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If I’ve learned anything from my short time here on Tumblr, it’s that you should always try to educate yourself on a situation before you get involved. Also that just because people are fans of the same thing doesn’t mean everyone gets along. I’m new to this fandom thing, and I hope to learn more along the way.


I hit 7,000 followers, I finished up my last quarter of Uni, I made the Dean’s List (again!), I’m going on my dream vacation in less than a week, I’m back home with all my books…March has been good to me. 

Thank you to all the old and new followers! I say it a lot, but I really appreciate it!


➸ 04.22.2017 | Its CRUNCH time! 👊💦 Only one more week of school before finals - so I made a tracker/list to keep an eye on everything I need to finish until then. Don’t know about anyone else, but I’m sweating buckets. (Image on left page made by me! Figured it’s time to throw some of my art on my spreads 💖) 

where the weeds take root
DeanCas / post-canon “didn’t know they were dating” curtain!fic / 30k / Explicit

“Are you happy? Y’know. Just—being here,” Dean says, gesturing to the yard with his beer bottle. “Being with—I mean, you used to fight in celestial wars and—and save the world. Now you’re growing vegetables and talking about chickens.”

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100/365 edits of my shining light  

  • Me: There's only one thing worse than fandom hate *tears away paper*
  • Some of y'all: Shipping
  • Me: N-no

i’ve seen some episodes of television where noted survivalist speaks of an encounter with a… with a Foot and he hears it in the woods and it makes a - a howling noise that - sort of like a… (x)