everyone is gonna be a cartoon!

theres genuinely nothing more annoying on this site than when the Funnymen all get together for a big circlejerk session and pat eachother on the backs for being Such Good Boys whenever a trailer for a new booby cartoon comes out

look out everyone, a dude with a goku avatar is gonna tell you to read jojo instead of the crap of the week. he’s breaking out his miyazaki gifs. everybody’s jacking off.  nobody cares. see you all next week when this shit happens again. 

my sister and I got a little carried away inventing a disney channel cartoon for ourselves and I drew this for it. You know when something starts out as a joke and then all of a sudden you have a storyworld and characters and plots and sideplots and the Conspiracies That Come Into Light After Two Seasons

should probably mention before everyone asks: the dot on my sister’s forehead is a birthmark. :)


Hello everyone! So I’m opening up temporary commissions in hopes I can get enough funds for Clip Studio Paint, which is on a 60% off deal! (Not gonna miss out on it!)

What I WLL draw:
*Anthromorphic creatures (AKA) Furry stuff
*Any Video games (such as Ratchet and Clank, Sonic, Sly Cooper, Don’t Starve,Mario, Megaman,Animal Crossing,Smash, Pokemon, etc.!
*Humans (in a cartoony way! This includes anime characters)
*Cartoon characters (Such as Spongebob, Mickey Mouse, etc.!)
*Multiple Fandoms! (Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Undertale, etc.)
*Monsters and creatures
*Original Characters
*Shipping (Gay, Striaght, Bisexual, Pansexual, Asexual, etc.)
*Platonical Relationships (Best Friends, non-romantic!)
*Family Stuff (Such as bonding and what not!)
*Mild NSFW (Such as nudity for anatomy purposes, sexual things, a FEW fetishes, light romantic, kissing, cuddling, light blood and gore, We’ll need to discuss it more depending on it!)
*Simple Robots! (Such as Clank from Ratchet and Clank, JailBot from SuperJail!, WX-78 from Don’t Strave, Basically nothing with overly complicated designs!)

What I WILL NOT draw:
*Robots (Like Transformer shit. I can’t and won’t even try until I get enough practice)
*NO HATE ART!! (No targeting, politics, etc.!)
*Anything hateful such as bullying, teasing, that goes against anything such as anti-gay, racists, etc.!
No religious stuff (Please don’t, I’m not gonna offend anyone; also religion isn’t my thing I’m sorry. Even if it’s a joke like “Sonic found Jesus lol” like nope.)

So I’ll be opening up 10 SLOTS! (I’ll only put you on the waiting list once we’ve got everything set and stone!)

  1. (OPEN)
  2. (OPEN)
  3. (OPEN)
  4. (OPEN)
  5. (OPEN)
  6. (OPEN)
  7. (OPEN)
  8. (OPEN)
  9. (OPEN)
  10. (OPEN)

If you’re interested, please contact me at DarkChaoClub@yahoo.com with the subject named, “COMMISSION”!!

I plan on working on these all day and tomorrow, so please be patient as anything can happen!


Don’t send the money before discussion (I swear I won’t give it back if you try that I’ll consider it a donation.) Or after I post it up/give it to you!

NO REFUNDS AFTER WE’VE CONFRIMED (unless you have a vaild reason, I won’t take the whole “You’re taking too long crap”)

If you want the commission private, PLEASE tell me in the discussion! I also have the right to not accept a certain request! We seriously need to reach an agreement in order for the commission to go through!I hope I can get enough money to get Clip Studio Paint, I really need this program for my new pc! Please signal boost if you can! ;v;“

“Best Cartoon Dad of the Year”

Because I like feeling smart and writing long analysis posts that my two loyal followers sometimes pity-like I’m gonna be doing one of those “Top 10″ thingies that everyone likes to read so they can be outraged by the #1 slot. First up I’ll be doing “Best Animated Dads” because I’ve seen too many fucking lists with Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin on them because no one can think of any others.


1. They must be a legal or biological father. Father figures are great, but I want to specifically look at fathers who have taken on full responsibility for raising their children.

2. I’d prefer to keep anime out of it. 

3. They must have episodes or scenes in their source material where they interact with their children directly, not through letters or flashbacks. Often writers like to pull a red herring by showing how kids misconceive their parents behavior or obsess over letters without actually showing the relationship. 

4. They will be ranked not only by how good they are at parenting, but also how good of a character they are on their own. Writers seem to think that you can’t have a nurturing male character be interesting and a good parent, and I’m legit so done with that excuse. 

5. They have to identify as male. Masculine moms are kickass and I love them but this list is specifically for fathers. Also, I cannot think of any cartoons about a super cool trans man dad but damnit if its out there I’m counting on you to show it to me.  

Candidates Already Being Considered:

Bob Belcher of Bob’s Burgers:

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Greg Universe of Steven Universe

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Mr. Diaz of Star vs the Forces of Evil

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4. Professor Utonium of Powerpuff Girls

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Um. . .I . . .I really want to cosplay, but I'm terrified because my body shape is not the typical skinny. I'm scared of being judged and told that I'm not good enough because I don't fit the characters body type.

I’m gonna tell you a few things:

1. if everyone fit the body type of every character they cosplayed, cosplay would be so boring! 

2. if you’re really scared, try cosplaying with someone (like a friend) or in a group!! 

3.  Here’s a little bit of advice/a story for you! I have always been fat. Fat as a child, fat as a teen, fat as a now adult. Sure, i’ve been a “smaller” fat but i have never in my life been “skinny”. I have always loved anime and video games and cartoons. And i always wanted to cosplay some of the characters from my favorite shows, but never had the confidence to do it because i thought was too fat. I developed an eating disorder at one point, but no one said anything because i was still fat. 

One day, my friend from Canada texted me and told me they were going to be in California (the state i live in) for a convention and to see family, and asked me if i wanted to cosplay with them and go with them. it would be the first time we’d be meeting in person, and we’ve been really close friends for years now. So, you know what? I did it. I cosplayed my favorite character from my favorite anime, and you know what? We got a ton of pictures taken of us. i was surprised because i obviously didn’t fit the characters body type, but man we could barely move a few feet without people wanting to take our picture. I was rocking a double chin in a lot of my photos and people were telling me how good we looked. i was so happy and i felt so confident. After that, i wanted to cosplay more. So, i went to fanime that following year and cosplayed again. As the years went on, i continued to find characters I wanted to cosplay and….well, did it! Sure, i was scared of being judged because i didnt fit the character body type, but cosplay was actually helping my self esteem A LOT. I’ve gained a lot of weight since i first cosplayed, and to be honest, it didnt bother me all that much because of the confidence cosplay was giving me. I started to love myself. 

Eventually, i did Idol Steven. Short skirt, crop top, all that. i got a photoshoot done, and i think that also helped shoot my confidence way up! but ya know, at some cons, i feel a lot of eyes on me when i wear idol steven. I can feel a lot of judgmental eyes on me, and it sucks.

 Honestly, you’re not going to be able to stop the judgments, the community can be a shitty place for plus size people. Thats why i created this blog. 

Cosplay gave me all the self love and confidence i have today. i’m not saying it’ll do the same for you, but who knows! maybe it will. I found a safe place on this blog and in this community of plus sized cosplayers i found, and im so glad! Just know that you got a lot of people here for you, that will boost you up instead of tearing you down <3 please go for the cosplay you wanna do. you will ROCK it, i promise! <3 and remember to share pics with me, if you feel comfortable enough!!!

sorry if this wasn’t very helpful, but i hope it was!! <3

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Dammit I hate the internet sometimes I really was curious as to where Betty was then I thought about the others excluding the cupheads they were animals I thought maybe Betty wasn't there because she's human so I decided to give you the information on Betty starting out as a poodle I never meant to sound pushy

It’s alright.

Anyways, my reason for not including Betty Boop in the last few sketches/mini comics had nothing to do with her being a non-animal cartoon (the cupheads are there so it would make no sense to exclude her over that). It’s just I wasn’t  thinking of her when I was drawing those pictures at the time. It wouldn’t have mattered if she was a poodle or not. If I don’t think the comic calls for a character like Betty, I’m not gonna throw her in the comic just for the sake of having her there. 

There’s a lot of old cartoon characters, and chances are, I may not get to everyone. In fact, I probably won’t under normal circumstances. But just because I don’t draw a comic with Betty Boop and Bendy in the same panel that doesn’t mean I may never draw it, or that no one else is ever going to draw it.

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hey jsyk philipjfryy is saying that bc of ur post their going to cut themselves bc obv everyone so many ppl 'despise' them & thinks their abusive. they said that abusers deserve to hurt so thatswhy their gonna do it

#tw self harm #self harm #self harm mention #tw suicide mention #twphilipjfryy #not cartoons

Hey, I’m on mobile so I can’t tag the proper triggers/see my IMs/format this post, but thank you for telling me.

I just looked on their blog and it seems that another user (though Anonymous) is speaking with them and trying to help them understand that harming themselves won’t solve anything.

They also said that it seems kind of like a “guilt trip” (and assuming that Anon read my post it would make sense for them to come to this conclusion due to some of the contents of the post), though @philipjfryy responded that that wasn’t their intention at all. I prefer to give them the benefit of the doubt over otherwise.

It is unfortunate that they feel the need to self harm, no matter their reasonings, and while it does sadden me I still have no intention in deleting the post — It seems that that may be what you were hinting at.

Whether or not they harm themselves is solely of their own doing, and it’d be no fault of mine or any others, though I strongly wish they wouldn’t. In the event that they do, or continue to speak as if they will, please do not feel guilty or as if you have caused it, you haven’t, and I haven’t.

My post was very respectful and objective and based purely on the intention of protecting and informing others from any potential distress or harm a specific person had caused numerous times. I was not malicious or unkind.

In the ending of my post I stated that I had no ill-wishes for @philipjfryy/@dailyfryleela and discouraged my followers against being hateful toward her. I do not despise her at all, only disliking her unkind actions and behavioral propensity to hurt others — consciously or not. I actually stated that I hope she found peace and happiness.

In the event that she sees this, here is the website for a free 24hr talk service to help prevent self harm and suicide:


Hopefully (assuming she doesn’t have me blocked) my mobile app will either let me send her IMs or I’ll be able to get on a PC sometime soon. I am currently out of house for a few more hours and am then babysitting.

Watch Gorillaz Debut New 'Humanz' Album in Its Entirety at Secret London Show

Gorillaz's Humanz won’t be out until April 28, but Damon Albarn’s cartoon band debuted the new album’s material early in its entirety at a secret London gig on Friday (March 24) night with guests De La Soul, Noel Gallagher and Pusha T, among others. 

“We’re gonna play our new album Humanz in its entirety. We’ve got pretty much everyone who’s on the record here,” Albarn announced at the show’s start. As for anyone who couldn’t make it, he said they would appear at the Gorillaz’ Demon Dayz Festival in June.

“I’m not going to introduce everyone because I’d spend the whole evening doing that, but just enjoy the record,” he said. 

The Gorillaz ensemble also included Savages’ Jehnny Beth, Jean Michel Jarre, Kelela, Benjamin Clementine and Anthony Hamilton at for the performance at London’s Printworks, with portions streamed for the world to watch via the band’s Facebook page. 

The secret show marked the Gorillaz’s first concert in seven years and kicked off with the Vince Staples-featuring “Ascension.” While Staples was not present, he did provide a pre-recorded video performance that was enough to set the tone for the album’s 13 other tracks that followed. 

The night dipped into some classic Gorillaz tracks as well, including their debut album hit “Clint Eastwood,” which brought out guest Del the Funky Homosapien. The band’s sophomore set Demon Days was also well represented, with De La Soul rejoining the band (after performing “Momentz” earlier) for the track “Feel Good Inc” before the concert wrapped with the LP’s closing suite “Don’t Get Lost in Heaven” and “Demon Days." 

Printworks is a 5,000-person venue that opened at the beginning of the year in London’s Docklands area. Gorillaz announced the concert on social media Thursday night. 

Watch video of the show here:

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Hey I'm curious. Do you have any straight ships in this universe of yours?

LOL NOPE I mean I could but I’m too big of a fag to try

(But real talk: I might as well have fun making everyone gay because it’ll be years until I have an arsenal of actual canon gay characters in cartoons)


Hello there everyone. I’m here to tell you something that will probably save you when you eat spicy things. Some of you probably know this, but I’m gonna say it anyway.

I noticed many people drink water when they eat spicy things, like in the cartoons. It may seem to help but it doesn’t.

Never drink water after eating spicy things. Especially cold water and carbonated drinks.

You wanna know why spicy food triggers your tongue to burn? It’s because spicy stuff have this chemical compound called capsaicin. It’s what makes your tongue burn like the pits of hell.

Anyway, don’t drink water. If you drink water it makes your mouth burn even more because it spreads the capsaicin around your mouth. Carbonated drinks are even worse because they fizzle and it hurts you more. Cold water? Don’t. They hurt you just the same as water.

The proper way to cure your burning tongue is by drinking milk. Drinking milk helps because, like capsaicin, it’s a non-polar molecule. They will dissolve with each other and thus cure you of your pain. Eating bread also helps because of the rough texture. It keeps your tongue preoccupied. Sugar is the best way to sooth a burning tongue because it counteracts the spiciness. If you wanna be salty then have a pinch of salt because it absorbs the spiciness.

Another note, milk chocolate and chocolate also helps.

I know only those, so search the internet for more. This is just a basic to help you and I hope it is helpful for all the chili lovers out there!

I honestly never got caught up in the whole “girl ghostbusters are gonna ruin my childhood” thing.
I am a ghostbusters fan from the original 2 films to the cartoons, video games, comics, etc.
Once I heard a new one was being made obviously I thought what everyone else did. “Who’s playing the ghostbusters?”
Will it be the original cast?
Will they cast younger versions?
Bottom line was I was gonna watch it no matter what.
Now I saw the movie opening night and I enjoyed it a lot. I actually wanna go see it again.
Now myself, my wife & kids all enjoyed it. Me being the only one who really knows the classics and can spot the homages paid in the new film.

My daughter…..
So my daughter asks me the next day if we are gonna see the movie again. I said sure, why did you like it that much?
She said yes. She liked that they were girls that were heroes.

Honestly up until that point I really didn’t think much of the role genders played in the movie. My daughter looked up to these 4 women and it got to me.

Today I was wearing my ghostbusters video game tshirt and my daughter asks me why don’t I have the girl ghostbusters on there? I told her I had the shirt around the time she was born but I would wear the girls if I had one.

These few moments really made me understand that the role a female plays in any form of broadcasting is important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

That photo speaks volumes.
Thank you to the cast and crew behind this movie.


Daryl Dixon in every episode - Still

Merle had this dealer. This janky little white guy. Tweaker. One day we were over at his house watching TV. Wasn’t even noon yet and we were all wasted. Merle was high. We were watchin’ this show and Merle was talkin’ all this dumb stuff about it. And he wouldn’t let up. Merle never could. Turns out it was the tweaker’s kids’ favorite show. And he never sees his kids, so he felt guilty about it or somethin’. So he punches Merle in the face. So I started hittin’ the tweaker, like, hard. As hard as I can. Then he pulls a gun, sticks it right here. He says, “I’m gonna kill you, bitch.” So Merle pulls his gun on him. Everyone’s yellin’. I’m yellin’. I thought I was dead. Over a dumb cartoon about a talkin’ dog. The tweaker punched me in the gut. I puked. They both started laughin’ and forgot all about it. You wanna know what I was before all this? I was just driftin’ around with Merle, doin’ whatever he said we were gonna be doin’ that day. I was nobody. Nothin’. Some redneck asshole with an even bigger asshole for a brother.

man im really annoyed with coming acrossed posts that shame people for not relating to the “correct” characters. like I have a lot of personal reasons why i relate to villains or neutral-leaning characters way more than protagonists, especially if they’re supposed to be “weird” or off-putting. 

not everyone is gonna relate to the same characters, we’re all different and that doesnt make anyone a bad person 

Since PPG is getting a reboot, I thought I would draw my favourite ppg! I decided to draw her as a teen haha

Now I’m gonna be honest, I’m not excited for the Reboot. I’m not a fan of the new art style, it seems to similar to that of Uncle Grandpa and every other cartoon. I wish that the original voice actors were reprising their roles (they even said they wanted too.). I feel really alone here, bc everyone else seems to be excited, but I just am extremely disappointed by it ;-;

EMH closed RP

“-the Hulk has been spotted outside Los Angeles. We at the station would like to recommend everyone lock their doors-”
“Seriously? Oh my god.” Jennifer Walters is in her apartment, watching television. “Like a lock is gonna stop-” The sudden knock on the door makes Jen freeze.