everyone i know is a dork

I don't understand why everyone thinks that marichat is the sin ship

Like I totally picture those two dorks watching cartoon movies and eating a giant bowl of popcorn and arguing which disney princess are. Like:
- Chat Noir: “I’m saying that I’m Mewlan!”
- Marinette: “No way! I’m Mulan!”
- Chat: “ You can’t be Mewlan, you aren’t disguising yourself to save the country! And you don’t know how to use a blade!”
- Marinette: “Who told you I don’t! Plus you can’t be her because you are Cinderella!”
- Chat: “No way I’m Cinderella!” I want to be Mewlan!“
- Marinette: ” You just want to be her for the pun!“

Or something like that.


Yuzuru Hanyu dancing to the Ex’s of his co-skaters during practice/Gala.

May I introduce?

0:14 CowboyYuzu

0:42 CowboyPooh (featuring Misha)

1:06 FunkyYuzu 

2:05 UnstoppableYuzu (featuring air guitar)

(Thanks to the uploader for sharing this hilarious video with us, but I noticed it’s not the original owner of the video parts. So if they belong to you or you know to whom, please tell me so I can give them proper credit, thanks)

y'all already know NCT tend to get nervous on VICTORY, but NCT Life will always be NCT Life! What we saw on VICTORY today is only like 10% of what we’re gonna get the next season. I’m ready to see them go all out and act like themselves now that more of them will be together!

Klance Valentine Headcanon

• Lance playing it cool but actually internally screaming because he doesn’t know what to get Keith

• Keith actually screaming because what would Lance like???

• Pining Keith

• When Lance passes by Keith he’d make a pickup line and Keith is just a sputtering mess he needs to hold onto the wall or bumps into it and falls back

• Lance loves this stupid dork so much his heart hearts

• Pining Lance

• Keith asks Hunk to help make a big chocolate heart

• Lance asking Hunk on making a chocolate heart cake

• They both try to make it lowkey

• Keith going up to Hunk asking him if the *thing* is ready and Lance coming in and just..

• “Oh! Lance.. What’re you doing here…”

• “Um.. Just came to get something from the fridge..”

• “Well you’re gonna have to come later you can’t open the fridge”

• “Are you hiding something in the fridge?”

• “NO! Are YOU????”

• “ nO!!”

• they’re painfully awkward they can’t even fight

• Hunk just can’t with them

• Keith’s heart doesn’t come out the way he wants it too and is kind of deformed

• Lance accidentally put too much yeast

• They both give it to each other

• They find it the most glorious thing in the universe and treasure it

• Hunk finds it ridiculous but cute too

• They enjoy v-day together ((:

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I don't know what to do seddm I need help... running with scissors is ruining my life I can't stop crying I cried at school I can't be happy I'm super depressed everytime I'm trying to avoid every image related to this episode I'm so sad I fought with everyone today I'm not kidding this show made me so happy and now I'm trying to sleep as much as possible to forget it

Woa, you took it harder than me! Try to focus on the good parts of the episode, like all the Starco and the possible positive developments for Marco.

And know that Marco is going to be back to normal starting next episode for sure. In Mathmagic, on Monday, he’s going to be in class, “Oooohing” at whatever Star did (refusing to answer to Skullnick’s question?)

In The Bounce Lounge he’s going to dance like the dork he is

In All Belts Are Off he’s going to be the same young Marco, trying to better and prove himself.

“Marco wants to prove to Sensei that he’s more worthy than Jeremy.” 

And in Just Friends he’s going to “Oooh-oooo” at Love Sentence’s songs at their concert.

I know that it was an unexpected episode that many fans didn’t properly digest, but only the good things coming from it are going to stick for the rest of the show.

It’s curious that since his brief character summary revealing him not want to stand out, everyone in the fandom have taken to portray Yusaku as either:

  • A serious introverted guy who just wants to be the heck alone and not involve himself in whole duel monster thing.
  • A shy, nervous wreck that would melt if the reflector would focus on them for two seconds.

And I’m just here like: Can we have both?

Like can Yusaku be this person who people barely knows he exists because he’s just so serious and non-assuming and hardly talks to anyone so everyone assumed he’s an arrogant prick but in reality he’s a huge dork, who stammers through life hoping to avoid social interaction because he can barely handle it without frozing into spot and then suddenly the plot arrives to tell him:

“Sorry dude you’re a protagonist, now sk8 or die.”

i just want you all to know that caspar lee loves and appreciates his friends a lot and is not scared to express his affection and tell everyone how proud he is when his friends do great things, and he’s full of compliments and hugs and love and he is also a little awkward bean and a giant dork and he just wants to make people laugh and smile and doesn’t take anything for granted because he’s so constantly appreciative and in awe of his fans and everyone who supports him and i love him so much

Because Jack reached 13 million, I wanna send some love to people <3













I love you beautiful people of the internet <3

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I know I never talk to you, but I care about you, and I wish you the best, I really do. <3

Imagine if Yoosung was a deep route (spoilers)

The more I think and discuss about it, the more I wonder if things would’ve been more interesting (and logical?) had Jumin and Yoosung swapped places.

Because considering that:

  • Everyone believes his cousin, the person he looked up to, committed suicide
  • No one really knows why?
  • No body was found
  • V, the closest one to her, seems to be hiding something
  • No one in the RFA understands Yoosung’s paranoia
  • Even though he has all good reasons to be??
  • And his suspicions turn out to be correct???
  • And in the end Rika wasn’t dead - worse yet, she’s a cult leader

How does that not qualify him for a super heavy, emotional route? I feel like Cheritz missed out here by putting him into a baby-boy-needs-to-grow-up role, instead of having MC try to help him work through his grief and discover the truth behind it all.

With Yoosung as a deep route next to Seven, they could’ve divided the secret endings across both of them. As much as I love Seven, it would have been better for Yoosung to deal with discovering the big truth behind it all and who Rika really is. Seven already has enough on his plate when he finds Saeran and tries to help him. If they wanted Yoosung to come over more mature at the end of his route, the revelation of his hero actually being the villain would’ve done so perfectly.

And maybe Yoosung could’ve called the police and they lock Rika away, which would have been a very logical and satisfying conclusion. I assume Seven didn’t get police involved because of who he is but Yoosung doesn’t have anything to hide.

While Jumin has good reasons to be in deep route, I think it might be neat to see him in casual route. You would still deal with the arranged marriage and his father’s girlfriend; but with the added bonus of when Elizabeth goes missing, you help him find her and he’s super grateful and lots of cute romantic fluff happens. (Sorry Cheritz, but you’re not going to convince a cat-lover that, someone who loves cats as much as he does, would stop trying to find her.)

And it’s not like everyone’s favorite bad ending with him would have to be deleted - his possessiveness can still be a thing in casual route. Seeing as it also has things like Saeran breaking in and kidnapping you, discovering there’s a bomb where you live, Yoosung turning yandere in one bad ending and so forth, I don’t see how that would be an issue.

Also, don’t get me started on the secret endings jfc I hate them so much.

Hello! I am 1 RPer looking for new friends!

Sometimes finding new people and blogs to RP with is hard. Please reblog this post if you don’t mind other RPers who also reblogged this following you! 

(Please read their blog rules first! Ask questions if you don’t understand something or wish to know more! Sometimes people seem scary but we’re all just big shy dorks I promise)

Yeah I’m not seeing how this plan is gonna work, but then again Amethyst has never been one to think things through.



I want everyone to appreciate Lapis’ face when she hears the word prisoners.

She’s gonna need a few more rounds in the screaming chamber.


Ohhhh I guess we know where the name of the title comes from now.


Please tell me we’ll find out what that orb was.

Booby you’re supposed to be the leader.

You should know your shit.

Gundham Tanaka is precious and should be protected at all costs


I’m watching the stage play and it starts out super sweet and cute and everything, you know back when nothing hurts and nobody is dead.

A lot of things happen during the first beach scene where Monomi drops pool stuff on everyone - things like Komaeda being a huge adorable dork, and Hinata freaking the fuck out about the fact that a bunch of shit fell from the fucking sky, and Nidai acting like whatever he found in his bag was THE BEST EVER, and Hinata freaking the fuck out about Ibuki offering him a swim bag, and Souda thinking his watermelon beach ball is THE BEST EVER, and Hinata freaking the fuck out about Akane trying to strip on the beach…

And I noticed Gundam in the background…

What is my silly little child pointing at?

grabby hands oh my god he wants something so bad he can’t wait until he’s there to put out his arms it must be so important…

what the fuck is that?

……. that’s an inflatable animal toy. Of COURSE he would go for that

He immediately absconds with whatever the fuck it’s supposed to be but it had legs and a face so it’s his now.

Once he gets to his little spot, he immediately sets it down and stands up

then there’s a small time skip and i don’t see how but he picks it back up again and his bandages are undone

then he starts tying the bandage to its leg.

Then he sets it down and does a little clap.

THEN. LOOK AT THIS. DORK. He holds his hand out and pulls on the little bandage and the little toy walks towards him. WhAT A CUTIE.

He does some other cute things with the toy while shit is going on everywhere around him.


Bed Time Stories With Remus

“Remus.” You yawned from the bed you two shared, “I can’t sleep.”

“Not tired?” He asked, turning over to face you.

“Not falling asleep.” You clarified, “I’m just stressed about the missions that everyone is on right now. And what if you get called on one, and we get separated? I wish it were a simpler time.”

“I know, love. C’mere.” He said softly, pulling you into his chest.

“Tell me a story.” You sighed.

“A story?” He laughed.

“Yes, you dork. A story.”

So he did.

“You were the sole child of the King of the land. Your mother died early on, leaving you to be the heir of the kingdom. You were taught from a young age in the history of the kingdom, diplomacy and etiquette.

You knew your duty to the kingdom. You knew you were to marry a man with power so that your own people would prosper. You were indifferent, only because you were young. Your free spirit didn’t want to be tied down to a man. Even if you chose him.

Every day you grew in wisdom, strength and beauty. By the time you were sixteen, you were the most loved public figure in all the lands. You were known for your unwavering dedication and love to your subjects and your future.  

One day you were going about the castle, trying to avid your strenuous studied, with a book and some flowers from the garden in your hand. You were going to the kitchens and the washrooms to give the flowers you had picked to the women working. As you turned a sharp corner, your body collided with another. Crashing to the floor, your book fell out of your hand as did your flowers.

After pulling your long hair out of your face, you looked up at who you ran into. It was a young lad who looked to be your age. He wore casual clothes and embarrassment was rushing up to his cheeks. He helped you up, not recognizing you as the princess, and picked up your flowers and book.

The boy read the title and turned the book over in his hand a few times. He asked what it was about. You told him that it was your favorite. You had read it many times and wished that you could live in the story. You even offered it to him to read.

He declined, not having the time between his chores and duties. What you didn’t know was that the boy you ran into was in the king’s army.

You see, he was trained as a page when he was younger, but the tensions in the south that rose up a few years after the Queen died called for more men to join the fight. So he did. He was kept in the army and climbed ranks. He was almost a knight even at his young age- “

“Remus that’s impossible.” You interrupted.

“(Y/N), do you want to hear the story of how you fell in love or not?” He rolled his eyes.

You scoffed and he continued.


You two talked a little bit, you never told him you were the princess, because you just wanted a friend. And he never guessed your identity (bloody idiot if I do say so myself). You walked with him to the armory where he was going to fix up the weapons and other odds and ends. The whole way there, the two of you talked and got along very nicely.

However, by the end of your encounter, you had never shared names. So, you both went to bed not knowing each other’s identity, but having each other’s friendship. You were swept up the next day and the next and the next and so on with your own responsibilities. It was a while before you saw each other again. You two didn’t even know where to find each other. You asked around to find the boy with freckles and a kind smile. Finally, you found him.

By the time you had turned seventeen you both were sneaking away to have lunch together and talk about anything your hearts desired. You became best friends, but soon, you were torn apart.

War was expected from the South. Your father took some soldiers, including your favorite knight (by the way, it’s me, I’m the knight)”

“I think I figured that out, Remus.”

“Just checking…

There was an assassination attempt on your father’s life, wounding him with an arrow and sparking war between the kingdoms. Your father was brought home and infection set in the wound. The most educated and esteemed doctors could only stall the inevitable.

Your father called for suitors to come from across the lands to win your heart and create an oath to strengthen the kingdom. You and your father fought about this. You wanted a right to marry who you wanted to.

Your Knight was sent back from the front lines early, but it was because he had not been able to fight after being wounded deeply. You made sure he was tended to with great care and consideration. He had a brighter fate than your father, as infection was deterred by medicine and nurses.

You still pleaded to marry within your kingdom. You had someone in mind. Someone you trusted, someone you loved. But did he love you back? (The answer is yes, by the way)>

You mentioned the Knight you had fallen for. He had become highly decorated for his loyalty to the throne and was known for his valiance, so the king was well aware of the boy, only as a soldier. Not as a potential leader or even son-in-law.

One night, when your Knight was healthy enough to take a walk under the stars with you, you mentioned how you were expected to marry. His eyes fell. He didn’t want you to be queen and marry. He wanted for you to be his, but he knew that was impossible.

You ended up asking him who he thought you should marry. (Stupid question, (Y/N). Way to friend zone a guy). But instead of answering, he kissed you.

You lingered there for a moment before pulling apart. You two spent the rest of the night whispering confessions of love to one another under the black abyss of the sky you knew would treasure up and keep your secrets.

You turned eighteen shortly after and could not put off marriage any longer. You argued with the counsel of nobles who offered no help and were indifferent. It was up to your father.

You finally told him about your Knight. You begged and begged to be allowed to marry the soldier that had fought and been an advisor.

You argued that if a woman must marry for power, then she is no strong leader. You said that you did not need to marry for power, that you were string enough on your own, and could marry for love. After all, in those long days you two spent together, the Knight taught you battle strategy and you taught him diplomacy. It was a perfect match.

After long considering, your father gave his blessing on his death bed and died before the wedding.

You married after the Southern kingdom was beaten back and a treaty was signed.

And you lived happily ever after.”

“That wasn’t very original.” You smiled after you let Remus’ words float in the air for a few moments.

“Shut up and go to bed, princess.” He chuckled, hugging you tighter, pulling you into him and towards sleep.