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Being Forgotten

So I was thinking about all of the teen titans that magically disappeared either in the reboot or in the middle of the series and this story just kind of happened. Sorry that it is a little confusing

-they don’t mean to forget you. They really don’t.

-It happen like it does for the rest of the them- you are there one day, gone the next.

-No one remembers you.

-Except they sort of do?

-Sometimes when Dick hears an especially funny joke he gets him phone out and gets ready to text you Someone. He doesn’t know who. Or why he would text it.

            -He’ll text Babs, but she just tells him to go to sleep and it’s not right,    someone else should be there

-Or when Babs is working hard on the computer and someone gives her a coffee without thinking she says “thanks Y/N.”

          -Everyone is confused.

          -Who’s y/n

         -and why is the name so familiar?

-Tim tells Barbara that it is because she is sleep deprived, but he can’t shake the feeling that he should know who you are.

-It goes on like this for awhile, your basically a ghost that they can’t quiet put a name to.

-they all know something is missing in the manor, but they can’t place what it is.

-it’s Damian surprisingly who remembers first.

-It’s because of a pressed flower you gave to him when he was new to the house. He found while looking through his stuff and he was confused as to why he would have it. Damian had no need for pressed pink flowers.

-suddenly a vision of you handing a young Damian the flower as a welcome gift, and Damian scouting and turning it away, only to return later and safely pocket his first ever gift and press it so he would always remember it.

-Suddenly Damian could remember everything about you!

-He ran through the manor screaming your name, trying to get everyone to remember you.

-they can’t.

-But Damian remembers you now, and he won’t ever forget, nor will he ever stop looking for you.

Run away - part 2 of Forbidden

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lawd, my precious little bean. 

warning: contains sexual content 

The wedding date is close. In less than a week. With each passing day, Y/N felt more and more nervous. Her father wanted to rush this marriage for many reasons. Some that are unknown to everyone. The reasons only Y/N knows about when she overheard him talking to the kingdom’s council. 

Their plan was set. Harry and her were going to run away three days before the wedding. They would leave at dawn. This was because the castle won’t be guarded as much as it will be on the night before the wedding.  

The only people who knew about their plan to run away was the kitchen boy, Niall and the other guard, Louis. When Y/N and Harry told them about their plan, Louis and Niall thought they were absolutely crazy; that it was going to be an extremely risky plan considering how guarded the palace was. But they were still going to help them escape nonetheless because they know how much the two love each other and that it would tear them apart inside and out if they have to separate.

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So it’s been almost 3 months since I joined The 100/Bellarke fandom on Tumblr! Not very long, I know, but I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone I interact with here. Y’all are kind, insightful, talented, and generally awesome. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know those of you I have, and I’m looking forward to getting to know more of you! ❤️

In anticipation of the holiday spirit, I’m going to offer Bellarke Holiday Prompt Fills for anyone who’s interested! You don’t have be following me, just A) reblog this post and B) send me an ask with your request. I will be posting these intermittently between October 15 and January 15 as I complete them (fingers crossed). Blacklist #kat writes holiday fills if you don’t want to see these posts. More info below the cut.

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Lost in a fire (Part 3 of ?

After they attacked the last hydra base that was deeply undercover, the avengers found you in a locked up glass room, like they one wanda grew up in. They took you to live in Avengers headquarters.

Warnings: none

Words: 795

A/N: Thanks for waiting, this one is 2x the length of the last. I wrote this during school over the past 2 weeks. (Ps I was away for a week w/ my school, that’s why it took 3 weeks.) (PPS there will be more, give me 2 weeks.)

Part 1, Part 2

Age 9 (it’s her birthday)

“You Forgot it was her birthday!” Peter screamed at the tv. It was (y/n)’s birthday and everyone except Peter and (y/n) was on a top-secret mission. “I assume no one bought her a present.”

“We will be back tonight,  ok,” Steve said.

“PETEY!!” (y/n) shouted, “GUESS WHOSE BIRTHDAY IT IS?”

“Who?” Peter said sarcastically.

“I know you know, It’s me,” She said as she jumps into Peter’s arms.

“Happy Birthday (y/n), Look who’s on the tv!” Peter said as he pointed to the tv.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Steve, Tony, Bruce, Sam, Vision, and Clint yelled through the tv.  

“Thank you, I’ll be here all day.” (y/n) said with a big grin on her face

“I now see the tony in you,” Steve said as the rest of them left to go deal with Wanda, who had just come on the coms.

“Can I speak to sissy, please?” (y/n) said.  

“Because you said please, yes you can,” Steve said as she turned and looked at Tony.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” Wanda said as the coms switched. Peter came up to the tv and signaled (y/n) to rap it up

“Thanks, sissy, will you be here tonight?” (y/n) said, looking at Peter. She could hear shots in the background. “SISSY?” The connection broke and (y/n) started crying.

“She’s alright (y/n)” Peter said. He looked out the window into the woods beyond the complex.


Later that day

“There almost here now” FRIDAY informs Peter and (y/n), and (y/n) set off running through the building.

“WANDA?” (y/n) screams as she runs through the hall to the plane landing. (y/n) realized that the plane was not there. Doctor Cho was standing there with her team.

“So what happened?” (y/n) asked Doctor Cho.

“I’ll think Tony will want to tell you.” She said looking at Peter who had just caught up. Peter gave a little nod.

“How are you so fast (y/n)?” Peter said he was out of breath.

“Unlike any else around here, I use my ability’s to everyday things.” she said

“So, you decrease the density of the walls to run through?”  Peter asked as a plane came over the horizon.

“Yes, basically.” (y/n) said looking at the plane as it got closer. “Do you think she‘s ok, really?”

“I don’t know, I hope,” Peter said as he picks (y/n) up and put her on his shoulders.

The plane landed and everyone got into position, everyone except Peter and (y/n).  Then the door opened and it was like watching a well-rehearsed scene out of a movie. Controlled chaos happened, right there. It happened in about a minute.

(y/n) scream “SISSY, SISSY” for the whole minute. But it was like she wasn’t there. She couldn’t see what was happening at all, nor could peter.

Finally, Sam came over when everyone that was need was gone, he said: “She’s hurt but they will be able to help her.”

“For the final time, what happened?” (y/n) said almost crying.

“Tony or Steve will tell you,” Sam said.

“Yeah in a few years or do I have to read your minds.” (y/n) said walking over to the stairway.

She knows the elevator is a lot quicker, but the stairs give her more time to process what happened and she knows that Sam and Peter will take the elevator to get down there quicker than her.  It’s only a few floors up and gave (y/n) time to be alone.

By the time she got up there, Wanda was connected to a lot of machines.

“She’s outside.” FRIDAY alerted everyone.  They all stopped and looked at (y/n). She took 30 minutes to get up there.

“Peter, go get her,” Steve said and Peter went.

“It’s all my fault.” (y/n) was mumbling to herself over and over.

“It’s not your fault (y/n),” Peter said. “I thought I’d leave this for tonight,” He said giving a box to (y/n).

“Thank you.” (y/n) said as she opened the box and inside was a locket. She opened it up and it had a  picture of her and Peter on one side and one of her and Wanda on the other. “I love it” She hugged Peter.

“Here let me put it on,” Peter said as (y/n) past the necklace and peter clipped it in place. “There, perfect. Now shall we go in?”

“Yes we shall” (y/n) said laughing and they walked in.

“You know Shakespeare?” Peter said, now laughing too.

“Yes who doesn’t,”  (y/n) said as everyone was looking at them.


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
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*clangs pots and pans together* the wlw community is about more than cis girls having sex and being in love with other cis girls! It’s a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, but that’s not the only wonderful thing in this community. Just a reminder.

Person: “This character’s design is unrealistic. You said they’re an adult but they look like a highschooler, that’s bad design. :^/”
Me: *A person in my mid-20s who is still mistaken for a Highschooler on a daily basis* *Looks at half my friends in their mid 20′s still mistaken for HS students.* *Looks at my friend who in High School was always handed the Children’s Menu at restaurants* “Look, buddy–”

Okay seriously, I am living for these crossovers haha


This is gonna be my last crossover piece for a bit, cuz I wanna get back to doing my own stuff, but i hope you guys enjoyed those fake little screenshots!! :D

I don’t know if anyone’s pointed this out yet, but:

We see Hunk and Lance working together to free a planet in the first episode of Season 3. I’m guessing that they were involved in several, similar missions while Shiro was missing. 

Pidge, meanwhile, was spotted in three different quadrants. In her conversation with Coran, Pidge reveals that she was visiting a planet (or even several) on the fringe of the galaxy, trying to track down her brother. She was most likely looking for Shiro as well, though her main mission seems to have been Matt’s rescue.


Keith was also spotted in three different quadrants. So–yeah. Keith didn’t just comb the wreckage. He went out ALONE and traveled across THREE DIFFERENT STAR SYSTEMS LOOKING FOR SHIRO. 


Blindfolded, Bound and Gagged (Dylan O’Brien smut)

Summary: Dylan teaches you a lesson


Warnings: there’s a lot of things I should flag lmao…bondage, blindfolds, gags, overstimulation, vibrators, BDSM, orgasm denial, dirty talk, sir kink, dom!Dyl. Long story short, THIS IS ABSOLUTE FILTH. 

A/N: You’re lying if you say this isn’t your wet dream.

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Everything was on fire.

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