everyone go buy it now

okay so i was genuinely only intending to buy hidden figures + then amazon was all like ‘u can have 3 books for £10 if u want’ so ofc i’ve now ended up with 3 books instead

my dad almost ordered me one of those flying remote control helium sharks for christmas

no, he actually DID order it before he realized he would have to fill it with helium

why did he think i would want a five foot flying remote control helium shark?

i have no fucking idea

i sent him and my mom an email saying ‘hey I don’t expect presents because everyone is broke right now but if you’re going to buy me something, please buy me one of these things that I will actually use, and not a give foot flying remote control helium shark, what the fuck’

hahaaa okaaaay the mass effect andromeda animation meme was nice until ppl started sending hate to the lead animator, who is a woman 

okay meme over. everyone go home. 

now im tempted to buy the game just out of spite


Apparently Wu Yi Fan’s songs have been available on iTunes for a while

If you havent purchased the songs alr, go buy them to support Wu Yi Fan

There Is A Place https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/there-is-a-place/id947329203?i=947329212

Time Boils The Rain https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/time-boils-the-rain/id947331027?i=947331050

Books were a safe place, a world apart from my own. My favorites were ‘The Selection’ series by a genius named Kiera Cass. They were available at fine retailers wherever books were sold, and everyone should go buy them now. I was Team Aspen.
—  Kiera Cass, The Siren (probably)

HEY EVERYONE! Civ V is on sale this weekend!


You can get the base game for $7.49 USD, and the Complete Collection with ALL DLC (which I highly recommend, as the DLC, particularly Brave New World, completely changes the game experience in the best way) for $12.49 USD.

So if you’ve been seeing us post about Civ and wanting to get into it, now is the perfect chance!

Edit: just adding that this offer should be available everywhere; if you check on Steam the prices should show up in your country’s currency!