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Hahaha, I know I already sent you guys some, but I'm tired and still have another class to go to so yeah, you guys cheer me up and give me motivation! May I please ask how the 1ps meeting usually goes? I love your 2p one!<3

Awww yeah, let’s hope this cheers you up! -Admins Sarah and Jay

America: “DUDES! Ugh…nevermind…”
Alfred would be talking and trying to get his ideas across, but since no one really takes him seriously he would just sigh and sit down. If he isn’t trying to talk and get his point across he would be on his phone looking at anything to get his mind off the meeting. Maybe texting Matthew or sending him jokes as he browses the internet or plays games on his apps. Mostly he would be counting down the minutes until he can get away from everyone.

England: “Listen up you bloody idiots!”
Arthur would be yelling at Alfred to pay attention or have serious ideas, arguing with Francis and just exasperating himself. He would be so tired from yelling that he would hardly be paying attention to anything else. After a while, he would just huff and sit down as he checks the clock for how soon he can leave. He would just be tired and need time alone to recharge and relax so he doesn’t bite someone’s head off. Mainly Francis.

France: “Hm? Oh no, I am listening..sort of.”
Francis would occasionally listen to what was going on in the meetings. Though, much of his commentary would come from him randomly joining in on the conversation to add something that he thought, or arguing with Arthur or Alfred. Sometimes when the topics would bore him he would use his phone under the table, probably on Instagram trying to decide what filter looked best with his latest picture, or drawing crude drawings over pictures of Arthur.

Canada: “Excuse me-!…What about-…okay…”
Matthew would be used to being talked over, ignored, cut off, all of it. He would try to talk when it applied to him, or he had something useful to say, though sometimes they wouldn’t hear him or they would brush off his comments. Whenever he would just sit there he would probably doodle on the side of his papers, or be throwing paper balls at Alfred when Alfred wasn’t looking, chuckling as he watches him look around frantically.

Russia: “Are we ready to do the arguing?”
Ivan would walk into the meeting room ready to fight, and I don’t mean he walks in looking to pick a fight with someone (*cough* Alfred…*cough cough* Arthur..), but, he is always ready to deal with the arguing that surrounds them in the meeting room. It would remind him of home! Whenever he would get bored or need a break, he would most likely knit under the table, after all, he may need a new scarf! (that is actually a head-canon, look it up!)

China: “You all are so dumb. I’m done.”
Yao is the oldest and therefore has the least amount of patience with the others. He would be trying to get his ideas across and if the others weren’t listening or too busy arguing, he would just shake his head and yell at them…or hit them with his wok, you know, whatever happens first. But Yao would just look at them all and get a little sad that they couldn’t work together. 

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Reunited Part 11!!
I never thought this comic would stretch this far and I apologise x’D but here’s a bit of romcom-worthy misunderstanding for y’all and I’m sure that nothing else will grow out of this experience have a lovely night uwu/
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Nations+Socializing Issues

America: Having too many friends and worrying that you’re going to disappoint them if you don’t space out your time among them well enough.

Canada: Wanting to have friends while also being painfully shy and something of a wallflower. 

Prussia: Are you really too much of an asshole or is it a tolerable amount? 

England: Am I too boring? Does my superiority complex make my friends think I hate them? 

France: Doesn’t know how to say no. Gets stressed out about helping everyone else and not himself.

Germany: Feeling like the only voice of reason and becoming easily frustrated. 

Italy: Knowing you’re being annoying and trying to be extra nice to make up for it but worrying it’s not enough.

Japan: Wanting to speak your mind but never gaining the confidence. Accidentally being a pushover.

Russia: You have no friends. You’re very lonely.

China: Other people tend to be exhausting but you still wish they’d respect you more than they do.

Spain: People take advantage of how kind you are and you wish you could read people better.  

Okay but I just want everyone to understand

the best thing about Ilvermorny being in Massachusetts is that this brings up a bunch of stupid fucking Massachusetts headcanons about wizardry: 

-Professors with disgusting Boston accents 

-The platform for Ilvermorny HAS to be at North station

-enchanted MBTA commuter rail 

-the division between NY and Mass wizards going deeper than house rivalry 

-the Red Sox curse being ACTUAL dark magic 

-confirmed wand fights over Sox vs Yankees and Patriots vs literally everyone not from new England

-a Dunkin Donuts suspiciously close to the school that is always looking for workers because people are terrified of working the nightshift there. 

-Magical Dunkin Donuts 

-There’s an underground passage at the school (a la Whomping Willow and One Eyed Witch) that exits at the old Harvard station.

-On the train ride to Ilvermorny, students like to fire off spells. The stray magic wreaks havoc on cars between the station and the school, making them nearly impossible to drive and making the drivers seem exceedingly reckless. MASSHOLES EXPLAINED 

-The real reason the Pumpkinfest riots happened at Keane State was because Ilvermorny wizards decided to crash and cast some drunk spells without realizing the consequences, once something caught fire, people rioted. Student wizards are not well liked in New Hampshire

-There’s a reason why Boston is “the hub of the universe”: wizarding folk powerful in astrology and divination gather there for readings more accurate and powerful than anywhere else.

-There was a gang of dark wizard students, who caused an unbelievable amount of mayhem and panic one day. The local magical authorities realized it would be almost impossible to totally wipe the memory from everyone’s minds. One wizard joked, saying that they’re going to come up with some ridiculous excuse like a family of ducks trying to walk through the city.



The VVitch: A New-England Folktale (2015) dir. Robert Eggers

“Wouldst thou like the taste of butter? A pretty dress? Wouldst thou like to live deliciously?”

  • Hong Kong: like, happy Mother's Day!
  • England: ... to me or China?
  • Hong Kong: both of you, duh.
  • America: hey, my gift is for both England and China too! Plus France~!
  • Canada: I have a gift for England, France... and China.
  • France: oh cuties~!! I have a gift for China as well.
  • Japan: wait... does everyone have gifts for China?
  • England: I think so... I have a gift for China too...
  • Russia: same~~
  • China: wait- what??
  • Most of the countries: ... Happy Mother's Day!!
  • China: ... how did I gain so many children- OH CUTE PANDA DOLL!

All the personified nations and micronations that had appeared in the anime!

Alfred: Happy Valentine’s Day guys, from Arthur and I! Hope y’all have an amazing day! Eat tons of chocolates and spend the day with loved ones!

Arthur: I hope all of you have a wonderful day!