everyone go read that article

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Do you guys get competitive and if so with whom?

ZEA: We all compete with each other in little ways, some more than other!! I guess it’s just part of being a nation.

i saw a couple of people tag that article w/ things like ‘rcg is my inspiration and now i feel bad’ and idk it’s just like…..is this really the tipping point that makes u dislike them? like these are the guys who have literally done televised blackface among a host of other stuff over the years and it’s important to remember that not only do they play largely horrible / bigoted people, when it comes down to it they’re pretty similar to these people. like yes they make great content and we make great transformative works with that content but you Cannot consume this show uncritically like it rlly is so steeped in bad stuff which we need to remember when we praise the good parts of what they’ve done

The negative reaction Roman Reigns and his fans receive with regard to his good looks is blatantly rooted in the insecurity of specific fans, and a fear of “non-traditional” forms of sexuality; meaning that while it’s socially acceptable for a male wrestling fan to talk about how adorkably hot AJ Lee is, it’s still not socially acceptable for a woman to gush about Roman’s beautiful face. If she does, she’s a “superficial idiot” who should shut her month and just go back to being a ring-rat.
—  Tim Kail from the thinkpiece “Roman Reigns and The Dangers of the "deserve” in the IWC.“

can everyone please go read dailymail’s article on chris evans’ lunch date i am DYING.

the title: Chris Evans puts his buff muscles on display while on a lunch date with a mystery woman

and one of the photo captions “The 33-year-old’s buff biceps could barely be contained by his tight henley as he left El Compadre in Hollywood accompanied by the unidentified beauty



everyone needs to go read this article by an autistic woman in tech about the ableist fuckups of geek feminism (she frames it much more charitably) 

it also talks about the ways certain kinds of social cluelessness can shield you from sexism and the ways that feminist engagement with that fact often ends up blaming the people too socially inept to internalize sexism

and this article by the same author about how our current narratives about nerds end up being extra super shitty to the people who’ve dealt with lifelong ostacization for being weird, even/especially when the explicit target is “brogrammers” or whatever


Danai Gurira photographed by David Urbanke  for Harper’s BAZAAR

“It’s something I’ve constantly found shocking—all this astounding talent amongst black woman that never gets to be seen or heard." 

the articles keep calling these pictures “intimate” without posting any of them when they actually aren’t anything more than two (mostly) drunk people cuddling/sitting on each others’ laps/whatever like…lmao this is ridiculous, everyone who reads the articles without seeing the pics is going to think this was WAY more of a big deal in terms of content than it actually is…🙄😂

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It's really sad how Louis can't tweet to harry or post pics of him on his Instagram. You guys made them like this.. Louis wasn't in the coca cola ad because he was afraid everyone would turn it into Larry. Go read the article. Y'all should be ashamed for yourselves for ruining such an amazing friendship.

Can someone come pick up their crying child