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angel-jade-draws  asked:

What made you like smol/short Eridan? (I actually like Eridan being small while the others are standing tall after puberty lol)

Hmmm good question! It has to do with a lot of things actually, mostly headcanon related.

Y’see, I kinda headcanon the age-blood hemospectrum stuff, so as you get older, the slower your mature and seadwellers almost stop altogether in their late twenties. 

But during sburb all trolls are still pretty young so they’re roughly equal. But that changes a bit later when the lower bloods start to molt and skyrocket.

The highbloods and seadwellers are left a bit irked at their friends in their late early twenties just managing to gain muscle and height over them. As well as their psychokinetic powers, it seems like an unfair trade off but in reality, they live longer so it kind of evens out. 

I also headcanon the lower on the spectrum, the more probability you have stronger mental powers. Vriska has hers but its manipulation of mind not actual physical lifting of objects. Hence lowerbloods tend to have the more physically demanding jobs.

But anyhoo! When everyone is in their physical young adult stages, the seadwellers are playing catch up in their teens, because of biology and all that. It would make sense for their adolescence to be extended given their entire life expectancy is.

But that’s just one part! (Sorry if I’m rambling at this point I get really excited about seadwellers heehee)

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“A-all right!”
“We did it!
“We’re the opening artist!”
“We can deliver Haruka’s songs to the world!”


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I have now written a birthday scenario for each of our beautiful nine boys!! It took a year but I’m glad I did it :D I can’t celebrate with them personally but this project was my way of commemorating their birthdays from the other side of the world!

This post is just to put them all in the same place for everyone :) I started with Chanyeol and I finished with Yixing but each story was written with love!

 - Birthday Breakfast (Suho)

In The Airport (Kai)

Lost Pup! (Chanyeol)

Mornings In Paradise (Lay)

Morning Kisses (Baekhyun)

Room Service (Chen)

The Perfect Coffee (Xiumin)

Trailer Surprises (D.O)

- Under The Bridge (Sehun)

I hope everyone has enjoyed this little project of mine; I certainly have :D

Sending you all lots of love

Jade xo