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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Interacting with other mothers… + The aftermath

Yuuri despises socializing with people he doesn’t know, but his unconventional family and marriage is one of the hottest gossip topics in town especially among the other mums. One day, he decides to just fuck it all…and sorely regrets it afterwards.

(Featuring OC kid Arisa, and later Yasha and Shura)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

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That Supergirl cast fiasco made a lot of people feel like shit today, so, much love to the fans of Swanqueen, Sense8, Korrasami, Beronica, Wayhaught and others who sent some love, it really was nice to see the solidarity. I saw SO SO many people who had never watched the show coming in to defend and validate us, and that kind of made up for the mess.  

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everyone's worrying so much about future scenes and here i am just praying for alec to wear his head of the institute blazer again!

OH. MY. GOD. I KNOW? How does it work? When does he get to wear it? On mondays? Clave meetings? During roleplay with Mr. Bane? I need to know.

When is the next downworld meeting because I need to see him in this jacket AGAIN.

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listen... listen you are the MOST ATTRACTIVE PERSON. like... u are so good looking and i died when i found out that you have tattoos i'm literally ded❤️

((OOC: Well shucks, I sure hope you’re enjoying the afterlife there, babe!))

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((hey......did you know that you’re...a nerd? A NERD THAT I REALLY RESPECT THAT IS!!!! Seriously though I look up to you a lot! You’re art is incredible and I hope to be on your skill level on somepoint! I’m happy that I’ve gotten to know you and I hope you have a good day!))

Burn it ALL Down: The Story of a Super, a Sidekick and Fans at a Comic Con...

Comic Con is a magical time of year where we get to see the actors out and about promoting their show to dozens of places, chatting about themselves, each other, fans and their characters.  It’s a time where we get to experience behind the scenes of those shows we love, and as fans do we ever look forward to it.

This comic con ran sour for many people, and people feel what they feel and I’ll never invalidate the if’s but’s or why’s.  But I am going to take a moment to discuss some unsettling things I’ve been seeing in the Supergirl orbit, then I’ll address the giant elephant that has been shitting on the carpet.

1.     Representation Matters:  Alex came out in the most amazing way; it was positive, uplifting, embracing and beautiful really – she got to be all of Alex.  Fan-fucking-tastic and about bloody time.

a.     She got the girl.  Yay? Except I feel that Alex lost herself in the girl.  She forgot that she had a sister.  She marginalised Kara in every possible way.  She didn’t plan to spend Earth Birthday with her sister, her sister who is celebrating the day that she lost everything.  The day that represents her being on Earth longer than Krypton – but hey, she got the girl.  

b.     The girl is played by someone who, from all accounts is a lovely woman.  She’s dating Casey Affleck; oh noes fire her, we don’t like him.  Wait, the girl isn’t a POC because she is part Italian and Irish.  People, Italy has black people.  They do.  They can quite marginalised there too.   But she wasn’t good enough to play a POC on TV (which BTW she has never been referenced on the show has Latina)… wow, are you fucking kidding me?

2.     Diversity Matters: James has nothing to do, let’s make him the most useless vigilante since that relationship with Kara didn’t work out (thank god, it was so shoe horned and not sustainable).

a.     Diversity Matters but just throwing a POC on screen isn’t enough.  Give us something more.  James was not my favourite character, still isn’t.  He still deserves better.

b.     Diversity doesn’t mean that the character has to be likeable, but they have to get the same amount of thought as every other one.  But even much of the fandom didn’t care about his side lining, that was disappointing.

3.     Relationshipsare invaluable but the romance, and the ‘shipper wars have not been.

a.     Sanvers I want to love, but I don’t really think I like Maggie, and I don’t like who Alex has become with her.

b.     Karamel Not the best, but I can understand why Kara would latch onto someone when she was literally abandoned by everyone in season 2.  No, I don’t think it’s okay he lied to Kara about who he was, but it was unsurprising Kara forgave him.  Probably the most believable thing in the relationship.

c.     J’onn and M’gann if people want to talk about toxic relationships – she saved his life and he repays her by imprisoning her for no good reason, and during that time M’gann developed Stockholm Syndrome and fell in love with her capture. Yay! Positive.

d.     Danvers Sisters who now?  Were they a band or something, because damn if they didn’t break up in season 2.  They were once the heart of the show, and when that was lost the show was lost.  

e.     ‘ships are important and there is plenty of ocean out there for them ALL to sail.  Problem is that the infighting started and it became every ship for themselves, because obviously the individuals chosen ship was the least toxic of them all.  IMO, all the canon romantic relationships this season were shit, they devalued every one of the characters.  Speaking only for myself, I still struggle with what J’onn did to M’gann…

                                               i.     Some fandom ‘ships were toxic and when a guest star comments on that, at a convention, and the threats and vitriol he received there is a systemic problem.  Thankfully not all SuperCorp fans are like that, but the problem is for the actors and creatives they may not see the flip side.

                                             ii.     All fandom ‘ships had toxic members who screamed loudly and sounded like spokespeople for the ship.  It’s unfortunate, but it happens.

f.      Friendships are important if anyone can remind Kara’s friends of that, I’d be forever grateful.  Remind her Foster Mother and Space Dad for extra points.

4.     KARA MATTERS: The show is called Supergirl, so obviously the most important character should be her.  Although Supergirl did get more time than Kara, but I feel as we moved away from Kara we lost the humanity too.  It’s why I did adore the addition of Lena to the show (if they make her evil…)  I feel that when we lost Cat, we lost Kara.  I’m hoping we get more Cat this season to make up for that.


And yeah, Melissa said that Kara’s world ended when she lost Mon-El but she expanded on it in the ET interview – the woman has lost next to everything and the hits keep on coming.  All she is seeing is loss – and that, that is the product of someone who has terrible abandonment issues.  Now, if they could actually explore this throughout the season…

Now, much of the online fandom has been shitting on each other (I will reiterate not all), the actors and creatives and then Comic Con happened.  One of their first interviews of the day Jeremy was asked to reprise a little skit he did last year and sing the events of last season, so he hit on the main storyline affecting those in attendance (which is why Sanvers was overlooked) – unfortunately he made a tone-deaf joke that hurt people, Melissa kinda joined in and everyone laughed.

I do believe he hit on it because of the SuperCorp fandoms notoriety, but I don’t think it was designed to invalidate the LBGT community.  I don’t believe it was a homophobic remark, I just think it was a stupid moment that any human has had.  Not even a saint could claim they haven’t accidently hurt someone by not understanding something, or joking about it.  It happens, but to assume that the intent was malicious goes against everything else they have both done in the past, and Melissa said later the same day (before all this blew up). It even goes against what Melissa said later in the same interview.

Yes, I am aware that she called Jeremy “brave” for what he said, but no I don’t think that means that she wanted to invalidate the ship.  I think it means that she thinks he is brave to want to take on the fans, and that he was fucking stupid to do it.  Melissa may not really do cons, may not do many signings on set – but she does stop for fans on the street and she has been an ally for years.  I do not believe a single moment erases everything they have done in the past, nor do I think it makes them a bad person now.

What I do believe is that it makes them human.  The problem is in many cases that’s the last thing we want (or need) celebrities to be, we hold them up as the perfect representation of whatever we need them to represent.  We falsely idolise them, so when they fall it hurts, it hurts a lot.  But that hurt, the hurt from our idolisation, isn’t their fault.  That’s like when we discover that our older siblings, or parents or grandparents are just human.  They didn’t hang to moon and the stars, even though we thought they did.

Now, these humans did something well, human.  As a member of the LBGT community I will only speak for myself (and I do ask can everyone do that, no one voted for official spokespeople so lets not pretend to have them), they didn’t upset me.  I don’t feel devalued by them.  They owe me no apology.

Jeremy has issued a 2 part apology, and no it’s not perfect but he isn’t perfect.  None of us are, I’m not going to tell anyone to give him a chance or forgive him.  I am going to say that you should forget but c’mon – people are telling him and Melissa to choke.  They are wishing a show that hires hundreds of people to be cancelled.  They are calling out and attacking their personal lives, how it any of that okay?  So much of fandom is NOT okay with the way it’s responding. Being hurt I get, threats of any kind is just ridiculous and intentionally malicious.

Maybe this can be a learning curve for everyone, starting with realising we are all but human.  And we will all make mistakes.

(I also decided not to tag sanvers because I will not go into a tag when I don’t like the ship)

And for the love of god, don’t ask an actor to validate your ship.  They see what they see, you see what you see.  That’s okay, that will forever be okay, they never have to meet.

Thinking about that time when I was like 19 and worked at a Mexican restaurant and immigration came and checked everyone but me. Everybody had to show ID except me. (I’m the child of immigrants, and I speak with an accent, and was I here legally? They didn’t know! They barely even looked at me!) Some of those brown people’s families have been living in the US 50+ years, centuries, longer than mine, but w/e, I’m white, I get to exist unbothered wherever I want. It made me so mad.

I just thought of it but My Hero Academia is progressing pretty rapidly through the manga and at some point they’re going to reach the end of what’s there and they’re either going to deviate from the manga via Black Butler or start filler arc-ing the hell out of it via Naruto/One Piece

tbh i really hope they go the One Punch Man filler arc way with the manga legitimately adding substance to the webseries

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i am so upset would it KILL ben to be an ounce more supportive like would he physically explode bc he acts like it

i know, i know. it’s getting somewhat exhausting to watch him like this, anon, and yet i suppose at least he’s now treating both the ladies and caleb in equal measure: total stressed out jackassery.

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Trying to put the sprites together for a picture and I swear it feels like I'm trying to take their photo. "Come on guys! Get closer together! At least try and pretend that you like each other!" "Celeste get in the back, your hair is blocking Sayaka's face."

oml now i’m just imagining a mum trying to get all her kids looking nice for a christmas card picture,,,

“byakuya,, smile,, please,, smile for the picure,, that’s not a smile,,” “naegi we can’t see you at the back could you come to the front-” “syO STOP MAKING THAT FACE can everyone just smile normally-” “…hagakure, there’s food on your cheek. why is there food on your cheek we haven’t eatEN YET”

bonus: everyone is cranky because they’re all in christmas jumpers,, ahsjsksk ~ mod oddish

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I really hope u get famous so I can say " I FOLLOWED FAMOUS RICKY'S BLOG SINCE HOMESTUCK WAS STILL RELEVANT" And people will gasp in awe

yall dont realize how much i think about this,,,,

my future PR agent is going to HATE me and make me delete ALL MY SOCIAL MEDIA

also there’s thousands of ppl out there who will be able to be like ‘I KNEW RICKY FROM HIS HOMESTUCK PORN BLOG’ and it will bring me.. Shame

imma be honest, i love that joseph is a dick who breaks your heart because he’s a dick

not because i wanted my heartbroken, or i didn’t like joseph and didn’t want to date him.  i had both these things, and i spent way too long trying to get a better ending

but it’s really good representation to have him the way he is.  Joseph is 100% the ‘I’m Totally Straight!!’  White Gay™.  He’s that guy who says he only has gay sex because ‘its basically like having sex with a woman only you don’t actually have to deal with a woman, sexism am i right?’ only then he feels bad about being gay and takes it out on the guy.  He’s the type of gay that never admits he’s in a closet and toys around with everyones emotion just to keep living in his fantasy world of not being gay.

And I like that that was included.  I like that they didn’t just make it some entirely fluffy or sexual game.  These characters feel like real, everyday people you might met and date.  And, sorry straights and sheltered gays, Joseph is someone you might met and date.

tbh the only thing that upsets me is that i can’t apologize to robert and tell he was right, and that i can’t check with mary and ask if they actually had a temporary break or if joseph was lying, and apologize if they didn’t because i would never, and apologize that she has to put up with that even if they did.  probs convince her to get someone who deserves her, marys too good for joseph.

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What do YOU think prestons favorite songs are? Is he more likely to listen to the pre war bands on the radio or someone like magnolia whos in the present and sings about a different time with a different perspective

There are a lot of people that are like “Preston likes those boring songs on Radio Freedom because he loves the Minutemen.” - okay but Preston has been listening to that shit for five years, since 17, there is no way he didn’t get bored so he definitely listens to Diamond City Radio like everyone else. 

As for the songs there he is probably a sucker for the love ones and probably listens to Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Also I am sure he likes “Good Rockin’ Tonight” and I am sure he really passionately sings to “Way Back Home.” Also who doesn’t like the Ink Spots?

As for Magnolia’s songs I like to imagine, in the theme of all that noir underground bar feeling Goodneighbor and the Third Rail, that there is that one very cliche movie scene where Protagonist and Co. enter a dimmed underground bar with every single outcast and mobster in town and they are a bit in awe and maybe attracted to Attractive Lady Singer in a Red Dress (I am looking at Jessica Rabbit here.) and they take a brief break from their otherwise Important Mission to listen to this attractive lady sing one entire song. That being said I think while Tracie will be with her jaw to the ground cause Magnolia is very, very pretty and Tarcie is easily star struck by pretty ladies, Preston will really like the song and probably lean back on the bar stool and lift his hat a little and stare in awe like wow!!! And I really, really think that was the atmosphere Bethany tried to achieve with the Third Rail and the mandatory mission there. Oh and also I love to include all of the companions in this just to have everyone’s cliche and cartoonish reaction. 

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