everyone here is just fab

I reached 1.3k while I was off on holiday, which is absolutely insane and definitely beyond anything I thought I’d ever reach, so a thousand thanks for everything buds you’re all fab.

Anyway, there are some ridiculously talented editors and some ridiculously gorgeous blogs on here and I’ve met some ridiculously friendly people, (also I’m still jetlagged af) so I spent a while putting together my first follow forever to celebrate and share the love!

Pretty sure all of those listed are mutuals! Honestly I adore every single blog I follow, so choosing favourites was a pain and took me fkn ages lmao but I’ve bolded best pals (though if I’ve ever talked to you I definitely consider you a pal). Knowing me I’ve almost definitely missed some people out or misspelled or forgotten a url change whoops.

Oh yeah btw If I have the time I’m totally willing to do icons/banners for whatever purpose you need if you let me know :)))

TL;DR I’m such trash and a total loser and y’all make my day every day ily ‘til the end of the line. And if we haven’t talked, hit me up any time.

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