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If I'm correct you've implied that homosexuality isn't sinful before, yes? My question is what do you make of 1 Cor 6:9-11? Usually people point out that it says "such were some of you" at the end, including the portion addressing "the effeminate." What do you make of this?

the only thing i have said is that God loves everyone, that it’s not anyone’s place to judge, that you can be gay and Christian, and that you should be allowed to live your truth, have your life valued and protected regardless of your sexuality

i know what the text says. and what i also know is that no matter what sin anyone does, they are welcome in the kingdom of God if they have a heart for God. 

if you know anything about biblical text, you know 1 Corinthians was written by Paul about how believers ought to live while in Corinth. it’s his word, as he has interpreted instructions by God. that’s his testimony, that’s his perspective

my testimony, my perspective, is that the bible tells us CLEARLY that no matter WHAT YOU DO you are welcome in the kingdom of God

that is all i’m going to say on the topic because i’m tired of having this conversation. i’m tired of Christians taking up the task of memorizing 3 scriptures and focusing on homosexuality so much. i have never had God wake me up in the middle of the night to tell me that he hates Gay people and that they are not allowed in the kingdom. I have had God tell me to love and be loved, and to be an example of Christ by loving and supporting people. that’s it. i’m over this topic and i’m over us having this conversation at the cost of LGBT people who feel excluded by the church 

the bible talks about sins like abuse, adultery, violence, etc etc way more than this and yet we still talk about it

God loves everyone. Period. No qualifiers. End of conversation.

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I am loving the berena kiss prompts!!! Could you maybe do the "friends aren't allowed to kiss each other" one?? <3

Thank you for the ask anon! I hope you like this, it’s a little out of character but was done in good fun. Wanna see F2 versions our favs? How bout drunk Jac and Mo trying to get equally drunk Bernie to snog Serena? Then by all means, read on…

Always a Flirt

Serena was, by nature, a flirt. Her humour, her demeanour, her self confidence, her friendly manner, it all added to the flirtation. She seemed to flirt with everyone who came into contact with her, patients, staff, even complete strangers in the pub. The problem this left Bernie, was knowing if her flirting was real.

It had been six months since Serena had transferred to Holby to continue her training as an F2, and Bernie had been in a constant confused dance with her, the flirting leaving her breathless at times. It was intense, it was fun but it was always baffling. There were times when Bernie thought that Serena liked her but then she would see her doing the same thing with the other F2’s.

Just as she was right now, flirting with Ric at the bar in Albie’s.

Bernie blew her hair out of her eyes just as a glass of scotch was placed in front of her.

“For god sake, would you please just snog her and get it over with,” Jac said. “I’m sick to death of watching your sad puppy dog eyes whenever you look at her!”

Bernie shook her head. “Friends aren’t supposed to kiss each other,” she said, thinking about a conversation she’d had with a patient earlier in the day.

“Said who?” Jac scoffed.

“A patient,” Bernie replied, knowing that Jac didn’t really care who said it at all.

“Well they were talking a load of bollocks,” Jac exclaimed, taking a big gulp from her wine and looking down at Bernie. “There are no rules if you both like each other.”

“I hate to say this,” Mo said from Bernie’s other side. “But Jac’s right.”

“I’m always right,” Jac swayed slightly and Bernie reached up a hand and pulled her down onto a chair.

“Serena’s just as mad about you, as you are about her,” Mo continued as if Jac hadn’t said anything.

“She’s never given me any solid indication that she likes women,” Bernie began.

Jac scoffed. “She told me she liked my cheekbones,” she said as if it were the only proof she needed.

“Everyone likes your cheekbones,” Bernie patted her knee and Jac smiled proudly, obviously pleased with her bone structure. “Serena and I are very good friends and I don’t want to ruin that, no matter what my feelings are.” Jac snorted.

Mo shot Jac a dirty look before she turned her attention back to Bernie. “Are you really going to deny yourself the chance to be happy?” She asked. Bernie was quiet for a moment.

“For crying out loud!” Jac slammed her glass down on the table. “Mo, keep a look out.”

Bernie frowned at her two friends but before she could say anything, Jac grabbed her face and pulled her in for a long, intense kiss. Bernie couldn’t help but admire Jac’s kissing skills… she wsa pretty good. Better than good.That wasn’t something she ever thought she’d think about.

Eventually, Bernie pulled away. “I know you’re drunk, Naylor, but what the hell was that?”

“I’m proving a point,” she said, looking over at Mo. “Anything?”

“Oh yeah,” Mo grinned from behind her glass.

“You can thank me later,” Jac picked up her glass and toasted Bernie before she drained the last of it.

“I…” Bernie was more confused than ever.

“Oh, watch out,” Mo straightened up in her chair and nodded as if someone were approaching them. When Bernie looked in the direction Mo had nodded, she froze.

“Bernie, could I have a word?” It was Serena.

“Er…” Bernie didn’t have chance to get any words out before Serena turned on her heel and marched toward the toilet.

“I’d go if I were you,” Ric said as he pulled up a chair to their table and sat down.

Bernie stood up but Jac grabbed her hand. “Wait!” She pushed the scotch into her hand. “Drink that.” Bernie downed it.

“Go get her tiger,” Mo winked at her.

“Right,” Bernie said, taking a deep breath before she followed Serena toward the toilets. She felt sick.

Serena was stood in front of the mirrors, leaning heavily against the sinks with her head bowed.

“Serena?” Bernie tried to keep her voice soft, smooth but she wasn’t nearly sober enough to keep her emotions in order.

“What was that I just saw with you and Jac Naylor?” She asked, looking up at her through the mirrors.

Bernie slipped her hands into her pockets and leaned against the door. “I didn’t get much of a response when I asked her,” she replied honestly. She really had no idea what was going on at the time but her inebriated mind was slowly beginning to catch up. Jac wanted to get a reaction from Serena to prove her theory… Bernie didn’t think Serena would be best pleased with that little bit of information.

“I thought…” Serena looked down again. “I thought we… I thought you liked me..?”

“I…” Bernie paused. Was she talking about liking her as a friend or…? “I do.”

Serena spun around to face her, anger and jealously flashing in her eyes. “Then why the hell are you out there kissing someone else?”

Definitely not friendship. “I didn’t… I mean, I did but… I’m not… she started it.” It was a pathetic excuse and she knew it but it was all she could come up with.

“But you didn’t stop it…” Serena pointed out.

Bernie shrugged. “She’s a damn fine kisser.” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them, her brain unable to filter out any word vomit.

“She’s…” Serena shook her head, she was furious. “Are you serious?”

“Well I…” Bernie paused. She needed to fix this. “I don’t…” She rolled her eyes at the fantastic job she was doing.

“For someone as brilliant as you, you can be really dense,” Serena said in disbelief. Bernie frowned, confused by the juxtaposition in her words. “I have been dropping hints and flirting with you for months and you still haven’t asked me out!”

Bernie’s mind was reeling. She wished she’d downed two more of those scotches. “I’m sorry… what?”

“I fancy you, Bernie,” Serena let out a frustrated sigh. “Have done since I met you.”

Bernie stared at in stunned silence. “What…?” She let out a groan and ran her hands through her hair. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t know if I was your type…” Serena shrugged and for the first time since they had met, Bernie watched her blush. “I thought, maybe, if I dropped a few hints…”

Bernie couldn’t help it, she started laughing. Serena’s face became angry and Bernie quickly made her way toward her. “We’re idiots,” she said as she leaned against the sink next to Serena. “I’ve fancied you, really fancied you, for a long time too.”
A tiny smile tugged at Serena’s lips. “Really?” She asked. Bernie nodded and laughed again.
It took a moment but eventually, Serena began to laugh too. “You’re right,” she said between giggles. “We are idiots.”

Bernie nodded, suddenly bolstered with a bout of confidence. “So…” she stepped closer to Serena, their laughter sobering up the closer she got. “You’ve been wanting me to ask you out…?”

Serena smirked. “Yes,” she said, taking a step toward Bernie to close the gap. “But before we do that, I think you should know that Jac Naylor isn’t the only skilled kisser.”

“You flirt,” Bernie grinned and lowered her lips against Serena’s. Jac’s kiss was quickly forgotten.

I’d really like to think that Bernie is good friends with Jac and Mo. I don’t know why, I just like it. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Hope you all enjoyed reading this! xxx
Nearly everyone is okay with violence

The question is:  Where do you draw the line?

For many, violence is okay only in the most extreme circumstances of self-defense.  Almost everybody would agree that, for example, a very minor amount of physical violence (like pushing someone away from you with a moderate amount of force) toward an assailant who is actively trying to murder you, in order to prevent your own imminent death, is a morally acceptable use of violence.  In extreme life-or-death scenarios, almost everyone agrees that at least some small amount of violence is allowed, if used in self-defense.

We’ve established violence is for sale; now we can haggle over the price.

Where a person draws the line regarding the use of violence for self-defense defines a lot of their personal ethics.  How broadly or narrowly do you define the terms?  How imminent does the threat of death have to be?  How certain?  What if it’s just a threat of harm, and if so, how severe?  How much violence may you use to defend yourself, and against whom?  What if it’s to defend someone else, do the same rules apply?  On what scale do these rules apply?  What if it’s a threat to a large group of people?  What if it’s a gradual threat of death, stretched out over a long time?  There are millions of questions one could ask, and over the years people have asked them all, over and over.

But nearly everyone draws the line somewhere, and nearly everyone has some degree of tolerance for violence, even if it’s just the most minimal self-defense violence for only the most extreme danger.

It’s time to stop treating violence like it’s fundamentally bad.
  It’s just another tool in the toolkit; sometimes it’s appropriate to use and sometimes it’s not.  What parameters you set for when violence is acceptable may vary, but recognize that you have a set of parameters like that, even if it’s not something you’re consciously aware of.

Become aware of it.  Think about where you draw that line, and the reasons you do so.  Choose your values consciously.

Meet Sara Vanessa Ryder, better known as Ves Ryder. Short caramel hair, light brown eyes with a patch of green in one eye, barely noticeable from afar. Grown surrounded by man, she’s a tomboy with a very slender but toned body, barely a B cup. She has a very bright and solar personality and has a smile for everyone, sarcasm is her way of be. Stubborn and determined, she’s also a shameless flirt, first because is a way to hide her shyness, second because she doesn’t think that men find her attractive. In her spare time she usually upgrade her Black Widow sniper rifle or do some DIY, she adores Gil because he is theaching her the mechanics bases, and he allows her to help him when he repair the Nomad. She practically adores Reyes, even if he make her blush all the time.

 I always had the headcanon that Reyes at first find her funny and cute, but nothing else. After the fighting against the Roeakar, Ves calm and professional with his sniper rifle, he see her outside the cave, with dirty and sweaty face and a peaceful expression, facing the sunset. Then is when he tought that she is a very nice girl, but also a very beautiful woman.

(Please let me know if I made some mistake ;D)

oh god okay @johnnythirteenguns got me on twitter so here’s Fantabi: Everyone Is Lesbians, the Tina and Credence edition.

Tina and Credence love each other from their first meeting. Tina does what Credence has wanted to do for twenty years — fought back against Mary Lou. She wears pants. Her bobbed hair looks handsome instead of wretched, the way Credence’s poor hair looks hacked off unevenly right at her earlobes.

And Tina reaches out for Credence even when Credence flinches and sobs and wants to be held but cannot allow herself to be held. Tina holds her anyway and lets her cry herself out on her wool coat and her blouse. Tina smells like the street outside and the sweat of staying up too many nights looking over paperwork. Credence pushes her face against Tina’s neck until she can count the beats of her heart.

When she’s cried herself out, she pulls away just enough to kiss Tina’ mouth — because she has no other way to communicate all the gratitude and wonder that she feels at everything that just transpired. 

Then, of course, she panics. And the only way Tina can get her to not retreat back into shivering fear is to kiss her back. 

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I really wish Katara was more straight up to Aang & told him how she felt & whatever he was doing she didn't like right in his face, she didn't have a problem voicing out her thoughts & feelings for literally everyone else, why not Aang? I know she felt like she might hurt him, but Aang needed to know the tough truth, everyone else like Zuko Toph & Sokka called him out for whatever he did wrong & told him right in his face, I wish Katara did so too, maybe Aang wouldn't see her as a trophy then.

Katara wasn’t allowed any agency when it came to Aang. She was this powerful character and the most amazing female bender, but the second she’s in the same room with Aang, she’s unsure, shy, and fretting. She was literally not allowed to be anything but a romantic interest around him. 

Please help me not hate Yondu

(There are GotG2 spoilers all over the place in this post, beware.)

I’m serious. I see everyone loving him and I want to do the same. I think he treated Peter very well and, given the hand he was dealt, I am SO impressed with what he accomplished! (Even if he made mistakes.)


They way he leads his crew in the first movie (”Is that what she’s filling your head with, boy? SENTIMENT?!”) is horrible. His crew turns against him because nobody, not even their captain, is allowed to feel FEELINGS, including mercy, compassion, and love.

(Even more GotG2 spoilers, ahead)

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It's hard being a Hispanic/Native person who doesn't believe in all the shit that the left pushes (Feminism/BLM/Islam etc.) I still consider my self liberal but I'm ashamed to call myself one because of how idiotic the left has become. I'm still left leaning but I can't associate myself with it. What's your opinion?

Yeah I understand, if you’re part of a minority group then you’re expected by everyone to have the exact same opinion about everything. I’ve talked about this quite a few times throughout my blog and how it leads the incredibly valuable freethinkers to be condemned, shamed and outcasted, all to preserve the groupthink. They demand diversity from others but completely refuse to practice it themselves where it really matters: thought. I’m quite similar to you, I do think a strong conservative approach is necessary today though, it is absolutely vital to not allow the West to go down the path it’s currently on but once we do that, liberalism will always be a valuable part of a strong democratic society, they’re like the mom - who just went a little batshit crazy - so we need dad to get things back under control. Mom will still play her motherly role, we just won’t let her get so carried away with it next time. 

Introducing: The Wild Lottery

Wildhearts’ main goal is to ensure that our members not only find the love they deserve but have a fun time doing so. In order to do so, they have launched a new feature titled: The Wild Lottery.

This feature will allow anyone wanting to be involved to be entered in a bi-weekly lottery and chosen for a “date night” with another member. Each date night will be designed specifically for the members chosen. Locations, children, and general interests will be taken into consideration by the moderators to help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and comfortable time.

How it works:

Every other Wednesday a post will be made requesting anyone wanting to be involved with the lottery to like the post. Those people will then be paired up semi-randomly and then given date suggestions to do any day over the next two weeks. Any expenses will be covered by the website.

The First Lottery:

Because this is our first lottery and everyone is still getting to know each other, the first lottery will be more random in the choosing of partners and will serve as more as ice breakers than actual dates. All lottery’s after this one will become more specific to potential romantic matches. If you would like to be involved in the first lottery, like this post! If you have any questions, send me a message!

Some Kpop groups in a nutshell
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> old school legends, no one can compare. Loyal af fans, still stan them after Hyukjae's bad eyebrow era and all the scandals. Kings of hosting shows. Literally it's just Heechul holding down the fort and exposing everyone he can while everybody else gets their military service done. #justiceforSungmin #makeSiwonCEOofSM<p/><b>Big Bang:</b> kpop kings, basically carved the way for third generations. Were hella problematic sometimes but tbh who hasn't. G-Dragon could literally sing about crayons and make a music video with TOP while they pee on each other and still top the charts....oh wait, he did. Daesung out here setting the beauty standards for everyone in s. Korea. #getTaeyangashirt #makeSeungriCEOofYG<p/><b>SHINee:</b> kpop princes, but everyone and their mom knows they're kings. It's just 4 proud moms taking care of their sonshine, Lee Taemin. They don't attend variety shows, variety shows attend them. Out here roasting everybody including themselves, and every producer is scared to have them guest tbh. Vocals out of this world, get ready to be blessed. #shineeorpinee #whereisJonghyun'skazoo<p/><b>Infinite:</b> invented synchronized choreography. Hella supportive of each other and will probably jump off a cliff if Woohyun suggested it. Tbh no one knows what's going on in Dongwoo's head, but it's all good bc he's the resident happy virus. Only the members are allowed to pick on their leader, they'll bite your head off if you do. Still one of the most underrated groups, it's insane. #redchilipepperpaste #kingsofsychronization<p/><b>EXO:</b> just a single mom raising her 8 kids after a tragic breakup. There are two types of fans: ot12 China line forever & everyone is gay for each other. Still waiting on Baekhyun to adopt us all. Everyone suffers when EXO isn't promoting. Always fighting something/are angsty in their MV's ??? #lipstickchateau #yixingcomehome<p/><b>BTOB:</b> legit the most extra group ever. Besties with Vixx, Ilhoon was probably a love child between Minhyuk and Hakyeon. A member can fit his whole fist in his mouth, and the other can break a whole watermelon with his head...don't test them. Have the most amazing ballad songs but are always underrated. #Peniel'swalltwerk #stopChangsub<p/><b>VIXX:</b> concept kings, there isn't a single thing they couldn't pull off. We were all baptized by Hakyeon's dancing. Have the best relationship with their fans, even wrote a song about Starlights. Call Ravi if you wanna make a cute diss track about your enemy. Possibly might be the apitome of contradiction, you're gonna have whiplash after every comeback. #whereisLeo'ssolo #KenVi4life<p/><b>BTS:</b> actually are hella cool once you get past the problematic fans. Massive headaches are all you're gonna experience after trying to figure out the meaning of a music video. Buddies who watch porn together, stay together. They go so hard on their choreography ?? Shook. The true definition of "started from the bottom now we're here" #gucciislove #gucciislife<p/><b>Topp Dogg:</b> could probably rule the third generation of kpop if they weren't so underrated. They have nothing to do but go around and kiss men's lips all day. Peppero embasadors. Titty Boyz. Fans are loyal af, and probably have one of the cutest fan names ever. They're each others biggest shippers, probably. #hanjooruinedme #WOW<p/><b>Got7:</b> if you thought btob was bad, you're gonna have a stroke. Dab7. Diversity at its finest. Always needing to be in trend and act hip, just don't let Bambam near the aux cord. Besties with probably every group out there. Stop taking off your shirt literally no one cares ???? No cucumbers. #EEEEEAAAAZZY. #welcometoYoungjae'sclass<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> were so awkward around each other during No.Mercy but are now the best of besties. Everyone wants to know what Changkyun is thinking. Shownu, please drop that screamo album. Someone is always screaming at some point and no one knows why. Hyungwon is on his way to becoming an international meme/runway model. #pepewho? #bringwonhosomenoodles<p/><b>Day6:</b> not the Fandom name we wanted, but it's the one we deserve. It's just jae trying to westernize his 4 meme kids, while also attempting to teach them the meaning of life: Bob. Everyone is shook now that JYP finally knows what to do with them. Tough love with father jae, but he totally doesn't hate the second maknae. #lobsterforjae #wonpildumbasalways<p/><b></b> lmao don't be offended by any of this bc I literally have no life so u have nothing to be offended about<p/></p>

On May 24, 2017, Taiwan’s constitutional court has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, striking down the Civil Code’s definition as being only between a man and a woman as unconstitutional. It is the first Asian country to do so. 

In the next two years, the Legislative Yuan will have to either amend the Civil Code or to enact laws addressing same-sex couples. If the legislative fails to pass an amendment or legislation in the next two years, same-sex couples “shall be allowed to have their marriage registration effectuated at the authorities in charge of household registration.” 

The fight isn’t over yet, but this is a victory for everyone to celebrate. I am so proud to be Taiwanese. Congratulations, Taiwan! 

23rd May 2017

Manchester, UK bombing at the Ariana concert with 22 dead including children and nearly 60 injured with countless missing.
Marawi, Phillipines has been taken over by the Mautegroup and people are being held, told they will be “taken care of” if they can’t prove they are Muslim.
Bangkok, Thailand had a bomb go off in a hospital injuring 24 people.
Homs, Syria had suicide car bombs which have killed 4 and hurt 2 dozen.
Today is another one of those days where the world just feels a little bit more heavier. To anyone whose in any of these places, stay safe and look after yourselves and one another, let us know if there’s anything we can possibly do. To everyone else, don’t allow this fear to take over, instead show that love can be the light in all that’s dark.
Sending love to everyone❤️

So I just did a post about how I manage my time and my daily schedule and such, and I felt like this part is really important and was getting lost in the minutiae of my day, so I made it a separate post. I was talking about various ways in which my life is not necessarily “normal”, like how I go to bed at 7:30, which people treat as one of my eccentricities, and rightly so. But while it is weird it speaks to the crux of my life philosophy, which I’ve spoken about before as regards dealing with anon hate:

My time and attention are finite resources and they have a value I can bestow where I wish. If something is not necessary to survive, does not solve a problem, or does not provide joy, I stop doing it.

I pay my bills and do my dishes and wash my clothes because you have to do those things. I engage in activism and try to stay current on the news because I believe I have a moral duty to contribute to society, and I run because it’s good for my heart and my body. I have friendships, engage in fandom, play the ukulele, write, go to concerts and movies and art galleries because it brings me joy to do so.

Going to bed early solves a problem for me: I wasn’t doing anything useful with that time anyway, I wasn’t enjoying myself or feeling happy. If I wasn’t getting any benefit from that time, how could I put it to better use? Sleeping is beneficial, so I tried that, and it worked; I get more sleep and I don’t miss anything I can’t catch up with. Work doesn’t make me especially happy or fulfill me in ways we could all wish, but that’s okay. Work is necessary to survive, so I do it. I don’t date much because I tried dating semi-recently and the promise of future joy did not outweigh the lack of joy that dating itself brought to my life; it was painful, ugly, and boring, and so I stopped doing it. 

The dating thing may change in the future, if eventually the promise of a relationship becomes more enticing, but it’s an example of how the pursuit of happiness is non-standard, and you are allowed to weigh the cost against the payoff based on your own personal feelings, not on society’s dictates. Because it turns out when you are doing what makes you happy, when you feel joy, you could give two shits about what everyone else thinks should make you happy. 

Sometimes, what brings me joy is sitting on the couch listening to a podcast I’ve already heard ten times and playing a stupid mindless flash game; I often catch myself thinking “I could be doing something more useful, something cooler, something more active” and remind myself “But this is making me happy, and it’s what I’m capable of doing right now.”

“Does this make me happy” or, if you’re struggling with happiness, “Does this calm and soothe me” is a great metric for what you should be doing in life when you are on your own time. It’s a good way to check in with yourself and lead yourself towards a more fulfilling life on your own terms. 

If you are out at a bar with friends, stop and ask, does this make me happy? Because there is no way in which asking that does not help. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy and if it’s the only time you see your friends, maybe it’s time for a change; you are now free to pursue something that will make you happy. If being at a bar doesn’t make you happy but your friends do, and this is one way to bond with them of many, then it’s a cost with a later benefit, and you’ve now become conscious that while you aren’t happy right this minute, you are paying into future joy. And if you like being out at a bar with friends and are having a good time, then you’ve reaffirmed to yourself that you are happy and this is where you want to be. And affirming that you are feeling joy is a great thing to do. 

You don’t have to be happy all the time – but on your own time, when work and chores and the duties of the day are done, you should devote yourself to finding joy in whatever form that takes, be it a nap or a party or a date or your kids or, I don’t know, watching people make fake food on YouTube. 

Believing that your time and attention have value and should only be bestowed on the worthy means coming to believe that you have value, which is so hard to do that I’ll take any shortcut I can get. Devoting your time time and attention only to what is necessary or what is pleasurable means learning a great deal about what you value, and I truly believe leads you to a more fulfilled life.

So when people ask me about time management, I have real tips and tricks to offer – but I think the most important think I can offer is the suggestion that whatever time you have, you should believe it has value because it is yours, and you should direct it appropriately. 

okay, all together everybody:
  • Adrien and Chat Noir are not two different people
  • Adrien did not develop a split personality disorder upon receiving his miraculous
  • Chat Noir is not the better/real version of Adrien 
  • Adrien does not hate himself and prefer Chat Noir
  • Marinette liking Adrien is not her liking a repressed, depressed, fake version of Adrien
  • Adrien is a kid who loves his friends, loves school, does activities he enjoys, hangs out with his classmates, and is all around a pretty optimistic, kind, and upbeat kid who’s not afraid of standing up for himself and standing up for what’s right
  • Chat Noir awards Adrien the comfort of anonymity that allows him to do things that he wouldn’t normally do as Adrien Agreste. Ladybug awards Marinette these same opportunities. That’s what being an anonymous masked superhero allows you. 
  • Adrien and Chat Noir are the same person. Everything that Chat Noir is Adrien is. Everything that Adrien is Chat Noir is
I encourage everyone in my life to do better. There's not one person around me who hasn't started a business or created a second stream of revenue. I won't allow it. If I love you, I'll encourage you. I'm not gonna be at the top by myself. We can all rise together.

- Meggan Roxanne

okay first things first: i love and support everyone equally in bts but i feel i need to get this off my chest. can we just appreciate Kim Namjoon?
can we appreciate how much he’s done not only for bts, for the boys, for bighit, for kpop, for his family but for his korean and international fans as well?

like without him bangtan wouldn’t exist. well maybe it would but not in this kind of form. and let’s be honest; this bangtan is the best bangtan.

he’s such an amazing leader too. he’s always there for the other members whenever they’re sad, exhausted, in need of positivity, feel like giving up… they always have a shoulder they can lean on and it’s Namjoon’s. he always makes sure that everyone is okay, everyone is happy and everyone does their best and works hard. he’s the one who always wants the boys to be a part of english conversations to so he helps them with their english whenever he can. he translates english stuff to korean so the boys won’t feel like they’re left out of something. he protects his bandmates at all cost but he also scolds them if they’ve done something wrong (lol papa Joon has no chill)

he proved that just because you’re coming from a small company, you can still make a name for yourself in the music industry. after all: not the company but your work will affect people.

because of Namjoon bts didn’t stop until they became the first kpop group to win an award, break a voting record with 300 million (!!!) votes but still staying the same humble guys they really are. they proved that a simple group that has an amazing leader at front is capable to do anything. buf ofc all 7 of the boys needed to be a part of this to make it work. y'know TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK❤️

can we also appreciate that RapMon proved his family that they made the right choice that day when they allowed him to be a musician instead of making sure he cares about university and stuff. he proved that his family made the right choice because now everyone knows who bts are and with this he shut every hater’s mouth.

and now comes the most important thing: THANK YOU NAMJOON. Thank you for always talking to us i-fans in english, for teaching the boys english, for translating english speeches to korean so your k-fans can understand you as well and basically for inspiring us. For never giving up on us. For always being there with us. For saving our lives. For taking care of us. For talking to us through your lyrics. For never taking a step back whenever you experience hate, a bad scandal or something tough. Thank you for supporting us, loving us, for empowering us to be stronger, to be more confident. Thank you for telling us not to give up on our dreams, never be affraid to try out something new.

Thank you so much for everything, Kim Namjoon. You saved our lives and you changed our lives. Thank you for being the best leader and taking care of our boys. ARMY LOVES YOU RAP MONSTER❤️

People on this site are just…disturbing when it comes to fiction in general.  They literally want everything to be perfect, happy sunshine and roses (probably because so many of them are living vicariously through fiction as a substitute for reality, and thus can’t help projecting themselves into it).  That’s just…not how fiction works.  That’s the most boring shit–who honestly wants to read/watch that???  We NEED strife in fiction, as there is strife in reality.  Characters NEED obstacles to overcome in order to have a character arc.  A story NEEDS a conflict to actually be a story.  If all you ever read is the kind of Mary Sue crap where everyone gets along, you’re going to be the most boring, sheltered motherfucker, and have no idea what to do when you get out into the real world.

Villains need to be allowed to be villains.

Characters need to be allowed to have bad things happen to them, even if they’re the “good guys”.

Fiction needs “bad” things, because it helps us recognize, understand, and cope with those “bad” things.

i swear to fuck if i see (1) more post in the dream daddy tag about the game grumps being “generally shitty people” because they’re “transmisogynistic” and “racist” i’m gonna pitch myself off the nearest cliff and take my computer with me to make sure that if by some chance i end up not dying from the fall, my access to tumblr will. 

i am so sick of this website and its bullshit. this just in everyone, people aren’t allowed to make mistakes and it’s impossible for people to ever change or grow!!

yes, it’s true they’ve both said their fair share of ignorant things in the past. some have hurt and offended people. but i can guarantee you that it was never their intention to do so and in the years since they’ve started the show they’ve both grown a hell of a lot. 

the game grumps are so clearly some of the most genuine and sweet people in existence and it’s fucking laughable to say otherwise. if any of y’all actually took the time to do your research and use your critical thinking skills you would see that. any time people let them know that something they’ve said was ignorant, offensive, or hurtful, they acknowledge what they’ve done wrong, and/or ask to learn more on the subject so that they don’t make the same mistake again, and/or apologize. 

on the subject of their “transmisogyny”: 

and THIS was after an episode came out where they made rape jokes: 

as for “racism” i really have no fucking idea where any of you could be coming from with that bs. i acknowledge they’ve said some iffy stuff in the past, but to say they’re racists? come on. 

i won’t deny that the game grumps have said some ignorant things over the years. but all that has SIGNIFICANTLY decreased and they really have grown and learned a lot. to say that they’re horrible people for some of the things they’ve said in the past that for the most part have been owned up to and apologized for is awful and wrong. you don’t have to like them or watch their show or anything, but if you’re gonna call someone out for being terrible people then you should at least be sure of what you’re talking about.

Anyway here’s me #controversial things to remember on tony day:

-people are allowed to be upset that certain people/shows didn’t win. Do not demand that everyone be happy
-someone being upset that a certain show/person didn’t win is not the same thing as attacking the person who did win
-it’s possible for multiple opinions to coexist at the same time. Don’t attack people for not agreeing with you

Basically, there’s no need to get mad, people are gonna disagree with you and that’s okay
Also this is the most pretentious thing I’ve ever written oh my god

anonymous asked:

Wow. I have a pretty big YOI account on IG and that shit bang honestly makes me feel like shit. I dislike part of the YOI fandom so much right now- can't people just let other people ship/write/draw/etc. whatever they want? I thought the YOI fandom was all about accepting eachother's differences and stuff? It's just becoming toxic right now and that makes me feel so stupid for being part of the fandom..... Maybe I'd expexted too much from a fandom this big :/

anon.. that’s what huge fandom do..
there’s always some people who messed the kinship of the fandom.
you just have to deal with it and move on.
actually there is no such thing as “accepting each other’s differences and stuff” in every fandom. some people will support you, some will not, and some will stab you in your back
go outside of your hiding and you’ll see the real hell of a fandom

that shitlist thing is just some people’s preference of enjoying yoi. but I think they’ve gone too far by dumping literally every artists and authors in yoi fandom into their shitlist. dumping them into the shitlist also lowkey calling those artists and authors’ works “shit”.

it’s RUDE.

the amount of hardwork, backache, eye strain, digging for ideas, etc is tiring! they spent their days, weeks, months to create it so the fandom live. that’s…… if you ever create some artwork or fanfiction tho

they won’t reblog if certain art or fanfiction contains Yuuri wash the dishes, Yuri cuddling with Otabek, Mafia AU, etc.

don’t worry people outside that pure innocent yoi circle will still reblog and kudos your works. the scale is like 1:100000000000000000000000000000000000

I see they also hate seeing yuri have a kind of “feelings” toward ANY characters. they prevent yuri to growing up. in their opinion Yuri has to be a baby agape who can only chewing on pirozhki.

WELL DUH maybe you have to see the leaked comic book Kubo-sensei wrote for Yuri’s Welcome to The Madness.
it’s OFFICIAL that Yuri, who is written 15 y.o BEG TO COME ALONG WITH OTABEK TO THE CLUB.
HE LOVE WTTM BECAUSE IT’S EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS PERFECTLY. without those girly ballerina moves like in agape and in allegro appassionato he actually didn’t fond of.


in official Yuri is a rebel edgy teenager. he’s more mature than what you think. if Yuri was real, he would hate everyone who call him little kid.

the point is just keep doing what you like most. DRAW MORE, WRITE MORE. let those antis mind their own businesses. there’s still a ton of people in the fandom that will support you