everyone has a backbone use yours


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So once again, thank you everyone!

I am in this dream and we are sitting in tall grass
eating peaches out of a basket.
We have juice on our lips and summer’s sticking to our backs
and the flies are recognizing that Sunday is a holy day, for once.
Everything is so goddamn sweet, my dear.
No extra sweetener is needed.

I am in this dream and we are talking about dandelions.
I’d been trying to mow the lawn and you’d made me stop,
given me an old watering can to collect the white-headed growths.
“They’re just weeds,” I’d said, my backbones protesting vehemently with each snap of a stem.
You shrugged, blew the fuzz in my face.
“They might just be weeds, but they’re the only weeds we
bother to make wishes on.”
Silence consumes me.

I am in this dream and there is a tree house where your backyard should be.
I’m nervous, because lord knows how weak my ankles are,
and I saw the man on tv use this same kind of rope for a noose
and I saw his legs thrash as though he were stuck in an electric chair
but I guess everyone has a different hell they’d prefer to encounter.
Your breath is tickling the backs of my legs,
a silent reminder that this should not be a nightmare,
so I move.

I am in this dream and we are kissing.
I am the painter this time, you are the canvas.
An empty vase outlined over your collarbone, 
fireworks painted exploding out of your knees,
a rib cage with a prisoner composed carefully behind the bars.
If you look closely, he’s clutching a Bible to his stomach.
Was it stolen?
Does that matter?

I am in this dream and we’re playing hide and seek
only you knew where I was all along;
“I knew you’d be on the roof, babe, where else would you be?”
You’ve placed your ear over the hollow area under my throat
and are waiting for a punch-line that never comes.
You say “tell me a joke” and I say “that this is real.”
You’re laughing too much for something I didn’t think was funny.
The real punch-line is this:
I am hollow
and you are full,
and Nostalgia likes to tell me it was always this way
but she really does enjoy romanticizing the past.

I am in this dream and we are baking pies with leftover peaches.
I wear an apron that belonged to my mother
and you’re humming neil diamond songs
and it feels like we could live forever.
I wish the sky was always this shade of orange.

—  peaches, cgc

I absolutely detest those advice for teenagers things that say things like, “toughen up, grow a backbone, the world is cruel,” it’s just a bad excuse for adults to keep mistreating people. If everyone who said that made an active choice to be kinder, then the world wouldn’t be cruel. It’s our fault that the world is cruel, and it’s within our capability to fix it, to use your own words, “take responsibility for your actions.” Even when an out of human control bad thing happens, it makes things far better to offer help and support, than to say “life’s cruel, deal with it.”  Kids deserve better than we had, not the same.