everyone in their most comfortable field and such

Bifrost Apartments, the guy tells you. He overheard you saying you needed a new place. You’ve never heard of it but you turn where he says and walk where he says and there it is. Right by your office. 

Odin is landlord, he doesn’t say much but he does have a unit available. You take it without question. He’s obviously ex-military, but you’re afraid to ask exactly in what capacity. 

Frigga is your day-to-day anyway, she told you where the closest laundromat was and which grocery store had the best prices. There had been a casserole pan in your fridge when you moved in, and a quilt on the couch. 

Thor lives above you, and he terrifies you until he asks if you need help carrying stuff. Thankfully, he’s a harmless dude-bro, and you ask him where he works out, you need a new gym. He is, of course, a trainer and assures you he will help you get  those ‘gainz’.

Sif, his cheerful, spry, yoga-instructor wife, whose hair hangs down to her butt even when braided, is also incredibly kind. She invites you to the vegan cafe down the street.

Idunn owns the vegan cafe, her avocado-quinoa muffins are addictive. Her husband, Bragi, is super talented but she had to ban him from open-mic night. He was a total mic hog and sometimes got a little…experimental. 

Freyja and Freyr are so gorgeous you blush in their presence. Freyja invites you to the begginers self-defense class she teaches. Once she asks you to watch her cats while she’s away. You think there are 3 or maybe 5? Freyr, it’s rumored, is the best lay in the whole building, and you try not to think about it while he tells you about how his window boxes are doing. 

Loki lives in the basement, though he comes and goes at the oddest hours. He seemed to look a little different every time you saw him, what with the piercings, tattoos, and hair color, and you sort of wanted to borrow the bright pink sundress he was fond of wearing. His wife, Sigyn, was so normal by comparison you would have thought she had just been plucked from a field in Nebraska. 

You like it here, it’s comfortable and safe. Everyone seems to get along(well, mostly anyway) and before you know it, you’ve been living there a year, then two, then five. 

Once you see Thor lift an entire fridge and toss it over his shoulder like it was Styrofoam. 

Odin finds you one night, crying in the hallway, and before you know it you’re in his apartment, drinking whiskey that even smells expensive, and he listens to you blubber before finally giving you the best, most important advice of your entire life, though you can’t now entirely remember what it was about. 

Freyr insists on giving you some plants, just a few herbs, something to brighten up the space. Despite the fact you’ve killed every houseplant you’ve come in contact with, they thrive. 

Loki is always smoking, but you never see him lift a lighter. 

After a while, Idunn offers to make you an off-menu smoothie, apple-chia-date. It’s…strangely rejuvenating. 

My Boys Drabbles - Elevator Ride

Hey guys. I wrote this story a couple of days ago and it probably deserved more decent editing by me. Since I’m on a train to Scotland doing basically nothing, I’ve decided to post it. :)

Thank you @jia911​ for your reliable support and proofreading!

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

The lovely @bluebelle18 asked to write a story about Owen getting really angry at Amelia.

  • Timeline:

This happens before they had kids, after ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Pest Infestation’.

My Boys Drabbles – Elevator Ride

“Hey, Jim!” Amelia barged in the radiology room where the neurosurgery team usually gathered every Tuesday morning to discuss cases. “How was the weekend?” She playfully asked, suggestively giving her colleague a pat on the shoulder and a dirty gaze. “Yeah, look at that womanizer face you got there… I bet you had some fun!”

Jim Nelson gave her one mortified look that made Amelia crack up laughing. She loved to tease the other attending and that was no secret. Seeing her colleague’s usual lack of response, Amelia was about to add another teasing comment when her husband stormed into the room.

“I need you, ER, now,” He demanded, without offering any explanation.

Amelia frowned and looked puzzled from Jim Nelson to the door, but Owen had already left. Without much of a choice, she excused herself and followed his trail, wondering what in the world could justify Owen being in a hurry like that.


“You stay close and make sure you have your kits on you all the time,” Owen commanded, pacing back and forth to make sure the whole team was properly geared up. “Don’t forget to add the appropriate tags so patients can be removed after they were assessed,” He reinforced for the third time, taking one last look at the team of five doctors who were in the transport with him.

Owen made individual eye contact with each one, receiving affirmative nods in return. It was no surprise people were following his lead, considering his entire background. Owen Hunt was good in critical situations and everyone knew that. To have a strong, imposing leader like him inspiring trust and confidence was comforting for the team of surgeons who were just about to take big risks in a massive accident location.

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Living with the Cullens was amazing. You gained a family and a mate, it looked like everything was as perfect as it could be considering you were immortal.

Except it wasn’t perfect. Even though you had the Cullens and a home to call your own, you still missed your family. Your human family. It had been so long, so many centuries since you last saw the smiling faces of the twins or smelled the scent of your father’s linens after a day in the field.  You held onto all of the memories of your past life, unlike others of your kind.

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i want to inspire. i want to write poetry while lazing beneath the warmth of the sun. i want to paint the people and animals who pass me while i sit in a cafe in the corner of the street sipping on a drink that tastes as good as the autumn leaves look while they’re drifting through the breeze. i want to go to the beach with my friends till sunset while talking about important things. i want to dance to music while walking through flower fields. i want to feel comfortable wherever i go. no matter who i see along the way. i want to wake up and know that it’s going to be a good day. that no matter what happens, nothing could ever be that bad when i have a safe home and family to fall back on. i want to adventure with the people i love most. i want to find true friends. what i think i want most of all, is to not always sit and watch everyone float by me effortlessly, perpetually amused and content. this time, for the rest of this year and forever, i am going to do whatever i can to feel like i am floating effortlessly. of course life has ups and downs, but i am going to try to look at everything as positively as i can. and i encourage you to do the same.

After Hours

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Summary: After a few years off the train, you work for Curtis and being to develop feelings over time. Those feelings get put to good use. 

Word Count: 1675

Warnings: Smutty Smut

Author’s Note: Thank you to @mewsiex for this awesome prompt and to @theycallmebecca for being such a freaking awesome beta.

You woke up bright and early to get to the farm on time. You were in charge of the farm today since Curtis had other business to tend to and had asked you the previous day if you could run the place while he was gone. You said yes without any hesitation.

You arrived at the farm before anyone else and went into the office to see if you had any pickups and dropoffs. You were shocked to see Curtis there sitting at his desk.

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Intro to Upper Class Culture, Part 2: Equestrian Sports

Ahh, equestrianism. It’s a topic I reluctantly know more about than I ever cared to because my boyfriend is obsessed with horses. He owns seven of them now: two Thoroughbreds, two Arabians, one Andalusian, one Appaloosa, and one Quarter Horse. They’re all fairly versatile breeds and pretty popular breeds, often used in equestrian sports. If you’re like me you’ll probably think “A horse is a horse, does it matter?” and the answer is that it matters greatly as horses come in varying sizes, shapes and have different talents specific to their breed.

Although horses have been used in everything from plowing fields to herding cattle (and still are!) I include equestrianism in “Upper Class Culture” because horses are a very expensive investment. I asked D how much it would cost at the very minimum to take care of a horse per year and he estimated at the very least three or four thousand dollars. I asked him how much he spent per horse every year and he laughed and declined to comment, but when I asked if it was more than ten thousand he laughed and said, “A lot more”. I did a little research online and found some sources saying 15K was a decent chunk of change to spend on a horse, so I’ll assume D is spending more since spendthrift isn’t one of his many good qualities. Let’s estimate he spends 20K/year on each horse. That’s $140,000 per year on a hobby. When is the last time you dropped over a hundred grand on a hobby?

So, now that we’ve established how grossly expensive this is, it’s time to learn what people do with these walking money pits! I’m going to focus on a few different activities you can do with horses that are particularly “upper crust” and there are a lot more but as it is this is going to be a pretty lengthy post. The horse industry in the US alone is a $102 billion+ industry so there’s just a lot of facets, and if I don’t cover one you’re interested in message me and maybe I’ll do a “Equestrian Sports Part 2”.

Horse Racing

The one that’s on everyone’s mind right now! For the first time in 36 years we have a Triple Crown winner, American Pharoah, the beautiful thoroughbred who beat the odds and won it all. Horse racing is a massive industry, mainly because of the gambling that goes along with it, and is probably America’s favorite equestrian sport. There are thousands upon thousands of horse races across the US per year but they vary from very seedy to very classy, and I’ll assume if you’re reading this you’re going to the latter.

Horse racing is pretty straight forward. The gates open and horses, ridden by a jockey, run for a certain distance. Races are generally limited to one different breed of horse (or a couple types) because otherwise there would be unfair advantages between breeds. The most common types of race horses are Thoroughbreds, Arabians and Quarter Horses. The Triple Crown, a set of three races that begins with the Kentucky Derby, then goes to the Preakness and finally Belmont Stakes, is for Thoroughbred horses.

Now, if you’re attending a big fancy horse racing event such as a leg of the Triple Crown, you’re free to dress up like you’d imagine people do. Colorful Lilly Pulitzer sundresses and over the top hats are completely acceptable. For men, tailored suits, bow ties and flower lapels are always classic. If you’re with someone who is upper class, generally you won’t be sitting in the stands but will be seated somewhere more comfortable, so although everyone will be cheering at the end of the race, don’t get too rowdy lest you scare the bourgeois.


Nothing says preppy quite like Polo. It evokes images of men on horseback, bright grassy fields, and, if you’re like me, Ralph Lauren. Polo originated in Persia and was brought to India where it was eventually taught to British military officers and brought back to the UK and via the UK much of the rest of the world. It’s most popular today in Argentina, the US and the UK. Polo is played on horseback with a small, solid plastic ball on the ground that is hit by riders armed with wooden mallets who try to shoot the ball into (weirdly large) goals. There are four players on each team (3 in arena). The riders ride “Polo Ponies” who are frequently rotated out and look absurdly small to be carrying full grown adults. It’s more fun to watch than you’d assume, and actually really fun and a little bit scary to play (10/10 would recommend).

Event Dress: Dress nicely, but don’t look too fancy. A nice sundress, trousers and a good blouse, something flowy, light and summery is all good. Keep it classy, preppy is always a good option. And for all that is good and decent in this world do not come dressed as stereotypically western or British-no top hats or cowgirl boots. No. A word about heels: don’t wear stilettos. Wear wedges. Why? You’ve all seen “Pretty Woman”, don’t feign naivety with me. During the halftime and at the end of the game, it’s tradition for the public to be called onto the field to help fill in the holes left by the horse hooves. If you’re in stilettos you’re going to make walking in the grass harder on yourself, one, and two, make the grass even worse, and three, not be able to participate in the fun part of the game for the spectators. Also, no big crazy hats. I saw some American women do this on a British reality show and cringed. Don’t be those women. Keep things simple and classy, fashion wise.

I’m going to limit this post to those two things because I think those are the most important to touch on. If you’re ever being brought to another equestrian event (dressage, eventing, show jumping, etc.) then you can never go wrong with a nice tight pair of jeans, riding boots and a good cashmere sweater. If you get invited to go riding with someone, do take the opportunity because it’s a lot of fun and less scary the more you do it. Horses are wonderful, very loving and intelligent animals so it’s easy to see how people get roped into pouring their hard earned cash into them.

A little vocab and then we’ll almost be done

Foal: A baby horse

Filly: A female baby horse

Colt: A male baby horse

Suckling: A baby horse still nursing

Mare: A female adult horse

Stallion: A male adult horse that isn’t castrated

Gelding: A male adult horse that is castrated


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Warnings: Smut but slightly, overall v fluff

Pairing: Biker Michael and reader

LISTEN This is fucking adorable. Now I’ve been wanting to write this since forever because I just really like the concept of Biker!Michael. Feel free to request or message me if you have any concerns or questions or OVER ALL YOU JUST WANNA BE FRIENDS I LOVE FRIENDS.Enjoy..

It was a cloudy but warm spring day. Michael Clifford, A.K.A the legendary champion motorbike racer, was getting ready for his last race of the year, the race that would determine whether he gets to keep his title as the champion or not. But he wasn’t nervous, he was never nervous. He was a confident and ambitious young man who thought he was the best at what he did. If anything, he was excited for this race specifically. he was racing against his biggest enemy of all time, since they were in high school they never got along. He couldn’t wait to beat him and show everyone what he was capable of doing.

Michael made his way to the field where the race was going to  take place. His team was getting his motorbike ready as he put on his gear. Once he was good to go, he went to his bike and go comfortable, silently encouraging himself.

‘’Yo Clifford, ready to get your ass kicked yeah?’’ A voice asked from behind him. Michael’s blood started boiling at the sound of his voice. ‘’Don’t be so confident John.’’ He said turning around. And that’s when he saw her. The most beautiful creature he has ever seen in his life. He was unable to speak or move as he stared at the gorgeous woman. John followed his eyes and landed on the now walking girl as well. He smirked devilishly. ‘’You know what chicks around here like Clifford? Champions.’’ He pushed Michael to settle on his bike. Michael sent a last look to the girl and sat on his bike. He had to win for her, he had to show her what he could do.

John was a dirty rider and cheap cheater who would do anything if it meant he won. However, Michael wasn’t the one to be played with. Despite all of John’s tricks Michael won the race and the cup, but he couldn’t think anything but the lady of his dreams who was now walking out of the field. Michael shrugged off the reporters and his friends who were trying to congratulate him and ran to the girl with his trophy in his hand.

He approached the beauty and said ‘’Hi.’’ She immediately turned around and Michael was certain that he was drooling, she was even more gorgeous up close. ‘’Why hello there champ.’’ She said smilling. Michael found himself smiling as well. ‘’I just want to tell you that you’re absolutely breath taking and I would never forgive myself if I didn’t get your name.’’ She was totally taken aback by his sudden confession but smiled anyway. ‘’My name is Y/N and It’s really nice to meet you.’’

‘’BAAAAAABBBEEE I’M HOOOMEEE!’’ Michael yelled at his fiance who was waiting for him to come back home after a day of practising as he entered the penthouse they shared. (Do they practise or train or whatever idk go with it.) Michael got signed by an extremely important company years ago after he beat John and now he was living the dream life. ‘’I’m in the bathroom.’’ She yelled back. Michael chuckled to himself. He was so lucky to have his fiance he loved oh so dearly, he couldn’t believe how his life turned out and how she changed his view on every thing in life.

‘’Do you want me to start the di–’’ Michael was cut off by his fiance’s half naked presence. She was wearing is favourite pair of black and red panties that said ‘’Ride Or Die’’ at the back along with his jacket that he used during races. He gulped as she fiddled with her hands, she has always been shy and it drove Michael crazy. ‘’Baby.’’ He whispered not knowing what to say. ‘’What do you think Mikey?’’ She asked smiling up at him. Michael gulped and put his hands on his soon to be bride’s waist. ‘’You look ravishing sweetheart.’’ He said still in disbelief that this woman have agreed to marry him.

She slowly pulled the man to their shared bedroom and pushed him to the bed smiling. He sat down smiling, pulling her on his lap. ‘’Let me do the riding today.’’ She whispered seductively as he sighed in content. She took off is clothes until he was in his boxers, he was staring at her, admiring her. She got of from his lap and took off the jacket which was the only item covering her naked body except for her panties. He groaned at the sight of her. He pulled her by her hands that had the ring on. She settled on his lap once again, smiling when he felt the ring between his fingers. He brought her hand and kissed the ring lovingly.

She slowly started to rock her hips against him as they kissed with so much love and passion towards each other. No words were being said, there were no need for them to verbally express themselves when they could just look into each others eyes and feel the mutual love.

At this point, they were both naked and kissing on the bed. There was no rush at all, it wasn’t rough as usual. Everything was nice and slow. She slowly sinked down on him, whimpering at the feeling. Michael’s hands were on her back and hips, holding her as close as he could. She kept pulling herself up and letting herself down until Michael was a moaning mess underneath her. He looked up to the goddess who was riding him like there was no tomorrow with an excessive amount of love and lust in his eyes. He watched as her eyes closed, hair all over her, his teeth lightly biting her beautiful lips.

They both came down their highs looking into eachothers eyes. ‘’I love you.’’ He said smiling a his worn out fiance. ‘’I love you too.’’ He pulled her off his lap and cuddled her, pulling her as close as he could. ‘’I can’t wait to make you officially mine. Can’t wait to call you my wife, can’t wait to have kids with you.’’ She giggled at her enthusiastic fiance. ‘’Is our kid going to be a racer like you?’’ She said yawning and cuddling him more. He chuckled and put his arm around her. ‘’Kid? Who said we’re only having one. We’re gonna have children until I can’t produce sperms anymore.’’ She let out a laugh, tuning to face him. ‘’And we can make an army of out children to rule the bike community.’’ He smiled lazily.

They loved making plans for the future together, even though it didn’t make any sense, they loved to think of a future together. He planted a kiss on her forehead. All he felt was love, the feeling not even his bike could give him, a feeling he didn’t feel even while he was racing. And he was grateful that he stopped that girl in the crowd years ago to ask her name, not knowing it was the start of the longest ride of his life.

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Breed size differences are fun. They should be discussed more.

Snapdragon Steppe, for example, sized some key areas to be accessible to everyone – the front entrance and main hall, some guest chambers, and treatment rooms. Because there are so few Ridgebacks and Imps around, though, most of the clan ended up digging/building things to suit small-to-mid-size breeds. The kitchen handles high-volume cooking, since meals are usually communal, but the knives and ranges are all sized to suit Snappers and Spirals, not Imps, for instance. Anything larger than a Guardian will probably eventually feel a little cramped living in the lair proper, hence some will carve out their own lairs outside instead. 

(One small perk to this general size range, at least, is that most Beastclans fall within it, so they can welcome visiting ambassadors comfortably.)

(And, of course, the Boundless, being crewed exclusively by beasts that don’t get much bigger than 7M, couldn’t feasibly cart an Imperial passenger around, and would probably get dwarfed by an airship crewed by them. This has actually worked to their advantage before, as it makes them a comparatively hard target to hit.)


imagine Skittle on diplomatic visits to allying clans where everyone in charge is an Imp/Guardian/etc

a formal meeting at a table big enough to be a football field for him and someone tactfully tries to bring out the Visiting Dignitary Booster Seat with as much dignity as possible

rafstein  asked:

I’m still intrigued about the points you made a while ago about privilege and the curse. Can you elaborate more on that? Regina grew up (economically) privileged, but seemed to only use power as a tool as the EQ. Power hadn't been her goal and she was OK being with a stable boy (which is why I don’t like when people refer to RH as “Forest Hobo.” He’s bad for Regina in tons of ways, but this isn’t the problem.) But I'm not as clear on Snow and Charming and on how privilege figured into the curse.

The trappings of Snow’s and Charming’s privilege are the castles, soldiers, servants, fine luxuries etc. they enjoy. The essence of their privilege, however, lies in the deference of others.

Charming grew up a shepherd. Regina grew up with the trappings of aristocratic privilege, but no power. Snow grew up with the full blown trappings of royal privilege plus her position at court as heir to the throne.

Even when Snow was on the run from the Evil Queen, she still enjoyed the privilege of a population’s automatic subservience to royalty. She had done nothing during her twenty years as a princess to earn it, yet society declared her their rightful ruler by birth right, not merit. When Snow became Queen and Charming became her prince consort, their privileged positions seemed unassailable.

Regina’s casting of Rumplestiltskin’s curse levelled much of that playing field. Regina didn’t take their physical comforts from them, she re-fashioned them and redistributed them. Everyone got hot and cold running water and central heating and 21st century medicine. What she took, most importantly, was the population’s conditioned acceptance of Snow’s royal birth right, and Charming’s command at her right hand just because he married her. The people, including Snow and Charming, forgot that they were “supposed” to be in charge. The automatic deference disappeared.

Crucially we see that when the curse broke it was that which reverted, and not the trappings. They didn’t go back to the Enchanted Forest, but they all remembered who they were and the implicit social order. Snow and Charming regained their privilege of being royal even though the trappings weren’t restored. The populace deferred to Snow’s birth right (Whale protested Charming’s command briefly, as a citizen of another realm). Only Regina questioned Charming’s assumption of the sheriff’s role, noting the “family business”. Snow went from school teacher to Mayor and gets a pass for re-casting the curse - something the townsfolk wanted to lynch Regina for when they assumed she was responsible.

That privilege is what the curse took from Snow and Charming, in limbo, for twenty eight years. Not physical comfort (Regina gave the peasants more than they could have dreamed of there); not their health and youth (they didn’t age); and not their daughter Emma - who they chose to toss out into the unknown as a new-born tasked with restoring their privilege for them.