everyone go watch this anime ok


So my sis was like ok. if you had to recommend 5 animes which would the be?. So then I’m like yah my bootiful sinners like NEED to watch these

-Black Butler

you need to watch this shit, yOU GOTTA. it’s just I mean. Like 30% of my feed is black butler anyway. It’s supernatural, funny, sassy mystery shit. But like YOU GOTTA IT’S MAGIC and feels but MAGIC. IF YOU HAVEN’T. GO WATCH. *cough* some smexy shit happens too *cough*. ALSO LIKE THE VICTORIAN ERA!?!!!?!! GO BE WILD. AND READ THE MANGA. SHIT IS GOING DOWN RN.

-Diabolik Lovers

Ok so the anime isn’t for everyone, but I mean if you like smutty boys and shit. Sin you shall am I right?, reverse harem and ohhh getting turned on A LOT. If you like the anime then the game is going to be heaven, since it’s an otome game. but if you do like it.YOU’RE GOING TO HELL WITH US. GO, GO BE FREE. SIN. And then come back bc I need to know you fav diaboy

-Tokyo Ghoul

Idk you may just like this bc it is awesome anyway. But I’m recommending it bc I personally can relate to the main character so fucking much like it’s unreal like his transformation and shit. Idk with my depression and stuff. But maybe I’m just a saddo. Wel, that’s actually a fact but off topic. You are warned tho there will be a lot of blood, it’s not for everyone either. But GO WATCH. ITS ON POINT ANYWAY GO, SHUU, BE A GHOUL. The new season is coming out very soon too. Oh and read the manga. YOU MUST

-Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso

This. This is just fucking pure and beautiful. And it’s full of beautiful feels. Sure it made me to cry like a bitch, but it was so worth it. I’m an art hoe so the journey was magical to me. Tbh it inspired me to take violin lessons. There is love triangles too. If you feel like there’s not too much character development out there.THEN WATCH THIS SHIT. I AM TELLING YOU. GO. RUN. WATCH. CRY

-Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi

Adorable lil babus and so many feels, different from Shigatsu No Uso tho. Time travel, JKDJDJDIHCDM CUTNESS OVERLOAD. Tears at every end of an ep. The season just finished tho so you won’t have to suffer a week of feels and anxiety like us who watched it when it was first released. THIS. THIS SHIT IS JUST LIKE. NO EXPLANATION JUST GO. GO AND PROTECT CINNABUNS

time to finally start d.gray ma—

this is gonna take a while

I watched that new sport anime

I want to introduce everyone to my new son

look at him, look at him, he look like oikawa

he injured, already going through so much at the beginning of the series ;-;

look how hot he is in the shower scene ;)

Oh hi iwa-chan kazu he has his own iwa-chan

my point is he’s literally cheerleader oikawa ok

I pointed out how unproportional sailor moon looks here on the teaser they released via YouTube, (Uranus too but it’s not as bad as SM) and some asshole assumed I was going frame by frame looking for problems.. Like, I didn’t have to go frame by frame, I fucking saw it the first time I watched it, it’s that bad and in your face. I’m sick and tired of the pride side defending this sad excuse of an animation team simply cause they have extremely low standards when it comes to animation.. It’s fucking sailor moon.. This shit has to be flawless like the 90s anime, if not BETTER.

MESSAGE TO PRIDE SIDE: if you love Crystal. awesome. congrats. go buy the 100$ bluray and shove it up your ass, just don’t get all psycho and bitchy when someone criticizes the animation. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS WHEN IT COMES TO ANIMATION and that is OK


SMCF says: To be fair the trailer has a fair amount of derpy moments but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s excitement so I’ll wait to post those lmao.

sometimes i’ll mention in passing that i like going to anime expo and sometimes i’ll get that look. where they’re like “ohhh… you’re that kind of person…” but who in this day and age hasn’t watched anime most of us grew up with it, it’s not a new concept it’s very much mainstream especially if i mention it at school everyone’s fine art noses will turn up and be like “i’d rather spend my time talking about the ephemerality of the james turrell piece in claremont and psychoanalyze the multiplicity of avant garde themes in the work of john cage” like OK you do that while i shop for bald caps on ebay.