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I’m seeing a lot of negativity and worrying from the fandom that they’ll be ending the show after the movie. You guys worry too much, seriously.

Like I don’t think everyone sees how great a marketing technique this is. First they start out with season one, and see how that goes. Then they go with a movie release to get the people who didn’t watch the show and don’t want to spend all that money on an entire season. Especially if it’s a theatrical release. So they gain new fans, and then the movie moves into season two. 

There’s absolutely no way that Kubo and Yamamoto would stop at one season and one movie. YOI is probably one of the most successful animes in recent history, the market will demand more.

My Vision for ‘Met by Accident’ and ‘You Wish’

I received a comment a little while ago wondering how long I had planned on telling this story and was surprised that I was continuing it past the point of Yuri turning eighteen.  It got me thinking again about the direction I plan on taking this fic, realizing I never shared the grander vision with you guys.

So, here it is (without spoilers):
1) The very end of MbA will find Viktor and Yuuri in their 50s with a very special event.  I already have the last sentence of the entire story finished.  I’m literally going to cry.
2) As with life, there will be twists and turns along their path of life but their family (yes, I said family) will be all that much stronger.
3) I told everyone that Otabek and Yuri aren’t going to admit how they feel for each other until Yuri turns eighteen and I’m spinning their relationship into another series?  That’s ‘You Wish’ and it’s coming VERY soon.  
4) There will be quite a few large timeskips coming up, but more ideas are popping into my head every day.  Some I’m saving for a surprise I’ll be sharing very soon.
5) After Viktor and Yuuri’s wedding, their fairy tale life will really start to blossom.  I have so many changes planned for this time.  I’m really excited to get to this point, but I want it to last forever.

While I look forward to writing ‘You Wish’ and explore the snarky yet caring relationship of Otayuri, there will never be another MbA for me.  I honestly don’t think I can surpass the emotion, the reality, the caring or the impact it’s made.  It’s becoming bittersweet for me as I know it’s getting close to ending.  Since you have shared this journey with me up until now, I wanted to share a small sliver of what’s in store.

I really love you guys :)


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Also why you are saying everyone?! Once i get 6k messages saying i am annoying then i will hand it to you and say you are stating fact!! but till then see above. 

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Saturday Submitted Recs #2

These are fics suggested to me throughout the week that I post in a large collection. Make sure you send fic recommendations BEFORE SATURDAY, otherwise they’ll show up on next week’s list. I close the inbox around Friday 9PM GMT so I have time to read through suggestions and put together the entire list.
Thank you to everyone who suggested fics for this week! 

even Time ✔ by DiAnna44 9k
After minutes, hours, days, weeks, Victor finally pulls back, but that passion, that fire, that love that usually exists within his eyes are filled with disgust, with sadness, with horror, and if Yuuri was anybody else, he might have mistaken those feelings to be aimed at him, but Yuuri isn’t anybody else, and has been with Victor for months now, almost a year, knows him almost as well as he knows himself, and Yuuri can see that Victor is disgusted with himself.
homophobia/slur cw

2nd fic cannot be verified because the author’s works/account violates something from the guidelines.

I Want to Skate like Him ✔ by IdunAurora 27k
“Coach me, Yuuri-sensei, please!”
At age 27, five time consecutive world figure skating champion Yuuri Katsuki decides to retire. He has barely made it home to Hasetsu before he finds an eager and all too enthusiastic silver-haired Russian on the doorstep of Yu-Topia Akatsuki, demanding Yuuri to coach him. Well, it’s not as if the Japanese legend has been able to get 23-year-old Viktor Nikiforov out of his mind since the young man enchanted him at the GPF banquet in Sochi months earlier, anyway. Also, Yuuri’s smirks should be illegal. Viktor is certain he has spent more time imitating a tomato than he has been skating.

An Honest Accident   by undermyumbreon3k
After Yuuri completes his Short Program in a figure skating competition, he finds that he didn’t exactly finish it perfectly. Victor tries to comfort Yuuri and help him work through the embarrassment.

Hold Me Tight ✔ by smudgesofink 11k
Katsuki Yuuri is not a tactile man. Anyone who’s spent a minute with him can tell you that much. Victor, however — To say that Victor is touchy-feely is the understatement of the century. So when Victor just stops touching Yuuri, without explanation, without reason, it makes for a painfully jarring experience.
homophobia/slur cw

dear true love ✔ by cityboys WIP
Victor is a writer pretending to be on a break; Yuuri is a pianist pretending to not be on a break. They meet, somehow, in the backwaters of Saga Prefecture, Japan.

On My Love ✔ by RikoJasmine WIP
For the second time, the Sochi Grand Prix Finals arrive, and with it a reborn Yuuri Katsuki. “Viktor,” Yuuri thinks over the pounding of his heart, the crowd going silent as the music begins. “I’ll show the world what you meant to me.” Yuuri often thinks of his life as Before and After Viktor Nikiforov, the marking point being the day Viktor swept into his life and turned his world upside-down. After many years together, an accident leads to Yuuri suddenly waking up in the Before—back in Detroit, before the GPF, before he ever knew Viktor as anything other than his childhood idol. As if it had all been just a dream.

another girl in another time ✔ by cityboys 11k
According to the multi-verse theory, there is another Sara out there who has her life together. In this world, though, she’s just a high school senior with detention to attend, a prom to contemplate and a twin to reconcile with. 

of eros and of dust ✔ by cityboys 2k
It’s nostalgia, maybe, or Phichit’s kind, knowing smile, or just an unconscious need to talk about it—but he starts talking as the pedestrian lights turn green. About the Eros routine, about Victor, about the ring, about skating.

when the walls come down ✔ by cityboys 2k
Being with Yuuri, sometimes, is like a game of tug-of-war. 

your love is my turning page ✔ by cityboys 4k
Victor and the hours he spends waiting, reflecting and figuring things out.

sight of the sun ✔ by cityboys 6k
It’s still new, reaching inside himself and finding nothing but love there, and a yearning for life—for the rest of his own life—that’s never been this sort of present before. It’s still new, just like the band on his own ring finger is still a wonder, just like seeing Yuuri’s own band has not stopped giving Victor such a dizzying rush of emotion every time he sees it, days after the wedding. Wherein their honeymoon brings Victor face-to-face with a lot of firsts in his life.

2nd fic from the first ask could not be verified because the author’s works/account violates something from the guidelines. 

World’s End Holiday ✔ by komagayda
For whatever reason, for whatever unknown reason, the moment that clock hit zero Yuuri Katsuki was entirely alone. 

Recommended from Private Messages

You’re Not Alone ✔ by Symbio WIP
When Yuri’s biggest secret comes out, he’s devastated and pretty sure his career is ruined. But with support and understanding from Victor and Yuuri he faces the media backlash. He’s determined to let nothing get in the way of the quickly approaching season but it seems the world is throwing obstacle after obstacle at him.
transphobia cw 

That’s all for this week. If you suggested a fic and it’s not on this list, it will be on the next one! 

A reminder (also in the FAQ): From now on I’d appreciate it if people sent in ONE fic suggestion per ask, since I didn’t clarify in the last post. Send multiple asks if you want to recommend more than one fic, but it makes it easier for me. Thanks!

PSA From Leon

Viktor: Hey everyone. So- Leon and I started texting again a small while ago. I decided enough time has passed and I think it would be a good idea for Leon to tell you all his piece of the story. Its only fair. He’s really taking things a bit too far with his apology. I hope he doesn’t feel guilty soon because there is no need for it at all…Anyway- here is Leon with his side of the story.

Leon: …You still sound mad. 

Viktor: Of course I’m a bit mad- but I do forgive you. Since you’re visiting your family in Russia I figured now was the best time to have you in front of the camera. So go on…I’ll turn the camera on. 

Leon: O-Okay Vitya! 

Viktor: Please don’t-

Leon: Sorry…okay

Viktor: Yeah a lot of people were asking about that photo. They thought you comitted suicide or something. 

Leon: Haha- really? That’s a stretch…I guess I never thought about it that way. 

Viktor: Yeah well- it did hurt my feelings…the photo and the text.

Leon: Well….

Viktor: I’m not fragile. 

Leon: A skater’s  heart is fragile. It just is- 

Viktor: Hm…can you explain why you are wearing that shirt?

Viktor: Sorry if it isn’t what you expected. Also sorry i’m not on camera. I have a cold so I kinda just wanna stay off camera for a little while. 

Leon: You want me to order us some take out soup?

Viktor: Yeah…that would be nice. 

( If you’re new to this blog if you look under the tag ‘ leon chapter’ you should be able to catch up pretty easily on who Leon is and what he means to Viktor. Peace and Good Vibes, Friendos) 


Is there hope for Ymir to stay alive? We don’t know. Only Hajime Isayama knows. But… we can’t deny how much Ymir loves Christa. Her main true goal was to always protect Christa and to live with her no matter what. She did say ‘I cannot marry you yet’. After all Ymir is that girl who keeps moving forward with her head held up high. I do wonder what Hajime Isayama is planning. Everyone knows his favourite character was always been Jean and Ymir. Why Ymir of all people? I’ll wait til Christa reacts to this. I’m still going to continue the manga incase something incredible (miracle) happens.

ok but since it’s canonically confirmed that Minami is attracted to Yuuri their interactions get even funnier and cuter???


I mean I’m not surprised that Minami might feel something for Yuuri considering that he made this face after seeing Yuuri walk into the rink (but tbh who wouldn’t be flustered at the sight of this perfectly packaged sex demon)


he’s like hang on,,,,,,what’s going on,,,,,,something suspicious is happening over there



MINAMI IS JUST SO CUTE AND MIRRORS THE AFFECTION YUURI HELD FOR VIKTOR ALL THIS TIME SO WELL TOO he’s so precious I wish we had seen more of him he’s pure sunshine

(also shout out to potentially jealous Viktor who wants the katsudon all to himself)


A year ago today, the first trailer for yuri on ice was uploaded to youtube

I’m so glad I found the preview the day it was uploaded, and watching it grow from a preview to one of, if not the biggest anime of 2016 has been memorable

Thanks for everything you’ve done for everyone that you’ve touched <3

Things that Yuri Plisetsky does on his birthday
  • wakes up later than usually and goes to the kitchen to angrily remind Yakov and Lila that he’s not doing anything today because it’s his birthday (not like he mentioned it about 500 times this week)
  • his 16th birthday so he’s practically an adult now and they can kiss his ass (maybe he says that in other words. or not)
  • reads a super nice text from Yuuko, a short message from Otabek with “so you have birthday today or not” and asking if they may talk later and then some really weird and creepy yet amusing posts on Yurio’s Angels forum
  • eats a big and against athlete’s diet breakfast that said Yakov and Lila prepared for him totally not because it’s his birthday or anything
  • gives a new toy to his cat since he doesn’t know when the cat’s birthday is anyway so they may celebrate together
  • shuts the front door in Victor’s and Yuuri faces after they start to sing him “happy birthday” in Russian
  • dies from embarrassment
  • lets them in only because they seem to carry a lot of birthdays presents with them
  • complains about every single one but when Victor offers to return them to store almost breaks his arm
  • goes to rink because Worlds still are coming and he needs to wipe these idiots out there
  • is lifted by Mila 16 times because of some weird tradition she heard of
  • swears to kill anyone who publishes a video of that on Instagram
  • skates a bit for fun
  • gets super excited seeing his grandpa watching him from the side
  • (it was a surprise that he’ll come to St Petersburg, Yakov paid for tickets)
  • eats katsudon pirozhki with his grandpa
  • shares some with anyone on rink too and they show him the super big cake they bought for him
  • eats a lot of cake telling them all how disgusting they are
  • shows his favourite places in St Petersburg to his grandpa and drinks some hot wine from him (he hates its taste but he’s almost an adult ok)
  • makes grandpa stay with him one more week
  • comes back home only to call Otabek immediately
  • tells his best friend how he’s birthday’s weren’t so bad even with all those self-absorbed morons around
  • gets excited when Otabek says he has something for him too
  • though he plays it cool
  • but then dies again realising this is a link to an actual playlist made only for him with songs produced by DJ Altin™ 
  • goes to sleep after listening to it about 17 times and calling Otabek to say it pretty decent
  • “best birthday of my life” he mutters to his cat before falling asleep