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Words for 2017 from Emily.
1.Believe me, it wasn’t your fault.
2.Time heals, it is not the end of the world.
3.One relapse does not mean you’re the weakest person in the world.
4.Relapses will happen during recovery, still, keep going.
5.Stop trying to change yourself to impress someone else.
6.Don’t live to please the world, please yourself.
7.Sometimes, people do not want help. Don’t murder yourself to the extreme trying to help someone who will legit not accept any help. They’ll find their way.
8.In every negative moment, try to think of the positive aspect.
9.Stop comparing yourself to everyone else, you are your own, you are one.
10.Just because someone else has the same talent, it does not mean you’re not good yourself.
11.If you need help, just ask.
12.Who cares what people think of your problems, if you are in desperate need, like above, ask for some damn help.
13.You don’t have to be pretty/handsome like them, you are pretty/handsome like yourself.
14.Do not say you give up, and expect everything to be better. You have to work hard for what you want.
15.Just because someone else has what you don’t, it does not mean you won’t get it yourself someday.
16.If someone does not see your value, their words don’t mean shit.
17.I don’t think you have a clue how much you mean to someone, don’t think you aren’t wanted nor cared for.
18.You need to learn to love yourself. period.
19. It seems like hell now, but you’re living through it. That is strong, and means you’ll get through it soon.
20. After a breakup does not mean the end of the world, relax. It happened for a reason.
21.That friendship split for a reason, don’t think of the bad, think of the good.
22.Accept the compliments. We genuinely want you to smile. It doesn’t help if you say “I’m not”, we’re saying you are for a reason.
23.If you need to gass yourself up and become conceited for your own reasons, so be it.
24.Your mental illness/disorder does not define you.
25.Stay freakin’ strong.

Dear Eva,

Thank you for teaching us that one of the most important things in life is knowing who we are, what we love and what we want. We can’t live life doing what others are doing or what others want us to do. We have to live for ourselves and only when we do that can we be satisfied with life.

Dear Noora,

Thank you for teaching us that everyone is dealing with their own battles and therefore we must always be kind to each other. We can’t pretend that we know a person’s life and their emotions just because they behave a certain way to the world. Each individual deals with issues and we should remember that every day is a battle for someone in the world.

Dear Isak,

Thank you for teaching us to do and face what we’re scared of and to truly embrace ourselves and love ourselves for who we are and also to not talk about something before we know what we’re truly talking about and lastly to not worry about the future and just do what you feel is right now and the rest will come.

Dear Sana,

Thank you for teaching us to always stand by our beliefs and to always stand up for ourselves. Sana made it clear throughout the seasons that hate does not come from religion, it comes from fear. It never justifies hate.

Dear Even,

Thank you for teaching us that even when everything seems lost and we’re close to giving up, life can completely turn for the better. Even taught us that living with a mental illness can be manageable and one can still live a happy life.

Dear Vilde,

Thank you for teaching us to love ourselves and not base our worth over what guys and people in general think about us. We may not be loved by everyone but it feels way better when we’re deeply loved by that one special person and our closest friends.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for teaching us that we’re enough. We shouldn’t let the idea that we’re not enough stop us from doing all we can to make sure that our loved ones are happy. Because we might be wrong and in reality our support is all someone could need.

               THANK YOU SKAM.

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Your most recent edit was flagged as sensitive, even though it is not. Just thought I'd let you know

What happened? I have no idea. There’s nothing sensitive about it; it’s literally just an egg pun with Rob and Corinne. I’m sorry you guys got blocked from it. :/ 

As far as I know, there isn’t a way to refute a block. Or if there is, I’ll need to figure out the necessary actions. This is a new function, so I’m not sure how to navigate it yet.

I super-disagree with the way the website is implementing the sensitive-material blocker, because a definition of “sensitive” is so arbitrary, and making it mandatory for everyone under 18 is just a disaster. Frankly, it’s not tumblr’s job to police what teenagers see online; that’s on their parentals. And the fact that tumblr is blocking non-sensitive material simply for having to do with certain 🌈 identities is just abhorrent. I grew up in a small, super-conservative town, and when I was a teenager, the internet was a lifeline in helping me figure out my identity and recognize that I wasn’t broken, and in helping me learn about other identities I’d never encountered irl. 

But back to the actual topic: I don’t know why that post was blocked, and at the moment, I’m not sure if there’s anything I can do to refute it. I’m sorry this website is such a mess. :/

Louis, please don’t let anyone think you are not
good enough for anything. Please be aware that you changed, saved and helped a lot of lives since you became the star you are. You are an example of strenght, bravery and kindess, a big heart and an amazing personality that has the ability to make the world go crazy as soon as you breathe. Your fans ADORE you, anyone you work with falls in love with you after 10 seconds, you are a treasure and I love you so much I’d like to kick in the face everyone that drag you down in these years. I cannot even begin to define what you mean to me and the connection I feel to you and I am just a fan you will never know but the way you touched my life, anyone’s life really, is something that not a lot of people are able to do. You are amazing, talented, beautiful and GOOD. Please don’t you ever forget it. You deserve the world and you can bet anything you want we, your fans, are going to give it to you. 💙

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Everyone's pretending not to notice Louis saying he desperately didnt want the hiatus. neither did Niall. Liam said he didnt know what it meant. But Harry said it was his idea way back in 2014 and he wanted it. Im finding it hard to see how Harry could have pushed for something he knew was going to hurt & disadvantage Louis. Reading Louis feelings of loss, in the light of Harrys hard push for that solo career & the huge gulf in opportunities, it doesn't even sound like a friendship blue :(

You do realize that Harry could’ve left the band in 2014/2015 with Zayn if he wanted right? They’d probably have give him the world and more and he could’ve the solo career completely detached from 1D. Of course Louis felt lost, he never was a solo artist. He only knew the band, being in a band that’s normal feelings. When you do something you never did before you feel lost, until you learn how to do it. That’s how life works in every aspect. And like I said, yes Louis must have felt sacred af because he didn’t saw himself as a big artists as the others, but Harry couldn’t have forced them on going on a hiatus by himself. He doesn’t have that type of power and when you guys say things like this you’re dismissing all the others and their voices. Look at how things are now, look how happy Niall looks, look at Louis working with great artists, discovering what he likes, working on photoshoots. He was scared there, he was reluctant because it’s something new, something you can’t be sure of, and if you’re doubting yourself already it sure would make things harder, but look at him now. He wasn’t bitter about, he didn’t resent that. Goddammit people, Sweet Creature literally exists why y'all being like this


pairing: Ivar x Reader

fandom: vikings

warnings: smut

@nekodemon73  @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway

The arrival of the heathen army hadn’t left much room for festivities or happiness. With your father the king captured and your brother missing, you were the only one of the royal family left. The people desperately needed something to distract their minds from the war and the midsummer celebrations were a good way of doing just that.

 Preparations were already in motion for tonight and up until this moment everything went smoothly. That was until Ivar and his men arrived at your gates, the king at his side, and demanded entrance. There was no way to refuse them, not with your father held prisoner so you opened the front gates for them and let everyone in. 

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Eyes for Him / Jughead Jones

Words: 1738

Cheryl Blossom watched the infamous Jughead Jones closely as he followed your movements, seeming to be unable to tear his eyes off you. 

The redhead and you were not close, that much was clear to everyone in town, but you were of the Blossom blood and she refused to let you associate yourself with people like Jughead Jones. For her, it was bad enough that you were even friends with him and she didn’t even want to imagine you both taking that next step in your relationship.

She narrowed her eyes as her arms crossed over her chest, she knew she had to do something-find some way to stop this whole situation before it even happened. 

Cheryl was creative, she knew she would figure it out before Jughead decided to do anything about how he felt. 

The school day hadn’t even ended when she cornered the boy in the hallway. 

Jughead raised an eyebrow as the girl blocked his path down the stairs. “To what do I owe this pleasure?” he asked, his sarcasm clear as day.

“I want you to stay away from my cousin,” Cheryl demanded.

Jughead snorted, adjusting the strap of his backpack, “Right,” he drawled, attempting to walk past her.

Cheryl pushed her hand flat against his chest, forcing him to stand back in front of her. “I’m being serious. (Y/N) is way too good for you.”

Jughead’s demeanour had tensed, but he tried to play off her words, attempting to show anything she said wouldn’t effect him. “I don’t know what you think is going on, but (Y/N) and I are friends,” he said. “So I really don’t get what you’re trying to do here at all. Besides, the two of you haven’t had an actual conversation in about a year-you may be family but you don’t know anything about her, have nothing to do with her life. I don’t understand how you think you can dictate what she does and who she hangs out with.”

Cheryl’s expression became almost taunting, “But that’s the thing, I think you do understand, Jughead. I know that you want to be more than friends with her, I don’t really get how (Y/N) hasn’t figured it out by now,” she said, rolling her eyes, “but I guess she has always been a little slow.”

Jughead glared at the redhead, causing her to sigh.

“Look, Jughead. You said it yourself, (Y/N) and I are family-and that means a lot to me.” Cheryl paused as he scoffed at her words, her voice hardening as she continues. “I refuse to let a Blossom,” she declared, trailing her eyes over the length of Jughead’s body, “mingle with southside trash.”

Jughead crossed his arms, his entire body now tense. “Too little, too late,” he told her. “We’ve been hanging out for years.”

Cheryl gave him a pointed look, “I think you know what I mean. You may not be the dumbest of the lot,” she said, the words the closest to a compliment she had ever given to him, “but you are certainly not worthy of (Y/N). Life doesn’t work like that, not when a Blossom is involved.”

Jughead pursed his lips, “Is that all you wanted?”

Cheryl thought to herself for a moment, “Just remember what I said. A small trailer on the outskirt of town isn’t good enough for (Y/N)-a gloomy, beanie clad writer isn’t good enough for (Y/N).” Cheryl spoke slowly, trying to get him to understand.

He nodded, “Whatever,” he muttered, finally pushing past her and walking away.

You spotted your friends easily in the almost empty diner, huddled around the usual booth. A smile covered your face as you approach them, sliding into the empty space beside Jughead.

“Hey,” you greeted, your expression only wavering when you notice Jughead pressing himself against the window to move away from you.

Archie waved and continued to eat while Betty matched your smile and said hello. 

“You okay?” you asked Jughead quietly, trying not to draw attention from the pair opposite you. 

He shot you a quick glance before nodding, not bothering to give you a verbal answer. 

Not wanting to push him, you only sighed-letting him have his space. 

You noticed very quickly over the next week that Jughead’s attitude around you in the diner wasn’t a one time thing. He was avoiding you and you weren’t the only one who noticed. 

Having no idea what was going on with him, you were beyond confused and very hurt. You had never gone so long without talking to Jughead and you were usually the first person he confided in. 

It was a huge change in your life and was taking more of a toll on you than you would have expected-hence why you were hiding in the corner of the girls locker room, trying to control your tears. 


Your eyes snapped up, focusing in on the redhead who was taking hesitant steps towards you. 

“What’s wrong?”

Scoffing, you used your sleeve to try and wipe away all evidence of your tears.  “Do you care?”

Her expression softened only slightly, “Of course I do.”

Nodding, pretending to follow her logic, you let your legs spread out in front of you. “Right,” you said. “How could I forget? My beloved cousin, Cheryl Blossom, cares deeply about how I’m doing,” you continued, sarcasm practically dripping from your tone.

“There’s no need to be like that,” she said, taking a few more steps towards you before crouching. “What’s wrong?” she asked again.

You gave her a pointed look, as if to show her that you weren’t believing her act.

“Come on,” she encouraged.

Sighing, you let your head fall back against the wall. “Jughead’s been ignoring me lately.”

“That’s it?” she snorted.

Closing your eyes, you let out a laugh. “Why did I even bother?”

“It’s a reflex,” she defended. “Is this really bothering you so much?”

Slowly, you opened your eyes once more to meet her gaze. “He’s my closest friend,” you told her quietly, “without him, I just feel so…” you trailed off, unable to find the words. 

Cheryl sighed, “I don’t get what the big deal is, this is Jughead Jones we’re talking about.”

“Exactly,” you countered.

“You don’t need him in your life.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” you whispered.

“Look,” Cheryl insisted, “this is for the best. Jughead isn’t right for you.”

“What are you talking about?” you asked. 

Cheryl let her hand rest on your knee, “All I’m saying is that you can do better that some yearning southsider.”

You didn’t understand what she was saying, but you knew she was trying to make a point. “What did you do?” you demanded.

She shrugged, “I only told him the truth.”

“And what truth is that?” you spat.

“That someone like him isn’t good enough for you,” she said casually.

You didn’t think you had heard her right, but you knew your cousin too well to doubt what she had said.

Pulling your leg away from her touch, you shot to your feet, pressing your back against the wall. “You didn’t,” you insisted. 

“What?” she snapped, crossing her arms. “It is the truth.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” you mumbled.

You go to walk around Cheryl, but her hand shot out to grip your arm.

“Don’t touch me!” you growled, pulling your arm away and storming out of the locker room, ignoring Cheryl’s shouts. 

You found your way to the tables outside, knowing where to find Jughead. You saw your friends almost immediately and picked up your pace. Letting your hand rest on Jughead’s shoulder, you ignored the pang of hurt that filled you as he flinched away from your touch. 

“We need to talk,” you told him, not bothering to acknowledge your friends.

“I’m busy,” he muttered.

“I don’t care, we need to talk.”

Jughead must have understood the plea in your voice because he reluctantly nodded, standing and leaving his food behind. He followed you until you came to a stop.

“I know what Cheryl said,” you began, hating the look of recognition that you could see in his eyes. 

Jughead’s face hardened, “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes it does,” you insisted. “It’s not true what she said.”

“(Y/N), just leave it.”

You shook your head, “I can’t, I need you to believe me,” you pushed, reaching out to grip his hands in yours. 

He looked down at them and sighed, closing his eyes momentarily. “(Y/N),” he tried.

“No,” you said, shaking your head again. “I’m not letting you go until you tell me that you believe me.” You could hear how your voice was on the verge of cracking, as could Jughead. “Cheryl was wrong, so incredibly wrong and I can’t have you believing her lies.”

Jughead squeezed your hands, “It wasn’t a lie,” he told you quietly. “We’re not right for one another, okay?” he said. “I’m definitely not good enough for you,” he laughed. “I know that, I just didn’t want to hear it.”

“Why do you believe her over me?” you asked him. “I’ve never lied to you,” you whispered. 

Jughead smiled, “I know. But I don’t think you’re understanding what your saying, what you’re implying.”

“I do,” you said firmly. “You know me. I would never say something I didn’t mean, I would never lie to you.”


You cut his words off by connecting your lips with his, Jughead froze for a moment but you found yourself smiling into the kiss as he responded. “I don’t do anything I don’t mean either,” you mumbled quietly.

“I wanted to tell you,” he whispered, resting his forehead against yours. “But then Cheryl-”

“It’s okay,” you assured him. “Just-just please don’t ignore me like that again. Promise me that we’ll talk things through from now on.”

“I promise.”

“Speaking of,” you laughed slightly, a little flushed, taking a step back, “we should start with us,” you said.

Jughead’s smile grew, “Us?”

“I think I made myself clear,” you said, tilting your head to the side, your expression playful. Releasing his hands, you wrapped your own around his shoulders, “Or should I provide another example?” you asked.

Jughead laughed, letting his hands rest on your waist, “I’m starting to get it,” he answered, playing along. “But maybe you should try again?” he suggested. 

“With pleasure,” you murmured. 

@theaceofgays and @hatsune-miku-was-here have the most adorable sneezes and @azurathemagician and @cwjhunt  have adorable voices and @akilice and @xraveyn and @chariotdunord and @theneonflower are so talented and literally this is the purest group of people I have ever met they are so supportive and cute in every way shape and form and I do not deserve them.

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In Undertale, who's your favorite monster npc, fallen human (other than Frisk/Chara), and minor battle monster?

hmm….I do like Grillby as an NPC, Nabstablook, and as for humans..I’m torn between my deigns for Patience and Kindness

for me, Patience stayed with Toriel until the royal guard managed to get word of the human and forced their way into the ruins (this is before Toriel completely sealed them off since the monsters got the soul)

and Kindness, I think he was the closest to befriending everyone, and he gave his soul to Asgore willingly after seeing all the hardships the monsters were going through  

Imagine Woozi getting flustered when Hoshi teases him by blowing kisses at his way when other people aren’t looking.

Trying to please everyone is probably the best way to end with the real you. We tend to behave and do things for others, not necessarily because we feel like it but because we are afraid of letting them down, and it is never enough. The only solution is to stay true to who God says you are instead of what you are trying to look like for people. Those who truly love you won’t get angry when you say “no”, and those who do, aren’t really there for who you are, but for what you have to offer, and that is not real love.

AU where Reiko is alive, and Touko and Shigeru are Takashi’s biological parents.

Reiko is the head of the Natsume exorcist clan, and her son-in-law, Shigeru, is also an exorcist who was actually trained by his mother-in-law (that’s actually how he met Touko) to take over the clan after her.

Despite being able to see, Touko doesn’t have the heart to exorcise youkai, and would much rather peacefully coexist, so she chooses to be a stay-at-home mom and just do all the housekeeping and make sure her clansmates are eating properly and treating their shiki right and aren’t being too reckless.

Takashi can also see youkai, and it looks like he’s going to go the way of his mother - he hates sealing youkai or hurting them in any way, and can often be found cuddling or playing with Hinoe (his grandmother’s closest and most beloved shiki) and Benio (his mother’s shiki).

Takashi is the sweetest, purest soul ever and everyone in the clan absolutely adores him and will shank anyone who dares upset him.

But Takashi is also a sickly little thing when he’s younger, and living in the city is so bad for his health, and not to mention that he doesn’t get along with any of his classmates either so when he graduates junior high, his grandmother suggests he attend high school in her hometown - it’s exactly the kind of quiet, slow-paced, tight-knit little town that she thinks her grandson would enjoy living in.

Reiko and his parents can’t join him right away, because they can’t leave their clan’s hq with such little notice, so he’s actually going to be living on his own for the first year, in his clan’s villa.

But it’s not really “on his own” because he’ll have a handful of servants (both human and youkai) there to look after and keep an eye on him.

Takashi takes to life in his new home like a fish to water - he makes quick friends with a pair of friendly, energetic boys in his class (Nishimura and Kitamoto), and even charms the local youkai in short order.

Reiko is more surprised than she probably has any right to be (considering he’s so much like herself when she was his age) when she drops in to check on him a week after Takashi moves to his new home, and finds that he’s already unsealed the great and powerful Madara (she’d always wondered where he’d disappeared to, all those decades ago) and managed to make him his first shiki, and has also managed to gain the respect of the great horse youkai, Misuzu (his second shiki).

Me v. Me

The ongoing battle between myself and myself
Makes me want to give it all up and just rebel
And do what I don’t want to, so I can feel the way I want to
Not low. Not no more. Mediocre no longer.
Trade my happy medium for a life of extremes,

Escape the world to escape myself
Runaway and forgo everyone else.
But then I wake up and snap out of my greed,
Exchange what I want to no longer want
For what I don’t really want, but know that I need.



Naruto, reading from a postcard - “‘I’ve been thinking of a nickname for Kakashi Sensei. I think Pervy Hedgehog fits, what do you think?’”

Kakashi - “There goes my dignity.”

Naruto, reading from a different card - “‘Why aren’t you married yet? And, how come your always way late when your team’s supposed to meet? That’s SO rude. AND stop reading your indecent books in front of everyone. That’s sexual harassment, you know?!’”

Naruto - “Will you come back Kakashi Sensei?”

Kakashi - “NO! Never again!”

(From episode 50, Naruto Shippuden)

Traveling books

Ok, so I just heard about traveling books and think it’s the coolest thing (if you don’t know what it is, it basically one person reads a book and annotate it, then mail it to another person as that person would annotate it as well. After it finish a round it would be a book with full annotations and everyone’s thoughts on it).

Now, I don’t know it’s too late, but many of us are on vacation. I think it would be awesome if the cosmere fandom do it to either WoK or WoR in preparation for Oathbringer’s release in November (or we can do any of the cosmere books, really. I think it will be super fun to see everyone’s thoughts on the book and the way different ppl react and theorize differently about the same thing). I don’t know if any of you is up for it and I probably still need to work on details, but if you’re interested reblog this post :)!


So if I say out loud “hey girls are alwys around me but i like guys ” does that make me homophobic??

Goodness gracious Jaebum frequently says I love you to his friends. He always touch them in ways that will make you wonder wether their just friends or if there is something more. Of he’s homophobic he won’t do any of those shit with his members.

Not just got7 and with all other groups too, if you’re going to nitpick every small thing they say then don’t even stan any group because then everyone is problematic. Seriously there are times that the real problematic people are the fans.

Also, watching this episode made me realize how good the cast is at not taking anything personally. Like, if I were Liam, I’d have felt like he was consciously trying to kill my character the first time. I’d have known that was an irrational way to feel, but I’d still feel that way. Sort of like when you’re clearly the biggest threat, so everyone gangs up on you at once. You know it’s a totally reasonable thing to do, but you still might feel personally attacked. 

But Liam was cool about it even when it happened the second time. Like, the second time, if it were me, I would legit be wondering what I had done to make the DM angry. I wouldn’t even be reasoning with myself anymore. I would just feel like they hated me personally and wanted me to leave the game.

So, like, mad props to the whole cast for never taking anything personally.