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I’m very late on this but I was tagged by @royalbins , @nxnight , @bigseuegsobtob , @chained-up-taekwoon & @vixxeroni for a selfie thing !!

I hope I’m not TOO late though! ❤


D-Kikan, the Hoshidan Army’s intelligence branch, formed due to war with the Kingdom of Nohr looming overhead

AKA The FE14 AU no one asked for

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Turnwaysstuck! An au i made with @iburntthetoasthhh where all the kids have non-human guardians but jade, and the trolls have guardians that are also trolls (they’re the ancestors but more modernized and themed like their lusi)

for all my mutuals: ily and I think ur art is cool and I wish I could sent you a message but im afraid I might Die so im just going to quietly admire everything u post 🌱 -admin

(( tbh i dont agree with favourites or cliques either in roleplay

i’ll roleplay with literally anybody so long as you’re not a twat which i think is fair game, it’s just that im super busy and have like one hundred thousand other roleplay blogs so getting a starter out of me is like getting blood out of a stone 

but honestly, sup everyone hope youre good ))

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Im a trans guy and i like genderbends.... I don't see the problem. I mean yes if they only change one character to make it a straight relationship i understand the bother but how is having fun drawing characters appearing in a different gender bad? It's fun? I do it?

here’s a post explaining my opinion on genderbending x (sorry i don’t have a ton of good ones on hand rn this was the only one i could find atm) and yeah i get your thinking, but to some people it’s not really a light subject, and it erases the opportunity of trans representation and/ or their identity. overall i’m not one for it, but if you’re ok with it i’m not gonna attack you on it. i do recommend reading a few posts by other trans people explaining their thoughts on it though!