everyone gets this

Tonight I am promising myself that I am done allowing myself to be devalued and deceived. I will walk away from you, and I won’t look back. I want the best for you, but I deserve to be treated with respect and like the actual, living, human being I am. Please realize how beautiful, intelligent, and full of love you are - and please don’t allow yourself to be treated this way either.

I respect natsume for one thing—translating these wonderful games and giving me the opportunity to play them.

why do I not respect natsume now?—for trying to take claim for another company’s work that actually made the games, and acting like these new games are still the same games we know and love (newsflash, they aren’t) instead of the spin-off’s they are!!!

I have 0 respect for anyone that tries to fool their fanbase, tries to stake claim on work that is not theirs, and continues to ignore negative feedback.

do you know who I feel a lot of love for right now?

Esteban Ocon.

Journal Entry #162

I can’t believe there isn’t a single fucking cane for blind people in this entire city. Who gives a shit how well-engraved this walking stick is? HE CAN’T FUCKING SEE IT.

And Prompto keeps telling me to stop hovering, as if Iggy’s going to ask for any help even when he needs it. I have to fucking do something. But until Noct wakes up there’s nothing to do but sit here and…be useless.

I genuinely thought that one channel out of the six that normally air german football matches would show the pokal final but it turns out none of them will show it live for me 😢

Watching movies: fun
Analyzing and understanding the science shown in movies: not so fun


King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain attend the 76th Madrid Book Fair along with the President of Portugal. They received books for them and for their daughters. For Infanta Sofia they were given about called “To remember my First Communion” and for Princess Leonor one called “The book of values for children” (My translation of the tittles is awful but there you have it). They tried to pay for the books but the owners refused, Queen Letizia made a funny comment about that; “I’m going to have to come on my own for them to let me pay”. (May 26, 2017)