everyone go wish him a happy birthday on twitter!

Cry and Twitter Porn.

Cheyenne: *In regards to Markiplier’s birthday* Shows how you think about your friends.

Cry: *Soft chuckle* I don’t remember peoples’ birthdays.

Cheyenne: I bet you didn’t even wish him a happy birthday.

Cry: Dude… Alright. You know what, I’ll wish him one right the fuck now.

Russmoney: Wow.

Cheyenne: What a fuckhead.

Cry: I’m going to go on Twitter. Gonna go on Twitter right now.

*Few seconds of later.*

Cry: Fuck… God Damn It. Magenta your porn was on the stream!

Russmoney: *Dull voice.* Oh no. *Cackling laughter.*

Cry: GOD DAMMIT MAGENTA! Your porn got on the stream! We’re going to be on LiveStreamFails!

Cheyenne: Finally!

Cry: We made it everyone! We made it!

This is exactly how everyone should respond to Halloween. Especially when it’s far more important that today is Jeff Lester’s birthday, so you should all go to Twitter and wish him the happiest of happy returns! This only happens once a year, you know! Don’t miss out!! (From Kamandi #24, 1974, by Jack Kirby.) – Graeme

Forgetful Boyfriends || John'swazz'Swift Imagine!

Requested:I’m back babe to request-its your BDAY & he forgets, he goes out clubbing after the studio with Nate and Sammy while ur at home alone, till all his fan start tweeting him Abt forgetting her bday and he feels bad so he buys her roses and spoils her❤

So I changed the ending a little,hope you don’t mind.

Warning?:none just swazz+reader fluff.

She had fallen asleep on the couch, waiting for her loved one to arrive home. She had waited all day. She had planned to spend this day with him, on her 21st birthday. Yep. Today was her 21st birthday, and she spent it alone.

She didn’t care though, she thought he would arrive home and surprise her with a cute pair of eating or some concert tickets, she didn’t even care about that stuff. She wanted to spend the night with her boyfriend of two years, who had managed to forget her birthday.

When she realised he forgot she sighed, she didn’t cry. Her mother had taught her not to cry over a boy. Plus it was only her twenty first birthday,nothing major important. Like recording a song with your friends and then heading out to the clubs.

She hadn’t even noticed he had went to a night club. He didn’t take any spare clothes,that she knew of, or any money. He probably took his card. Or the boys lent him money.

She didn’t really care. All she cares about was resting. She had work the next day, she spent her day off alone awaiting a boy who never showed.

Even his friends and fans had remembered.

Her Twitter,Facebook and Instagram blew up with messages from people wishing her a happy birthday.She smiled and replied to the odd message,making sure to thank everyone deeply.

He was laughing at all the drunken weirdos out that night. Him,Skate and Mac Marley were chilling at a club. They wanted to celebrate the new song they had produced.

He acted as though he had no cares in the world. But someone nagged at him. He didn’t know what though. He couldn’t put his finger on something he was forgetting.

His friends had decided not to say anything, they didn’t need too. They had wished his girl a happy birthday.

But his twitter began blowing up. He had pulled his phone out to see what was going on. Fans were tweeting him three screenshots.

One of his snapchat story of the club and the boys, the other was her snapchat story she had been placed infront of the TV he recognised from their apartment with the title for friends up.

The third was a tweet. When she had realised he wasn’t coming home and at a club she decided to tweet,praying he would eventually see it.

‘You Forgot’

It was plain and simple, but it sent the message. She was stuck out of words and didn’t know what to say, so that would do she thought.

He quickly realised and suddenly felt like shit. He never meant to forget. He had thought it was next week. He had presents and a dinner reservation for her birthday.

He was going to propose. He felt so stupid and scalded at him self. He hates himself. He quickly ran out of the club, and drove home. Where his birthday girl laid asleep.

He had arrived quickly, and noticed she was asleep. He didn’t want to wake her,but he needed to apologise. He whispered her name and gently shook her.

“Oh hey John” she spoke as her eyes fluttered open when she noticed her forgetful boyfriend.

“I’m so fucking sorry baby, I promise you I had plans for us, we were supposed to go for a meal and I was going to ask you to marry me and you were going to say yes, oh my god your not going to say yes. I’m so sorry princess please don’t leave me”

John had always been insecure about her finding someone better and leaving him, he had been through it to many times. he loves her. He didn’t know want he would do if she left.

“It’s okay John"she smiled softly towards her boyfriend,before realising what he had said.“you were going to propose?”

“Wait here” he spoke before he ran off to another part of their apartment.

When he got back he was carrying 2 small bags, and a big wrapped present.

“Okay, I had a whole speech but yeah, do you want to, Yano, marry me and become Mrs (y/n) Swift?” He said getting on to one knee, pulling a small box out of his pocket.

The ring was silver, little crystals went around the small piece of jewellery. It was the one she had showed her bestfriend the other day.

She nodded, smiling at her fiancée.

“Really” John was shocked, he never expected her to say yes after today.

“Yeah” she nodded more, before throwing her arms over her fiancée’ shoulders. He twirled her around, the  smile never leaving their faces.

He forgets


I wake in the morning. Today is my 20th birthday. Harry got home for tour last week and I can’t wait to see what we are doing today. 

I sit up in bed and their is a not on Harry’s side of the 

Hey baby, I went out with Niall today wont be home til late love you

Maybe he is planning a surprise for me and he will be home later. I sure hope so. I’m kinda irritated that he went out with Niall today because I haven’t seen Harry for the past 6 month’s, he was with the boys the whole time why is he going to be with them some more.

I check my phone and see I have a messages wishing me Happy birthday and a look of mentions on twitter saying happy birthday. I smile thinking about everyone else remembering my birthday.

~in the evening~

I haven’t talked to Harry all day. Maybe he really did forget my birthday. I can’t believe him. It’s already 10 at night and i’m getting tired. I went out to lunch today with my siblings and went shopping with them. When they asked about Harry I just told them he had to work today.

I go to our room and lay on the bed. Tears start to slip out of my eye. I hate the fact that he forgot my birthday. I never forget stuff about him. I cry myself to sleep feeling forgotten by Harry.

I feel the bed dip down and someone cuddle up to me. I turn my head and see that it’s Harry. I can’t even bare to look at him. I scoot to the edge of my side of the bed.

“Baby come here?” I hear Harry say as he start to pull me close to him.

“No get off of me” I snap at him

“Whoa what make you become such a bitch”

“You.” I snap and get out of the bed.

I grab my pillow and a blanket out from the top of our closet. I can’t even look at Harry right now. I’m sleeping on the couch. Once i’m settled and close to falling asleep. I hear Harry walk down the stairs. He comes and sits on the floor next to the couch. 

“Baby whats wrong?”

“You forgot my birthday” I tell him quietly 

“Oh my god baby i’m sorry I thought it was tomorrow i’m so so sorry” He says and I can see the guilt written all over his face.  "I got you something stay here" Harry tells me. He runs up to our room and quickly comes back down. “I hope you like it, it took all day for me and Niall to find the perfect gift” He tells me. He hands me and big gift bag. Inside is a lot of my favorite candy, a teddy bear, a scrapbook of a lot of our pictures. and a long skinny box. I open it and inside it a beautiful necklace. 

“I love it Harry” I tell him I move my legs and he sits on the couch with me. I shift how i am sitting and give him a hug. He wraps his arms tightly around me. 

“I’m sorry I forgot" 

"Its okay Harry. I love you” I say and kiss him 

“I love you (Y/n)” He says. We put in a movie and start to eat some of the candy he got me. Even though he forgot my birthday. I could never stop loving him. 


hey baby i’m going to have to cancel for today. Me and the boys are having a guys day going to the beach. you should see if the girls want to do anything love ya 

I read the text from Niall. Today is our 2 year anniversary. I was hoping we would do something special this year because last year he was on tour during our anniversary. 

I text Niall back. I’m so pissed he forgot our anniversary. He’s the one that has been talking about doing something fancy for the past month. I guess i will just go into work today. I took off to spend the day with Niall but the staff is shorthanded today so i’m going in. 


Finally after a long day at work I get home. Being at work got my mind off of Niall though. 

When I pull into my driveway I see Niall’s car. What is he doing here?

I walk in the door and see Niall sitting on my couch. He looks up at smiles at me but I completely ignore him. I see that he is completely sunburn and I want to go put Aloe on him but i’m mad at him.

“Baby you okay?” He asked me and starts to stand up.

“Leave me alone. Get out of my flat and leave” I snap at him

“Whoa whats wrong” He says and tries to hug me from behind. I slap him in the arm and he yells from his sunburn hurting.

“What the fuck (y/n) you see i’m sun burnt and you slap me. Just because you’re in a bad mood does not mean you can be a bitch GOD SOMETIMES I WISH I WOULD OF STAYED WITH AMY” He screams at me.

I shake my head at him and run up to my bedroom locking the door behind me. Niall chased me up the stairs but I locked him out right before he could get in. 

“(y/n) please i’m sorry I didn’t mean that I just got angry" 

"Niall leave me alone forever” I tell him 

“NO i’m not leaving until we work this out" 


“Today was our anniversary?!?” Niall says confused

“Yes and you forgot again” I tell him through the door and tears start to pour out of my eyes. 

“Baby please let me in i’m so sorry i forgot i don’t know how i could forget.” He says and I open the door. He comes and hugs me. “Get dressed i’m taking you to dinner it’s only 6 we still have time” He tells me 

“Okay. Niall i’m sorry i screamed at you" 

"It’s okay you had every right to now get dressed” He says and smacks my butt lightly. “I love you" 

"I love you” I say and kiss him and get dressed but when we were getting dressed I had to put Aloe all over Niall


“Mommy is daddy going to meet us there?” My 4 year old daughter Erin asked me.

Tonight is her first ballet residual is she is very nervous. Louis was at work all day tonight but promised he would be home in time to go. I call him and told him to meet me there. He didn’t pick up so I left a voice message. I really hope he doesn’t forget. 

“Yes baby daddy will be there” I tell he not knowing if he will come or not.


“good luck baby” I say as I drop Erin off with the rest of the girls she will be dancing with

“Thank mommy” I kiss her head and find my seat. I message Louis again but he doesn’t reply. 

I watch Erin on stage she looks so happy the whole time. She looks so cute in her pink tutu and pink leotards. She loves dancing. 


After the show. Erin runs out from backstage and finds me. I give her a big hug. 

“Where’s daddy?” She asked me sadly. 

“Daddy couldn’t make it baby girl” I tell her 

“Oh” She says sadly

“Hey cheer up we can go get ice cream to celebrate” I tell her

“yay ice cream!” She says happily. I grab her bag while she puts her jacket on. I grab her hand and we walk to my car. 


After we got ice cream we went home. It was starting to get late and I could tell Erin was tired. When I pull into the driveway I see Louis’ car. I look back and see Erin asleep with her head resting against the door. I get out of the car and grab her bag from the back then I pick Erin up out of the car and carry her inside. 

“Hey how was Dance practice?” I hear Louis say when we walk in the door. 

“It was her recital tonight. I called you like 5 times and messaged you a lot where’s your phone?” I say and walk off the Erin’s room.

I set her bag down then pull out some PJ’s. I quickly change her without waking her and tuck her into bed. I walk back downstairs and see Louis sitting on the couch with his head in his hands. 

“Are you going to answer my question?” I say 

“Uh” He looks up at me. He looks like he is about to cry “(y/n) I lost my phone today at the studio and couldn’t find it” He says and puts his head back in his hands. “I’m the worst father ever how could I miss my baby’s first dance recital?" 

"Louis you aren’t the worst father it was a mistake you didn’t mean to miss it. I bought the video if you want to watch it” I tell him and wrap my arms around him. 

We both look up when we see Erin walking down the stairs. 

“Daddy” She says and run’s to Louis

“Hey baby girl”

“Why didn’t you come to my recital?" 

"I did baby but you just couldn’t see me” He tells her. It’s easier to lie then to explain everything. “But why don’t you show me again” Louis says

“Okay daddy” She says and jumps off his lap. She starts dancing around again just like she did in her recital. At least she’s not mad at Louis now.


Another 10 minutes past. Zayn was an hour late to our date. I get up from the table leave a couple dollars for the waiter. I can’t believe he forgot. He was the one that planned the date. 

I get in my car and drive home completely pissed off. When I get home I change into my pj’s and go to the kitchen to grab something to eat. I pull out leftover Chinese food and put it in the microwave.

When I pull the food out I hear the door open and close again.

“Hey baby” Zayn says and comes behind me wrapping his arms around my waist. I don’t say anything I’m still pissed that he forgot. I move out of his arms and go to the table. I quietly start eating. “Boo are you okay why aren’t you walking” He ask me

“look at the calendar” I tell him quietly. He looks at the calendar and I hear him gasp.

“baby I’m so sorry I forgot it slipped my mind, we were doing so much at work today it just completely slipped my mind” He says and sits next to me. “Please forgive me baby” He says and I can see he feels guilty.

I look over and him and hug him. “It’s okay I forgive you”

“I promise I will make it up to you boo” He says. I lift his head off my shoulder and kiss him

“It’s okay babe I understand you do a lot at work” I say and kiss him once again.  


I wake up and look around the white room. My head is pounding I have no idea where I’m at. Next to me is a boy sleeping. I have no clue who it is. I reach over and tap him on the shoulder. He jumps up and smiles at me. 

“Hey baby” He says and hugs me

“Who are you?” i ask him 

“I’m you boyfriend Liam. We have been dating for the past 3 years. You got in a car accident and just woke up” He tell me

“Oh okay I’m sorry I don’t remember you” I tell him feeling bad the I can’t remember him

“That’s alright I will stay with you forever though” He says and holds my hand

“Can you tell us about of past life” I ask him. He nods his head. I lay back in the bed and listen to him talk for hours telling me different story’s about our life together. The doctors came in a checked on me while Liam continued to tell me story’s. I feel safe with Liam and i’m glad. 

anonymous asked:

All of ot4 have wished Liam a happy birthday on Twitter this year, I don't think this happened last year, maybe they wished him physically but not on Twitter, idk I don't remember well, what could this mean, or am I just overlooking things?

I think you’re on the same page as I am.  Liam or any of the boys getting well wishes isn’t unusual, but this is excessive.  All the families, all of Harry and Niall and Louis, and a TON of different press outlets and professional Twitters have already wished him happy birthday.  In the US he’s got about 7-10 hours of his birthday left still.  

There are 2 ways this can go I think.  Either Zayn tweets Liam or we might get articles about how Zayn didn’t tweet Liam despite everyone else doing so. That’s if we’re right about this being a tad bit fishy.  I think the chances of a tweet are 50-50, so I really hope so, but anything could happen.