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I'm kinda glad bleach ended horribly because I can now see who are the real bleach fans, like I've seen IHs praising it because Kubo made them canon and they calling themselves real bleach fans. I'm not the one to choose pairings since Kubo said he wasn't doing romance and to see this cliche ending made me barf for not only for the pairings but the horrible development on characters.

when the only good thing about an ending is the pairing that’s when you know you’ve messed up. some IHs may think that IR shippers only criticize the ending cuz of the ships but i wish that were true. even if you disagree about character development, no one on this god damn earth can tell me that the art for the ending was fine. that was the ugliest art bleach has ever gotten and it showed how much effort was put into it. and that’s only the surface.

Honest Beyblade Summary (in no particular chronological order as to their occurrence in the series)

[Note: I still love the anime so much and every single character :’) Nonetheless. aisha-mizuhara​, thecraftycracker​, lucy-mac​, vattallini​, midnightstarr8​, mchomiestuck, ladytoothless, thebeybladefan10]

1.       Spinning tops are weapons of national importance and mass destruction.

<Replace Brain with image of Boris>

2.       Tyson.

3.       5 guys who’ve just hit puberty – one is the VERY BEST LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS and can’t shut up about it, a massive jerk with a heart of gold and weird code of ethics like let’s-beat-myself-up-so-my-stupid-overconfident-rival-has-a-chance-to-own-my-ass, a ladies’ man whose ego is as big as his long L’oreal commercial worthy hair, a happy puppy who is all yay-everyone-is-good-in-this-world-even-if-they-can’t-see-it-themselves, a perpetually paranoid geek who needs anti-anxiety medication asap– and 4 of them control all the natural elements in the world, yippee.

4.       Throw in ignored mother hen Hermione Granger-ish characer in season 2 and annoying little weasel with weird pants in season 3.

5.       Team theme, “we’re a team!” - Except when recognizing the world champion - there can only be one even if the team wins (Read: Tyson)

6.       Serial betrayal (read: Kai)

7.       Very messed up adults – either evil or indifferent or downright embarrassing.

8.       Sad childhoods and parental or family issues.

9.       Again Tyson.

10.   Rule 1 of beyblade tournaments – there are no rules, it’s all legit.

11.   Bit beast stealing.

12.   Nobody does anything about criminals – let the kids deal with them.

13.   Dealing with loss:

Situation A – Loss of other characters vs Main characters – Let’s all be friends now that we lost to you.

Situation B – Main characters lose to other characters -

(Till situation A happens of course)

14.   Season changes and suddenly they all look five.

15.   Bit beast mind control.

16.   Phantom bladers.

17. Bey-dishes and stadiums that favour the antagonists.

18.   Diversity. But with a Japanese link.

19.   Pretty boys. 

20.   Mustard (or mayo in Japanese version). So much of it.

21.   Playing to the death over spinning tops – literally.

22.   Multiple ship teases, but only one is canon.

23.   Cool launch gear that mysteriously disappear after Season 1.

24.   Tyson, it’s all about Tyson.

25.   Impossible victories (Read: Tyson).

26.   Bonding with your bit beast.

27.   Badass scarf that can smash through cement.

28.   Pumped up theme songs.

29.  Overly American Americans (Read: PPB All Starz)

30.   I-Robot.

31. Sibling pairs - Tag teams

32.  Overly serious Russians.

33.  Questionable abbey and child abuse

34.  Earring studs (read: Kai).

35. Clingy fanboys (read: Zeo and Wyatt)

36. Badass sky-diving

37. Tyson sphinx.

38.   Max: Defense is the best offence!
Writers: Sorry, bro. But let’s write you a saving grace episode at the end.


A very vocal minority still messages me about Pharah not having prosthetic limbs, with little or no new data aside from that one tweet that the official Overwatch twitter account mentioned.

I honestly want them to be right, so that they can feel good about themselves for being correct over a fictional video game character, while rejoicing my defeat. Its interesting to see people care enough for about a character in an entertainment product that they will vocally express an opinion in one’s inbox just to prove that they are right.

Its been a downward spiral for anyone who’s playing and speculating on Overwatch, especially for me. Everyone I know who has Overwatch are all sleep-deprived, wandering husks that show up late for work, wanting to play more matches when they get home and open more loot boxes.

Its hard to come up with comic ideas to keep entertaining fans, and the ongoing pressure that builds trying to raise the bar after each comic will eventually sour my perception of Overwatch entirely. Anything I draw that is not ‘canon’ will always raise a pointed finger at my direction.

I think I’m done with Gremlin D.Va comics. It has been a fun ride.

I’m getting life back together, and get my proper hours of sleep.

Thanks for all the likes and reblogs guys! Never thought this would balloon into a giant, popular, Dorito-infested mess >:3

EDIT: In the end, Blizzard wins!