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Chanyeol as Your Schoolmate

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Request: Hi there! Can you do chanyeol as a classmate and school crush kind of thing? Thank youuuu

A/N: I tried a new style for this, let me know if it’s alright~

  • So he’s one of the more popular guys at school
  • Probably because he is in literally every club because damn this boy is talented
  • And he’s pretty well-known for being a good student with the teachers as well
  • The girls and guys swoon over him
  • He’s your cliché popular kid tbh
  • And you’re the new transfer student
  • Of course, because everyone in the school knows and trusts him, the principal told him to show you around and get you situated
  • He takes you on this crazy extensive tour of every little area of the school and you’re trying so hard to pay attention but he’s such an attractive hunk of tall human you have a hard time
  • Eventually the tour ends and he asks for your schedule and, what a coincidence, you have the same first period as him
  • So he walks to class with you and you’re literally melting inside because how is he so hot while just walking and doing nothing?????
  • Soon you end up at your classroom and he walks you in and introduces you to everyone he knows (which is pretty much everyone) and invites you to sit next to him so you’re not alone and awkward
  • bless his heart this boy i swear
  • While the class goes on you’re paying attention to the lecture and you keep catching Chanyeol stealing glimpses at you in the corner of your eye but you try to brush it off as nothing
  • You’re still blushing like crazy though don’t get me wrong
  • Finally class ends and you find out you have two other classes with him throughout the day
  • But he walks you to every one of your classes even if his is on the opposite end of the school
  • He’ll sprint if he has to those long legs will carry him far
  • But eventually the day ends and you go home
  • As the weeks go on, he continues to insist that you sit by him and he walks you to every class
  • Eventually he introduces you to his best friend, Baekhyun, as well and you become one of the most well-known trios in the school
  • And just like before, whenever you have a class together you always see him looking in your direction whenever he can
  • You’re still brushing it off as nothing though
  • One day, you, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun decided to grab lunch off campus for once and go to this new place Chan had been dying to take you
  • And when you get there you realize you forgot your wallet
  • Before Chanyeol can offer to pay for you, Baekhyun already had his cash out
  • Chanyeol just smiled on the outside but his blood was lowkey boiling
  • And as lunch went on, you and Baek were really touchy and friendly with each other
  • And it left Chanyeol feeling something he couldn’t explain
  • But he didn’t like it.
  • The next few days Chan was really distant
  • He wouldn’t walk you to class, he even had you sit at a different seat so he wasn’t next to you
  • He’d shrug you off in the hallway and you pretty much went a week without talking at all
  • Eventually you had enough and confronted him about it
  • And all of a sudden he confesses just right then and there
  • “Y/n I like you okay?!”
  • And you’re just like wait what
  • He spends the next few minutes explaining how he got jealous of how you and Baekhyun were getting so close but he didn’t know why until he realized the truth
  • “And then all I wanted was to make you mine, so I’d never have to see you like that with another guy again.”
  • And all of a sudden you hug him really tight which is awkward because of how tall he is but you make it work
  • When you finally pull away he’s like “so what does that mean?” and you say “well I hope that means you’ll ask me on a real date.”
  • Cue the cringe
  • Word quickly gets out about you two finally becoming a “thing”
  • The whole school has shipped it the entire time tbh even Baek
  • And you get known as that super cute high school romance that every school has
  • After a few months of dating he gets really comfortable with pda on campus
  • So you kinda have to remind him with a quick slap to the chest after he steals a kiss that you are, in fact, still in public
  • But he doesn’t really care tbvh because you’re his
  • And he likes showing off what’s his
  • That reminds me of the time you had to go to school with hickies on your neck because someone got a bit possessive but that’s for another time-
  • But yeah you pretty much are the super cliché adorable couple that everyone ships and everyone loves
  • I need to stop this is ruining my bias list bye-

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So I showed a picture of Mark’s blue hair to my male co-worker and he said “okay, I’m a straight, happily married man, but I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to say that he is a very attractive man and I would not kick him out of my bed hot damn!” 

I guess Mark just has that effect on everyone