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No Regrets (Part 7)

So I’ve been away for a few days, spending some time with my family. Didn’t manage to update this earlier but here it is now! Hope you like it!

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Word count: 2.8k

Warnings: Swearing. Some angst. SASSY TONY.

A/N: Ooh, the tension, guys! Also, this gif is so perfect for this part!

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You needed coffee today. Normally you’re pretty cheery when you arrive at work but this morning you were snappy and your colleagues noticed. The girls have asked you to nip around the corner to the café and grab you all some liquid caffeine. You were more than happy to do it – anything to get out of the office today! You were getting tired of all the drama. In a way you knew that this will pass in time, you’d just have to stick through it. But logic was not the dominant force today. Today angst and bitterness were having a day out in the life of Y/N…

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I Missed You

Prompt request: could you do a bucky x family!reader where she’s his grandniece and shows up to the tower wanting to meet him after hearing so much from her grandmother (his sister) and so she gets two bus tickets and takes her grandma to stark towers since they found out bucky was back there and stable and it’s just a fluffy tear filled family reunion?? and steve is there and gets really emotional too?? thanks so much!!

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, Rebecca Barnes, Reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 2880

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! Feel free to send me more, and as always, thanks for reading!

You flipped through the channels on the TV as your great-grandmother fixed you up some lunch. Even at 94 years old, she was as spry and active as a teenager. She still insisted on making you her favorite cucumber sandwiches because you “were getting too skinny”.

“Nana, are you sure you don’t need any help?” you called over your shoulder.

“Of course, doll!” she replied from the kitchen. “Find us something fun to watch. Oooh! See if that one show is on. I want to see if Theresa finds out who the father is.”

You chuckled and turned back to the TV, trying to remember which soap had “Theresa” in it. You were pretty sure you could just pick one to watch, and Nana would just be happy to be watching it with you.

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anonymous asked:

Boyfriend does my makeup youtuber au with Jun please

Sorry for the delay! This was such a cute request, hope you like how I wrote it! ^^

“You want me to do what?” your boyfriend asked in disbelief, lips stretched into a wide yet confused smile and arms crossed by his chest as he stood next to the chair you were sitting on. You grinned.

“Do my makeup! It’s for Youtube,” you said cheerfully, pointing at the laptop you had open, your Youtube channel showing Jun all of your videos and your grand amount of subscribers. He inspected the screen for a while before turning back to you, one eyebrow quirked.

“Is this one of those challenges, like that cinnamon one?” he asked, still curious and unsure, and you thought for a while before shrugging.

“Kinda, but not at all,” you laughed, and he snickered, too. At last, he gave you a meaningful nod.


You were just about to start setting everything up, when Jun cleared his throat. “So… what do I do? It’ll be filmed and all, so…”

“I don’t know, do my makeup and… just be yourself,” you answered, heart warm because of how adorable he looked, all unsure and kind of nervous despite loving being on camera. His face lit up at your words and he leaned down to kiss you gently.

“Like this?” he asked a bit cockily, grinning when your eyes fluttered open with your lips still puckered, ready for the kiss to continue.

Swallowing, you shook your head. “M-maybe a bit less kissing on-cam.”

Once you had gotten your camera and make-up collection ready, you and Jun sat down on the edge of your bed and started filming. He was stiff at first, practically pouting at the camera while waving his hand with a low “Hi everyone, I’m Jun, Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend.”

You explained what the challenge was about, both to Jun and everyone who would be watching your video later, and he nodded in understanding when he finally got the whole picture, chuckling to himself. “So you trust your face with me?”

Turning to look at him, you giggled and held his hand for a moment. “Of course.”

He stood up and looked down at your makeup, all spread on your desk and ready for Jun to use. Taking a small stick, he turned to you with a small frown. “What’s this?”

“A highlighter,” you said, slightly amused, and laughed when Jun just shook his head and muttered that you probably wouldn’t be needing it. When he spent another few moments just staring at everything in his disposal, you chuckled. “Do you have any idea what I wear daily?”

Jun’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second, and even though he gave you (and the camera) a very confident “Of course I do,” you knew he had little to no clue.

Keeping his confidence, though, Jun took a bottle of foundation that seemed like it had been used a lot and reached for a brush he could recall seeing you apply it with, all the while taking glances at you to make sure he was on the right track.

“He has no idea,” you mouthed to the camera in amusement, laughing when Jun squinted his eyes at you as he sat down.

“I’d like to remind you that I’m the one with your precious makeup,” he joked while taking off the cap of your foundation, and froze for a moment as he tried to think of how to proceed. You giggled quietly, but it soon turned into a bubbly laughr when Jun began taking the foundation over your face, pumping thin streaks of it here and there.

“Alright,” you said with a nod when he took the bottle away, and without saying anything, Jun took a gentle hold of your jaw and took the brush to your forehead.

“I have no idea how this will end,” he said with a grin, amusedly watching the foundation spread around your face, changing your skin tone ever-so-slightly. You watched his lips part when he focused hard enough, trying to make sure everything was nice and smooth, and you giggled at both that and how the brush tickled your skin a little.

After the foundation was done and Jun had added the smallest bit of shading under your cheekbones and seemed satisfied, he picked up a powder and started patting it around your face.

“You seem like you know how this goes,” you stated in amusement while Jun made sure the powder was everywhere. He grinned as he put it away.

“I see you do this almost every morning, so,” he chuckled and turned to look at the remaining makeup. “Any wishes?”

You appeared thoughtful for a while before grinning playfully. “Just do whatever you feel would look good on me. Go wild.”

All you got was a nod before Jun started thinking, picking out a bit of this and that, comparing shades and occasionally taking a look at your face; whenever he did that, you could see the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

“Okay, this is what I’ll use,” Jun huffed and carried some makeup from the desk to the bed, showing them to the camera one by one. “Alright, so there’s some mascara, eye shadow, a really nice lipstick and… this thing that Y/N uses for her eyebrows.”

“An eyebrow pen,” you said with a giggle, at which Jun shook his head.

“But you have eyebrows even without…” he mumbled to himself while taking the cap off the eyebrow pen and moving his eyes between it and your eyebrows, thinking about how to proceed. You looked at him expectantly and finally closed your eyes when Jun brought the pen to your left eyebrow, taking it lightly over it one time after another, drawing out the lines and filling in, trying to remember how he had seen you do it on occasion. “It’s basically the same, but… more defined?”

You nodded. “Exactly.”

From there on he moved on to eyeshadow - at first he got too much on your eyelids so he got the excess off with his thumbs with such gentleness that your heart felt warm and you smiled so widely that you could already tell it would look stupid on camera, at least in your own eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Jun laughed when the eyeshadow was finally done; there wasn’t too little or too much of it anymore, and it was your most used shade, too. You shook your head as a sign that it was nothing.

You looked at the makeup next to you and giggled when Jun took the mascara into his hand. “Oh, this will be interesting.”

Jun quirked one of his eyebrows while rolling the brush part open. “How so?”

“That needs a lot of focus,” you said, eyes big and meaningful, but Jun just laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, it’s easy.”

As it turned out, it was a lot tougher than he had initially thought. You kept getting the mascara on your cheek and eyelid, and he tended to also go too close to your eye which had you blinking, and while you laughed heartily, Jun tried to hold back his own snorts as he tried to get it off with his thumbs and cotton swabs, all of his teeth showing with the grin he was unable to erase from his face.

“I’m trying, okay,” he laughed, and you burst out in an even louder laughter.

“Didn’t you say that this would be easy? Do I even look presentable anymore?” you asked amusedly and squinted your eyes when Jun just gave you a hasty nod, as if avoiding the topic,  and put the mascara away.

Even applying lipstick proved out to be a bit of a challenge for Jun, as he seemed to go outside of your lips continuously, but you were thankful he didn’t get any on your teeth, at least.

“Okay, do the smacking thing with your lips,” Jun said after putting the lipstick away, and smiled to himself when you did as asked. “And now if I just…”

He leaned closer and rubbed the areas above your upper lip and below your lower lip with his thumbs, getting away the last bits of lipstick he had not been able to remove earlier. You looked at his focused face and his plump upper lip carefully, your heart continuing its steady beating but feeling stronger as it did so, warming you up and making you smile.

Jun looked at you proudly after he had handed you a mirror and you were looking at yourself through it, your expression growing more and more impressed when you inspected different parts of your face.

“It’s surprisingly good, actually,” you said in awe, turning your head from side to side and melting into a smile. “I was expecting it to look awful, but…”

“Impressive, right?” Jun asked with a smug grin and turned to the camera while pointing at you a little. “Can you guys believe I’m dating someone as good-looking as Y/N?”

You nudged him while laughing, the mirror now lying behind you on the bed. “It looks really natural. Thank you.”

At that, Jun gave you a fond smile. “You look gorgeous without any, too, so…”

You were just about to hug him when he continued.

“…and someone as handsome as me deserves someone as hot as you by their side.”

Squinting, you let your hands fall down again, and Jun laughed loudly.

“I’m kidding! I love you for a million reasons and most of those are because of the inner you.”

With your cheeks heating up a little, you pursed your lips. “…I might edit this out.”

In the end, you didn’t, though, and instead had a small compilation of Jun’s best moments at the end of your video. There were surprisingly many of them, most of them being just Jun making weird faces when he focused hard enough or when he was confused with the makeup - or when he was getting too cheesy to be true with you.

Your favorites were the clips where he stole quick glances at you, and similarly Jun loved the parts where you were looking at him with a smile visible in your eyes, too.

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Avengers Assemble (part 5/5)

A/N: Yay!! Finally, the last chapterrr and it’s slightly longer haha. I changed one of Nat’s parts to the reader’s if y’all don’t mind, and I didn’t write the part on when they separated so you guys can use your own imagination on whether the reader, or yourself, follows any one of the members or leaves by herself. Well, thank you everyone who’s been reading this whole story, I hope you all enjoy it!! Oh and you can send requests for oneshots☺️ I’m also planning to start writing a new series where you would be in age of ultron, so please tell me if you guys would like that haha. Anyways, enjoy!!

Warnings: Slight gore

Word Count: 3,334

Part one//Part two//Part three//Part four//Part five

When all of you were done suiting up, you, Clint, Cap and Nat met up to head to the quinjet. Upon reaching the jet, you saw a young pilot who was inside, standing up when he saw all of you. “Hey, you guys aren’t authorised to be in here.”

“Son,” Cap said, stopping in his footsteps. “Just don’t.”

The pilot was kicked out by you as Nat and Clint went to the control panels, both of them taking a seat. You and Steve stood behind them as the ramp closed, the jet preparing to fly off to New York City.

You looked out of the window when you heard a loud rumbling, you saw a beam of light shooting out from the top of the Stark tower and into the sky, opening a portal.

This can’t be good, you thought as you saw aliens flying out from the portal.

“Stark, we’re on your three, headed northeast,” Nat said, as you saw Tony’s face appear on the screen

“What? Did you stop for drive-through?” Tony asked, making you roll your eyes at his comment, not surprised that he could crack a joke at this time. “Swing up Park. I’m going to lay them out for you.”

Nat drew out the machine gun from the jet as you saw Tony fly past with a bunch of aliens following behind. She aimed and fired multiple shots at them, watching all of them go down one by one.

“Nat?” Clint called as you all neared the tower, making all of you look to the side.

“I see him,” she replied and Clint turned the jet to face Loki as Natasha shot him with the machine gun. Loki looked up from his battle with Thor and fired a beam of light from the sceptre, hitting one side of the jet’s engine.

You felt the whole jet shake as you and Cap held onto a bar above to prevent both of you from falling. The jet started to swerve out of control, hitting some buildings on the way as Hawkeye tried to land it on a safe place, crashing onto the street and destroying the pavement.

Clint and Nat quickly took off their seatbelts and you opened the ramp as all of you ran out to the street. You looked to the sky and see more of the Chitauri flying here and there.

“We got to get back up there,” Cap said as all of you ran to the middle of a four-way street. You all looked around and surveyed the damage, seeing flipped cars, destroyed buildings and gravel everywhere.

All of you stopped and froze, seeing a large shadow covering some of the buildings. Looking up, you saw a giant Chitauri leviathan coming out from the portal, letting out a loud roar.

You watched as Chitauri soldiers jumped off the giant leviathan’s back, some breaking the windows and jumping into the buildings, some attaching themselves to the sides of the building and sliding down.

“Well, isn’t this peachy,” you murmured, still staring up the aliens. “Stark, are you seeing this?”

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SHIELD or HYDRA? : Steve Rogers/Captain America (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Lets just pretend that the gif quality is great. Also that it’s not actually taking place on the ship in CATWS. <3


Thank you anon for the request! <3

Word Count: 2,724

Fluff & Angst

Warnings: Violence


Request: Anon

Could you do an imagine where Steve finds out the reader was a Hydra agent but she was only getting Intel for SHIELD?


It was late at night when Steve had come home. You could tell he was worn out. When he walked into your shared bedroom a small smile graced your face.

“How was the mission?” You asked. Steve sat down at the edge of the bed and started to take off his gear. He only sighed, trying to figure out what to say to you. You wrapped your arms around his waist and leaned you head against his back. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” He was silent for a few seconds before finally speaking.

“Some important intel got away with some Hydra agents.” His body tensed up once more when thinking of what had happened. “I was too slow Y/N. They got away and it was my fault.” You had enough of what he was saying and got up from the bed. He looked at you, clearly worried as if he said something out of line. You got on your knees in front of Steve and rewrapped your arms around him. You head now pressing against his stomach.

“Do not ever say that again. You work your ass off trying to keep a whole team alive while leading them through battles upon battles.” You squeezed Steve’s waist as a sign of reassurance. “Sure some agents got away, but you’re fucking Steve Rogers. I know him for never giving up and fighting even if odds are against him. So don’t you dare ever say that was your fault or that you were too slow.” You felt your emotions get the best of you as a few tears escaped your eyes. You then felt Steve’s arms circle around your neck, his chin resting on the top of your head.

“I love you Y/N. Thank you.” Steve then pressed a kiss to the top of your head. You looked up once his lips left your head. You connected your lips with his. You tears somewhat mixing in with the kiss.

“And I love you Steve.” You whispered against him. You then got up from the ground and held out your hand. “Come on solider, finish getting undress and lets go to bed.” Steve grinned and nodded his head.

“Yes ma’am.”


The sunlight made its way into your bedroom. You lifted your head expecting to see Steve next to you but all your found was a note.

‘I’m sorry to leave you Y/N

I was called out to the tower

I’ll be home in a few days

I love you


You sighed, you were hoping for a day in with him. He’s been working way to hard and he needed the break. You were startled out of your thoughts when your phone started ringing. You reached the ringing distraction.

Thinking it was one of your friends or even your parents you had a grin on your face. That was until you saw the caller I.D.


Answering quickly you steeled your voice.

“Good morning sir.”

“Good morning Agent L/N. I have a mission for you.” Fury said, cutting straight to the point. You sighed and you guessed he heard it. “Don’t worry L/N, he won’t know.”

“You know I can’t keep doing this to him Nick.” You said while pinching the bridge of your nose.

“I know that, do you think I like doing this to you two. But you are the only one that can do this mission.” He stressed. You sighed once more before answering Fury.

“Where am I going?” You asked, already getting out of bed and gathering your things. You walked up to a secret compartment that you installed for situations like this.

“Germany. A place deep in the woods of The Black Forest, I’ll send you the coordinates.” You could hear him typing away, most likely sending you an email of the coordinates and what you were to do while there. You were almost done suiting up when Fury spoke up once more. “And L/N?” He asked, you then hummed in response. “Be careful.” That stopped you in your tracks. He sounded generally nervous for you.

“Thank you, Nick.” You could feel his small smirk through the phone. But before either of you hung up you added, “Nick?”


“Take care of Steve, make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.” You then hung up on Fury. You knew doing these missions were always dangerous. Really no one at SHIELD knew of you except for Fury and Hill as an agent. And Hydra… if they found out you were really an agent for SHIELD, your death sentence would instantly commence.

As you walked out of Steve and your apartment you felt your phone vibrate. Showing you indeed got an email from Fury.




Mission Specs:

Gather as much intel on future plans Hydra has

Find documents on SHIELD and destroy them

Steve is in safe hands


You couldn’t help but smile sadly at the last parts of the email. You then looked at your phone and saw it was 9 o’clock. It would be almost a 9 hour flight there. Might as well not waste time then.

~Steve’s 2nd POV~

He arrived to The Avengers tower and went straight to the debriefing room. Once he walked in he saw everyone already in there.

“Hey there Capsicle! How’s the misses?” Tony spoke up when seeing the Captain. Steve only smiled in his direction before speaking to him.

“Y/N is doing good. She’s been working really hard at the diner. I told her she doesn’t have to work there anymore because I can support her but she insisted that she can do it.” Steve laughed softly when remembering your face and how stubborn you were during that talk.

“You have to go with the flow Cap, women don’t like taking orders if you haven’t noticed.” Nat joked, a smirk on her face. “Be sure to tell Y/N that she has to go back up here for a visit. I haven’t had a chance to see her lately.”

“I give you my word that she’ll be seeing you and everyone soon. We’ll take a trip up here.” Steve said while taking a seat in his usual place. “So what is on the agenda today Stark?” Tony clapped his hands and brought up a large screen.

“Germany. We found a secret Hydra base in The Black Forest. They may not be a huge threat at the moment but it’s better to be taken care of before it gets to be a threat.” Tony said while enlarging the picture of the base.

“So when will we be going?” Clint had popped out of his seat, itching to do something instead of sitting around.

“We leave tomorrow, so get your rest and make sure you’re ready to take down the base quickly.” Steve then got out of his seat to go get ready for tomorrow’s mission.

“You heard Capsicle! Get your rest kiddos, brush your teeth, make sure your toys are shiny for the Hydra agents.” Tony only laughed as the rest of the Avengers groaned in response.

Before everyone left Steve spoke once more, “We’re to leave at 07:00, The Black Forest awaits us.”

~Y/N’s 2nd POV~

It was your second day already back at the Hydra base. Your nerves were killing you inside out. You wanted to hurry and get the intel and the files on SHIELD.

You were walking the base’s hallways before finding the information room. Only a few computers were stationed at desks while the back wall of the room was lined with filing cabinets.

“This will have to do…” You whispered to yourself. You decided to get the SHIELD’s documents and destroy them first. You could feel your hands become clammy, if anyone were to walk in right now and see you, you’d have hell to pay.

You made your way through two filing cabinets before finally finding SHIELD’s. You brought out a high-powered lighter and started to burn the documents. As you watched them burn you made your way to the computers. You somewhat wished Nat knew you were here, you weren’t as strong as a hacker than Nat, but you could handle it.

You were hacking the system until alarms started blaring throughout the com-system in the base.

“Goddamnit…” You muttered. You continued stealing the intel hoping no one would run into the room for cover.

Seconds were passing, you needed to hurry up and gather the intel. You were almost finished until the door was busted down. You turned around, pulling your gun from its holster. To your own surprise it wasn’t a Hydra agent.

It was Steve.

“Y/N?” He questioned. You only waved your hand awkwardly at him. “Y/N?!” He yelled angrily.

“N-Now Steve!” You were cut off when he charged you. You quickly flipped over onto the other side of the desks. He followed you like a hawk. You slid under the desk hoping to get on the other side of him. To your disadvantage Steve could already tell what you were doing and grabbed your ankle. He pulled you out from under the desk and went to grab you by your arms. Before he could get a hand on you, you twisted your body and wrapped your left leg behind his legs. Using your other leg you flipped your body, causing Steve to fall to the ground.

“Y/N! Why!” He questioned, rage still clearly in his voice. He flipped up from being on his back. His shield too far away from his to use. He started to throw punches. You were able to block some one of them. His punches had caused your lip to split and your nose to bleed. Yet you could still tell his was being a little hesitant when trying to land a blow on you. But he did not hesitant you when kicking you in the stomach with the base of his foot. It sent you flying across the room. You landed in a heap on the floor. The kick most likely broke multiple ribs, you could feel the bones pressing against your lungs. You started to cough up blood.

You could handle to physical pain, yet the emotional wreckage you were was too much for you. With all that combined you passed out on the floor. But before you blacked out you could see Steve angrily punch down at a desk. The last thing you saw was him crouching down, you prayed to whatever deity that Steve was going to pick you up.


Steve carried your unconscious body towards the Quinjet. The rest of the Avengers were already there, their bodies sore and somewhat bloody.

“Light it up Stark.” Steve commanded. Tony only nodded his head, he could tell Steve was still having a battle in his head.

All of the Avengers looked at your bloody and broken body. They then looked at Steve, he stood as far away as possible from Y/N. Nat especially could tell their Captain did want to stand by your side, yet his anger got the best of him and he needed to be away from you.

“It’s going to be a long flight Cap.” Tony said softly, he went to stand by Steve’s side. But before he could get any closer Steve lashed out. He punched the wall of the Quinjet and screamed. Pain, fear, and confusion was laced in his screams. Everyone stood in silence as they watched Steve yell. They knew he had his moments but they never seen it in real life.

Once he settled down he turned to Bruce.

“Bruce,” Steve began, Bruce looked up from his spot, “Make sure she’s okay.” Bruce nodded his head solemnly.

Once Bruce made his way to your body an audible gasp left his lips. He didn’t see you that close up when Steve walked in with you in his arms. He wasn’t sure on how to start examining you. But he figured in your state, checking for a pulse would be good.

He started to check your vitals when Tony walked in.

“Holy shit…” He murmured. Bruce looked up from you to look at Tony.

Bruce stated, “I can tell she put up a fight against him. But the number he did on her is grim.” Tony only nodded while taking in your appearance.

“I-I’m sure she has a good reason for being there Bruce.” Tony just couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

“Steve didn’t go full out, that’s as much as I can say at the moment on his part.” Bruce started to hook you up to an I.V. While he was cleaning your arm for the I.V. everyone piled in the small med-bay. Steve stayed in the back and watched you. He felt horrible, not only for finding out you were a Hydra agent but for what he did to you.

Nat and Clint were whispering to each other. Nat could always hide her emotions but this was getting to be too much for her. You were in a way a sister to her. All the times you cleaned her wounds and took care of her, she couldn’t stand seeing you barely breathing.

It wasn’t any easier for Clint as he consoled Nat. He was your ‘Birdy Boy’ as you would call him when joking around.

Lucky for Steve though that Thor wasn’t on Earth at the moment. If he saw your unconscious body, Steve would have to answer to him and him alone.

Minutes passed before someone actually spoke up.

“You better fucking fix this Rogers.” Everyone looked towards Nat. She was never one to curse or speak that angrily towards Steve. She looked down at her watch and looked back up to Steve. “We’re landing in about 10 minutes. When she wakes up, and I say when she wakes up, you’re sitting down and you’re going to let her talk because I know for a fact that you didn’t give her a chance to speak.” Nat broke away from the group and made her way towards the front of the jet.

Everyone just sat silent, listening to your breathing until the Quinjet landed. Bruce was able to stitch up your cuts and wrap up your ribs.

“They’ll heal on their own but it’s going to be a while. You did a number on her Steve.” Bruce said while walking towards the exit of the jet. Everyone waited at the exit for Steve and yourself. Steve looked down at your body and sighed sadly. He picked you up, you head cradling in his chest.

“I’m putting her in the cage.” Steve announced. He was stopped when Nat spoke up.

“Like hell you are! She doesn’t deserve to be in the cage!” She concurred. Steve turned around, Nat expected to see anger in his eyes but only found sadness. She wavered a little but stood her ground.

“Do you think I want to do this?” Steve questioned everyone. They all looked tired and didn’t want to fight with him. But they know deep down that he’s right. You needed to be put in the cage. Nat tried to fight for your innocence until Clint placed a hand on her shoulder. She knew he was right too, but she didn’t want to see you in that place, locked up like an animal.

When she didn’t say anything else Steve only nodded his head. They followed him all the way to the cage, watching him place you gently on the bed. Steve placed some blankets on you, wrapping you up warmly. Everyone watched the interaction between you and Steve behind the glass walls. Steve started to walk away before stopping in his tracks. Everyone held their breaths, waiting to see what he was about to do. He walked back to you and looked sadly at you. He knelt down and placed a kiss to your forehead. Once he broke the kiss he look at your face and saw a small smile. If him fighting you didn’t break his heart, Steve seeing you smile in that state broke it.

They all left the room to let you rest. Steve leaving last, he looked at you one last time before locking up.


Ow, my heart, I’ll post the second part sometime either tonight or tomorrow. I’m leaning more over towards tomorrow… Unless I get some encouragement ehe

I hope you guys enjoyed this!


The Hard Way

Can you do one where the reader is used to being the “smart one” especially when compared to her peers but when she joins the BAU she finally meets someone her age that is noticeably smarter than her, this makes her feel insecure and unimportant bc she thinks the only thing she’s good for is her brains, spencer notices and starts to think she might hate him and he worries bc he likes her.

I can do this one!  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

(Part 2)

Staring at him as your jaw unhinges, he continues to whirl his hands in the air as he rattles off all of the facts that are popping through your head.

“…and its pretty clear that the wrapping of the bodies means that he’s remorseful,” Spencer finishes.

“O-or, it could indicate that we are dealing with more than one unsub,” you stammer, trying to get your analysis in.

Though Spencer seemed to have already completed that.

“Well, Y/L/N,” Hotch begins,” there isn’t any evidence to point towards two unsubs, but keep at it.  Maybe we’ll come across something.”

Swallowing hard as you look back down at your folder, you feel his eyes on you as your gaze darts across the papers.

“Wait a second…” you trail off as you pick it up, turning towards the glass of the conference room as you take out a marker and begin scrawling on the windows.

“Y/L/N…?” Rossi trails off as he comes and stands beside you.

“Hold on, just…give her a moment,” Reid says.

“I don’t need you to vouch for me, Agent Reid,” you spit.

As the team’s eyebrows hike up their faces, they all slowly turn towards Reid, whose gaze has now sunken to his hands as he fidgets with them awkwardly.

It wasn’t his fault that he was smart.  It’s just that you were used to being smart.

The smartest, in fact.

And now…you weren’t.

And you’re not sure why your boss still kept you around.

Time and time again, your co-worker had proved to you…and the rest of the team…that he was better.  Forget the fact that you couldn’t speed read or remember everything that came flying your way and regurgitate it verbatim, he would always be one step ahead.

Like the case two weeks ago where he walked into the office in Detroit ahead of you and spewed the location of the missing children just as you had put your finger in the air to say the same thing.

Or the case two months ago where the two of you had to sit down and try to figure out a puzzle the unsub had left, and he all but picked it up and went into another room, ending with a statement that your ideas “were clouding his judgement.”

Or the first case you ever worked with the team, where you had suggested that the connection with all of the people was their eye color, and Reid had stated that the connection must have been deeper, and then went on a shpeal about what eye color infatuations had to do with the wiring of the brain and the importance of the mis-firings thereof.

All tangents you would have gone on if the tables were turned.

And you just couldn’t handle it anymore.

“Oh, my god,” Prentiss murmurs as she walks up behind you, looking at the connections you are drawing and the words you are scrawling, literally, on the window glass as Garcia starts getting the point.

“This is the only room not visible from any of the windows, isn’t it?” she asks, eyeing you as you look back and flash her a grin.

“Exactly.  The unsub has known our every move-”

“…because he’s watching us!” Reid exclaims.

“Are you serious!?” you yelp, dropping your file and turning towards him.

“Well…I mean…isn’t that what you were going to say?” he asks, his eyes wide as his face flushes.

“Of course it was!” you squeal as you feel Emily grasps your shoulder, squeezing tightly as you grit your teeth and take a deep breath.

“Y/N…” Reid pleads.

“Save it,” you mumble, turning towards Hotch and offering a half-hearted apology as you cap your marker.

“We aren’t tracking him.  He’s tracking us,” you say.


“Hotch!  I’ve got them!”

Simultaneously barging into the bullpen, Rossi and Hotch turn towards you both as you huff, your side-glance at Spencer shooting invisible daggers as he hesitantly looks down at you.

“Go ahead,” he says sheepishly, holding out his hand as you step forward.

“I don’t need your permission to be smart, Reid,” you spit as you raise your gaze towards Rossi.

“I know where the women are,” you say, thrusting a piece of paper forward as your eyes raise to his.

“Well, what are we standing around here for?” he says as he pushes past the two of you and grabs his coat from the back of his chair.

“On it,” you and Reid say together.

“Oh, no no no,” Rossi says as he holds his hand up, Hotch smirking in the background as he rounds up the rest of the team, “The two of you stay here.”

“What!?” you exclaim as your gaze whips over to Reid, “But…but I know where they are!  And I know how this man works!  I can talk him down!” you squeal.

“Yeeees…and so does Reid,” he says, nodding towards the over-grown man-child gazing down at the floor, shuffling from foot to foot.

“I don’t need a reminder,” you mutter through gritted teeth.

“The two of you will talk us through what to do.  From here,” Hotch says as he points towards Garcia’s lair of knowledge.


No ‘buts’,” Hotch says as he brings his gaze to you, “I know that you are used to being the smart one, but I would’ve thought you would’ve adjusted by now to being around him.  Consider this a team-building exercise,” he says lowly, a father-like tone in his voice, almost as if scolding two children of his own.

“Yes, sir,” you mumble, feeling the tears prickle the back of your eyes as you turn on your heels and start for Garcia’s office.


“Tell him that we know what his mother did to him as a child,” you say.

“And make sure you reiterate that those women are not his mother…just women who bear a resemblance,” Reid chimes in.

“We’ve already told him that!” you harshly whisper, covering your microphone as you shoot Reid a look.

“Never helps to keep saying it to someone who has disassociated themselves from reality,” he says matter-of-factly.

Shaking your head as you hear Morgan repeat your words, almost verbatim, you listen to the unsub’s response as a shiver ricochets up your spine.

None of you get what I’m going through!  But after I’m done…these women will…and I won’t be alone.”

And there it was.

The truth after days of analyzing.

“Morgan…Morgan tell him-”

Ripping Spencer’s microphone out of its socket, his eyes going big as his jaw drops, he locks his jaw as he huffs.

“Morgan, listen to me…I need you to repeat what I say verbatim.  You got it?” you demand.

“Got it,” he responds.

“Say this: I know what it’s like.  I know what it means when you’re no longer good enough.  When you’re used to being on top, and then all of a sudden you’re knocked off of the only podium you’ve ever felt worthy enough to stand on.  I know what it feels like when someone is able to climb just a little higher, just a little faster…until you look up at the stars that were once your fuel for inspiration and see nothing but the undergarments of someone searching for the same thing.”

As Spencer’s eye pan over to you, his face softening as he listens to your words, his gaze mists over as you swallow hard, listening to Morgan finish your last sentence before continuing.

“Tell him that you know what it feels like to want to knock someone off of that podium…”

As you turn your face towards Spencer, his wild eyes searching your face as you slowly reach out for his arm, your fingers clamp down lightly around his cold skin as you continue.

“Tell him that…that you understand the fury and passion that comes with wanting to be on top again…the need to prove your worth as well as your capability…”

Feeling the tears you didn’t know were brewing streak down your face, you watch as Spencer’s hand comes into view, his knuckles lightly gracing your cheek as he wipes them away.

“And then tell him…tell him…that it’s not worth killing yourself for,” you finish.

Because you knew that that was his endgame.

He was going to make these women debase themselves to feel strong, and then he was going to kill everyone.

Including himself.

Morgan’s voice was faint in the background as Spencer’s eyes dragged you in further, his fingers dancing on your face as he catches tear after tear.

“I didn’t know,” he whispers as he takes a step closer.

“You are incredible, Agent Reid,” you choke out as you hear the unsub’s voice kick in, his words jumbled as you block him out, “…and I could never compete with you.”

“This isn’t a competition, Y/N,” he says as he furrows his brow, “this is a team.  A partnership.  Before you joined, I felt odd…like a child that everyone felt the need to keep an eye out for.  A weirdo that everyone tip-toed around…”

“You guys?” Morgan says.

Turning towards the screen, you watch as the unsub slowly comes out of the house, his hands in the air as he gun he was holding dangles from his right pointer finger.

His right pointer finger.

“Oh god,” you mutter as you scramble for your folder.

“There’s a second unsub.  There’s a second unsub!” Spencer yells into his microphone as the two of you watch the man in the doorway grin.

And just as the team went to go react, the entire structure burst into flames, the roof spraying off of the house as the man on the porch gets blasted towards the team, his now-dead body flying into an FBI SUV as you stare wide-eyed at the screen, tears flowing freely down your cheeks as your finger lays pointing at the piece you missed.

The piece all of you missed.

“His mother was left-handed,” you mutter into your microphone.

“What!?” Hotch roars.

“H-his…his mother.  His mother was left-handed…is left-handed… and I guarantee you that once you go through the wreckage, her body will be in there, dead from the fire,” you say mono-tonally.

“I thought Garcia said she died of cancer…” Morgan trails off.

“He wasn’t killing people for retribution for the things his mother did to him,” Rossi states.

Ripping the headset off of your head as you let it tumble from your fingers, you slowly back into Garcia’s door, your eyes darting across the room as all of the pieces fall into place.

“He latched onto a weakness,” you say, burying your face into your hands.

“W-what?” Garcia says, turning her watery gaze towards Spencer’s speechless face as he continues to stare at the screen.

“When I stated earlier that he was watching us…tracking us…it didn’t occur to me that we had this all wrong.  It didn’t occur to me that that meant that he was tailoring this case to us,” you rattle.

Feeling your body beginning to tremble as you bang your head into the door, a helpless sob escapes your lips as Spencer’s head finally pivots towards you.

“He found the weakness to exploit,” he starts, “…the…the issue between me and Y/N.  He saw it, and he knew we were the only two who could work this out…”

“…so he fixed the puzzles to pit us against each other,” you add.

“And we played right into his hand,” Spencer says.

“So much so that it got us taken out of the field,” you say, your face grimacing as your chest begins to hiccup.

“And it caused us to miss what was right in front of us,” Spencer says, barely above a whisper as he picks up the apparently fake death certificate of the unsub’s mother.

And as silence descends upon Garcia’s lair of overlook, tears streaming down your face as your hiccups turn into uncontrollable sobs, you feel your body sliding down the door as your butt hits the floor, your knees curling into you as Spencer dips down beside you, his long, lanky arms pulling you close to him as he kneels beside you.

Some lessons are just learnt the hard way.

See Me - [EXO] Pilot!Sehun

[A/N] Your wish is my command.

‘This is your captain speaking.’ You had no idea what he said after that because you’ve misplaced your ticket the moment you found your seat. You must have put them in the bag in the storage above you.

You grabbed the stewardess urgently because your husband is asking what number the flight was.
'WJ 7576.’ She smiled politely to and you plop yourself back into your seat. The plane still parked and not moving. But everyone is seated, waiting for take off.

You hurried to your phone, texting Sehun the answer to his question. Adding, 'Are you flying right now?’ You tapped send. 'Am about to.’ He replied quickly. 'Me too.’ You typed back and send. 'I hate aisle seats. I wanted a window seat… Hmm.’ You pouted as you texted him.

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Title: Superglue and Duct Tape and Hope
Wordcount: 2,883
Rating: T for canon typical violence
Other: Spoilers for CACW, fix-it-ish, pre-slash, nobody is ok, to be beta’ed at a later date, for @capim-tinybang Cap-Iron Man Tiny RBB Round 8 Heroic

Tony doesn’t get out much any more. Pepp has taken on more and more of SI, and so long as he stays on top of R&D production, she doesn’t need to bother him. And he does stay on top of it. Because he spends all his time in the makeshift workshop at the Avengers compound. He churns out design after design: Rhodey’s legs, clean energy generators, better and smaller BARF prototypes, small ridiculous things, huge impractical things. He lets his muse have free reign in a way he hasn’t managed since MIT.

Rhodey watches. Tony can feel it. When he passes by in a wheelchair or carefully ekes by on his prosthetics, his eyes pierce through the glass and straight into Tony’s back. Doesn’t matter. He’s got Rhodey. They’re together like they’ve always been, guarding each other’s backs. Every once in a while they’re summoned to Washington so Ross can lord his power over them all.

“Do you know where Steve Rogers is?”


“Are you aware that Clint Barton was spotted in Kosovo fighting pirates?”

“Hadn’t heard.”

“Are you kidding me, Stark? Don’t tell me your satellite network’s not watching.”

“It’s been busy rerouting signals for my new cell phone network. You want a prototype? StarkPhones. Gonna be the next big thing.”

Ross glares and puffs out like an angry skunk, and Tony and Rhodey are unmoved.

It doesn’t matter, though, because Tony still can’t sleep.

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Soulmates: A Phanfic

Heyyy!! This is my first phanfic, so be nice. Tell me if you like it! 

Word Count: around 1500 

TW: Mentions of self-hate 


“Do you believe in soulmates?” The boy with the dark hair asks, tossing his fringe to one side as he pecks the lighter haired boy on the cheek.

“Um, not really? Why are you asking, Phil?” The boy in a black hoodie and black jeans wonders why his boyfriend is asking him this question. Is he asking if they are soulmates?

“I don’t know,” Phil answers, furrowing his brow as he tries to figure out why this topic has been on his mind lately.

“There’s just something about soulmates I find amazing,” he says, struggling to complete his thoughts. “I mean, they don’t even have to be dating, even best friends. I don’t know. I think the thought of having someone else in this world that you love more than anything is just…wonderful.” He shrugs, chuckling. “Like two parts of a whole, a companion for life, a second half. And I mean everyone associates it with a relationship, but it doesn’t have to be.” He shrugs again.

Dan chuckles, shaking his head. Soulmates. As if there were such a thing.


“Phil?” Dan asks, dropping the grocery bags on the floor as he walks into their flat. Taking his shoes off, he walks to his room, grabbing his computer. “Phil?” He shouts again.

Dan knows Phil is supposed to be home, but he figures that Phil is just wrapped up in his computer, watching videos, as he always is. At the thought of Phil, Dan smiles, shaking his head slightly. He loves that boy.

He checks the stats on his new video that he and Phil put up. It was a collab, but it was put up on Dan’s channel, because they didn’t have enough time to make one for Phil’s. Since it was only put up one day ago, it has close to half a million views, and about 100,000 likes. Happy with this new content, Dan closed his computer, going to find Phil.

He finds Phil in the darkness of his room. Confused, Dan goes to flick the light switch on. He knows that Phil would never be in darkness, that was Dan. Phil would have all the lights on.

Phil looks up as Dan walks in. He is curled in a ball on his bed, staring at his computer screen.

“Phil?” Says Dan, tentatively. As he gets closer, he can see traces of tears on Phil’s cheeks.

“Phil, what happened?” Asks Dan, with urgency this time. Plopping down on the bed, he gathered up the older boy in his arms, turning the computer towards him.

Dan sees what he had been looking at a few minutes ago: their new video. However, Phil os looking at the comments section. As Dan scans them, not bothering to read them, he grows angrier and angrier. Comment after comment is hate towards Phil, along the lines of you don’t deserve dan and dan is so much cuter and funnier than you, just quit youtube already and why does dan like you.

Dan is surprised.

Phil hasn’t received hate for ages. The hateful comments are about half of the whole comment section, but they are sent by the same few people. Dan blocks each of these users, then turns to Phil.

“They are wrong,” he whispers, pulling the boy closer. “Don’t you dare think for a moment that they are right about you not being worth my time, because god damn boy, you are the reason I am still here today.”

Phil is crying now, sobbing into Dan’s black shirt. “Why? Why do they pick on me? Maybe I am as worthless as they think,” he says squirming out of Dan’s grasp. “I have to go to the bathroom.”

Dan uses these moments to go on tumblr, checking the “Phan” tag, hoping what he finds there is more reassuring. Sure enough, he sees post after post about these hateful comments, all posts delivering the same message: No one messes with Phil. Happier now, Dan has an idea.

He clicks on the “text” option on tumblr, creating a post. In it, he types: ‘Phil is going through a hard time because of the hateful comments on our new video. If you support and love him, reblog this post and feel free to add why. Thanks!’

Satisfied, Dan calls Phil again, hoping that in a few minutes the post will be reblogged by many of their viewers.

Exactly that happens.

When Phil finally comes back from the bathroom, there are still traces of tears on his cheeks, and when Dan swivels the computer towards him, he shakes his head.

“Look,” says Dan, clicking on the notes. 5,789 already. Each one has a message about Phil, varying from ‘Phil you have done so much for us’ to ‘We fucking love you Phil.’ As they scroll through the notes, Dan watches as a small smile appears on Phil’s face.

Dan scoots closer to Phil, squeezing his shoulders. He types Phil Lester into the search bar on tumblr. The first thing that comes up is a post in all caps: WE GOT IT TRENDING GOOD JOB GUYS. Dan looks at Phil in bewilderment and heads over to twitter. There, they understand what the message means.

The number one trending topic is #showphilhowmuchwelovehim.

Phil kisses Dan on the forehead. “Thank you.”

Phil goes to reblog Dan’s original post, adding ‘I feel a lot better guys. Thanks for your constant support. I love you endlessly.’ Dan wraps his arms around Phil, and they stay like that throughout the night, just because Dan wants Phil to understand how much the world needs him.

As Dan glances over at the clock on the bedside table, the red numbers read 2:01 AM.


Dan thinks of all those years ago, when Phil would be the one who had stayed up with him all night, on skype, on the phone, just anyway that the two could be together. He thinks of the days when his sobs would echo through the house and even though Phil wasn’t there, with him, Phil was there, with him. He remembers how he was uncertain, getting into this relationship at first. After all, Dan was the one with all the problems, and Phil was happy, bubbly, colorful, perfect Phil, right?

And Dan wonders why it has taken him this long to realize that this relationship, or any for that matter, doesn’t just revolve around one person. It has taken so long for Dan to realize that the burden Phil felt those years ago when he felt as though he couldn’t help Dan. Dan realizes now that their relationship works both ways, contrary to the guilt he felt when the pair kissed, years ago, Phil with urgency and certainty, Dan hesitantly.

Why has it taken Dan until this very moment to realize that Phil has problems and burdens too? The way Phil had looked at Dan today, his lip wavering, eyes filled with tears that were threatening to fall out was the way Dan looked at Phil years ago.

And Dan finally understands why Phil wanted to be his boyfriend, even when Dan couldn’t stand to be around his own self. He finally comprehends the wonders Phil saw in Dan, as Dan sees in Phil today, as the older boy sits in Dan’s arms. He finally feels the frustration Phil felt, when Dan couldn’t see the marvels, the beauty of himself. Dan finally grasps how Phil loved him, years before he loved one inch of himself. Because today, in a parallel to the years before, one boy is questioning himself, because of the cruelness of the world, and the other is questioning the world, how can it be that this amazing boy can’t find things to like about himself? The only difference is this time, the roles are reversed. (And of course, Phil will be over this quickly, but still.)

Their relationship will always be a compromise, Dan compromising for Phil, Phil for Dan. Their relationship will always be a balance, both boys bringing a laughter and personality only they can, both boys bringing their own grief, and sadness. For sure, their relationship will not always be happy. There will be times when Dan wants to walk out, but he will remember the times that Phil held him, rocked his body back and forth, while the tears pouring from Dan’s eyes flooded Phil’s shirt. He will remember the warmth he feels when he hugs Phil, the explosion when they kiss. And certainly, there will be times when Phil wants to throw things, hurl them at the speed of light, but he will remember times like these, where Dan is holding him, hugging him tight, and Dan’s stark black pajamas are such a contrast to Phil’s colorful ones. And then Phil will laugh out loud, remembering the times that their Sim almost got killed, the time where Dan would yell at Phil jokingly, and the two would double over laughing, and suddenly most everything will be okay again. And so no, not everything would be perfect.

But there’s something about Daniel Howell and Phillip Lester, something even people in the street would be able to notice from the way Dan’s eyes light up when he’s in Phil’s presence, or the way Phil’s smile seems a little brighter when he’s around Dan.

And all at once, Dan believes in soulmates.


Set the day after 12x08. Amelia wakes up in a non-familiar setting and remembers bits and pieces of the previous night. She goes to the hospital, pretending nothing is wrong but somehow, in the midst of all his own problems, Owen could see right through Amelia. She keeps avoiding him but he manages to trap her into talking.

Author’s note: So, I know I promised some Omelia fluff and I will deliver, I just felt like some angst before that, though. I wanted to write a fic continuing the episode and the bar scene but it was wonderfully written a few times so I decided to take it on through a different way: the next day. I would do anything to have this happen on the show, but odds are, it won’t. Either way, I hope I don’t disappoint and I hope you guys enjoy this! (Fluff will be arriving soon, I promise!)

Amelia’s eyelids fluttered as soon as the sunbeams hit them, stirring her from her very heavy sleep. For a few moments, she was lost in the darkness that lay before her eyes, trying to grasp reality but kept failing over and over. Until she heard a voice, a very distant voice that was one of a stranger. Not Owen. Not Meredith. Riggs.

Amelia forced her eyes to open, her heart dropping in her knees as she sat up a bit too quickly, making her head spin.

“Whoa, easy there,” the New Zealand accent spoke. Witnessing the signs of discomfort on the brunette’s face, it spoke again. “You had quite the night.”

“W—What?” Amelia’s voice was raspy, her mouth dry as a desert. Once she registered what Nathan had said, she quickly looked down, fearing what she thinks happened actually happened.

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NOLA Comic Con, Day 2

Okay. So. How much do I love all things Captain America? Enough to wake up at a godawful time in the morning, in order to make sure I was in the theater for the Cap panel.

I am so not a morning person, you guys.

So the Cap panel was the first panel of the day, at 10 am, right when the con opened. They must have wanted to get it over and done with, or they figured having it that early would make it less crazy. I snagged a Mackie badge, so I didn’t have to stand in the general admission line (which was fucking loooooong and wrapped around the hallways), so I got in there pretty quickly.

So yeah, the gifs of the panel are already all over Tumblr at this point, so I probably don’t have to go into great detail about that, but I just want to say that Joe and Anthony Russo seem like the coolest guys, and at the end of the day, they are nerds just like us. They just happen to get to direct these movies. Also, Anthony Mackie stole the fuckin’ show. I mean, it was his hometown after all, but that guy was HILARIOUS. He just has such a charisma about him, ya know? He lights up a room.

I think my fave Mackie moment (besides talking about Bucky interrupting his and Cap’s hand job) was when some jerk decided to ask a question about politics, and Mackie just took control of the stage and was like NOPE MOVING ON SERIOUSLY MOVING ON NEXT QUESTION NO YOU SIT DOWN NEXT QUESTION.

I decided right then and there, that Mackie is now my fave human ever.

There was also a girl at the panel, who completely stumped the Russo bros with her question. She asked how Zola could’ve attached Bucky’s metal arm, if he had already been captured by the US. They could not answer her. The whole stage was like O.o

That tells me what I’ve suspected is true, that sometimes WE think about these movies more than even the directors and writers do. Sometimes.

I saw the same question-girl later waiting in line, and the whole time she was trying to come up with more questions with her friends. Plot holes. Things that don’t make sense … like Skinny Steve being able to ride the Cyclone at Coney Island, since he was so short. I mean, she was VERY proud of herself for stumping everyone. As for the Cyclone? Hell, it was the 40′s. They’d let anyone on that thing at the time.

Anyway. During the panel, I was texting with @leftylain and @polkadotsocks93, which was awesome, because I needed a distraction from some of the SERIOUSLY awkward questions that some people asked. PACKED WITH OODLES OF SECOND HAND EMBARRASSMENT. I honestly wish they would screen these people. Before each question, I had to fight the urge to put my fingers in my ears and be like lalalalalalalala, but I sat there instead like, “please don’t be weird, please don’t be weird GODDAMN IT THAT’S WEIRD.

All of the actors handled everything very well, though. Chris and Haley were great, of course. Anthony stole the show. Everyone kept making fun of Grillo. And Renner maybe said a few sentences, though when he did speak, he was very funny. I also get the impression that Grillo is a bit of a dick, so that’s why they were messing with him. You can really tell that all these people are actually good friends IRL.

And so here are some other highlights of my day …

Hanging out with Tumblr homie @polkadotsocks93! (follow her, she’s awesome!) And oh yeah, that Mackie guy ;-)  Me and Polkadot met up at the con and totally geeked out and had a beer, which p.s., NOLA Comic Con is the only con I’ve been to, where beer and wine are sold. I mean, it’s New Orleans. And I fucking love this city. And the three people in that pic are NOLA people, y’all. Who dat. 

Anywho. Anthony Mackie was the kindest and coolest dude ever. I am in total love with him at this point.

Another great part of the day was hanging out with my stepkids later. My stepdaughter went as Spider-Gwen and damn was she was popular. Spider-Gwen is the cool kid right now in the comic world. Any Spider-Man we ran into wanted their pic taken with her. She ate it up, felt famous. It was pretty awesome. She even got a Spider-Gwen comic signed by one of the artists. Another amazing thing, is that I was seeing young girls dressed up as their fave characters, strong and fierce women, who are also not scantily clad all the time. I saw several pint-sized Peggy Carters and Reys (Star Wars) and my heart just MELTED. I love that young girls now have these popular main characters to relate to and love and want to be like, because they’re just like them. Ladies. We got the girl power.

And then of course, this was all kinds of amazeballs. Except my poor stepson got confused and wore his Star-Lord mask for the pic. Sigh.

Renner surprised me, I thought he’d be more aloof, but he loved the kids. He told my stepson that he loved his costume. Mackie was like, oh HEY the red-head, and Chris was the quietest, though a seriously nice dude. In his grandpa sweater.

My stepdaughter could NOT get over Captain America’s beard though. She was totally thrown by it and talked about it non-stop on the way home. I told her that when she gets older, she’ll probably love beards on dudes … if she has good taste, that is. She only gave me a strange look, like … yeah, no. Beards are gross.

She’ll learn.

As for the couple of questions I was asked, for to bring back the answers to my Tumblr homies … yes, @wheresarizona, Chris smells divine. I made sure to try and get closer to him than the others so I could tell. However! Mackie ALSO smelled divine. Like, they were both the Mountain Lodge candle, but Mackie also smelled minty. So he smelled like A Very Mountain Lodge Christmas.

Also, @concavepatterns, I don’t know what Chris or all these people are talking about because he was PLENTY big ;-) The first thing in my head when I met him wasn’t “I thought you would be bigger.” The first thing in my head was HOLY SHIT IT’S BEARDY STEVE. But yeah, he was nice and tall and broad. Plenty big. I was, however, expecting Renner to be shorter, like my height, but turns out he’s taller than me. Groovy.

So yeah, in closing, It was a good day (queue the Ice Cube)

A great fucking day.

In the infamous words of Kanye West “Avengers I’m a let you finish, but The Winter Soldier was the BEST movie in the MCU of all time!”

My Review: *Spoilers goes without saying, DO NOT READ if you have not seen this movie*

Man listen….I really don’t know where to begin. I knew this movie would be good, but I had NO idea it would be Marvel’s best entry to date. This movie was EVERYTHING and promoted Steve Rogers to the iconic hero he is. Cap is my favorite Avenger mainly because he is grounded with a big heart and moral compass and the most human without the flash at the same time. The writers brilliantly show just why he is a hero and why he is The First Avenger. It is so much to take away from this film, but I will breakdown why it slays and its definitely worth your time and money if you’re interested.

The Characters:

Steve Rogers - Chris Evans is the BAE, but he without a doubt has completely embodied Captain America. He was flawless (and looks it as well) and nailed all his scenes, especially those emotional ones. ‘O Captain, my captain…wonderful job indeed.

Natasha Romanoff - Scarlett has really evolved the Black Widow from her first start in Iron Man 2. She and rightfully so was the perfect choice for the female lead in this film. NO other female could have did what she did and added to that film the way she did. Her kicking a** is always a beauty to watch, but her humanization was the star this go round.

Sam Wilson - My other boo Anthony Mackie was glorious in this one. Repping as a proud native of New Orleans, Anthony was perfect to play Falcon. He was witty, kick a**, his wings are awesome and he was a great addition to the team. I look forward to seeing more of him to come!

The Winter Soldier - Well hot damn! What is this? Marvel has an actual threatening villain in their movies?! Sebastian Stan was a BAMF! He really had me scared for the lives of those fighting him. I mean dude was a possessed terminator for real. Sebastian knocked it out the park.

Nick Fury - What a great display of character from SLJ in this one. I’m so glad they finally gave him more to work with, it was past time. He delivered 100%! Sam did an awesome showing why he’s Nick Fury and why Fury is Fury. Interesting to see where Nick goes from here, but dope stuff no doubt.

Alexander Pierce - Robert Redford is legend and that’s pretty much all you need to know. Didn’t expect no less from him.

All in all the main cast was outstanding! Honorable mentions goes to Frank Grillo and Cobie Smulders.

The Relationships:

One of the main reasons this film worked was the all the relationships that manifested onscreen. What many might not know is that those relationships translates because most of the cast are really good friends off screen and all have worked with each other prior to filming. It was very natural and real and you can’t cast authentic no matter how well a person can act. The relationships were the heart of the movie.

Steve/Sam - One of the best formed bromances ever assembled. In the comics Falcon and Cap are very good friends and partners and this is no different for Chris and Anthony who are friends as well. They brought that same relationship to the screen and it was delightful to watch.

Steve/Natasha - Now let me say, I ship these two like the helicarrier, but aside from that I loved watching the development of their relationship. Everyone should know by now how close Evansson is and they have a comfort level like no other together. As I mentioned before, Scarlett was perfectly cast as co-lead in this film because of their dynamic onscreen and off screen. It just works no matter what and Marvel hit a goldmine by having those two in those roles. Realistically, Romanogers happening would’ve been far fetched for this movie b/c of where we last saw them standing in Avengers and because of their character traits in general. We had yet to see them really interact and develop a relationship and this movie done that. They have a bond now and trust each other fervently so that’s a great connection formed. Now did this movie spell out exactly where they stand? Not at all. You can see they care for one another deeply, are attracted to one another, and have an unmistakable respect for one another. it was mentioned by the directors how they relationship is clearly undefined and in a gray area because there’s an intimacy to it now. I think that’s even better, nothing like an ambiguous relationship to keep people guessing and that’s exactly what those teases at Marvel will do. They’re both going on a self-discovery journey so it’ll be interesting to see where AOU takes us with that. Whether they go there or not (and the hope is they do) at least they gave them development because Widow is a strong partner and friend to Cap as well. It will have to do as far as the MCU goes because let’s be real Romanogers is canon and signed, sealed, delivered with their seed James Rogers. So I’ll always have that to fall back on. It was all kinds of feels watching them in this movie though.

Steve/Fury - This is one of the more important relationships that got needed spotlight. Fury has mad respect for Cap and Nick’s father Jack Fury fought with Cap back in the day so he always will have that acknowledgment for him. But of course there’s the trust issues where they knock heads at and after this movie its finally put to bed and those two start anew. Wonderfully done.

Steve/Peggy - Lawdddd Steggy had me in my feelings. Hayley is such a doll and did superb. This is one of those emotional scenes I was talking about. Chris’s face was killing me softly. I mean the whole time during this scene Whitney Houston’s “Didn’t We Almost Have It All” is playing in my head. I mean it was just bittersweet. So wish we could have more of Hayley Atwell in the MCU. She was truly Steve’s heart…le sighs.

Steve/Bucky - Just good Lord…these two…I just. Emo was all over the place with Stucky. I was hurting for both of them. I really felt what both of them had to be going through seeing each other and those fights tho..geez it was like burning watching them. This clearly was the highlight of the film. Just kudos man.

The Tone:

The tone was perfect. It was exactly what it needed to be for this film. Though there was lines of humor, the movie NEVER got away from itself. The most serious one yet.

The Story/Plot:

The writers are definitely to be commended for their script. They took a comic book storyline and translated it remarkably to film. It was balanced and well structured. Hats of to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely!

The Direction/Action:

The Russo Brothers turned Cap all the way up and fans could not be happier! Thank you for finally showing him as a BAMF. And all the action sequences are mind blowing and not contrived one bit. Some of the best action I’ve seen in film period. Russo’s did that!


Like I said, truly Marvel’s best in my view and game changer for Cap’s franchise and the Avengers. The Russo’s have raised the bar and it is to be noted. Thank you, thank you, thank you, this movie did not disappoint and have me anxiously awaiting Cap 3 as much as AOU. Like Magneto would say “Perfection.”

The Future:

So, Cap 3 will be a continuation from Cap 2. Everyone who was in this one that’s alive is making a comeback for the third. Now let me just say this, one of those people is Agent 13, who I didn’t shed light on b/c of her brief role, but she is going to be more prominent in the next…sighs.

I will be honest, I absolutely have NO EFFS to give about this character.. She is one of my most disliked comic characters because of her useless purpose and lazy arc from the creators. I HATE how she was put as a love interest for Cap just because she’s a relative of Peggy(he deserved better), which is gross btw, I HATE how she played a major negative role in Cap’s story knowingly or not, I really just cannot with this character at all. Basic is the best word used to describe her.  I for one feel it was disrespectful and trash to have him date his first love’s kin….just ugh. I would think out of all the love and respect Steve has for Peggy, he wouldn’t dare. It’s way out of his character. Emily looks very young next to Chris to me as well, but if this atrocity does happen God forbid…it needs to be super developed. For this to believable, it has to be done with tact and authenticity. How will they do this in one film? I have no idea. We could end up with the mess that is Thor/Jane, which is just a horribly written romance. I am going to pray because I will be pissed if this “romance” is sh*t and will already be fighting the urge to regurgitate if this evolves. I’m really getting sick just thinking about it, but honestly I hope they think long and hard about this before just putting it out there if it has to be. Now, we could all be saved and its nothing because in other comic versions she is nothing more but an ally and friend and actually dates Sam, with Steve being a mentor to her despite her feelings for him. You know this would make much more sense, but you can’t ever be too sure with Marvel. Needless to say, Cap 3 will be interesting.

Extra Tidbits:

- Love the Stephen Strange mention and the glimpse of the Avengers tower.

Favorite Catch Lines:

“On your left.”

“I’m with you til the end of the line.”

“Now I do.”

“….dance with my favorite girl.”

“Man shut the hell up!”