everyone give him love now now now


take my hand, take my whole life too
for I can’t help falling in love with you

I’m doing zen’s route again and he’s so sweet it hurts

You see these boys?

These boys used to be no one. No one but kids leaving their homes to go to the Big city in hope of achieving their dreams.


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This boy was studying to get his acting degree when he was found. This boy rejected the offer of being considered for EXO, believing he was getting scammed.

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This boy suffered from social phobia, depression and alleged suicidal thoughts. These boy’s parents were against his love for rap, leading him to leave home.

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This boy’s dad was against his dreams. This boy felt like he was a disappointment to his other his whole life. This boy hid his sad self.

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This boy never thought he’d be an idol. This boy was in the 1% of students i  Korea at one point and has an IQ of 148. This boy left all that to be a rapper.

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This boy left his parents and younger brother to go to Seoul. This boy changed his life and at first was alone in a big city. This boy was one of  the poorest members. This boy had body issues.

This boy was raised by his grandma in a village for 14 years, knowing very little of what else exists.

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And this boy found himself ;leaving his comfort zone at 14, only to be give to 6 other boys, whom he did not know.

These boys had nothing to eat.

These boys were happy with just 500 views.

these boys were happy with just 150 fans.

These boys did not expects 300 fans at their members birthday party.

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In fact tho boy wrote all 300 fans a little sticky note and gave them a little food, despite barely having for themselves.

But now it is 2016.

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This man is now a great singer. This boy is now being more beautiful than ever. (But this boy needs more lines)

This man is now the caretaker of the group, making sure everyone is ok, healthy.

This man may be under appreciated but he is the one who makes the members feel comfortable with him, despite him being older.

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This man is the one of the first ones to produce, to write, to create. This boy is the one to fix and mend. 

This man is the one to pretend 

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to be annoyed with th younger ones,

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only to truly love them.

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This man now dedicates his life to giving 1097% of energy and happiness to others. Even if that means that there will be none left for him. This boy found happiness in the happiness of others.

This man dedicated his solo on his album to his mum.

This man now feels proud for once.

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This man is now the leader of the group. This boy produces, writes and slays.

This man takes care of every member, whether older or younger.

This man appreciates every fan, speaking english when he can.

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This man now feels better about his body. This boy loves his members the most.  

This man will always make everyone happy.

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This man got upset at his friends for not accepting Jimin. 

This man bought 1100 dollar sweater for Jimin.

This man’s grandma died before he could dedicate his win to her. He won the day she died and all he could think about most probably was ‘I love you grandma’.

But this man is ok. Because he had others with him.

He is now also an actor.

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This man now acts like he is the hottest thing on stage. But then comes the backstage videos and he is just 

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so precious.

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This man admitted to crying only when he sees his members cry. Because he can take pain. But he can’t stand it when others are in pain. He’d rather hurt than his beloved hyungs.

Here is some proof of their bond:

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(Some people told me their bonds look gay.

1. They are very close, after all they spent years only together.

2. So what if they are? Good for them to be comfortable and not shout NO HOMO every time they touch each other.)

And now, after 3 years they got their daesang awards. Not 1 but 2: Best album and Artist of the Year. Those boys deserve it.

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The performance was so elegant and beautiful

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So graceful

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The dances captivating

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This cutie was so surprised he just lay on the couch.

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Min Yoongi once said that the only time they will cry is if they receive the artist of the year award, their goal. Ladies and gentlemen, may i present you Min Yoongi breaking into sobs, as he achieves his dream.

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Once again, so graceful

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The music choice also amazing

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I would suggest to all to chest out their performances on MAMA 2016

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The group hug

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The thrill

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Last years, the boys  were not even nominated for best dance but here they are.

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jungkook did not even realise their name was called.

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NO BTS. Thank you. 

Thank you for taking us on this crazy ride.

Thank you for letting us cry. laugh and celebrate with you.

Thank you for being an inspiration.

Thank you for proving that one can start from the bottom and succeed.

Thank you for giving us hope.

For motivating us.

We love you boys! You guys really deserve all the awards you get and more!

So congratulations boys!

I love you!

We love you!

Teamwork makes dreamwork!- Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster

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Thank you for reading!

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(Special thank you to the best producer and CEO Bang PDnim!)

PS. I don’t know if this is appropriate but i would also like to say congrats to my beloved boys from Seventeen 

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and Taemin

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And congrats to everyone else!!

Warning for a single mention of homelessness, discussion of self image and body hair.

I’m a woman. I don’t shave my body cause its frivolous and ridiculous. I spent two years homeless, I learned some bloody time management and that shit like that makes me unhappy and its a massive waste of time, not to mention money. I don’t shave my legs, arms, face, or underarms. I think I heavy a little more hair than what would be considered normal, for a woman, anyway. I have a decent bit of facial hair, though it is thin and blonde it is very noticeable. I’m mildly self conscious about it, but the glares from gross old people and pissy boys make it. Also the girls that happen to see it and smile just a bit. That’s what I live for.

Anyway, I go into work on my day off to grab tips and a drink. I wear shorts all the time, so obviously you can see my glorious, dark leg hair all down my thighs and shins. I went to the back to chat with some coworkers and one of them just starts berating me that I need to shave.

“Really it’s just gross.”

“It looks awful”

“You need to take care of that”

“Its just not right”

Now this is a 30 yo woman. The other two in the room were our female manager and some dude from another store. They thought this was just really funny. She kept suggesting she would go buy me a razor because, yeah of course the running joke is that I’m fucking poorer than anyone else that works here. Its great, haha, very funny.

Guess what? Other people have bought me razors before and guess what, I give them to my mum and brothers.

I’m over it. It’s really not funny. No one has a fucking issue with the men with body hair, I’m proud to fucking wear mine until it’s no longer a topic of discussion.

Ugh. UGH.


Makes me wanna fight things. Its just so fucking frivolous and the fact so many people feel the need to comment on it even when I have had this fucking discussion eight fucking times at this place UGH.


My favorite thing though is when people drag my boyfriend into it. Now, he’s a self proclaimed feminist, unlike myself. Love him to death. Everyone wants HIS opinion on my body, though. Wanna know what his response was when I said I was done with this nonsense? “I mean, I don’t care. I’m hairy, you’re hairy, humans have hair. I don’t give a fuck, now have you seen my keys?”

But unfortunately even that won’t shut these people the fuck up. :/ I’m just really pissy about it right now.

Anyway, ladies and gents, your fucking body hair is natural and if coworkers or customers or management comments on it at all fuck em. Just fuck em. They don’t have the right.


ɪᴍᴘᴇʀɪᴀʟ sᴇɴᴀᴛᴏʀ ᴀᴜ - ᴘᴀʀᴛ ɪɪ

A ward of the state, lost among the war-orphans, the then-Chancellor was the only fixture in Anakin’s life after he won his freedom. Caught in the undertow of death and destruction, by the time the young Queen attempted to look into the whereabouts of the peculiar little boy he was already gone - a file lost in an overwhelmed system. Once the Jedi were hunted like animals across the stars, the path for Obi-wan to follow his master’s dying directive became closed to him. 

Anakin’s usefulness ended along with his destruction of the droid control ship. No credits, no home, and no friends  on Coruscant - who could refuse Palpatine’s generosity where it came? And it came - first in gifts of education: manuals and texts, time spent paying attention to a child no one else seemed interested in. Later, with holocrons, to be their little secret.

The Jedi, who had abandoned him, were scattered across the galaxy - dead, dying. The only place he’d ever called home was  a thousand star systems away. If he had any reservations at all when Palpatine invited him to live in the Palace and took over his education personally - when his only friend revealed himself as the Dark Lord of the Sith and his intentions for the young disciple - what other options had there ever been?

I didn’t really expect the response the first part of this got - oh my god thank you everyone. (I’m so bad at expressing this sort of thing but inside I was just rolling around happily). Getting to my favorite pouty Dark Lord.  (⊙‿⊙✿) Padme’s really the hero here, but he isn’t any good at staying out of her life.

So anyways taking a break from packing for Atlanta to just come in and wax a little poetic about the latest hug (well as poetic I can get lol) cause I have dished on it enough yet like i’ve done the others. And I don’t think you guys would mind too much right? Ok

So here’s a thing I like about it first the way Carol sort stops in her tracks and goes to embrace him for one thing, which sort of oddly reminds me of Daryl turning and going back to hug Carol in NBF.

Almost like, ‘I might not see him again’ kind of thing, cause as Melissa pointed out, he’d going off to something pretty damn dangerous and all.

The next thing I love is how easily he accepts it, like there is little to no hesitation and no wariness like the last she intiated a hug. The fact that Daryl accepts them now without that flinching stiffness he had way back in s4. And he’s almost surprised by it too, and still no hesitation whatsover. Hugging Carol is NORMAL now. Like second nature. And for her, its only the second time she’s gone over to him and done this.

As we know, Carol seems to hold back around everyone BUT him. He is her exception as much as she is his. I adore that so much.

Now the other part is the hug itself.

I love that little squeeze she gives him, and you can tell by the look on her face and the breath she takes that’s she worried about him too. She almost dosen’t want to let go. I like that this one focused on her and showed her feelings so clearly in this situation.

She loves him and dose not want to separate at this point. Its just so beautiful to me on this level.

The thing I love most about this, and i’ve said it before is, that this wasn’t after a major separation, and there wasn’t alot of HUGE emotion, or wariness of any kind. It was a normal good-bye hug between two people who love each other.

It’s great because it’s ordinary. Because it seems normal and commonplace.

She tells him to ‘be care’ Stay safe. Take care of yourself.

These are things you tell someone you love when there is doubt you might not see each other again.

It may not be huge and planet colliding like some of the others but it is special. It is beautiful. These two can make any moment beautiful in my opinion just by being together.

And any time they hug each other is a victory for them both.

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first impressions of seventeen vs now

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s coups-

  • then: he doesn’t seem like the leader…
  • now: oml someone give this boy a payed trip to some tropical island so he can get at least 1 second away from his 11 children and wife


  • then: his hair is so precious, can my hair be that precious?
  • now: mom always gets her way


  • then: oh cool he’s from america, he seems normal, very pretty, 10/10 visual right here guys


  • then: is he the visual? i bet he is, why doesn’t he have many lines?
  • now: give my child more lines


  • then: oh shoot which one is he again..?
  • now: everyone look at my talented son


  • then: god this is what a man should look like, omg he loves to read, is he emo..?
  • now: he is emo


  • then: didn’t he attack mingyu with his guitar?
  • now: i want him to attack me with his guitar


  • then: donkey kong?
  • now: someone stop him from further ruining his image, MEME


  • then: how can someone be that tall and handsome?!? AND HE CAN COOK
  • now: mingy-ew


  • then: is he okay? he doesn’t talk much, are they keeping him against his will? is that why we won’t speak?
  • now: savage™


  • then: he talks so much what the heck, i bet he’s the leader
  • now: his vocals are amazing, E X T R A


  • then: baby leonardo dicaprio
  • now: baby leonardo dicaprio but more dorky


  • then: why is his hair like that? who hurt you?
  • now: biggest michael jackson fanboy ever
Spy Universe - Woozi

Anon requested Hacker! Woozi reacting to meeting the reader while working on his job. I was so inspired! Possibly willing to write more of this style of thing, so send request if you want!

EDIT: now we have a whole spy universe 

Jihoon glares at the pixels on his screen, crackling voices coming to him through the ear piece that he has popped halfway out of his ear so that he can hear the soft music playing in the background.

He thought there was no way this mission could go wrong. But now…

Well, even with his expert hacking work on the near impenetrable computer system of the house the team has just infiltrated, and even with the flawless plan the constructed in advance, they might not be able to get this right and extract what they want in time.

Keep reading

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Just stumbled across your blog and it's lovely! Could you write an imagine about ftm trans dadsona feeling super disphoric and accidently comes out as trans to everyone and has Damien calm him down?

Imagine Damien giving comfort to you after you’ve been unwillingly outed.

You hadn’t meant to blow up, but you did, and now everyone knows. It’s just hard being under so much stress and having to hold it all in. But now you’re run down the street, you’re shaking, you don’t want to be near anybody. You doubt they will respect you now. 

Then you hear footsteps rushing behind you. You want to run further, but you can’t you’re out of breath. You turn around to see Damien, his long hair and cloak flowing behind him, rushing down to meet you. His arms spread and lock around you. You want to push away but you just end up crying into his chest. 

“I know it’s hard.” 

“No you don’t! How could you possibly know!?” You scream into his chest. 

He chuckles a bit and lifts your head. 

“Try finding binders that match your aesthetic.” 

Your jaw drops. Suddenly you feel comfortable around Damien, safe and secure. 

He reassures you that you’re valid, that the dysphoria will pass. He gives you tips on how to combat it and how you can feel safer in crowded spaces when it starts to come on. 

Damien and you go back to the party and he stays right by you the whole time. No one brings up your outburst and it’s as though it never happened. Things are going to be okay. 

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Kinky Lawrence should be named Lance. And because of Kinky Lawrence, I have been drawing, The reversed boys and their is suppose reversed female counterparts(?) Thank you for the inspiration. -Rosie

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// Omg!! I wanna see them when you’re done!! I’m so hyped for this, Rosie I love you??? You are 10/10 ;w;;

Also xD Lance could be his nickname

I’ll Always Support You // Conor Maynard

— Heyy! Can you don an imagine where y/n isn’t famous (or a youtuber) and she’s dating conor? Thanks! —

I turned off my computer after I finished watching a video of my uni lecturer talking nonstop about the peripheral nervous system. I had enough time to do my makeup and get dressed before leaving to go to the boy’s flat which was just a couple minute walk from mine. Today, Conor is performing at Wembley stadium for the Rays of Sunshine concert.

We’ve been dating for a couple months now, but we pretty much have kept out relationship out of the spotlight. My social media accounts were private, so no one outside my friends and family really knew anything about my life. At the beginning, I wasn’t comfortable exposing my life to his fanbase because I liked my privacy. But obviously, since him and his friends are constantly in front of a camera, recording all aspects of their lives, it’s only natural that his fans found out about me. Conor and I met at a small party, my friend who’s dating one of his mates had invited me. We spoke all night at that party, he asked for my phone number before I left, and we’ve been inseparable ever since.

I left my house, makeup and hair done, dressed in an off the shoulder short dress and ankle boots and walked a small distance to the apartment he shared with his friend and brother. I buzzed their intercom to let me through the gates and made my way to their door. I knocked on their front door and was embraced in a hug from Anna, his little sister. She had come down from Brighton to see Conor perform. I had recently met his entire family, to which they welcomed me with open arms.

“Y/N, I love the way you did your makeup!” Anna complimented. We got very close, we treated each other as if we were each others sisters.

“I was just going to say the same about yours”, I laughed.

“Yo, Y/N!”, Jack walked into the room and high fived me then hugged me. “What you been up to?”

“Just been forcing myself to study all morning, the usual”, I sighed. “You vlogging today?”

“Oh yeah!” Just as I mentioned that, he pulled out his camera. “Good morning guys, hope you’re all doing well. I’ve got special guests with me today, Y/N, Anna, be nice and say hello”.

I waved to his camera and poked my tongue out. Just a couple days ago, I gave him permission for me to be in this vlog. I walked off as he continued to talk about the concert to go find Conor. I found him in his room blow drying his hair. “Hey babe”, I hugged him from behind as I watched him from the mirror in front of us.

He smiled widely and turned off the blow dryer. “Hey beautiful. You look amazing today”, he then pulled me into a hug and kissed my lips, letting his lips linger on mine.

“So the superstar is in here, getting – ooh bad timing” I heard Jack from the doorway with the camera in his hands, recording us but catching us at a bad time. He then left, causing us to laugh.

“How’ve you been my love”, Conor asked.

“Not too bad, are you nervous for today?” I let go of Conor to let him finish getting ready so I sat on his bed.

“Nah, I think I’ll be fine”, he responded.

“Yeah, I know you will. You’re very good at what you do”, I smiled at him. As he was finishing getting ready, I was scrolling on my phone for about half an hour. “Babe, its ten past twelve, what time do we need to be there?” I asked.

“Shoot. We should be leaving soon, so I have time to rehearse and do those interviews”, he said checking his watch.

“Conor, the uber is here!” I heard Anna yell from the living room. We all then left and arrived at Wembley stadium.

“Y/N, how you feeling? You look worried” Jack laughed, sticking the camera in my face as we walked to Conor’s dressing room.

I laughed. “I don’t know why I’m nervous. I know he’ll do amazingly well tonight, as he always does”, I looked at Conor and kissed his cheek as he put his arms around me.

“Ew”, Jack joked around, He then turned the camera off.

“Will you guys be okay by yourselves?” Conor asked.

“We’re big kids, we’ll be fine”, Jack said.

“Don’t worry, we’ll keep an eye on Jack”, I said to Conor, Anna laughed and Jack then rolled his eyes. “Good luck baby. Love you”.

“Love you too”, Conor kissed me before leaving to do interviews then rehearse on stage.

We kept ourselves busy for the next couple of hours by eating and giving ourselves a little tour. I checked the time and it was a quarter past five, the show would be starting soon. Jack, Anna and myself were then escorted by two security guards to a closed of section in the arena, giving us a perfect view of the stage. Anna and I were really excited, seeing all these artists live for the first time. We danced to each performance, singing all the popular hits along with them. We were given breaks after each performance. The stadium lights then went off, and Conor popped up on stage, causing the crowd to go wild. Conor then performed some covers and his original songs, Anna and I were dancing our butts off while Jack was vlogging for his channel. We all got into the shot of his camera, mouthing the lyrics to the song Conor was singing. As Jack was filming Anna and I dancing, I looked up to see Conor right at the edge of the stage, looking directly at me. Whilst he was singing as I mouthed ‘I love you’ to my boyfriend.

“I love you too baby”, Conor said into the microphone right in the middle of his song, then the whole crowd went more wild, if that was even possible.

After Conor finished, the security guards then took us backstage, Jack still vlogging everything. All the lucky winners who won backstage passes then started screaming as we were passing them. A lot of the winners were then yelling for Jack, and some even asking me and Anna to take photos with them, to which we did.

“Oh my god, Y/N you’re so pretty!”, one of the girls yelled, I thanked her. I took a bunch of selfies with different people, even though I wasn’t famous at all, I guess being the girlfriend of a famous person does put me into the public’s eye, whether I like it or not. As soon as Conor walked into the room, the attention then diverted to him and everyone started screaming. I watched him have his mini meet and greet, his face genuinely lighting up as he met everyone, it melted my heart. I took a couple of sneaky pictures as I watched him chat with his fans. As soon as the night was done, I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on Conor’s shoulders during the ride home.

“Y/N, baby, wake up”, he whispered into my ears, I groaned but got up anyway.

We all walked into their flat, Anna and Jack going straight to bed. I made my way to Conor’s bathroom to brush my teeth with a toothbrush I keep here. I took off my makeup and went to Conor’s drawer to steal a tshirt to wear to bed. I sat on Conor’s bed going through the videos and photos I took of tonight, smiling to myself. Conor jumped into bed behind me and pulled me down with him by my waist. I showed him the photos I took of today and he asked me to send them to him.

“Thank you so much for coming and supporting me tonight”, Conor said as he kissed my hands.

“Are you crazy? I will always support you, till the end. You make me so proud”, I kissed his cheeks then his lips.

“I know things can sometimes get a little crazy being with me, but still thank you”, he smiled

“A little crazy?”, I joked around.

“You know what I mean. But I guess our relationship is a little more out into the open now”, he said.

“I don’t mind it anymore, I don’t want to try and hide our love. It’s too stressful. From now on things will be different, especially since I’m going to be in Jack’s new vlog. Not just in the background anymore”, I said, my hands slightly rubbing his cheeks.

“Good, now I can flaunt my sexy girlfriend to the whole world, and make everyone jealous”, he laughed and kissed me on my lips. We then fell asleep in each other’s arms. For Conor, I would sacrifice anything for him, even if that means giving up some parts of my private life. I don’t care anymore, I would do anything for this boy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So this is my first published little short fic! thank you to the person who requested this. I really hope you all enjoyed it. Sorry if im not too good haha, let me know what needs improving or let me know if you enjoyed it. please feel free to message me any requests!

Wen Junhui Harry Potter Requested Scenario

  • ever since your first year in hogwarts you wondered why Wen Junhui was in the same house as you
  • junhui was a sly and rowdy boy, and you really thought him as unfit to be in ravenclaw but nevertheless you didn’t mind him as much
  • you really saw him as more of a slytherin with all the pranks he does with his friends but like you said, you didn’t mind him
  • he tries talking to you but you saw him as a nuisance and shut him out completely, you didn’t need a distraction from your studies
  • nonetheless you were really happy that you were sorted into Ravenclaw because it was the house you’ve been dreaming of joining and now you were in it!! 
  • so over the years you just focus on acing your studies and everything and you’re like one of the top students 
  • but you were disappointed that you were just one of the top, you wanted to be the very best 
  • though it just wasn’t happening bc guess what!!! you totally underestimated junhui because he ended up being better than you in all the classes you shared!!! 
  • he outshines you in potions class, charms class, quidditch you name it!! 
  • so you started getting suspicious since you hardly see him study and mostly see him just fool around 
  • though it did motivate you to work even harder to the point that you even studied diligently during breaks
  • then fifth year comes and then it’s O.W.L.’s season and you just push yourself over the edge to study like hell 
  • you had a good feeling that you were gonna get higher marks then Junhui this time because he’d been slacking off more than usual, even sleeping during some of your classes
  • so you took all your O.W.L’s and you just have a good feeling that your grades are gonna be super high 
  • but then you see jeonghan from the slytherin house looking all shocked and hugging junhui and yelling “woa junhui you’re so smart you got the highest scores in all your O.W.L’s” 
  • junhui’s just as shocked as jeonghan and you just . clutch your first because no one’s been preparing for the O.W.L.’s as intensely as you and you thought it was so unfair
  • you only realized you were glaring at him because junhui looked at you and gave you a stupid grin and you already know it means “In your face y/n I beat you yet again” so you just walked away bitterly 
  • so you decided to let that go and focus because your competitiveness was becoming unhealthy, you weren’t gonna give him the satisfaction that you felt so down about everything
  • then your seventh year comes by and you’re now happy because you were elected head girl of your house but surprise!!! junhui is the head boy!!! 
  • everyone is literally in disbelief at how both of you are head boy and head girl because everyone knows about your competitive history
  • inside you’re just seething with rage and frustration because you’re never gonna escape him now but you stay calm and collected 
  • you and junhui are showing the first year ravenclaws around and they all love junhui even if he cracks a bad joke every now and then 
  • ”if there’s any quidditch player that catches your eye than i guess they’re a keeper!!” 
  • multiple soulless laugh are heard from all the first years 
  • the first years don’t pay you much attention which kind of hurts since you give more helpful information about how to get around the school and such 
  • when the first years disperse and head to their common rooms you two are left alone again and you’re about to walk away when he just put his elbow on your head like the shitty tall person he is
  • ”y’know y/n we actually make a pretty good team” 
  • that was the best joke you’ve ever heard in your life
  • you just swat his elbow away in annoyance and you just go off like “leave me alone we’re done with head boy and head girl duties today” 
  • and then he just sulks which is unexpected and he’s just “why are you always like this to me? do you hate me or something” 
  • and you just look at him in disbelief like “isn’t it obvious????????” 
  • you swore you saw a hurt expression on his face before it quickly turned into a smug one. “i thought you were over the fact that I was better than you in everything” 
  • you slapped him across the face 
  • ”shut up you don’t know anything just mind your own business” 
  • he looks stunned and gingerly touches his cheek “you know y/n…. I only really wanted to be one of the top students so I could get closer to you…” 
  • your mind just went blank. “stop messing with me what in the world are you saying?” 
  • ”i mean it y/n!!! ever since first year i wanted to get to know you but you just shoved me away so I thought maybe if I became a top student just like you… you’d notice me.” 
  • you honestly couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “this is the stupidest thing ever stop playing with me.” 
  • but Junhui was persistent. “i’m not playing honest!! i never even meant to compete with you in the first place but since you were such a nut for academics i was like hey !!! if i’m at your level in academics then maybe you’d even glance at me.” 
  • ”unbelievable” that was all you said to him before turning to walk away again
  • junhui grabbed your wrist before you could and pulled you into a kiss 
  • at this point you were absolutely confused over what was happening, but for some reason you couldn’t pull away
  • that was until you heard cheers and jeers from all around you
  • you abruptly broke the kiss with your face as you saw a pack of Slytherin first years with the slytherin head boy, jeonghan, teasing you and junhui
  • you turned to face the boy who just kissed you, he looked just as red as you
  • although you hated yourself for this, you thought that maybe just maybe… you could give this boy a chance 

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If you're feeling up to it.... request? Cherry on top? Girls night at a cabin (Caroline, Bonnie, Katherine, and Rebekah) retreat and the boys interrupt the evening festivities. Which sucks because now they are all stuck inside a one bedroom cabin + pull out couch during a blizzard. Whatever shenanigans ensue is totally up to you! :)

I am so freaking sorry, for one taking so long, and two for…wtv this is. I didn’t know how to go about it, but I needed to just write something and post it, or I’d go insane, so this came out and it looks half-assed and bad and I don’t like it, and you’ll probably be disappointed (lord knows you deserve better) but at least I did it…? My advice to you, is send this prompt to a better writer haha But I hope you’ll manage to like some of it? Thanks for sending me this prompt tho!!


Girl’s Retreat Gone Wrong

The cabin was warm and peaceful, - the fireplace mesmerizing if you looked into it for too long - while outside the snow started falling fiercely and relentlessly. It only made the room that much more comfortable. So far none of them were fighting - well, they weren’t physically fighting at least - but instead were drinking and somehow enjoying each other’s company.

“We should play never have I ever.” Katherine suggested, sipping on her vodka.

“You and Rebekah have probably done everything, how would that be any fun for you?” Bonnie asked confused.

“I assume the fun part would be that we’d get to drink every time and find out some of your secrets. Not that I enjoy understanding how Katherine’s brain works.”

“Oh Rebekah, I’m honored, you truly know me so well. Maybe later I’ll get to know you better too.” Katherine flirted, licking her lips in anticipation, and in return getting a dirty glare from Rebekah.

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Legends of Tomorrow | 1.07 | Ray Palmer

What’s it like… dying?

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Remus, sunshine, take your time for now, but when you're ready, please, really consider giving Sirius a chance. I know, he messed up really badly and he crossed the line, but from now he'll only mature. His family is going to give him hell, and basically everyone around, so he'll have his punishment, but he really loves you and he'll change. Take care, both of you.

Remus: Of course I’ll consider it.  I’ll take everything into consideration when I have a clear head.  Right now, I just don’t want to think about it.

I have so many WIPs… like that pretty Cullen pic with his fancy sword. Or in his concept clothes… or a few Alistair pics.
Someone give me skills to color all that xD
Or motivation…

Maybe dis Alistair will be finished… one day xD


It’s a long time that I want to speak about it, without know really how… But tonight seeing the post of Jared Leto Brasil on Twitter (x) I just wanted to write a long text about it after…

First I don’t blame anyone, It’s just a general feeling! I am nobody to tell to someone to act this way or another, or tell this or this is good or bad! I AM NOBODY! Be happy the way you want, that all I wish us all! I will just express my feelings and open a debate maybe, but we can maybe not share the same view and respect each others right?? So if you have questions or answers to my post it’s ok, even if you are not agree, but please just stay respectful! In this post It concern each sex. Thank you to everyone who will read! 

We all know that we live in a society where there are a lot of “it’s good & better to be this way, or this way….physically or in any other contest” We have a lot of sexual teasing in movies, commercials ect… A lot of artists, like actors for exemple, can have explicit love scenes, being naked… We can see for exemple with Jake for ‘Everest’ promotion (I still laugh about it) using a naked scene of him in the trailer, not used in the movie, make a big part of the promo with him for 10minutes on screen you know what I mean?? Hollywood can act this way, we know it!
We are a big part in this world, to have or had a (celebrity or not) crush right?? And we for a big part again, we can have fantasies (sexual or not) with a celebrity crush or a person whoever the person is, or about something in life like having kids or not, getting married or not, travel a lot…! We can see life in a very different way, that the person next to us and it’s ok! Sometimes these fantasies especially in a sexual way, can be very different to a person, to another, I have no problem with any, if everyone is agree and happy with the way they have chosen, GREAT, AMAZING! I have friends with different sexualities, differents cultures, differents views than me! It’s interesting to share, to have conversations, to listen others!
After there are these how call them?? “society rules” who are absolutly not to my heart, to be skinny, or follow this road of life, to have kids and getting married or ect….. I think it’s everyone choice! You want to take care of how you eat and be the most skinny you can, do it, you want to live without kid or have them at 50 do it! You want to eat pizzas and not fruit do it, you want to wears tight clothing, but everyone say that you are too fat for it, f*ck and DO IT! Nobody can’t stop you if you are happy this way! If they are not happy with you….it’s not people for you and it will not always be easy cause even when we are like “I don’t care” we will not lie, it can be hurtful to see people judging you!

We all live these judgments and it’s so bad, and hard sometimes. Some people called artists (singer,actors,director ect…) live it in front of thousand, millions of people each days! By paparazzis pictures everyone judge them physically (like beach pictures for exemple “oh fat” “oh too skinny” “oh too or not enough this or this”), about their choices (love life,what they wear, their projects,their actions good or not,women after their pregnancy…), or on social media we can see a thousand insults and mean comments each days! Even source/fan account can receive some of them! But them live it in front of the world! When I see already without the spotlight side, how it can be hard (and please stay strong!!) I can’t even imagine in front of the world! We will not lie again, we all once maybe had a too fast and bad judgments at some points! But there are people who will respect others and keep their judgments inside, live their lives and just let other live their lives too and another category with their insults and mean comments ect…  

To be back at the sexual art aspect, or I don’t know how call it, some artists can be more provocative than others, more naked in movies than others… but it’s choices to make it! It’s their videoclip, or it’s a scene! We can love it, or hate it…but it doesn’t mean than 24h/7d their are this “sexual” image we have of them on this moment! Some can watch it 10000 for their pleasure and cool for you! Sometimes there are sensual photoshoots, sexy photoshoots of some idols we can have! We have eyes so why not enjoy it right? And enjoy it if you want! But when I see all the sexual comments even harassment sometimes, yes it’s a strong word but seriously sometimes it’s how it’s called, cyber harassment that they can receive on social media ect…. seriously, ok some have fantaisies with them,and it’s not the problem, have if it’s make you happy,it’s personal and it’s your right! The problem is the respect to have and consent of human being that you don’t even know personally and even if you do,respect is a very important thing! Like this tweet at the beginning of my post, the event was a chat with their idol, how cool right?? It can’t even stay a normal chat! After some make directly sexual accounts at least you know that if you don’t want to see these style of things, you don’t go on these accounts….
I will take an exemple of some post I made on my Jake account instagram, but look at general accounts it’s the same! In one, I spoke about an important message to my heart (not even a sexy picture posted, a very simple one) 99.9% of the comments was “he is hot” “I want him” and some emojis suggesting I will let you guess what…. ok there are worst in life…..but it’s tiring! Being horny ok….but when we speak about an Humanitarian cause or an important action or do an event for speaking about a important project to our heart….excuse me?? I am for the freedom of expression but choose the right place,moment to give your message! There are place for everything and everyone! Find a fanfiction,sexual site or something you know! 

We can speak too about all this pressure, exemple with a lot of famous persons, but right now one I have is mind is,Leonardo Dicaprio! “Wow he has still no kid, oh he is fat now! He is not like Titanic anymore, he is old now! Again a model, too young for him” I mean we all grow up, and fortunately he is not like Titanic anymore! After that you love his talent or not, it’s not a problem, but why are we obliged to have kid?? He can’t just be a actor working in projetcs he loves and enjoying life as he wants to?? Why love has a age? A lot of people I see saying “This girl is too young for him are often, even younger than the woman herself and say I want him to *censored*” So he has to love you & you are in love with him but in reality he has to have a girl his age?? Why?? Why true love can’t be with 10years of difference (younger or older)?? The most important for fans is not that their idols are happy?? After you can on the moment have a time of acceptance, cause we don’t accept and appreciate things the same way at same time but, it’s his life, the most important is not to support people and to be happy if they are happy?? And the most important giving us amazing projects that we love and are related to?? In music or in cinema, photography ect…

Edit: It’s like when I see a famous person (especially men arround women…) The poor woman if she touch his arm or hug him or just spend time with him, she is a b*tch. Really?? I mean appreciate someone is for me too, respecting people arround him! We are not obliged to appreciate them, we can be jealous but at least respect them! If not for ourselves at least for the artist we love. With Jake again & Maggie (his sister) I saw some very horrible things (sexual or not) yes you read right! I mean if some don’t even respect Jake’s family or friends or just someone with who he has a moment with… It’s like Ariana Grande tweet recently about what comments her boyfriend received on her by a man in streets. WTF?? I know my post will change nothing but… I needed to let it out! We are all fan our way,we are all in love our way, we are all with some preference about a lot of things and the way you are is right to you, be free and happy with it! Why others if they don’t have the same view can’t be happy their way? If for you being fan its having all the posters magazines, have them! If for you it’s listening their music all day, do it! If it’s speaking about their quotes, and inspiration they give to you, it’s great,do it! I just feel with all this body shaming ect… we lost the first and real reason to be a fan at the beginning. I mean the talent and work of people we admire! Of course we can find them beautiful, but I see a lot of people now it’s means or good comments about their body,their personal life, or please like my page… but their work?? 

When I see all the hate it’s make me sad!  They (the famous person or not that receive hate) are humans like you and me! If you do this, cause you are not happy in your life I am sorry for you and I hope you will find help very soon and feel better fast if you read this!
You see this man on these pictures from my post?? He is a human like you, like each famous person, like each person in this world! And NOBODY deserve hate or body shaming (cause I saw some comments about his body on the last paparazzis pictures for exemple) or sexual comments all the two seconds! He has feelings, he has a heart, he has maybe some wounds, complex and a lot of others things we can’t even imagine,like ALL EACH OF US! His public image and what we see of him (or any other person) doesn’t mean we know him! We know a part of him…but not himself really for sure! Even when celebrity are more sharing about their private life, sharing about their kids ect… doesn’t mean we have all the right and we can take the right to be rude or speak to them like we know them!  
If you are one of these people, can you please explain me how you would feel if it was you receiving all this??

If you read all this, thank you! Again I am nobody to tell you what to do! It just a feeling I have since a lonnnng time and I needed to write about it! You are free to do the same, love & peace to all! Be happy your way and let nobody make you ashamed you of who you are or break your dreams, or your life cause they are not agree with your choices please!! Love who you want to love, eat what you want to eat, wear what you want to wear ect be free, we have one life and time goes fast! xo