everyone in this show is so damn attractive

rewards and riding

phils desperate during class and dan rewards him at home?
tw: smut , daddy kink , riding? , bad grammar
if you ever asked what was phils favorite position in the bedroom was, he would just blush and shuffle off. everyone knew nothing about the shy boy that had a daddy kink with the schools roughest bad boy.
now I know it seems weird that the rough scary boy in the school would be with a small tiny twink like phil. but really we all know that opposites attract.
it was the last period of the day and damn was phil desperate. he’s been dreaming about having dans cock in his ass for the last hour , he can’t stop his hard on from showing. but phil knows the rule about touching so he just has to wait until dan and him get to his house so they can “study”. so phil waits and gets more desperate. he never touches his cock without dans permission. he likes when he makes daddy proud it makes him feel accomplished.
the bell was going to ring in 2 minutes and phil couldn’t wait. he started gathering his belongings and picked up his bag. right as the bell rang phil and a couple other students ran out of the classroom. phil was running so fast for one and one reason alone, to get dans cock up his ass.
at last , he found his tall slender brown haired boyfriend. waiting at the school door. “hey daddy” phil whispered only enough just so dan could hear. “hey baby” dan said in a normal voice not really caring who heard or saw. “c-can we go home so we can study” phil said low again not really wanting anyone to hear or notice him. dan furrowed his eyebrows and then smirked once he looked down at phils pants. “aw of course baby, my place of yours?” dan said still smirking. “Y-y-yours daddy” phil whispered lowly again. dan grinned at this. he knew what phil really wanted to do and studying wasn’t the thing.
once they got into dans apartment, phil couldn’t even keep his hands to himself. knowing how needy phil is dan chuckled. “awww my little baby can’t even control himself until we got to my room” dan smirked as he heard phil whimper. “s-sorry daddy” phil whispered slowly getting off of dan and waiting patiently. “good boy. now go upstairs and get ready for me” dan said as he saw phil run to his room.
dan took his time going up his steps. thinking about what he was going to do with his kinky little baby. he decided since phils been good and stressed lately he’ll let phil do what he does best.
dan couldn’t even control himself when he walked into his room to see a hot sight in front of him. there phil was on all fours with 3 fingers up his ass. now about now dan would be punishing phil for touching himself but he knows that he wouldn’t be able to last.
by now dan was full on staring at phil and man phil sure was getting more desperate the more time passed. “d-daddy” phil whimpered as he kept his fingers going at a brutal pace. “stop” dan said dominance filling his voice. seeing how fast phil removed his fingers dan knew he was desperate.
“now baby, tell me what you want” dan said slapping phils ass. knowing how dan likes dirty talk phil replied with a “I want your big cock d-daddy please” phil whimpered wiggling his bum all for dan to see. “stop before I punish you” dan growled into phils ear. “now since you’ve been such a good boy this past week I’ll give you a break and reward you.” at this phil perked up and turned to look at dan. “r-really” phil said obviously excited for what’s about to come. “yes” dan said slowly getting under phil. “no you can do whatever you want with me” dan said leaning in to kiss phil. “I’m all yours” he whispered as he connected his and phils lips. “d-daddy” phil whimpered into the kiss. “c-can I ride you-u?” phil asked slowly trying to rub his ass into dans crotch. “a-ah yes of course baby” dan grunted as he was obviously getting painfully hard.
phil was already slipping dans boxers off by the time he could even say baby. “I’m gonna ride your big cock dadddy, you would like that wouldn’t you? Your baby boy on top of you, ruining himself on your cock?” phil said positioning himself over dans cock.
“ah fuck babe.” dan said before phil slammed down on him. now what dan saw above him made him want to cum there and then. phil who was enjoying this as much as him had his eyes shut and his mouth slightly opened. he looked fucked out. dan, who was silently grunting as his baby was excitingly bouncing on his cock wanted to fuck into the boy so hard yet he knew that phil liked doing this on his own. so dan did what he knew phil wanted him to do, he sat back with his hands behind his beck and just grunted to himself.
now phil on the other hand was lost in so much pleasure. he was so close on edge but knew he couldn’t cum until he knew daddy was close. “d-daddy” phil whispered. “ye-yeah babe” dan moaned back. “can I cum?” phil screamed out as he had hit his prostate. “yes baby you can let go.” dan whispered as phil bounced faster. for about 2 minutes you could only hear the slapping skin and heavy breathing between the two and damn were they both close. suddenly it all became too much. “d-daddy I’m cumming” phil cried out as he came hard. at that sight alone Dan came in his baby’s ass.
as phil slid off he automatically passed out. dan already know how phil is after sex whispered ‘I love you’s and sweet reassurances as they both drifted off.
wow so this is literally shit but I wanted to give you guys some shit I’ve been wanting to write so I hoped you enjoyed! btw I didn’t check all of this so I’m sorry if there are mistakes!
okay I love you all and stay strong loves:)
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Let me tell you why this show is so damn bomb:
1) It’s a Japanese drama about working in a lingerie shop. Pretty undies for days.
1A) BUT THIS SHOW ISN’T SEXUALIZED AT ALL. It’s all about making the wearer feel beautiful, even if no one else sees the lingerie.
2) This show SLAUGHTERS the Bechdel test. The ladies hardly mention men or romantic drama. Like, ever. I mean, they’re too busy running a business.
3) The men in the business are great supporting characters who are also too busy working to be distracted by attractive coworkers or *gasp* ladies’ underwear. One of them even tells a new hire, “you need to learn how to have a cellphone in one hand and a bra in the other all day” without getting all flustered.
4) It’s about ALL WOMEN. A teenage violinist. A retired geisha. A single mother. Socialites. The business is all about making everyone feel beautiful and confident, no matter how young, old, rich, or poor they may be.
5) Appreciation versus appropriation. When one employee pitched the idea of a Brazilian-inspired line, they went out and did  research to make sure everything was accurate and culturally respectful.
6) Even the lingerie models get recognition! Viewers get a look into their successes and struggles.

Basically, this show is the tits (heh). Get on it.

How INTJs Flirt, or How to Know if an INTJ Likes You

1) If we are attracted to you, we get stalker-ish. We research the hell out of you and try to find out everything that is going on in your damn life. We will find your Facebook, scroll through it, and read every single post from the very beginning to present day. We will search you up on Google to find out how famous you may potentially be. We love to learn. And when we actually take an interest in people, enough to actually attempt and learn about you, it’s pretty rare. 

2) We show off our intelligence to you. I mean, the way we see it, intelligence is attractive and sexy, so we take great pleasure in showing you how smart we are. The trouble is, not everyone sees it that way, to some, we are simply bragging. Amateurs. If only everyone were a sapiosexual. 

3)  If you’re nice and approachable, we’ll attempt to befriend you and try to talk to you. If you’re kinda standoffish and rude, but somehow attract us anyway, we’ll stare at you quietly and observe you until we decide you’re not worth it, then we leave. 

4) We’ll help you with every damn thing. If you need help with studying, we’ll answer your questions, send you extra study materials, chat you in the middle of the night to make sure your question got answered, etc. I mean, if we want to be by your side, granted we are going to at least try to help you. 

5) We’ll stare at you a lot. We’ll notice everything you do. If you drop your pen or talk to someone, we’ll notice it–every movement, every sound you make, the way you walk and the way you talk. We’ll analyze your behavior and the sound of your voice, and what it reminds us of. 

6) We’ll be fiercely loyal to you. We won’t leave your side, and if any one hurts you, we’ll vehemently defend you until our last argumentative breath. But to be honest, regardless of who wins the argument, we’d have already won at life anyway, if we’ve chosen you as our partner, or potential soulmate, or any other type of positive relationship status. 

7) Under our ice-cold hearts, we still feel a bit shy for having toppled face first into love with you. We delve in the realms of logic and intelligence, so love is a bit of a ‘’silly necessity’’ for those of us who have managed to love. But once we start loving you, we can never truly stop. Because INTJs don’t love broadly and flippantly. We love specifically and intensely. 


just assume they’re all explicit, most of them are. read all of these before tomorrow so you can enjoy some GREAT fanfics before TFP ruins us, either for better or for worse. ik some of these are long but i usually don’t feel fully satisfied with the 3k ones, and i’m not putting in any novel-lengths. however, if you want to read all of these together, the wordcount becomes a generous amount that can distract you for at least a few hours :^)

all of these i have read more than once, and have loved VERY MUCH. please find yourself this last sweet relief before death. beware i am an angst queen so this isn’t a fluff fix-it rec, but all of these have happy endings ; u;


Between Friends by SilentAuror (18k) - sherlock is naked and tied up and john comes to save him, but sherlock’s body reacts… as does johns. some great john-in-denial, pining-but-frustrated sherlock, and it’s almost like a 5+1 because they keep getting into some compromising positions ;)

Drive by liveonmars (10k) - awesome little fic, it’s not a casefic or PWP or fluff but it has a bit of excitement in it!! basically the boys get stranded out on a deserted road with their car, and end up having to share body heat in the car to keep warm

Shadows on the Wall by AraSigyrn (18k) - now i went into this hoping for some specific/explicit johnlock, and while it IS a johnlock fic, nothing between them happens in it (but it reinforces that they belong together). basically, john becomes psychic in afghanistan. it’s a retelling of S1 and it makes you WISH john was psychic in canon, because it all makes SO much sense!!

The Thin Line by Odamaki (11k) - LOVE THIS basically both of them have to hop in a wardrobe to hide during a case. john gets an erection. it’s delightfully funny, my favorite part is when john is like ‘i need a…’ (moment) and then sherlock gropes him thinking that he was going to say ‘hand’ and john goes OH JESUS CHRIST NOT WHAT I MEANT

A Slowly Dawning Attraction by MitsuruAki (12k) - I HAVE READ THIS COUNTLESS TIMES!! it’s so in character and so so so cute. 5 times john and sherlock almost kissed, and the one time they did… the +1 is my favorite thing EVER my lordt

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder by cypress_tree (11k) - also known as how much freaking UST can you read in one sitting. for an experiment, john and sherlock can’t touch each other for one month. you can probably guess what happens

We Go Anywhere But To The Ground by geordielover (25k) - i am the biggest fan of john!whump. this is the most angsty rec on this list, john goes to a dark place after TRF but when sherlock returns, they both build themselves back up together. very lovely

The Detective and the Pin-Up by XistentialAngst (16k) - huehuehue this one is great. a secret comes out - back in the army, john watson posed for a pin-up calendar and it effects sherlock VERY MUCH. it’s so hilarious, like everyone at the NSY ends up becoming attracted to john lmao

Their Great Reward by BeautifulFiction (10k) - i know it’s a bit late for christmas fics, but this is too damn good. it’s boxing day, and the electricity is out and both boys are stuck in baker street. the love moment is honestly to great and this is wonderfully in character

A Satisfactory Arrangement by SilentAuror (18k) - now that mary’s gone and john is back at baker street, john proposes that he and sherlock start having sex. no strings attached, of course. really very good, it shows them gradually coming together (pun intended) and i love the fwb-to-lovers trope

More Things Than Are Dreamt Of (Series) by 1electricpirate (38k) - lastly, potterlock, but complies with canon (for the most part haha). the cutest little series. it addresses the thing i want to do EVERYTIME; when sherlock is going to jump off the roof, john yanks him back!! it’s one of the fandom classics, so even if you aren’t a fan of harry potter (i’m not the BIGGEST fan myself), it’s gorgeously written and my personal motivation towards how i want to write a magical realism fic someday :-)

**BONUS: kiss me on the mouth & set me free (but please don’t bite) by chrysanthemumsies (19k) - shameless self-promotion. five times john gets drunk and has sex with sherlock, and the one time sherlock gets drunk and can’t do the same. and if you want to read my other stuff and bully me into updating, then be my guest!!

i hope this helps y’all out. i don’t know how interested i’ll be in reading johnlock after The Final Problem, for whatever reason, so i’d thought i’d put together a little list while i still have the motivation. i hope this can distract y’all from the Fuckening for a little bit <3

iKON Reaction to Their Girlfriend Being Thick/Curvy

Warning: Language, and some are suggestive 

BTS Version {Here}

B.A.P Version {Here}


He would find your thick thighs to be really attractive. You would often catch him staring at them. 

“Sorry jagi I can’t help it you’re just so damn hot." 


 He would constantly squeeze your thighs and ass sneakily. He’d get beyond turned on when he’d see you in a fitting dress. 

"Fuck baby, why don’t we go back to bed?" 


He’d find you being thick so sexy. Unlike June he wouldn’t be secret about grabbing your ass. He’d do it as a way to show everyone else you were all his. 

"Don’t ever get it confused babe." 


You would always catch him staring at your body while biting his lip. Your sexiness would be too much for this boy. He’d be horny 24/7. 

"Shit, why do you do this to me jagi.”


He would always be cuddling you. He’d love being able to touch you and your thick thighs. 

“Come here (y/n) you promised me cuddle time today”


He would be all over you. He would always lick his lips when you were around. His favorite thing to see you in is a nice tight pair of yoga pants.

“Jagi, come over here. I need your butt”


This little baby would constantly stare. His eyes would go wherever you go. He would always say things about how perfect your body is.

“Jagi, your body is perfect. Please don’t ever change it”

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Chanyeol as Your Schoolmate

Originally posted by parkchny

Request: Hi there! Can you do chanyeol as a classmate and school crush kind of thing? Thank youuuu

A/N: I tried a new style for this, let me know if it’s alright~

  • So he’s one of the more popular guys at school
  • Probably because he is in literally every club because damn this boy is talented
  • And he’s pretty well-known for being a good student with the teachers as well
  • The girls and guys swoon over him
  • He’s your cliché popular kid tbh
  • And you’re the new transfer student
  • Of course, because everyone in the school knows and trusts him, the principal told him to show you around and get you situated
  • He takes you on this crazy extensive tour of every little area of the school and you’re trying so hard to pay attention but he’s such an attractive hunk of tall human you have a hard time
  • Eventually the tour ends and he asks for your schedule and, what a coincidence, you have the same first period as him
  • So he walks to class with you and you’re literally melting inside because how is he so hot while just walking and doing nothing?????
  • Soon you end up at your classroom and he walks you in and introduces you to everyone he knows (which is pretty much everyone) and invites you to sit next to him so you’re not alone and awkward
  • bless his heart this boy i swear
  • While the class goes on you’re paying attention to the lecture and you keep catching Chanyeol stealing glimpses at you in the corner of your eye but you try to brush it off as nothing
  • You’re still blushing like crazy though don’t get me wrong
  • Finally class ends and you find out you have two other classes with him throughout the day
  • But he walks you to every one of your classes even if his is on the opposite end of the school
  • He’ll sprint if he has to those long legs will carry him far
  • But eventually the day ends and you go home
  • As the weeks go on, he continues to insist that you sit by him and he walks you to every class
  • Eventually he introduces you to his best friend, Baekhyun, as well and you become one of the most well-known trios in the school
  • And just like before, whenever you have a class together you always see him looking in your direction whenever he can
  • You’re still brushing it off as nothing though
  • One day, you, Chanyeol, and Baekhyun decided to grab lunch off campus for once and go to this new place Chan had been dying to take you
  • And when you get there you realize you forgot your wallet
  • Before Chanyeol can offer to pay for you, Baekhyun already had his cash out
  • Chanyeol just smiled on the outside but his blood was lowkey boiling
  • And as lunch went on, you and Baek were really touchy and friendly with each other
  • And it left Chanyeol feeling something he couldn’t explain
  • But he didn’t like it.
  • The next few days Chan was really distant
  • He wouldn’t walk you to class, he even had you sit at a different seat so he wasn’t next to you
  • He’d shrug you off in the hallway and you pretty much went a week without talking at all
  • Eventually you had enough and confronted him about it
  • And all of a sudden he confesses just right then and there
  • “Y/n I like you okay?!”
  • And you’re just like wait what
  • He spends the next few minutes explaining how he got jealous of how you and Baekhyun were getting so close but he didn’t know why until he realized the truth
  • “And then all I wanted was to make you mine, so I’d never have to see you like that with another guy again.”
  • And all of a sudden you hug him really tight which is awkward because of how tall he is but you make it work
  • When you finally pull away he’s like “so what does that mean?” and you say “well I hope that means you’ll ask me on a real date.”
  • Cue the cringe
  • Word quickly gets out about you two finally becoming a “thing”
  • The whole school has shipped it the entire time tbh even Baek
  • And you get known as that super cute high school romance that every school has
  • After a few months of dating he gets really comfortable with pda on campus
  • So you kinda have to remind him with a quick slap to the chest after he steals a kiss that you are, in fact, still in public
  • But he doesn’t really care tbvh because you’re his
  • And he likes showing off what’s his
  • That reminds me of the time you had to go to school with hickies on your neck because someone got a bit possessive but that’s for another time-
  • But yeah you pretty much are the super cliché adorable couple that everyone ships and everyone loves
  • I need to stop this is ruining my bias list bye-

-Admin Yeonie

Coffee for Two- Hockey!Luke imagine

A couple of months ago, your boyfriend of 2 years, Luke, asked you to move into his apartment. Just down the road from the rink, the location was perfect for him. You have been dating since high school and are now both in the university. The apartment was an upgrade from your dorm last semester and Luke had saved up from working at the diner in your small hometown since he was 14. He’s asked for a while, but you have held off, until your old roommate started keeping you up with her late night shenanigans with “special visitors” and your big bad boyfriend Luke couldn't have you living like that, so he made you take the plunge and move in with him. 

Luke is the school’s hockey star and it was hockey season which meant repping his jersey at all of the games he forced you to attend (not that you minded) because you were his “good luck charm”, but you knew that was a load of shit because you know the only reason is because he thinks its sexy when you wear his jersey. And you couldn’t lie to yourself. Seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and being the leader out on the ice was a very attractive look for him. But, the worst part of hockey for the both of you were the early morning practices. And since you and Luke decided to spend your thanksgiving holiday with each other rather than in your hometown, this meant less time spent together.  Luke had to wake up early and leave your warm embrace, even for just a couple of hours. And for you, waking up to a cold side of the bed and forced to make coffee for one and not for two.

Last night, you and Luke spent a lazy night in watching shitty Hallmark Christmas Movies that the two of you watched one too many times in high school, but you enjoyed each others company and the surprisingly tasty cookies Luke made since you couldn’t bake if your life depended on it. 

The night was filled with the snowflake patterned blanket Luke got you last Christmas and cuddles in bed because Luke refused to turn the heat on too high when you guys could cuddle to stay warm. And he claims you’ll complain you’re too hot anyways in little to no time because “he just knows you all too well." 

Luke woke up to the early morning hazy sun that was all too bright due to the snow on the ground, sneaking in through the curtains of your window. His previously closed eyes now squinted in hopes of waking up without too much of a hassle. Careful to not wake up your sleeping body next to him, you’re natural curly hair, laying in all directions, sprawled out over our pillow and both of your limbs tangled together, he untangled both of your arms and legs with caution and covered your sleeping form back up with the blanket and slipped out of bed. He looked over at his phone and checked the time. 6 AM. This routine consisted of Luke trying to stay as quiet as possible and take his shower in the guest room bathroom down the hall so he wouldn’t wake you, which you’ve told him numerous times is ridiculous, but he would just nod his head and do it anyways. Like when you would tell him to wake you up as well on these mornings, but Luke knew you weren’t a morning person, so he always left you to sleep, but always leaving you a little note on your bed side table before he leaves because he knows how much you love hand written letters. 

After his shower, Luke would double check that he had all of his gear and make his way down the hall and make himself breakfast and a cup of coffee for one and not for two. 

Then, he would bundle up in the beanie, scarf, and gloves you bought him because you always claimed he would catch the flu one day, of course he loved how much you cared and how you took care of him. 

After that, he would leave his little handwritten note for you on your bed side table an kiss your forehead and slip out the door without a peep. 

Since living so close to the rink, Luke walks the block and a half and heads to the locker room to change for the dreaded 7 AM practice.

You wouldn't wake up long long after Luke left. You wake up with the realization the second half of the bed is no longer occupied and find the lovely little note your thoughtful man left you once again. 

After reading it, most of the time filled with "I love yous” and “have a good days” and telling you “not to wait up for him”, you drag yourself out of bed and into the kitchen to see the damned boy left his dirty dishes in the sink again, but then you see that he made you a cup of coffee ready to be warmed up for you and suddenly you can’t be mad anymore. 

Since you didn’t have classes due to the holiday, most of the time you’d study with your glasses that Luke found “incredibly sexy,” sitting on the bridge of your nose and Luke’s “You Complete Mess” shirt hanging off of your shoulder. 

And around 9 you would get yourself dressed and probably wouldn't be bothered with doing your hair or makeup at this hour, which Luke never minded, he said in the winter your cheeks get rosy and it looks like you put “that pink stuff” on your cheeks anyways. 

And before you would leave to head to the rink, you always bring an extra pair of socks because Luke always forgets to pack them no matter how many times you remind him because his feet get cold. 

You usually catch the end of practice and you sit up in the bleachers watching number 26 skate across the ice effortlessly. You don’t know what it was about seeing Luke all sweaty and aggressive and getting pushed around the ice that made it so damn attractive, it just was. Most of the time he acts like he doesn’t notice your there, but he always knows you show up at 9:45 on the dot. It’s because the guys and his coaches tease him saying he’s “whipped.” And he doesn’t mind it, nor is he whipped, but on the ice and as the captain of this team, he can’t show weakness, but off the ice, his weakness is you. 

After practice he would meet you at the locker room doors after everyone else files out and greet you with a, technically, good morning kiss and bring you to his chest. Most of the time Luke stays after and works on his shots while you watch from behind the glass and drool over how great he looks in his uniform. Luke’s a lanky guy, broad shoulders, long legs, firm chest, always having a couple little blonde hairs sticking out from his helmet. And when everyone is finally gone you both go into the locker room that may smell like sweat and dirty socks, but Luke claims smells like victory and always has to add the dramatic fist pump in the air for emphasis that earns a laugh from you. 

You sit on the bench and watch as he strips from his sweaty practice gear and carefully puts them into his bag to be washed when he gets home. His bare, pale upper half exposed which never fails to make you blush as he puts on a hoodie and sweatpants before his coat, scarf, and beanie. And you hand him the extra socks that he always forgets which earns a giggle from the both of you as he thanks you once again.

You both walk home hand and hand to your shared apartment and Luke drops his equipment at the door to be washed later as he picks you up bridal style which makes you laugh and rubs his cold nose on your exposed stomach as he carries you to your master bathroom for a proper shower. Luke has always said since the begging of your relationship that after he has a bad game, a good game, or just feeling tense, he takes a shower, but “you have to make the water so hot that you can just barely stand it.” You never understood why until after a bad game he would tell you to take a shower with him and he would turn the heat of the water up high and make sure you were comfortable. You never really understood how it helped but Luke was right, it really did. He would stand behind and wrap his arms around your waist and rest his chin on your shoulder and let the heat of the water burn the tension and just relax. A couple times you'v taken one of these magic showers alone and ended up passing out, so he doesn’t let you take them alone anymore, which you used to argue with, but he likes to be the protector, so you’ll let him. 

And after the shower he’d wrap you up in one of the big fluffy towels and you’d get dressed and sit in bed and watch even more shitty Hallmark Christmas movies while snuggled up with the love of your life not wanting to be anywhere else. And of course, while you waited for Luke to join you under the warm blankets and into your embrace, he’d show up with coffee for two, not for one.  

Merlahad AU, where Harry is still a Kingsman. But Merlin is just a tech for a company.

Harry has been having trouble with his home internet and cable and has had three men out to check the problem and within a week of their ‘fixing’ it, a problem always arose.

So Harry called in and was very polite, and very very scary.

 And a new service man was sent out. But this time there was no dicking around - they sent Merlin the head of IT. He didn’t make house calls, fixing some posh bloke’s internet wasn’t even his job, but he was promised an extra week off if he dealt with the man.

Merlin knocked on the door holding a tool box and his clip board. The man who opened the door was about his age, and quite attractive. Until he opened his mouth and started complaining. It was all very polite, but the words were cutting.

“Oh shut it, and let me just fix the damn problem so I can go on the time off I was promised.” Merlin said.

Harry’s jaw dropped. “This is your customer service?”

“No, that’s not my job. I’m here to fix the problem so that ye can cease terrifying everyone in the company. Did ye pull a gun on someone or something?” Merlin grumbled. “Show me your office.”

And Harry took him up to the red room and Merlin just rolled his eyes at the dramatics of the space. “I dinnae even want to know.”

Within 20 minutes he had everything running smoothly. Harry never stopped staring at his hands as he worked.

Merlin left without another word.

Two days into his time off, he was called about Harry Hart’s internet being out.

Merlin showed up on his doorstep right pissed that his vacation had been interrupted. Especially because the system just needed a boot - the first thing in the troubleshooting manual he had left.

Somehow there were 4 more problems in the next 2 weeks that only Merlin could solve.

And on the fifth time, the problem was that the cord came unplugged.

Merlin turned and looked at Harry who was grinning impishly. And Merlin clued in. “Oh for god’s sake just ask me out on a date already, ye annoying bastard.”

“Merlin, would you care to go on a date?” Harry asked.

“No.” Merlin said in return.

Harry froze in confusion.

And Merlin laughed. “Aye, we’re going on a date, ye just had to suffer a little for the bullshit of coming out here to fix nonexistent problems.”

Merlin wore the same clothes to work the next day. 

anonymous asked:

Do you know what consists as a realistic highschool environment? I'm having trouble portraying that and not making it cliche

Hello! As a highschooler, I can certainty assist.

- Skipping classes has consequences. If we skip classes, our parents are notified and if you do it so many times then you get a detention.
- The hallways are really crowded. People don’t just leisurely walk down stair cases. There is usually pushing, expecially when you’re going against the tide
-You’re definitely not going to have the same person in 5+ of your classes. Tbh, even 3 is unlikely. I have one kid in 3 of my classes only because we’re in honors (there are less honors classes than regular ones)
-The new kid is probably not going to have someome assigned to show them around the school. They’ll have a map, and they’ll figure it out themselves
- It’s kinda hard to form friend groups. That’s because every period, you’re seeing a different 25 people. So, you’re probably gonna have alot of freinds that don’t know eachother
-The best bet of having a friend group where everyone is close to each other is being in the same sport or club
-There’s alway drama in a friend group. Everyone will not be besties with everyone.
- Trio’s never last. I’ve learned this from 2 distinct ocasions
-It’s pretty damn hard to be the best person in the school at something
- Most guys are not attractive at all
-Actually, alot of them look really young. Probably thanks to the TV shows that have people on their twenties play teenagers so we have distorted expectations
- The social hierchy isn’t clear. You might be able to tell who the weirdos are, but everyone else is a shot in the dark
-At lunch, the tables aren’t seperated by social groups. Every table basically just looks like a regular group of people
- There isn’t one single Queen Bee. There’s just some girls more well known than others.
- There isn’t a (pardon my language) Queen Bitch either. People will constantly disagree over whether someone’s nice or chill
- And there expecially isn’t like a gang of “slutty” mean girls
- A teacher has never assigned me a partner or group project that’s required us to get together outside of school. Shared documents and emails usually work
-Being in more than one sport at the same time is basically an impossibility
-It’s not some magical place where everyone falls in love
- Getting invited to parties require having connections and being well known
- Being in mostly honors classes garuntees like 2 hours of homework a night
- Teachers do not just sit back and let you do whatever you want the whole class without any sort of direction

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For the fic thing: 40 (andreil) if you want to :)

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

Andrew Minyard doesn’t smile. Smiling means he’s enjoying something and he doesn’t enjoy anything. Unless someone’s getting what they deserve, but then his smile is a cruel and twisted mess. He just doesn’t smile.

In fact, very few things are worth smiling over anyway, but even then, what would his smile look like? He’s seen his smile on drugs; he’s seen his smile off drugs. Their two very different things and so very different from what a smile is actually supposed to be.

That first paragraph is a lie. Andrew does enjoy things in life; they just aren’t worthy of his smile.

Well, except for Neil Josten a stupid, ridiculous pipe dream who doesn’t know when he’s going to get himself killed. Andrew stupidly hates him enough to date him, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Neil sees through him and understands him and respects him and cares for him and it’s all too much. Andrew can feel his walls slipping and he’s got no means to put them back up.

He wants to deny his attraction, but he grudgingly enjoys Neil’s company; damn everyone who will get in their way.

Currently, Neil is sprawled on the floor of their dorm, lazily watching whatever show he found first. He looks relaxed, if not a bit uncomfortable. His legs are in front of him and he’s half sitting up against the back of the couch. Andrew sits behind him watching Neil.

After a moment of uncertainty, Andrew cautiously reaches down and combs his fingers through Neil’s hair. “Yes or no?” he asks quietly.

Neil sighs a contented yes, so Andrew continues.

He’s terrified that he enjoys these moments, terrified that this could all be ripped from him and he’d fall. In these moments though, he let’s himself forget, but only for a couple of minutes.

He gently tugs at Neil’s hair to get his attention. He turns around to grin at Andrew and climbs up on the couch beside him. They’re facing each other, knees almost touching but not quite. Neil’s leaning forward in a slight slouch so Andrew’s hand can still sit in his hair, and god dammit if that isn’t the cutest thing Andrew’s seen.

It’s quick; it’s fleeting. Before Andrew’s defenses kick in and force the corners of his mouth back down, his mouth betrays him. It’s such a foreign feeling on his part, but he’ll never forget the look Neil gave him. His eyes were filled with wonder, and he matched Andrew’s smile with one ten times as big.

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” Neil asks, his tone light.

Andrew scowls in response and tugs Neil forward by his hair.

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Seemingly Bad - Shawn Mendes Imagine (requested)

Request: @finate-lives  Hey! I was just wondering if you could do a personal imagine? If not, no stress :) if yes then would I be able to have a shawn one about him being like a bad boy and pretty cocky and I’m not that into it bc I’m sassy af and sees him as a player but then I give in but he’s legit into me and not that bad after all. My names Alexandra by the way if you want to add it and that’s me in the icon 😊 thank you!


Alexandra’s POV

He wasn’t the stereotypical bad boy, Shawn that is. No tattoos, piercings or smoking constantly. In fact if you were to see him walking down the street you’d think he was just a normal teenager. But he wasn’t. Shawn treated girls as if they were toys, didn’t have many friends as everyone was scared of him. He’s known to beat people up if they do him wrong.

I’ve never gotten the fact of everyone being scared of him, he was a dick yes, but scary not so much. He actually looked kind of innocent. His brown eyes showing an innocent little boy rather than a macho tough guy. But I guess eyes aren’t really the windows to your soul.

But the one thing I absolutely despised about him, other than the degrading of women, was the fact he was so god damn egotistical. Like this boy was as cocky as you could get. Just because he got tons of girls, suddenly the world spins around him. It’s one of the most unattractive traits ever. I mean he’s a quite attractive guy but when he opens his mouth, all the attraction you had before meeting him, just vanishes.

I turned my head away from the whiteboard to look two seats beside me, to see Shawn himself, staring right at me. I roll my eyes and continue writing on my notes. Throughout the class I glance over at Shawn, noticing each time he’s staring at a new girl. God he’s such a player.

My phones makes a silent buzzing sound, I look around if anyone noticed but everyone seemed to be paying attention to whatever maths equation Mrs. Thompson was teaching. I look down at my phone, noticing a text form my best friend.

“Hey, you going out tonight? Cause there’s a huge party at Aaron’s xx”

I start typing out a reply before a cough startles me. I look up to see Mrs. Thompson right in front of me, looking at me disappointedly.

“Alexandra, does your phone have the answer to the complicated equation written on the board.”

I shook my head, placing my phone upside-down on my desk, before Mrs. Thompson took it and placed it on her desk.

“And how about you Mr. Mendes? Does your phone have the answer?” I looked over to see Shawn, swinging on his chair, not even looking up from his phone before answering.

“I don’t know, but I can sure find out. Just wait a second, I’m texting someone important.”

“And who’s this important person, Shawn?”

“Aaron,” Shawn replied nonchalantly. The teacher scowled at him before taking his phone and placing it next to mine on her desk.

“Guess Alexandra will have company during after school detention, isn’t that right Mr. Mendes?” I heard Shawn groan, before groaning myself. I did not want to spend an hour with a guy like Shawn.

After the class finished learning about linear functions for the thousandth time, Mrs. Thompson let everyone out before glaring at Shawn and I as we were sitting alone at the back of the class.

It was almost the end of the detention before Mrs. Thompson’s phone started ringing, at first she didn’t take notice but then saw the caller ID. She instantly stood up and left the room, closing the door.

I looked over at Shawn and giving him a confused look. He just shrugged and stood up, going to the desk and grabbing his phone. He sat back down, instantly going on his phone.

Mrs. Thompson comes back in, rushing to grab all of her stuff.

“Another teacher will come in, letting you guys out when it’s time, but right now I have to go,” she blurted out before rushing out the room, locking the door

Shawn doesn’t get up from his desk, rocking back and forth on his seat. I glance at him briefly to see him checking me out, smirking as he undressed me with his eyes.

“You know Shawn, I’d rather not knowing what’s going up in that tiny brain up there, most probably imagining the sex positions you want me in. But rather than degrading yourself why don’t you stop to help your reputation a bit,” he scoffs, leaning further in his seat to get a look at my ass.

“Does it look like I care about what others think of me?”

“Shawn you’re just an insecure horny teenager who was weak and succumbed to peer pressure, so of course you care about your reputation because you can’t stand the idea of people thinking you are, god forbid, a good guy,” Shawn clenched his jaw and turned his attention away from me and to the window out looking the oval. I scoffed at his childish behaviour. It’s not my fault he can’t handle the truth.

“You’re hot Alexandra, but you sure have one hell of a mouth.”

“Well no shit Sherlock, who else is going to call you out on your shitty attitude?” I stand up and walk towards the front of the class, grabbing my phone before sitting down on the desk.

“Shawn, what the heck happened to you? You used to be kind, caring, smart, a good-natured guy. Then suddenly you change overnight to this ‘bad boy’ who fucks girls, doesn’t care what other people think and starts slowly degrading the top-notch reputation you had once before. Can I get some kind of explanation to help my curiosity?” I was curious what happened to him, he was so different before.

“Go out with me and I’ll tell you,” Shawn smirked, leaning forward on his chair, elbows leaning on the desk.

“What?” I was confused, I don’t understand how the situation changed so drastically.

“You heard me, if you go on a date with me, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about me,” Shawn smirked up at me, awaiting an answer. I was thinking about my answer, but before I could even ponder it on any longer, the words “yes” leave my lips.

Shawn’s face resembled shock. He was actually surprised I said yes. It lasted only second as a genuine smile graced his face. He stood up before walking over to me. He grabbed my hand before pulling me to stand up. I was a good foot shorter than him, his body towering over mine.  I gulped at our close proximity.

Shawn’s fingers lifted my chin up so I met his beautiful eyes. I looked deep into them again, noticing a small spark, like he was excited, for a change. He leaned down before his lips touched the skin of my cheek. I could feel my cheeks begin heat up.

“Thank you. Thank you for giving me a chance,” I looked up at him confusedly.

“I’ll pick you up at eight to take you out, okay? Wear something comfortable but dressy,” Shawn winked before knocking on the door where Mr Kale, our maths teacher was waiting. Shawn showed Mr Kale his phone, before the teacher opened the door letting him out. I processed what had happened before slowly stepping out of the room.

What just happened?

I looked at my mirror, flattening out my white dress. It had a cut out near my waist but had lace over it. I played with the lace hem as I admired myself. I did actually put effort into this date. I looked over at the close noticing the time. I put on my shoes which were just sandals with ties going up ‘till my ankles. They added a casualness to my outfit.

I heard the doorbell off, before I sprinted down the steps, I grabbed my purse and waited a second before opening and closing the door. Shawn was standing there, hands in pockets, a lopsided smile on his face. He was wearing a top that had dark blue sleeves but a lighter shade of blue for the rest of the shirt, his black skinny jeans and his black shoes with a white sole. He looked very attractive.

“Alexandra, wow, you look-you look amazing,” Shawn complimeted, a small blush creeping on to his cheeks.

“Thank you, and you do clean up pretty nice yourself,” Shawn chuckled before taking my hand, leading me to his jeep. I smirked at his eagerness, but before I could open the door, Shawn opened it for me. I was shocked to say the least, he was being a gentleman? Since when?

I sat in the passenger seat, watching Shawn jog over to the other side of the car. He smiled shyly, before starting the jeep, driving us to our surprise destination.

Shawn parked the car, before getting out and running over to my side to open the door for me.

“Thank you,” I shyly said, confused but happy about his sudden kindness. Shawn just smiled wider, showcasing his perfectly white teeth.

As I stepped out of the car I looked around trying to figure out where we were. I then saw a small light glinting in the distance, not too far away from the car but a good five minute walk. I also heard waves crashing near us, so we were near a beach. He was taking me to a restaurant, near the beach. What is this boy doing to me?

We started walking next to each other before Shawn intertwined his hand with mine. I blushed at the sudden contact but loving the feeling of it. HIs large hand fit perfectly with my small one. I looked down at our hands before swinging them. Shawn’s chuckle filled the air and my heart started beating faster.

I’d never felt this way before, like yes I know his attractive and all but his personality made me think he was just some player that uses girls for his own benefit one day and throws them out the next. But now, he was sweet, caring and cheerful, much like the Shawn he used to be.

“What are you thinking in that pretty little mind of yours?” I looked up to meet Shawn’s caramel brown ones, his eyes were curious and kind. They made me feel comfortable and like this was where I was meant to be.

“Just wondering if you do this to all your girls?” I asked as we stopped in front of a huge tree, a lamp post illuminating our faces.

“Alexandra, you’re honestly the only one I’ve ever taken here. You make me feel something. You make me feel like my old self again, something no one has made me feel in a long time,” Shawn, held both my hands, before lifting my right hand to his lips, pressing them lightly onto my skin.

Right then I realised, he wasn’t all bad, just no one took the time to dig a little deeper, to find the old Shawn. I’m glad he gave me the chance, and I’m definitely glad I said yes.

So I showed a picture of Mark’s blue hair to my male co-worker and he said “okay, I’m a straight, happily married man, but I am comfortable enough with my sexuality to say that he is a very attractive man and I would not kick him out of my bed hot damn!” 

I guess Mark just has that effect on everyone

honestly all i want is a lighthearted show a la parks and rec or brooklyn 99 but like. set in wayne enterprises. a bunch of well-meaning do-gooders and misfits, running amok in the lower levels of the company. middle management and secretaries and harassed part-time college kids, juggling city clean-up projects and philanthropy events and PR crises. gothamites down to the bone, only ever mildly inconvenienced and annoyed by all the basic shit the rogues pull in the night. “sorry i’m late, the penguin let loose a bunch of birds down main street AGAIN and i think i may have adopted a parakeet. it’s name is carl.” the R&D and pharmaceutical departments in constant competition with “those lex corp bastards” over in metropolis. occasional hijinks as the kids down at the daycare escape and show up in the strangest places. a running gag where a really attractive woman visits sometimes, vying for bruce wayne’s attention, and all the workers band together to heavily inconvenience and annoy her, while in the background the tall, broad figure of a grownass bruce hides behind plants and ducks into rooms to escape. also batfam cameos!!! people talking abt tim, how much he’s accomplished and he’s so young!! and then tim walks by, bedraggled, one shoe on, and smacking face first into the elevator bc he wasn’t looking where he was going. everyone loving when damian shows up randomly, bc they KNOW there is gonna be drama every single damn time. like, that one time ten-year-old damian wayne yelled at the board of directors and berated them for their quarterly deficit is still the stuff of legends. and cass is almost never seen, but always leaving rlly thoughtful gifts for everyone, ninja-style. AND! whenever bruce works out at the office, like he did in rebirth, just. everyone in the office….. constant self-fanning. glassy-eyed secretaries. no work gets done. everyone is blessed that day. welcome to wayne enterprises, where the billionaire boss hires a bunch of ex-cons and “unhireable” people and showers them with benefits and bonuses and pays off their student loans, so the MOMENT someone badmouths bruce wayne, all the workers rush to defend their dumbass boss :’) and take no shit from anyone


My friend and i just kept hitting each other and pushing each other over all the emotions of this!! By the Angel! So excited!!!

Things I am most looking forward to seeing:

Fucking malec meeting!! Those little snippets of Alec with his crooked smile introducing himself and Magnus on the phone asking Alec out and Alec “uh, when?” Just FUCKIG died

Clary and Simon, obviously

Clary and Alec mutual bitchiness

Magnus and pretty much everyone



Lightwoods! Bout had a heart attack: “hey, big bro.” “Really?”

JIMON AF holding hands!!!


JALEC!!! Holding hands!!! The strongest bond!!! Brooooos!!

Izzy and Magnus probably flirting heavily

Magnus’ entire party scene actually


Simon being his sad, but completely adorable self!

Everytime casserole came on the screen we all got mad and said things that aren’t nice wishing she would let the cast be the tv show and start away buuuut


Magnus looking so damn attractive though


Have I mentioned Harry as Magnus?


(Sorry, I had to rant. Also, I feel bad because I know I probably missed some huge stuff, but I’m tired and have school so I’m going to browse the tumblr about this show for a minute *coughcough no one leaves tumblr in a minute* and go to bed like I should)

Psychic: *reads my mind*
My mind: But why is Downey’s hair sooo grey. I understand he’s not busy right now but he’s never let it go this far. Is it a role preparation for some project we don’t know about? Is he just like ‘fuck it I’m 50 everyone knows I dye it’ and he just doesn’t care? More importantly why does he have to have that god damn hat on? Can he please show up somewhere again soon without the hat so we can see what’s going on in all its glory? Lastly, why am I so attracted to it? Fuck.
Psychic: what the fuck

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What;s your favorite thing about MJ?

‘favorite thing’ as in one thing? that’s impossible. but I’ll give you some of my favorite things I adore about him, in no order"

  • The amount of composure and respect he showed everyone despite so many terrible people who had done wrong by him in his life and career
  • his smile
  • his laugh
  • the fact that he recorded 'Chicago’
  • when he dished out directions / was firm with anyone. (so damn attractive)
  • Dangerous era
  • 'I love you more’
  • the impact he left on the world
  • how he was such an innocent soul but turned into a sexual being on stage / film
Stalia, Stydia, Sterek, Draeden, Scira, Scallison and every other ship under the fucking moon.


  • When people say, Malia is mentally a nine year old, it is inaccurate. Coyotes do develop and grow so technically she is older than nine. Not sure how much older, but she is older. Just pointing that out. 
  • Also those that point out that there is a mental age difference between Stiles and Malia (which I don’t believe the gap to be that huge if there is one at all) I see ships like Marrish and Sterek existing without little to any flack about the mental age gap and physical age gap.
  • I’m about to get technical about these age gaps. “We found that the brain begins to prune neural connections which it does not think are important.” “Around 10 to 12 you start to see a lot of activity in the brains of girls as this pruning takes place, but it was between 15 to 20 for boys.” These are quotes from Dr. Marcus Kaiser
  • It is scientifically proven that guys mature slower than girls mentally and physically so if this is the case, Lydia is physically and mentally more mature than Stiles. No one knows the exact gap in each pairing so Lydia and Stiles’ gap could be bigger than Stiles’ and Malia’s gap. Not saying it is I’m just saying there’s a possiblity. So technically, Lydia being with Stiles is just as “bad” as Stiles being with Malia in that aspect and Stiles being with Derek is even worse than the two.
  • The Stydia/Sterek shippers and other people that solely dislike Malia because she got in the way of your OTP. Stop. If you want someone to blame, blame Stiles. That’s the other half of your OTP that decided to get into the relationship. She’s innocent.
  • And you guys say that Malia is agressive with Stiles to point where it’s abusive, but I’m not seeing shit about when Derek punched Stiles. Explain yourselves.
  • (Wikipedia) Domestic violence (closely related to domestic abuse, spousal abuse, battering, family violence and intimate partner violence) is a pattern of behavior which involves violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic context, such as in marriage or cohabitation.
  • Throughout the whole Stalia interaction we’ve seen her punch Stiles once or twice I think, but you can’t possibly accept that as a pattern. She cares for Stiles a lot. If you count violence as her yelling at Stiles when she was in transition then you can count Void Stiles going apeshit and killing folks in that hospital. 
  • They both were not mentally there, but Malia found something in her that made her stop before she could harm Stiles. 
  • Have you ever seen dogs display affection to humans? Some of them are aggressive. And the punch at Eichen House. She just got back from being a coyote and she was angry. In her mind she was handling her anger the way a coyote would. 
  • You can’t bring up that she was coyote for however long and didn’t develop (which is a myth) then ignore it when it’s convenient to your “argument”.
  • Plus Stiles will always love Lydia, but can you imagine how he felt when he saw her pick Aidan over him? I don’t blame him for moving on.
  • Also, it’s annoying as fuck that when a new male character is introduced, it’s all peachy keen, but when a female character is introduced, it’s all what is her purpose? why is she here? It would be nice for her to a have a strong storyline, but she is also allowed to exist you know for the sole purpose of existing just as a male character can. Erase your double standards.
  • I see riots on here about relationship development between them, but you know what development need? Time. I saw people talking shit about Stalia first episode which didn’t make any sense to me.
  • Then this shoving it down your throats thing. People can kiss. Just because Scira waited a while to kiss doesn’t mean Stalia needs to.  People like kissing you know. And this may shock you, but people can kiss for the hell of it. You don’t have to be in love. Stop comparing relationships in order to put down another one. And maybe you should shut up posting Stalia hate in the Stalia tag and maybe it wouldn’t feel so shoved down your throats. Stay in the anti-Stalia tag or like you know blacklist Stalia. No one wants to hear negative things about their ships. Just tag your hate accordingly.
  • Plus I haven’t seen Stalia claim to be madly in love with each other so I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s another high school relationship. Y’all bitching like they’re talking about getting married tomorrow.
  • I didn’t see too many Stydia shippers acknowledge Malia when she helped ole girl crack the code. Hm. But Imma stop right there. 


  • I don’t really see a reason to dislike Draeden at this point in time besides Derek’s history with women. I can’t see a reason, but if you do you know whatever. You’re entitled to your opinion.
  • I like it, but I think it’s just a FWB thing that has potential to be an actual relationship. Braeden doesn’t seem like the one to commit to me, but it just takes the right person to change your mind. Plus I don’t blame her for hopping into bed with him. Who could resist Derek for that long?
  • It’s not like they’re claiming to be in love with each other. Calm your tits. People still go out to clubs and pick up one nightstands. Why can’t Derek and Braeden fuck after a couple of conversations filled with double entendres? They’re both attractive people.
  • Sex is not sacred to everyone. Some people get it in because of frustration. Others because they love that person. Get over it.
  • And Draeden gives me that Mr. and Mrs. Smith vibe and if you didn’t find that movie remotely adorable then I don’t know what to say


  • I’ve never really thought of Stydia as anything more than friends and confidants so I don’t have much to say.
  • But bruh. Some of you Stydia shippers need to stop blaming Malia for Stydia not being together. Jeff writes the damn show. Blame him. 
  • Or blame Stiles for moving on. He’s the one in your paring. However I find to be totally unfair if you do. He can’t wait on Lydia forever.
  • Or blame Lydia for choosing other guys over Stiles time and time again.
  • Malia has nothing to do with Stydia. Leave her out of it.


  • I had a Sterek period, but that tag and shippers got too damn much for me.


  • This is the most adorable ship and it’s moving at the perfect pace and ugh. They make me happy.
  • And after each episode you can see them slowly getting more comfortable with expressing affection towards one another.


  • Man I’m about to tear up writing this shit right now, but they were so amazing and Allison will always be Scott’s first love.
  • It was annoying how some of the fandom were blaming Kira because Scira was blooming before Allison even died. 
  • Plus Allison had an interest in Issac (My boo Daniel is going to be on The Originals this season)
  • And y’all yelling that Allison didn’t even get a proper mourning period. Well I’d hate to break it to you, but they can’t mourn the whole season. Death is a difficult subject for some and Jeff knows that putting triggering stuff like that in every episode could cost him viewers. It was a business decision. 

People bitch about how relationships need to develop and stuff like that, yet I haven’t seen anyone claiming to be crazily in love with the other this season. And relationships will not progress at same speed as others. The speed varies from person to person. Everyone’s different.