, it bothered you deep down that he’d never look at you that way. Then again, how could you expect him to see you as a girl either, after all that you’ve been through… He had seen you at your dirtiest and ugliest, and for the longest time there was little you felt embarrassed about when it came to him. But for some reason, as you remembered your sleepovers – where burps and farts and other grossness probably happened – you couldn’t help but feel utterly mortified. You cursed your innocent and uninhibited young self as you contemplated the doodles on your notebook.

“Wow. What happened to you?” He asked chuckling.

“Wh-what do you mean?” You mumbled.

“You’re red as a tomato. Were you thinking of something… dirty?” He asked wiggling his eyebrows.

Literally, yes.

“Of course not! I’m just… tired.”

“Right. ‘tired’. So what’s up?”

“Nothing much. But I do have something to ask you…”


“You know this weekend’s my sister’s wedding and… I can bring a friend so… uhm… you’re coming, right? I don’t want to die of boredom, or asphyxiated by the perfume of too many flowers in a closed space or…”

“…Or of embarrassment when you see the new arrangements your sisters insisted on for your bridesmaids dress.”


He laughed.

“_____________! You’re really something. I got my invite like three weeks ago. As if I needed one anyway, your sister has been texting me about wedding details for months.”


“She even sent me a snap when she picked her dress. A magical moment…” He said as he wiped an imaginary tear off his cheek. “I can’t wait to see you in yours.” He said chuckling evilly.

“YOU’VE BEEN WHAT!? How did I not know about this… Also, if you’re responsible for that thing I have to wear you’re dead Kim Joonie!”

“Well… she wanted to see you ‘wear pink for once’ so… there was little I could do to save you.”

“You’re still dead.” You whispered as the teacher entered the classroom.


You didn’t even get to see yourself in the mirror before you had to come down for the wedding ceremony.  All you knew about how you looked was that your dress was pink, puffy and short, that you had makeup on and some sort of accessories on your head. Oh. And high heels that made walking down the stairs really difficult and slow.

When you finally reached the first floor, you were greeted by a hoard of women, your aunts, your mother and sister and her bridesmaids, all awed of how “pretty and girly” you looked. You tried your best not to roll your eyes at their lies comments.

You were all gathered outside the small chapel as you waited for your turn to go down the aisle as part of the procession. When it was finally your turn, you couldn’t stop yourself from searching with your eyes for Namjoon in the crowd. When you found him, however, you regretted it a bit. His eyes were stuck on you, and you could see how hard he was trying not to burst out laughing in the middle of the ceremony. It made you feel slightly embarrassed, but at the same time, you could share his amusement in a way, had he been in you position, you would’ve probably done the same thing.

The ceremony was long but still beautiful, and you felt really happy for your sister and her husband. Your mom was crying and you almost did too. After it was over, you spent some time with your parents and the newlyweds before where the reception was going to take place in the hotel.

Inside, tables with pink flower decorations were placed around a dance floor, where your sister and her husband had their first dance together. Outside, was a garden, and you could tell there were many flowers and lights that decorated it, but you didn’t go outside, too occupied with the buffet.

As you were enjoying your dinner, you felt someone tap you on the shoulder. When you looked over, you saw Namjoon, with a plate in his hand, smiling brightly at you.

“Oh, shut up.” You said, trying to contain a laugh.

“In my defense I did try to convince her against the ruffle flowers when she asked for my opinion…”

“Wh-what ruffle flowers?”

Namjoon couldn’t help laughing.

“The ones on the back of the dress?” He said, smiling as soon as he saw the look on your face. “It’s not bad, it’s just not your style. But you do look…. Pretty.” He said, his attitude suddenly a lot more serious, not quite able to look into your eyes as the word came out of his mouth.

“Th-thank you…” You mumbled, both surprised and unexpectedly pleased by the compliment.

“I think we should dance now.” He said after you finished eating.

“Dancing? You? Kim Namjoon, dancing?” You said mockingly.

“Yes, with you, come on.” He said as he grabbed your wrist and pulled you off the chair and into the dance floor.

As expected, his dancing was weird and awkward, limbs moving uncoordinatedly from the rest of his body, his face expressions following the rhythm a lot better than the rest of him. Having said that, there was something charming about him making a fool of himself, and as you tried to follow the music too, you simply couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

“I think I need some water…” You said, after the song ended, leaving him doing the Macarena on the dance floor.

When you came back, you saw your cousin – who didn’t have the pleasure to be a bridesmaid – dancing next to him. She was wearing a tight little black dress, and she looked beautiful as ever. She seemed rather interested in Namjoon, and you knew she was “his style”, aka, fashionable and beautiful, so you decided not to go back, you wouldn’t want to be a cockblock to either of them… right?

After mingling a little with your brother-in-law’s parents, you decided it was time to go to bed, even if you weren’t really tired. Since Namjoon was probably occupied with your cousin, there was little left to do for you, so you just went upstairs to your room, besides, most of the guests were already gone.


You immediately went to the bathroom after taking your high heels off. The pain was killing you and it took you a little bit of time to adjust to walking normally. You were surprised when you got to see your reflection in the bathroom mirror. You didn’t look bad, as you thought you did. Of course, it was out of character for you, but you actually looked… pretty. Your makeup wasn’t bad, and the dress was just a pink bridesmaid dress.

After taking one by one all the bobby pins in your hair, you took a warm shower and slipped into your comfortable pajamas. You put your still humid hair in a bun on top of your head and finally jumped into bed.

As much as you tried to relax, you couldn’t. Thoughts of Namjoon and your cousin dancing together, talking together and… ughhhh together couldn’t stop flooding your mind. You tried to pretend you didn’t know why it bothered you so much, it’s not like you didn’t know how to share a friend, right? Besides, Namjoon would be happy for you if you got a boyfriend or something, right? So… why should it bother you so much to think that he could be hooking up with some girl? And your cousin at that, wouldn’t you feel happy for her too?

Then, you heard a knock on the door.

You thought it was probably your mother, asking you why you left the party or something.

It wasn’t.

As soon as you opened the door, you were greeted by Namjoon’s classic smirk and for the first time that night you realized you were staring at him. He was wearing a black suit that fitted him perfectly – a rare occasion since he was more of the baggy-fashionable type. Of course, he looked a lot less polished than at the beginning of the party, his tie loosened and the top buttons of his shirt let you get a peak of his collarbone.

You instinctively swallowed and as soon as you understood that you couldn’t lie to yourself anymore, you immediately looked down, hiding your eyes from your friend, as if by doing so the truth would also be hidden.

You were checking Namjoon out, and it was stirring you up. Deep down you knew it wasn’t the first time that he made you feel that way either, but you didn’t want to admit to yourself that you saw your friend as more than a friend.

“You’re already in your pajamas? Damn girl, you’re fast!” He said smilingly.

“Yeah… I’m tired.” You lied.

“Oh… Uhm… Then, should I leave?” He asked shyly.

“No, it’s ok. Why did you come here anyway?”

“I just wanted to see you. You said you needed water and then you never came back so I got a bit worried you were sick or something.”

“No, no. I just saw you with my cousin and thought you wouldn’t want me to interrupt.”

“What do you mean interrupt? I came here with you, remember?”

“Weren’t you… like… trying to hook up with her?”

Namjoon burst out laughing uncontrollably.

“Yeah, no. She’s not my type. Besides, I don’t think her boyfriend would’ve liked that either.

“Oh… I didn’t know she had a…”

“Of course you didn’t, you were too busy dancing with me to notice.” He said wiggling his eyebrows, making you roll your eyes. “Come on, I want you to see this.”

He helped you off the bed and guided you all the way to the elevator. He took you to the where the reception took place, it was empty, the tables and chairs had been removed and the floors had been swept. It barely looked like a party had taken place there.

“So… what are we doing here?” You asked hesitantly.

“Here? Nothing. We’re going to the gardens. They kept the decorations and I wanted you to see them.”

You knew your sister had been planning her wedding for a long time, and you knew there was a lot of effort put into every little detail. Then again, you didn’t expect the gardens to look so mesmerizing. The space wasn’t very big, there many white flowers and fairy lights decorating the branches of the trees. You followed a thin path that guided you to a small gazebo, also adorned with fairy lights. You regretted for a second not having explored a little bit more of the venue during the party, then the idea of Namjoon bringing your cousin there came to your mind. Immediately things started to look less bright.

“God, you’re such a girl.” You heard Namjoon say. When you turned around he was staring at you. “I knew you were going to like coming here.”

“I didn’t know it was so beautiful…” You admitted.

“Well, had you not disappeared I would’ve shown it to you sooner. I looked for you everywhere, I didn’t actually think you’d be in your room.”

“Sorry?” You tried to chuckle.

“No, no. This is better, actually.” He said, taking his coat off and slowly putting it on your shoulders.

Namjoon had always been a gentleman with you, even if sometimes it seemed hard to tell under all the teasing and low-key bullying, but it still surprised you that he would take care of you that way. You swallowed, confused yet unable to keep your eyes off him. He was looking at you in a way he never had before.

“What are you doing?” You asked, trying to hide a smile.

“I don’t want you to get a cold.”

“What about you, then?”

“I’m not that important. So wear it for me, ok?” You nodded and smiled to yourself. “So… how do you feel now that your sister got married?” He asked, looking away from you for a moment.

“I don’t think things are going to change much, to be quite honest. They’ve been together forever.”

“I feel quite nostalgic actually.”

“Nostalgic? Why?” You let out a small chuckle.

“You know I appreciate our friendship more than anything, right?”

“Of course.” You said, almost amused by his doubting.

“And… you know I love you, more than anything in the world, and I would never lie to you, right?”

Since his words were so unexpected, it took you a moment to nod in agreement. Of course, you knew you were important to him. You were best friends after all, but those were words you had never told each other before.

“However…” He swallowed. “There’s something I’ve never told you and the longer it’s kept unsaid the more all that I just said becomes a lie.”

“What are you talking about? Is this one of your riddles? Because I don’t think I drank enough for one of those…”

“No, I’m serious.”  He said amused by your answer.

“Then what are you talking about?” You asked, turning your face around to look at him.

“Our friendship. The longer I keep this up, the longer I feel like our friendship is a lie.”

“I know you think you’re being clear, Namjoon, but I don’t understand what you’re talking about and what you’re saying really hurts.”

“You’re right. The last thing I want is to hurt you so I’m going to make an effort not to rant and be honest even if it means risking losing what I love most.” You noticed his eyes were starting to get watery, and yours couldn’t help but do the same. “I must be the luckiest guy in the world, you know? Just to get to have you as my best friend because you are the most genuine, intelligent and… beautiful person I’ve ever met. You are adorable, silly, and supportive and funny god I you’ve made me laugh for hours straight! And you’re compassionate and-”

“I thought you said weren’t going to rant…” You chuckled nervously.

“I’m not… If I did the list would be much longer, trust me. What I’m trying to say is… You’re the best person anyone could ever have the privilege to meet and it is no mystery that I would… fall in love with you.”

You must’ve been dreaming. It was so surreal, how beautiful everything surrounding you was, and how Namjoon’s words – even if they always had the tendency to be poetic – seemed so honest and beautiful. You definitely must’ve been dreaming.


“Huh?” You mumbled right after Namjoon’s voice woke you from your trance.

“I know I shouldn’t be pushy but… You’re silent and I’ve never seen that look on your face and I’m scared, it’s killing me. So give me a hint of what’s going on in your head.”

“I… I was just… questioning the accuracy of this reality…”

He couldn’t help laughing. “You sound like me…”

“That’s because I spend more time listening to you talk than sleeping…”

He chuckled. “…So?”

“So this is not a dream?”

“If this was a dream you’d be already in my arms.”

He had a point.

“I didn’t think I’d be your type of girl…”

“I can’t have a type because no girl could ever match up to you.”

“Are you drunk or high again?”

He chuckled. “No, I’m just scared shitless I’m going to lose you.”

You shook your head. “You’re never losing me, Joonie. You are my best friend so even if I didn’t… even if I wasn’t in love with you’d never lose me.”

He grinned. “So that means you…”

“That means my parents will be happy I finally have a boyfriend I guess.”

He wrapped you in his arms and tightly pressed you against his body. You remained like that for a long moment, neither of you wanting to break the hug.

“So what exactly did you think was my type of girl?” He said, without loosening his grip around you.

“I don’t know… tall, beautiful, sophisticated, sexy, girly?” You mumbled, barely able to speak, trapped in Namjoon’s arms and coat.

“And what makes you think you’re not all that?”

You tried to lift your face to get a glimpse of him, he looked down to look at you tenderly. “Because I’m short, so-so looking, everything but sophisticated and definitely not girly. I’m not like Bora or my cousin…”

“What?” He seemed surprised to hear those names slip out of your mouth.

“I’ve seen the way you look at her…” You said as you hid your face against his chest. You could hear him laugh under the fabric of his coat.

“You’re sexier and more beautiful than both of them combined. Not to mention your boobs aren’t uneven unlike Bora’s.”

He kind of whispered that last part, but you could still hear him clearly.

“What?” You asked teasingly. “What do you mean uneven? How long do you need to stare at her to notice that?”

“Less than a second. But they bounce uncoordinatedly which is really funny, I made a bet with Yoongi once on how they’d-”

“Oh my God. You’re such a… A BET? That’s… How did I not know about this? And mine aren’t… uneven…?”

“Well… in all fairness, natural breasts are always uneven… but hers are really… god, they’re…. just… not right. And yours are perfect. I bet they feel perfect too, at least they do when I imagine it.”

You couldn’t help but raise your eyebrows. “You’ve imagined what…? They’re really not wrong when they call you a pervert.” You chuckled.

“As if you haven’t had those thoughts about me…”

“Yeah, I fall asleep every night imagining cupping your… manboobs.”

You both laughed.

“As long as they’re the only manboobs you want to cup… whatever keeps you around me.” He said before winking at you. “But for now… how about a kiss?”

You nodded and tried to stand on your tiptoes, making Namjoon chuckle. He brought his face near yours, lifting you up slightly, before gently crashing his lips against yours.

One last person to tell...

Context: Robert & Aaron are getting married in a few weeks and Aaron has one more person to tell.

It was a few weeks before the wedding, the date had been decided, venue booked and suits bought, they’d sent out invitations months ago and had almost got replies from everyone saying they would attend, everyone knew about the wedding, everyone but one.

The morning was cold yet the sun’s rays were spread across the village, the clear sign of spring coming into play, it was quiet, peaceful and serene, everywhere was empty, everyone was indoors, everyone except Aaron.

He’d woken especially early on this day; he’d found it difficult to sleep given the conversation he was about to have. This walk was always a tough one, all the memories it held, all the sorrow and despair, the pain and the misfortune, but after what felt like a thousand steps across the village he eventually reached where he needed to be…

“Hiya mate.” Aaron said giving the gravestone a touch and cracking open two cans of beer, settling one on the floor by it, “Sorry I’ve not been here recently, things have been busy…” He continued settling down beside the gravestone and taking a sip of his drink,

“Actually that’s kind of why I’ve come here, I’ve got some news and don’t worry I’ve not gotten myself in trouble again, I’m done with all that stuff – well for now at least,” He smiled to himself, knowing how he would have reacted if he were there with him, “Where to start?” He said to himself taking a sigh.

“You remember Robert? The idiot who became a fling who became an affair who became a problem who eventually became the solution? Yeah well, he’s stuck around, we finally make it official, you already know that but – “ He took another sigh feeling unable to form the words,

“I don’t know how to tell you this one mate, so I’m just gonna say it… I’m gonna marry him, little old stroppy, scared of commitment Aaron is settling down, who’d have thought it eh? It’s in a few weeks actually, I can’t wait for it to be over to be honest, don’t get me wrong I definitely want to marry him its just me mams doing my head in you know what she’s like, stressing about table decorations I didn’t even want to have or – never mind…”

He paused, wondering why he was sharing all of this, trying to figure out why he couldn’t control what was rambling out of his mouth,

“I want you to know though Jackson, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, where I go, who I’m with or whether I’m married, I’ll never forget you, before you – well you know, I told you that you’d changed my life, and I meant it. Without you I wouldn’t be here, sometimes I bet you regret ever meeting an idiot like me and to be honest mate I don’t blame you,” Aaron chuckled quietly to himself taking another gulp of his drink, “You made me realise that its actually okay to be me, that the world isn’t gonna end if I’m honest about who I am, and I can’t tell you how much you helped me, you made me the man I am today, you’re a part of me and you always will be… always here,” Aaron said placing his hand over his heart.

“You may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten, not by me, I promise, and Robert knows about you as well, you’re not some secret I keep, I want everyone I know to know about the great Jackson Walsh, one of the greatest people I’ll ever meet, and if you were still here who knows, maybe it’d be me and you walking down that aisle? Maybe not, who knows…”

Aaron sat for a few moments contemplating what could’ve been, he was sure that he loved Robert unconditionally, he always would, Robert meant the world to him and he knew it and he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his life with him indefinitely. Sometimes though, when he was alone with his thoughts or where he was now he found it almost impossible not to think about what could’ve been, whether they would’ve gotten married or if he’d have done something stupid and got dumped or got scared and ran away – he couldn’t help it.

“Anyway, I’ll stop annoying you with my rambling, if you were here you’d probably tell me to stop going on with myself and get back to what I need to be doing, even if it is as boring as choosing a song list for a reception I probably won’t be dancing at anyway and before you start I’ve already made up my mind and there is no way I am dancing in front of everyone I know,” Aaron smirked thinking back to the other week when Robert had been questioning him about their first dance.

“Love you mate, I’ll be back soon, I promise…” Aaron stood up after he’d taken the last gulp of his can, before standing up and pouring the opened can that had been stood by the gravestone over the grave, a tradition he kept whenever he came to see him,

“One for the road eh?” He murmured, placing his hand on the gravestone once again, “See ya later.”

With that he began slowly walking back to the pub, on his way back he saw a couple of the villagers, each again the obligatory wedding questions he seemed to be being asked more and more frequently as the big day approached.

Entering the pub, he noticed that only Robert was awake and downstairs, making him and Aaron some coffee and breakfast,

“Hey.” He said turning around as he noticed Aaron come into the room, “Did you tell him?”

Aaron only nodded in response as a tear rolled down his cheek and Robert pulled him into a hug, Robert knew Aaron would’ve found it difficult so he just held him, no questions asked, just let him know it was okay for him to feel this way.

a concept: oswald and edward get married and it’s this big public spectacle that everyone in gotham is invited to (because you know oswald would) and jim spends the entire day running around trying to figure out what kind of evil scheme this “wedding” is acting as a cover for because there’s no way penguin would just be marrying nygma, right??? what’s really going on here??? and Antics Ensue

(of course in the end he figures out what’s going on…they’re in love. wtf is up with this city.)


There’ll be sweets and cake (*‘▽’*)♪
I just have one thing to say: *aherm*…Backgrounds? What are those *laughs nervously*

Decided to draw my sans and frisk from my first AU, YureiTale, for Valentines day. I missed them so much ≥﹏≤

I know i’m speeding up the years for these two(frisk here is 20 and sans is around 29) but i really wanted to draw this pic ;^; And no, Yurei!Frisk doesn’t get old, they can only change their appearance due to the fact that they’re a spirit.

Yuu, Suzu, yureitale© moi
Undertale, sans, frisk© toby fox

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thanks naruhina and studio pierrot, we all know it's so beautiful when a slave boy dies for the rich girl's shallow love life <3 and of course true heroes invite child murderers and crazy human experiment scientists to their wedding :') tl;dr naruhina are the most shallow shippers in history, they have no problem with evil and fucked up morals as long as everyone comes and gives them and their shitty self-inserts validation, disgusting

Some people in real life are really like that. They think they don’t have any ambition or passion anyway, the only most probable form of fulfilment they’ll get in life is getting married and prove at least someone appreciates them. They don’t care social issues cos they’re not personal, those things are not about them.

And when they’re in a relationship, they’re those annoying couples on your facebook. They post about every little thing they do as a couple, like the whole world should care about them. It feels like they think being in a relationship is the only thing they ever have to bait for validation.