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i know you need it, do you feel it? || kidge week 2016 day 3

A/N: guess who’s still not done with last year’s prompts and is currently scrambling on her ass to write like 4 more kidge fics and cramming another 10 for other pairings? 

anyways this takes place after this fic. title is derived from victorious by p!atd

Prompt: Competition 

Summary:  A little sparring match between Keith and Pidge gets a little out of hand. Lance’s stupid face doesn’t do much help either.

AO3 Link: X

Keith found himself in a dilemma.

Of course, what more would you expect if you just realized (very late, he might add) that you had feelings for one of your closest friends?

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Alright, this is the second part to a little CEO!Luke thing I’ve had going recently. Just a little heads up - it’s kinda long. So grab a snack, get comfy etc. As always I’m kinda nervous about posting this because I feel like it has to be perfect blah blah blah. Anyways any feedback is always lovely, like even if you hate it let me know. Okay, enough talking. Should you not have read the first parts or wish to read anything else that I’ve written you can find that all in my masterlist here!

You shook your head at him, having half a mind to throw the closest thing you could lay your hands on at him. But from what you could gather through your peripheral vision that would be a laptop, which would not only leave him needing facial reconstruction but also wouldn’t be the best move in terms of convincing the pack of traitors gathered for his meeting to stay with your plan. “Out. All of you, now. Everyone except him.” You ordered, hand raised and gesturing to the door as people hesitantly pulled their seats back. “Now!” You roared more powerfully, people taking notice that time as everyone sped out of the office leaving you in silence as you leaned on the opposite end of the long table to him.

He still hadn’t raised from his seat, leaning forward to lean his elbows on the mahogany of the table as he looked at you with soft eyes. “Listen, baby, I was just–” he stopped when your palm slammed down onto the hard surface, eyes flying to where the noise was coming from out of instinct. “Don’t.” You warned lowly, eyes scowling furiously at him. “Don’t sit there and try to defend this to me as someone who knows me on a personal level. You think you’re some big business God coming in here, behind my back, and trying to steal my company? Fine, whatever, but at least have the decency to stick to it.” You found yourself shaking your head at him once again, filled to the brim with disgust and disappointment.

“I’m not trying to steal it!” He strained, moving to stand from his seat so he was mirroring your stance. “Oh? Then what the fuck do you think you’re doing here in my building, meeting with all of my biggest shareholders after proposing a takeover?” You laughed, not seeing any humour in everything whatsoever, eyebrow raising in challenge. “Did you even read the proposal? I’m doing you a favour!” He snapped, finger pointing boldly at you.

You rested back on your heels, a shocked scoff leaving your lips as you crossed your arms. “Yeah, I did read it actually. But not because it landed in my desk, I only read it when my assistant had to physically hunt for it after I told her I felt like something wasn’t right. You walk around like you’re something great, like you’re the face of modern day business. I hate to break it to you, honey, but you’re nothing new. You’re as cowardly and pathetic as the rest of them.” You sneered, not even recognising the person that stood before you. “And ‘doing me a favour’?!” You shrieked. “No, lying to me did no favour. Taking what’s mine, is doing me no favour. I will not become another business card you keep in your back pocket to pull out when you need something because you think you did me a fucking favour. Read the sign on the door on your way out, it reads my surname and always will. Take this as your unofficial confirmation that your proposal is declined. End of.” Your chest was rising and falling heavily, seeing it far more important to get your words out than draw in a breath, the amount of adrenaline pumping around your body making you feel as if you’d just ran a marathon.

His hand flew from where it was resting on the table as he twisted away from you in frustration, it finding its way to rake through his hair. In any other situation he’d have been applauding you for staying strong. Thanking whoever is up there looking out for him for blessing him with a girl so strong willed and smart she made him want to work harder to keep up with her. But right now it was driving him insane, on a personal level and a business one. He knew you wanted to handle this on your own and he’d never take that away from you - heaven knows he’d never let anyone do that to him - and he’d done everything he could to incorporate that into his plan for your business, but he wanted to help you. He needed to do something, anything, to pull you out of this mess.

Too many nights had been spent with him coming home to his apartment to find it empty, calling yours to receive the same response until he finally came to your workplace to find you snoring softly among piles of paperwork.

He’d woken up at the early hours of the morning too many times due to the bed being cold and empty without you in it, sighing as he jogged along the hallway to see light poking out from under the bathroom door as he’d expected, knowing you’d locked the door so letting you know that he was outside before sitting down against the doorway, humming just loud enough so you could hear above your cries - needing you to know he was there for you despite there being a door in the way.

Too many of his calls to you had went to voicemail because you were working too hard to even glance at your phone. You were working so hard to be strong in all of this and he’d admired you immensely for it, but he was terrified that you were going to burn yourself out. You were far too intelligent, too good at what you do to have something you didn’t even do run you into the ground. You meant far too much to him for him to just stand by and let any of that happen.

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jg characters at the grocery store


  • gives brownie points to whoever willingly carries his basket. the catch being that they need to actually take it from him 
  • occasionally provides a sudden fatherly pat on the head or shoulder, which is both endearing to onlookers and a chilling warning to the recipient, who knows they’ve been caught doing something out of line 
  • loves getting things for a bargain; one of his few joys 
  • sometimes leaves secret messages by rearranging items on the shelves, but it’s always something seemingly trivial that only one person will actually understand 
    • the rest of them puzzle over it for ages if they catch it


  • carries the list of groceries they actually need and insists on sticking to it 
  • keeps getting after everyone who goes over budget 
    • they take turns distracting him while the others escape or put things in his basket 
    • he gets fed up with it but once they leave him alone he notices that everything they added had been stuff he likes 
  • one time he found something he did actually want but it wasn’t on the list 
    • yuuki said something to him about perspective which he took to mean that he should get it, but it wasn’t supposed to be that deep  
  • will switch to a cart from a basket if everything’s too heavy because it’s logical, but won’t get help carrying them out from spies because hONOUR


  • wants to be done inside quickly because he hates the smell of the soap in the washrooms, but always spends too long looking at the limited selection of hair products and has to pee 
    • hatano and kaminaga corner him in the juice aisle and torture him with puns 
    • jitsui pushes him over the edge and, defeated, he bolts 
  • sulks whenever someone picks something he likes because he doesn’t want to look like he’s copying someone 
    • this is usually exploited until he gets too pouty and refuses to move from one spot 
    • they ply him with compliments until he lets them off the hook 


  • challenges everyone to races in the shopping carts 
  • if nobody wants to humour him he’ll push the cart himself and jump in 
    • will fearlessly dive into an adjacent aisle if he’s about to be caught and walks away whistling while the speeding cart knocks over an elaborate display he pretends he wasn’t aiming for 
  • once convinced miyoshi to race him after he got picked on and was defeated so brutally that he didn’t speak until they got back 


  • spends most of the time eating and critiquing food samples 
  • will eat every platter if not stopped 
    • “sir these are just to taste” 
    • “save some for the other customers! *awkward chuckle*”
      “I’m other customers” 
  • “this has far too much salt,” he says, shoving two more in his mouth 
    • buys five of everything anyway 
  • will rip open a box and make better samples with a match and a bottle of water


  • gets lost if there are more than four aisles 
  • will try to find everyone else, but they are almost all actively hiding from him without even hindering their shopping 
  • they only show up again once he starts making a dramatic speech over the intercom about how everyone he knew “left him for dead amidst the low-fat goat cheese” and how he will never love again 


  • secretly takes things out of the others’ carts and puts them back on the shelf 
    • kaminaga thinks he’s losing it because he swears he already grabbed that bag of chips, and after a few times he tries to snatch it and run but then the pickles disappear, and when he turns around the chips are gone too 
    • tazaki is nearby, but “would never prank him” 
  • uses his powers of misdirection for evil, such as substituting miyoshi’s canned salmon for cat food right in front of him and putting six containers of protein powder in hatano’s cart while he stands on his tiptoes to get something from a high shelf 
    • once placed prunes in yuuki’s basket and had it blamed on sakuma, who misinterpreted the situation so horribly that he unknowingly took the fall for it 


  • sees that there are free bananas for shoppers to give their children and takes one, calling for “emma”. then walks around the corner and eats it 
  • repeat offender 
  • everyone in the vicinity sees him loop around the aisle three times but can’t even begin to try and stop him 
    • the fourth time he just grabs the whole bunch and runs 
  • has the audacity to make a joke about banana peels when finally confronted by management


  • always has an obnoxious amount of coupons on hand for every situation and will talk his way into every saving possible 
  • would get back in line 67 more times if he can’t apply multiple coupons to one transaction but they just tell him it’s fine because they know he’s serious 
  • even charms or guilt-trips his way past expiry dates with his top-notch acting skills 


  • lowkey super excited because he gets to pick a treat and nobody will stop this grown man from eventually trying every type of cookie in the snack aisle 
  • but he’s so attached to one kind that fukumoto has to convince him that he can get that and a new kind each time 
  • will hunt down anyone who steals from his stash because he asks for so little 
  • also because they’re his, dammit


  • unfortunate clerk who has to deal with everyone’s nonsense 
  • although immune to jitsui’s tactics, can never catch him breaking any rules on coupons 
    • they often engage in a battle of who-looked-further-ahead-into-the-technicalities until he politely threatens to call the manager 
  • acts like he’s in a commercial for everything he shelves and pretends he’s on the runway when nobody’s around

So listen up and gather around the pretty picture I posted above as a way grab your attention- because I want to talk to y’all about my girl Artemis Crock.

First of all, let me put in a quick warning that this is going to be a long post. I’m going over Artemis’s character arc throughout both Season’s One and Two, and there’s a lot to cover.

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For You - pt. 4

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Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

~ Dugeun, Dugeun ~

I was wiping down the counter top, getting ready to end the day at work when the bell rings announcing new costumers.

“Welcome.” I bow in greeting at the bunch of guys that had walked in wearing black masks and had covered their heads with either snapbacks or beanies.
It was slightly intimidating to be honest but at least the manager was still here.

“Hello (annyeonghase-yo).” They greet me in return as they huddle around the counter, looking up at the menu behind me. “We are sorry for the inconvenience, we’ll be quick.”

I watch them as they look for their drinks. “It’s not (ani-yo). That’s no problem at all. What would you like to have, customer?”

One head whips towards me suddenly.

Startled, I look at him for a moment but focus back on the rest of the group when they give their orders.
When it is time to pay, one of the boys pats the one next to him on his back grinning from ear to ear. “Thanks (gomapda), Maknae-ya.”

So the youngest was going to pay. “Are you going to be drinking here?”

The tallest one standing at the front responds. “Yes, is that alright?”

“Ah, yes, of course. I’ll be bringing your order over as soon as it is ready. Please, take a seat wherever you want.”

One after another they file away leaving one to pay it all. I tell him the price and he gives me some cash. I take it with both my hands and thank him.

“Jungkook-ah. Hurry!” One of them who had sat down calls from across the cafe.

I snap my head up from the cashier screen and meet a set of very familiar eyes. “Jungkook-ssi?”

I must have been looking at him funny because his eyes mold into smiling ones, the rest of his face covered by the mask.
His hair was now styled in a different way, a little bit more covered his forehead now in a neat sweep. It made him look like a little boy.

“You look different.” I muse as I continue to look at him.

He removes his mask. “It’s the make-up.”

“Make-up?” When he nods, I make an ‘ooooh’ sound, impressed. “Very pretty (nomu yeppeo-yo).”

Teasing him was always fun, because he always raises his one eyebrow as in 'for real?’.

I turn around and begin preparing the beverages, thinking that he would join his friends.
“If I remember correctly, you called me handsome.” I look over my shoulder. “What was it again? 'Jinjja jalsaenggetda’.”

“Ani-yo.” I play off nonchalantly. “I didn’t use banmal (informal speech).”

I grab underneath the table and get a tray placing it on the working space.
Jungkook on the other hand pouts and lays his arm on the high counter and places his chin on his overlapping hands, making him the same level as me.
With this hair like that and his round eyes accentuated with make-up he looked really adorable. Kind of like a puppy.

“Shiro (I don’t like it).” He mutters.

A few more drinks to go, I turn back around so I can finish the last job for the day. “What?”

“You speaking formally.”

Still with my back to him, I snicker soundlessly. “If I remember correctly, you wanted me to call you 'Oppa’. So, how can I not use formal speech?”

He doesn’t respond for a while and when I turn around I know why. Jungkook was pouting again and looking at me with sparkling puppy dog eyes.

“It’s not going to work.”

He uses this method for a few more seconds, then starts smiling when I can’t help but giggle at his persistence. “It’s not?”

“Ani-yo.” Putting emphasis on the 'yo’ part. I quickly turn away and grab the finished drinks and place them on the tray, ready to round the corner. But Jungkook lift his head from the counter, standing up to his full height and puts out both hands.

With me looking at them frowning in confusion, he explains. “I’ll take it. It’s heavy.”

I look up at him, surprised at him being such a gentleman and lean to the side to look over his shoulder at his group of friends.
“Alright… gomawo (infrm. 'thank you’).” I thank him the way he wants me to with a grateful smile and he returns it with his own dashing grin, aegyo-sal and all.

I place the tray onto his awaiting hands and he goes to join his friends but not before closing both of his eyes briefly in a wink.

Dugeun, dugeun.

~ ~ ~

“Annyeong, chingu (friend)!” I had just walked out of the washroom when I get jumped at from the back.

Recovering from her ever present assault, I glare at Lee and a buckled-over-from-laughter Joon. “Have you guys figured it out finally?”

They glance at each other, confirming my suspicion. “What?” Joon says after a second too long.

I give them both the look and cross my arm. “You know what I’m talking about. You,” I point at Joon, “were cranky yesterday.”

He chuckles and throws his left arm over my shoulder. “Me? No, never.”

Pushing him away, I turn to Lee. “He threw me to the wolf yesterday.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t make it sound so bad.” He says both of them looking extremely entertained. “And Kookie is hardly a wolf.”

Displeased by them being such unfaithful friends, I shoot daggers at them with my eyes. “You two should seriously just date.”

“We are.” Lee simply reveals, my eyes widen and jaw dropping.

“What, really? Since when?”

They look at each other blushing. “Since yesterday, we 'figured’ it out after school.”

I clap my hands causing a loud echo in the almost empty hallway. “Finally. You don’t even know how often I just wanted to,” I show them by pushing my two hands together as if they were cradling two heads. “Now you, Joon, can leave me alone.”

Again he puts his arm across my shoulder and the other over Lee’s, pushing as along out of the school and onto the field.

“But really I’m happy for you two.” I smile at them softly. They both smile back gratefully.

We decide to sit down on the grass and I spot the girls from the other dance class practicing their routine a little bit further away. “Anyone knows the song to their dance?”

Joon shakes his head without even looking but when Lee watches them for a while she grabs her phone and taps something into it.
Not a moment later, her phone begins projecting a song. “It’s 'Whatcha doing today’ by 4minute.” She gives me her phone and I see that a video is playing.

For the first time actually interested in a music video, I focus on the screen and admire their effortless dancing. Hard work goes into this perfection.
In a sitting position, I move and bobble along to the beat and after the first chorus, I’ve already remembered most the dance and was humming along to the melody.

“'Jigeum mwo-hae’ (whatcha doing now)?” A voice behind me sings along, changing the lyrics a little.

“Kookie is here!” Joon shouts excitedly.

I feel Jungkook squatting down behind me a little bit to my left, glancing over my shoulder at the little screen. “Ah, this dance is easy.”

I lift my eyebrow at him. “Oh, really (gurae)? Prove it.”

With a smirk on his lips, his eyes half-lidded, he jumps up accepting the challenge. “Wait a second, what do I get for this?”

He wants something? “I’m not sure I can offer you anything.”

Bending down so I don’t have to strain my neck as much, he holds out his pinkie finger. “If I do this, you’ll call me 'Oppa’ and start using banmal. Call?” Jungkook, the persistent boy.

“Call.” Agreeing, I do the pinkie promise with him.
Already feeling like I’ve lost this, I look at Lee who had reversed back to the chorus, she was grinning, I feel like we all knew that he could do it.

Which can only mean that I want to call him Oppa…. Which can also only mean that I have officially lost it.

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Ugh, I’m so full, I just had dinner and I regret eating so much orz…

Anyway, this is a short and cute one… but trust me it can get cuter… heuheu…. I kinda am very tired and even don’t have the energy left to fangirl, and I think it’s because of me being so full…

Oh, wait, of course I will fangirl, who am I kidding..
I think it’s safe to say that everyone who watched the Gaon chart awards live about lost their shit when the prologue butterfly version was used as the intro for their performance… it brings back memories of being in pain bc no one expected that ??? to be a teaser for the comeback… 
I swear bangtan has the most beautiful intros, they always manage to blow me away and of course DOPE was great as always, so lit and rude haha
and of course they won world hallyu star award wohooo and when Namjoon thanked us international ARMYs I lost my shit again 

Sunshine had his birthday and I think I am blind from looking at the sun aka Hobi’s smile… hehe ^^ (I’m done… does anyone even read my fangirling?)


Ok, this is in reply to this post by @kuroophile, that says Sheith is gross and disgusting because Shiro was Keith’s superior at the Garrison.

And I’m only gonna get in on this cause this feels a bit more like actual character discussion than just anti Sheith stuff. And just like the anti Sheith show their point of view and ask for understanding, I wanna show my personal Sheith shipper point of view so that maybe we all understand eachother better. So… BEHOLD THE BEAUTY OF SHEITH!

First of all I have to say that I totally agree with that post, I would be very surprised if it turns out Shiro and Keith are in a romantic relationship already, not just cause HOLY SHIT AN ACTUAL ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN TWO DUDES IN A KIDS SHOW THAT’S NOT JUST VAGUELY HINTED AT, but also because it seems unlikely character wise (at this point atleast.)

And even though I definitely see Keith, the dude who dun live by anyone’s rules and likes to do his own thing, as someone who wouldn’t care about stupid military rules and be totally down with being in a relationship with his so called “superior” at the Garrison if that’s what he wanted, I do see Shiro as someone that would be like “Oh no! Not on my shift!”.

So I think shipping wise, if anything of that nature ever happened between Keith and Shiro during their Garrison days (assuming this is actually where they know eachother from), it would be just the beginning of something, a certain spark, nothing more.

Honestly, Shiro doesn’t seem to me like the kind of guy who would initiate something like that with anyone anyway. Sorry, but I can’t really see him actively hitting on somebody. Dude’s all business. And he just strikes me as someone who dunno what he’s got, and even less how to work it haha. He’s probably surprised when people have crushes on him. 

So I think we’re safe on the whole ‘Shiro pushing for a romantic relationship’ thing, with anyone. The way I see it is that It will have to come from someone else and he’ll have to take time to warm up to the idea. After all these things require a bit of selfishness, and Shiro is all about everyone but himself. That’s my impression atleast. (It would be interesting to see him actually pursuing a romantic relationship with someone in the show, whoever that may be haha. I have no idea how something like that gonna look.. Like Li Shang from Mulan probably.. )

I think everyone need to remember that Shipping is not “Can’t you see these two are dating/fucking right now in canon this very instant??” Shipping is wanting to see two characters end up in a relationship, cheering for a couple, thinking they’ll be good together for whatever reason that may be, exploring the idea of them being together or how it might happen or happened (specially when you ship a gay ship and know it’s very unlikely to see any romantic gay love expressions in the actual show, and even more since this is a kids show. So usually the fans have to complete the picture on their own and everyone have different ideas and impressions and not all of them are gonna be 100% in character.)

And usually in fiction you don’t want a relationship just be given to you like “here, they’re a couple. just accept it”. But you wanna see it grow, you want to see it develop, challenged, blossom.

At this point there’s no romance in VLD, between anyone. We only saw these one sided little crushes. But probably in the future we will see some actual love stories develop between some of the characters. And atleast for now, I think Sheith is definitely a legit player in that arena.

Garrison was in the past. 

At the point where we meet Keith and Shiro they’re not a part of that system anymore. And they’ve been out for about a year. (separately)

So why get stuck on the Garrison days? Specially when the paladins themselves are clearly moving out of that mind set.  

Like, seriously, in the very first episode when Lance addresses Shiro and says

Does Shiro just decides for them as a senior officer should? No, he says

And that’s what they keep doing through the entire season.

That little exchange was there to make a point:

The paladins are teammates, and all of them are supposed to grow to be able to take a leadership role when necessary.

They’re all supposed to be equals, some just might be better at making decisions in certain situations, getting people to work together or have more experience than others, so they take a leadership role. But the Garrison army hierarchy doesn’t apply to them anymore.

(And trust me, army relationships just don’t work the same once you’re out of it, they completely change.)

Now, Shiro is the kind of guy who just feels he’s responsible for everything, all the time. And he’s a bit older and has leadership experience. That’s also what he projects to people and what he probably feels people expect of him. So naturally he takes the leadership role upon himself.

But that’s where I think Shiro needs to grow, to not feel so responsible for things all the time or like he’s the one who has to keep it all together and always be in control. To be able to say “You know what? It wasn’t my fault.” Otherwise I don’t see him ever getting over his issues. Specially when at some point he’ll probably remember more of the horrible things he had done for the Galra.

Shiro needs to step down from leadership for a good reason. The dude needs to chill and rest a bit (just hopefully not forever…)

Also, honestly, I don’t feel like we get the Officer/Soldier vibe from Keith and Shiro at all. Even tho Keith says “yes sir” to him once and Shiro addressees to him and Lance as “cadets”, that yeah means that he was their superior at some point. But i’d say the vibe we get from Keith and Shiro at the time we meet them is a bit closer to an Officer/Second in command than Officer/Soldier.

Whatever their relationship is, it seems a bit too close to just be Officer/Soldier.

The look on Keith’s face when he finds Shiro, the soft “It’s good to have you back” feels a bit too personal and intimate to me.

(I dunno, I had some amazing commanders and officers who I really admired and looked up to and was kinda buddies with, and I only was like that with the one I was actually inlove with haha, but that’s just me..)

But… Keith is the only one who we can see that intimacy through. Shiro treats all of them the same. So I dunno what’s the deal there. I guess we’ll see.

And you can’t take Keith out of Sheith. Keith is a rule breaker, the dude’s a rebel. He’ll do what he wants and no one can tell him shit. He probably can be controlled only by the things he lets be in control of him.  

And even though he listens to Shiro, my guess is that it’s not because of Shiro’s role as a leader, or because Shiro is or was supposed to have some authority over him, or because he’s older or more experienced, but probably because at some point Shiro did something as a person, that made Keith really respect him or really touched his heart. (unless they actually know each other from very young ages, then it’s a bit different, yes.)

And notice how Keith doesn’t even listen to Shiro alot of times. Keith has no problem to go against Shiro’s opinion and orders when he thinks he knows better.

“The black paladin” was all about that.

Where’s the imbalance in power everyone are talking about?

Keith knows very well when he should listen or not listen to Shiro. Yes, I’m sure he admires him, I’m sure he looks up to him. But he does not see him as an authority figure that he can’t go against and always knows better than him.

Infact, seems like Keith feels like he’s the one who needs to take care of Shiro and feels responsible for him. Keith is probably the only one out them all who can see beyond the picture of the “admirable perfect leader who’s got it all together all the time” that Shiro tries to sell everyone, and see him as a person that’s not really ok, that has weaknesses and is prone to making bad decisions because of them.

Keith is the only character we’ve seen aware of the fact that Shiro is not ok.

That alone should tell you that he does not see him through some sparkling blind trusting admiring eyes, like the rest of the team maybe does at this point. (Although even with the rest of the paladins it seems more like a friendship, where Shiro is just the responsible friend. Besides maybe with Pidge that strikes me as kind of older brother relationship.)

And yeah obviously Keith is currently very depended on Shiro, and it’s evident he feels insecure without him. But it’s probably more because he’s aware of his own character flaws, and his own insecurities. People get depended on their friends and partners and people who are their equals like that also.

Seriously, their relationship seems to be much more on equal grounds than what alot of people assume. But it’s still not completely there..

Keith needs to step up a bit, and Shiro needs to step down. But this is exactly where I see these two characters going in the future. We still have like what? 5-6 seasons to go? You think they all just gonna stay in status quo all that time? And hey, season 2 who’s gonna be leader? Keith. Who makes him leader? Shiro. If Shiro doesn’t die and actually comes back to Voltron, do you think he’s just gonna be “Forget it I changed my mind, you suck, move over Keith!“ or will he still think Keith is a good leader and will have no problem working under Keith, or work together with him as co leaders? Won’t they be equals then? And Is Keith a vampire? Is he gonna stay in his “very problematic” late teens forever? Are they gonna take down Zarkon’s 10000 year old empire in a month or two? Free every planet in the universe that’s under Galra control in two days?

I mean cmon, we just seen the beginning of their journey. THINGS ARE GONNA CHANGE.

In the original Voltron, Sven was Keith’s right hand man. Sven was probably older, probably more experienced, yet Keith was the leader, and they worked as close partners.

VLD didn’t exactly start them at that point, but I feel like that’s where it will go, if Shiro sticks around that is.

“Right hand man” is not a commander/subordinate, teacher/student relationship. It’s a close partnership.

And I think that describes Shiro’s and Keith’s relationship alot better, even now.

Like I dunno, I really do hope Sheith becomes a thing. I mean we’ve seen so many of those big brother/little brother, mentor/ student, type of relationships between guys. Where one of them exists just to die or disappear so that the other can be motivated and take his place or something..


What about a relationship where you grow up to be equals with your hero? Where you end up fighting side by side as teammates, Where the mentor/student thing disappears and now you’re just a lethal duo that’s kicking ass.. Where you become your hero’s hero too. 

It’s a dream, yeah, cuz what are the odds of VLD being that LGBT supportive, but I’d absolutely love to see a romantic relationship between two guys, who take care of one another like that, who both admire eachother but also know each others weaknesses and flaws and when one falls the other picks him up and vise versa. And yeah, I see Sheith as something that can grow into that and is already like that in some ways.

What’s gross and disgusting about that?

The First Day

Kind of a post ep but not really? More of a “between eps”. In any even I’ve finally broken my drought, kind of. Maybe sometime during the break over Christmas I might be able to finish the other 10 stories I have on my phone and in my notebook. I kid you not. There are at least 10 post eps I have half written or have jotted down plots/ideas for. This is just the first one I’ve been able to finish. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

When he walked into the hospital room that night he could immediately tell she was hiding something. To the outsider she probably looked fairly nonchalant. She could have probably even fooled Callen and Sam with that poker face of hers but not him.

He let it be for the moment, greeted her with a kiss and sat by her hip on the bed. He told her about his day, how Callen and Sam had wound up playing another game of one-on-one basketball and that without her there to team up with and challenge the partners, things had gotten ugly.

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Here we are one more week with episode 5! For the record: I’m not ready. I have zero knowledge of Japanese regionals (in fact, I only learned about their existence when I watched episode 4), so let’s see what I can learn!

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candle in the window

an: here, have some claire x owen pre i-rex. title blantantly stolen from reo speedway

The crew makes fun of him the first time he mentions Claire Dearing. 

And it’s not like he doesn’t expect it - he’s not exactly a love ‘em and leave ‘em kinda guy but he’s held, like, one solid relationship in his life and that went down in flames the first time he got thrown in the brig for conduct unbecoming. 

The point is, a woman like Claire Dearing isn’t exactly the type of woman Owen is used to. His navy buddies know it, and his coworkers definitely do too. 

It starts like this. He whistles, just a tinny little thing through his teeth, as she clicks away from a meeting, and there’s not really anything particularly devastating about her outfit - the pantsuit is slim and obviously high quality, but it does nothing for her ass or her tits and he’s always been a jeans-and-tee kinda guy anyway. It’s not the way she looks, not exactly. It’s something in the way her eyes flash, in the way her legs move as she walks, in the way she can hold the attention of a room full of miscreants and businessmen and scientists alike. 

He’d worked with a tiger, once, just a three-week span while he was working on his degree forever ago, and he can still remember the way it had felt the first time that awful fucking cat had made eye contact with him through the bars of the cage - she’d stared straight at him, still as a statue, and it had felt a bit like he was being deconstructed and put back together in her gaze. She’d chuffed, finally, a hot breath of air across his face as one gigantic paw swiped with zero intent to hurt across the bars, and then she’d turned away from him, slinking off into a tunnel of trees, her movement fluid and graceful, while Owen stared at her retreating back and wondered if he’d ever feel so exposed ever again.

That’s how he feels when Dearing sweeps her gaze over a room.

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