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Random Scene #7

(I swear it’s cooking Rip fics day. I hope you don’t mind another. Apologizes for any cravings this may cause.)

The Legends stared at Rip.

Rip stared back and blinked. His eyes were reddened and weighed down with dark bags, his auburn hair stuck up at odd angles, and his rumpled clothes were streaked with flour and several different colours of icing. He was also fidgeting with the type of jittery twitchiness that came with too much caffeine or too little sleep.

“I, uh…” He cleared his throat and rubbed a hand against the back of his neck. “I couldn’t sleep.”

“Yeah, we can see that,” said Jax, gazing in wide-eyed amazement at the spectacle displayed on the table in front of them.

Sara frowned looking rather more concerned than amazed. “You were up all night doing this?”

Rip winced sheepishly. “I admittedly may have overdone things somewhat.”

“I’ll say,” said Amaya. “This is…” She trailed off and simply gestured at the table at a loss for words.

“Well, it certainly explains the smell,” Martin said, raising his eyebrows.

“Yeah,” said Nate with a nod. “I can’t imagine there are many timeships that smell entirely of cookies.”

There were murmurs of agreement from the rest of the team, except for Mick who was too busy filling his mouth.

The source of the smell which had greeted the team when they’d emerged from their quarters that morning was obvious. The galley table was covered in plates and bowls and containers of all sizes, and each of them was filled with mounds of cookies, all sorts of cookies There were chocolate chip cookies and sugar cookies. There were ginger snaps and raspberry thumbprints. There were shortbread and gingerbread, oatmeal and butter pecan, snickerdoodles and coconut macaroons, as well as several cookies the team couldn’t identify. A number of the cookies had been crafted into different shapes and decorated with colourful icing.

Jax picked up a cookie that had been made to resemble the face of a clock. “These are awesome.”

“Yes, well,” Rip said, somewhat bashfully. “I got a bit tired of just baking around four in the morning so I thought I’d do some decorating as well. I’m still honing my technique however.”

“Looks pretty well honed to me,” said Nate, impressed.

Rip bowed his head and rubbed the back of his neck again. “Well, dig in,” he said, gesturing to the cookies. “Seems a shame for them to go to waste.”

“It’s a bit early for cookies but I suppose…” Martin reached out and grabbed a raspberry thumbprint.

The rest of the team, minus Mick who was already eating and had yet to stop, followed suit.

“Oh, my God,” Amaya exclaimed once she’d taken a bite, a look of complete rapture coming over her face.

There were similar exclamations and looks from the rest of the team.

“These are incredible,” Nate said and shoved another cookie in his mouth.

“It definitely seems our former captain has a talent for baking,” said Martin.

Jax snorted. “That’s an understatement.” He turned to Rip. “You should have told us, man. This sort of talent needs to be shared.”

Mick grunted something in agreement through his mouthful of cookies.

“I suppose it’s a hobby I could indulge in more often,” said Rip, a small smile appearing on his face.

A beep sounded from the cooking area.

“Ah, the double chocolate chunks are done. I need to get them out and put the peanut butter biscuits in. It’s about time to take the almond biscuits off the cooling racks too. I was thinking of making something with hazelnut and caramel next or maybe lemon.” Rip turned to attend to his cookies but was stopped by a very solid grip on his arm.

“How about you go to bed and try getting some sleep instead,” Sara said firmly. “I think we’ve got enough cookies for now.”

“Oh, right,” said Rip, looking sheepish once more, obviously more than a little out of it from the lack of sleep.

Sara began escorting Rip out of the galley insistent on ensuring he made it all the way back to his quarters and into bed, but the two stopped when they caught sight of Ray.

Ray was standing quietly a few feet from the rest of the cookie-eating group and gazing at the table with a rather forlorn expression.

“Oh, Dr. Palmer,” Rip said as sudden realization lit his face. “I forgot to tell you the shortbread biscuits are gluten free.”

The forlorn expression vanished as hope appeared in Ray’s eyes. “Really?”

Rip nodded. “It wasn’t too difficult. I just used rice flour and few other things.”

Going over to the table, Ray picked up one of the shortbread cookies and tentatively took a bite. The look that appeared on his face was one of pure bliss. “My God.” He quickly devoured the rest of the cookie. “Oh, my God!” He grabbed another and ate it just as quickly as the first.

Mick, who had been going around the table sampling at least one of every cookie, paused in his eating and eyed Ray. “Hey, Haircut, pass one over,” he said making a ‘give me’ gesture with his hand.

Eyes widening, Ray snatched the bowl containing the shortbread off the table and took a step back. “Mine,” he declared and shoved another cookie in his mouth.

Scowling, Mick moved around the table towards Ray. “You know there’s other people around here who might like some shortbread too.”

Ray clutched the bowl against his chest and stepped back once more. “Mine,” he said again and quickly devoured another cookie while watching Mick warily.

Mick growled. “Hand them over.”

Ray shook his head unable to speak now due to all the cookies in his mouth.

Tension rose as they stood staring at each other, unmoving except for Ray’s constant cookie munching, and then suddenly, Ray turned and sprinted off into the rest of the ship. “Mine!” he yelled.

Mick immediately gave chase. “Come back here!”

Rip and Sara watched them go, Rip with wide-eyed disbelief, Sara with exasperation.

“I think you’d better make another batch of that shortbread before you go to bed,” Sara said with a sigh.

Rip nodded, eyes still fixed on the door through which Mick and Ray had just disappeared. “Good idea.”

Tamlin the Tool: A Theory

I could totally see Tamlin being the type of High Lord who randomly endorses products to make extra cash.

~At a Conference in the Spring Court~

Tamlin: So that will conclude our meeting for today.

Everyone: *starts to get out of their seats*

Tamlin: But-! As you walk out I hope you think of how much your feet ache as you do…

Everyone: *Looks supremely puzzled*

Tamlin: But not mine! Because I have the new Nike Trainers! *Puts a foot up wearing the shoe on the table*

Everyone: *stares in silence at Tamlin*

Tamlim: Go buy them. NOW.

Everyone: *scrambles out of the room*

Tamlin: *takes the extra cash he made out of his pocket and counts it for fun*

Lucien: *sighs heavily*


Jul 25, 2007

 I just got the call that my album is the NUMBER ONE country album this  week!!!!! It’s been since October, and this is the first week it’s ever gone  number one!! I’m SO excited. You guys are AMAZING. I’m so excited about this,  thank you so much for continuing to support me. THANK YOU FOR THE NUMBER ONE!  Now go tell everyone you know to buy it so we can stay there. haha. But  seriously, thank you so much. You know I love you SO much. This is a dream  come true.
 PS: We’re shooting the video for “Our Song” in the next few weeks. Can’t WAIT  for you to see it!

they’re doing statues of Harley, Batgirl, Joker, Nightwing, Scarecrow, Penguin, Two-Face, and three versions of Batman

but no Riddler


Mafia! Taeyong AU

•ofc he’s the leader because he’s Lee mother fucking Taeyong
•he got the position from his dad who was the old leader
•cue sad childhood story that I’m not gonna go in depth about
•so Mafia leader Taeyong is probably one of the best there is
•looks scary af but is a smol ball of fluff
•like someone protect this boy
•loves his family (which includes the boys v v v much)
•doesn’t like hurting strangers
•doesn’t leave the office very much because he has a lot of paperwork and calls to handle
•sometimes goes outs to make deals because no one can say no to him
•always takes someone with him on these deals because he’s secretly an insecure boy who needs lots of reassurance
•scared that he’ll mess up the deal or makes the group look bad
•so he has a poker face when making deals
•also gets straight to the point to gets what he wants
•what he wants is to get out of there quickly so his nerves start to calm down
•does so much work because he doesn’t want his boys to be stressed and have too much on their shoulders
•is highkey stressed himself most of the time
•boys have to drag him out of the office to do something
•out of the office he is known as either ‘eomma’ or ‘taebreeze’
•does most of the cleaning and makes sure there’s not a spec of dust so his boys don’t get sick or allergies
•sometimes cooks if he had the time to
•even though the boys basically have to feed him because he’s so fucking busy
•takes care of the little ones especially
•basically a sucker for them but is still strict
•now you on the other hand, are Jisung’s older sister
•being the amazing noona you are, you start to grow suspicious when your brother isn’t going to school that much and staying out later
•so one day, while you were walking down the street, you see Jisung and a very good looking man
•but Jisung is supposed to be in school tho
•looks like the man is scolding your bby bro and only you can do that
•immediately thinking that man is a threat
•here comes super noona to the rescue
•bursting into the scene and slapping Taeyong
•maybe slapping him is too much
•anyways, going off on him telling him not to take advantage on little kids and the importance of school
•Jisung is there looking like 'noona, pls, stap it’
•Taeyong quietly listening because as I said before he doesn’t like upsetting people that aren’t involved
•when he finally got tired he just interrupted you with his deep voice
•'um… excuse me but I was telling your brother the same thing here’
•Jisung basically running back to school because you and Taeyong were scaring him
•Run,child, rub!!!!
•cue the awkward silence between the both of you
•Taeyong breaking the silence because he thinks you’re cute
•'do you want some coffee?’
•and that was how your relationship with Lee Taeyong began
•becoming best friends v fast
•like you two just connect
•there’s no denying it
•ask Jisung, he’s the leader of your and Taeyong’s fanclub
•not knowing he’s in the Mafia because he refuses to tell you
•is actually scared that his secret will ruin your friendship
•not risking it
•now to the juicy part
•let’s pretend that you’re a medical student or something
•it’s been like a year and a half since you met Taeyong and you falling deeper and deeper in love every minute
•basically Taeyong got hurt really badly
•let’s say he was jumped by a rival Mafia group when he was going to buy ramen for everyone
•now guess who has a bullet in his shoulder?
•Taeyong being a stubborn little shit that refuses any medical help because he doesn’t want to burden anyone
•being the good brother that Jisung is, he calls you up
•'hey, noona, I know it’s 3am but I really need your help. The love of your life is dying but he’s being stubborn’
•you blushing when Jisung said that Taeyong was 'the love of your life’
•but still running with a medical kit to help because he really is the love of your life
•when you get there you’re just like 'rtf’
•but you don’t ask any questions because you need to save this boy right now
•when you do finish and he’s on a bed and your besides it, checking his vitals
•he’s still unconscious (or so you think) so you start ranting about how he could have died and you’ve never confess your love yet
•he hears and suddenly pulls you in the bed with him
•'I like, maybe even love, you too’
•tells you everything too because you threaten to break up your non existent relationship if he doesn’t
•Jisung cheering behind the doors

Should I make a second part? Like one that’s like, 'dating Mafia!Taeyong’? Meh we’ll see

Second part: http://sebooty-lyfe.tumblr.com/post/149352096049/dating-mafiataeyong

anonymous asked:

do you have any online shopping site recommendations?

idk what kind of online shopping you’re doing anon but I’m gonna assume it’s clothes

first: THE DON’TS

  • Don’t buy anything from storenvy. The popular Asian fashion stores like Moooh! and UZIP are taobao resellers, and you can buy all their items on AliExpress for 2/3rds the price. All you have to do is reverse image search the picture, type in “site:aliexpress.com” into google as needed, and you’re golden
  • Forever 21 has a good return policy, but their clothing is made for giraffes and tends to have… unwanted surprises (hi-low, tricolor, distressed, the list goes on…) 
  • Modcloth is a conglomerate of ugly vintage clothing from a vast variety of labels, ranging from cheap to semi-designer stuff– not that you’d know it, because it’s all chalked up at forty dongers moreover Modcloth, ever the pinnacle of honest business practices, often refuses to list the designer for the item of clothing so you can’t compare prices! This is why you should try to find the clothing item using descriptors on Google, first– you can’t reverse-Google image search in this case, because they use their own models

ok now the actual recommendations

  • Here’s advice on ordering from AliExpress, which can be pretty cheaply-made and shady but you can still get great pieces. Many people swear by Taobao, but I can’t read Chinese and you need a Taobao agent to ship outside of Asia, which is stressful. AliExpress delivers right to ur door (ok, the nearest post office)
  • Yesstyle is gud and ships international 👍🌍
  • Ebay and Amazon are great for tracking down a cute item you found on, say, Polyvore or ASOS that’s no longer being sold by the manufacturer. I got my Dear Creatures coat for $100 with tax/shipping off Amazon, two years after its initial release (it originally was going for maybe $250)
  • Now, I’ve seen SheIn (previously SheInside) get a lot of flak for being-cheaply-made-in-China, but in doing research for this ask, I actually found that SheIn can have crazy good sales, so that a sweater going for $80 on its original website can be going for $18 on sale. However– I also saw a lot of AliExpress resells. I’ve bought a couple of slippery patterned polyester blouses from SheIn that were gorgeous (and imo that’s their strong point) but people I know have bought dresses and gotten shitty results
  • I’m 5′1″ but I have thighs, so literally all my jeans are from the petites section of TopShop. I literally buy from nowhere else. They cling to my every erotic curve. I never buy from the physical stores anymore, only online, because EVERY SINGLE TIME I try and buy at the actual store the stupid sales clerk goes “oh honey, you can’t possibly be a 28W28L! you’re so tiny!” and forces me to squeeze my flabby gut into pants made for a middle-schooler in a badly-lit changing room while The Weeknd muzak whinges thru the overhead speakers listen I’m not bitter or anything I just like to have room for my stomach I own TEN PAIRS OF YOUR PANTS sorry I got sidetracked
  • @pinstripebowties swears by Missha (American site, Canadian) for makeup and skincare, and we should all trust her more than my clearskin privileged ass. Shipping is a flat rate of $10.50 on the Canadian website, but the American one is MAD CHEAP considering the quality. My Missha order is coming in 2 weeks presumably so I’ll follow up on this

    (M… MAKEUP REVIEW?!?!)
Social Media (Yoongi)

And now it is time for my highkey spirit animal, the first half of the Daegu line, an actual sweetheart with the cutest smile like his eyes do the things and he’s got the gummy smile and it’s just so fucking cute, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka Agust D

  • This is going to build off of youtuber!Yoongi (here) there is also the youtuber proposal post which is right here
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original post, he has a music channel
  • He posts covers and original songs and very rarely does a Q&A or some sort of talking video where he isn’t just rapping or playing an instrument
  • He occasionally (like literally only a couple times a year) does streams where he just plays the piano and takes song requests and chats with the viewers
  • But those are the moments they treasure bc they get to know the man behind the lyrics, they get hints on what inspired said lyrics, they get stories of his relationship with you, of his life, of his goals
  • Plus super rarely they may actually get a glimpse of you, he tries to keep you as private as he can bc he just seems like a private person in general with stuff like relationships when it comes to such a huge crowd of people
  • V v rarely will he actually show your face, it’s almost always your back and his hand over your face or anything like that to keep things private and it’s not bc he’s ashamed of the relationship or anything of that sort, he’s actually really really proud of the relationship and you but he just doesn’t want the entirety of the internet knowing every lil detail of your relationship
  • But he does post a few pictures of you two here and there on his Instagram
  • His insta is mainly selfies, sneak peeks at lyrics/sons and pictures of the kitty but there are a few pictures with you
  • He gets creative about it most of the time, like it’ll be a picture of his new shoes but then your shoe will also be in frame or it’ll be a picture of your shadows
  • There are only a handful of pictures with your actual face in them and one of them is the day you two first got the kitty and it’s adorable for so many reasons, I mean there’s a bby kitten that can fit in Yoongi’s hand but also how happy you two look is pre ci ous
  • Like despite not being able to physically see you two together super often, everyone just knows how in love he is bc they can see the soft lil look in his eyes when he has a lyric that reminds him of you and they can see the photo frame with a picture of you and kitty cuddling and they hear all of the songs he writes for you and it’s just v v clear
  • So to be able to have confirmation of that in photo form is like !!!
  • There’s also this other picture of right after you two got engaged and it doesn’t have either of your faces in it technically bc it’s a picture of your hand in his but he does have his mouth in frame bc he’s kissing your hand, right next to the new ring
  • It’s got the simple caption of “guess I have to go buy a suit now”
  • Everyone just about loses their shit when they see it bc wow their smol bub is getting married but also he’s being cuTE
  • He goes on Twitter pretty often
  • He jokes around on there a lot and uploads lil snippets of music he’s working on and he just enjoys being able to see everyone’s reactions and actually talk to them one on one
  • “Min Yoongi how dare you release a song rn I’m in class”
  • “Idk man seemed like a good time to me”
  • He’d have such a sarcastic relationship with his viewers like he calls them his lil shits and they’re forever bickering about shit and it’s just so light hearted and fun and cute
  • He probably doesn’t even have a snapchat but he makes frequent appearances on yours
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi in his natural habitat, not at movie night even though I told him like ten minutes ago, it was all set up”
  • “And here we have a wild Min Yoongi trying to take a nap”
  • “It’s 7 pm you can’t take a nap rn”
  • “Join me and watch how easily I do the impossible and take a nap rn”
  • Movie night just turns into cuddle night and lowkey nap night
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I just finished playing Deemo v2.0, the updated version just out today…..




Okay you know what i’m gonna spoil stuff so sorry to those mobile users as I’m gonna use a read more…

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My manager called and was like, ’“You got a nomination.” And I was like, “You’re making fun of me.” I didn’t know why he would call to prank me at this hour. I was like, “I won’t believe it until I see it in writing.” And then Taylor [Schilling] called me and told me congratulations, and for some reason I believed her. Then I called everyone back and said, “Now I’m buying it.” She wasn’t going to toy with me at that level. - Natasha Lyonne on hearing the news of her Emmy Nomination for her role as Nicky Nichols in Orange is the New Black.

Books were a safe place, a world apart from my own. My favorites were ‘The Selection’ series by a genius named Kiera Cass. They were available at fine retailers wherever books were sold, and everyone should go buy them now. I was Team Aspen.
—  Kiera Cass, The Siren (probably)

Apparently Wu Yi Fan’s songs have been available on iTunes for a while

If you havent purchased the songs alr, go buy them to support Wu Yi Fan

There Is A Place https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/there-is-a-place/id947329203?i=947329212

Time Boils The Rain https://itunes.apple.com/my/album/time-boils-the-rain/id947331027?i=947331050