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Haikyuu!! staff and Furudate-sensei thank us for our support this year and wish us a good New Year. ^^

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Hinata: This year, thanks to everyone again, Haikyuu!! will enter another year! Thank you very much! We hope-
Hinata: ?!
Tendou: Wakatoshi-kun, you can’t cut across like that!
Yamaguchi: Gah!
Yachi: Eep!
Hinata: We hope for your support next year too!!
On TV: Hold a festival until everyone’s really embarrassed. (Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=whZgD9vKuWQ 02:13 Manzai routine - Thanks @victoriel)
SFX: Bam!

Second image
Daichi: The greeting “Have a good New Year” is nice somehow.
Oikawa: Yeah, I get it. When some unknown announcer says it after the news or something, I’m kinda happy.
Bokuto & Kuroo: It’s even better if it’s a girl saying it.
Daichi: By the way, aren’t you guys lazing around way too much?
OIkawa: Isn’t it fine once in a while? As captains, aren’t we under considerable stress all the time?
Bokuto: I get it!!
Kuroo: Shut up, Bokuto.
Together: With that, please do have a good New Year everyone.

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Ugh, Christmas parties.

Dean had seven to go to, including this company one. Working at Sandover for so many years, Dean knew everyone. This meant he also knew how everyone acted at company parties. Alcohol always seemed to give everyone an excuse to complain …a lot. Dean can’t count on both his hands and feet how many variations of “Man, this company really busts our balls, am I right?” he has heard over the years.

Hoping to avoid a repeat of every other year, Dean took it upon himself to sit in a corner by himself. Well, and his whiskey of course. As he was about to get up for his fourth refill, one appeared in front of him. He followed the glass to the fingers surrounding it, to the arm holding it out to him, to the new face offering a shy smile.

“You looked due for another,” the man smiled and cleared his throat. “I’m Castiel Novak. I’m new here and, therefore, not very fun at holiday parties yet.”

Dean chuckled as he grabbed the shot. “Dean Smith. I’m not new here at all and, therefore, also not very fun at holiday parties.”

Thus began a night of whiskey-induced giggling. Dean and Castiel spent the night discussing favorite movies, what it’s like to have pain-in-the-ass younger siblings, and what they would rather be doing every day they’re at Sandover.

Dean may have woke up the next morning with a killer headache, but it quickly subsided when he rolled over to find blue eyes staring back at him.

These are some things to remember. Sticky–note them to your wall, scribble them down on your palms but please, keep them in your heart and in your mind for as long as you can.

One. No matter how hard you try, you’ll never please everyone. It’s cliché, I know, but it has to be said because we’re takings risks, breaking our spines from bending over backwards too much.

Two. It’s okay to not know where you’re going, what you’re doing; who to be, what to see. Even the greatest minds didn’t have it all figured out by the age of –

Three. You will get your heart broken. Not only by boys, not only by girls, but by places, songs, faces you’ve never even met. Like your dream university, the one you built your life around entering, thinking that one day you would bleed the colors blue, maroon, yellow, or green. Your favourite animals going extinct. Not meeting a minimum to stay on top. Life isn’t smooth sailing but listen to me,

Four. Your failures don’t define who you are. The scars they leave are there to make you human. It’s natural to feel like shit on days when it feels like the universe is against you. It’s okay, your feelings are valid. Cry when you need to, get angry and yell, but never – please, never put all the blame on yourself. You have tiny shoulders but big dreams and never, ever let your failures crush those.

Five. Listen to the chocolate bar and take a break because –

Six. You deserve to treat yourself every once in a while. A pint of ice cream, a movie marathon; you’ve worked hard so reward yourself with what makes you happy.

Seven. The small things count. The way the ocean always returns to the shoreline, the bass line of your favourite song, your pet being excited to see you come home to them. The smell of freshly laundered sheets, the flow of traffic-free streets, the feeling of getting the crispy chicken skin. Remember the little things.

Eight. Some people, no matter what they say, just won’t give a fuck. You can hand them the world on a silver plate and they won’t even bat an eyelash. They’ll take your world away and lock in a chest, throw away the key and make you start all over again. That is why you never leave planets and comets in the bones of another. Don’t make a body your gravity because if they leave, everything will fall like an apple from a tree.

But I promise,

Nine. There are still people who care. The friends who will listen to you cry past 11PM, sit with you on stairs, and hold you throughout all of it. The boy or girl who will love you for all you are when Nam Joo Hyuk is too far away. The family friend who you can take to prom because you’d rather catch up than make awkward small talk. And most important of all, the friends who will stand with you through all of it: through the bad, the good; the beautiful, and the really, freaking ugly. These are the people you can anchor your boats to when the tides are too high for you to keep sailing, and they will never let the waves sweep you away.

Lastly, I hope,

Ten. I can be one of those friends. Remember you can lean on me, tell me all your stories, and I’ll keep them locked in my heart only to return to you when you need them. Ten, we can take baby steps to get through everyday together, be on trainer wheels for as long as we need to until we’re ready to just go, and go, and go, but we’re also ready to come home. Ten, I’ll try to make you as happy as I can because I can’t see my universe without you.

—  a gentle reminder

Ye Olde Fandom: “Here’s a bunch of moments where these two characters seemed very close and compatible, which is why I believe they would make a good couple. If this appeals to you, read some fics with this pairing.”

New Hell Site: “Here is all the ways THIS SHIP is so CANON ENDGAME that if you DON”T ADMIT IT, you’re a homophobe!”

“But THAT SHIP isn’t as politically correct as MY SHIP. Call-out post for everyone who has this PROBLEMATIC SHIP!”

“How dare you attack a positive depiction of characters with mental illness finding love, just because neither of them canonically have mental illnesses! CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE!”

“Hey, what about this canon pairing?”



We HAVE to point out everything that’s wrong about it. They WANT us to call them out, make the media aware of its issues, plot holes, because that’s EXACTLY what every other queerbaiting show does but is getting away with.
The Final Problem is bad FOR a REASON.
Sherlock has such a wide audience, if WE as a fandom speak up, it’ll reach everyone.
This way we’re actually calling out every other queerbaiting show that is chickening out facing these topics. Sherlock is giving us the oppurtunity and example to address the issues in television and movies today.
And BBC Sherlock isn’t backing away.
They have a fourth episode prepared.
They know what they’re doing.
Johnlock is happening guys. Have faith in the creators.
It’s our job atm to revolt and get the medias attention
Because TFP is the best example of everything a show shouldn’t do to its audience

The podium is ours
The attention is on us
If we can pull this off, we are making television history

F and I went out to the lake and sat and watched the sun rise in the East as it has since these planets came to be billions of years ago. We sat huddled under coats and blankets as the skies drizzled softly just as they have been billions of years. We sat near this unwavering forest that has been around for millions of years. The birds trilled and flew just like they have been for millions of years.

And we talked…about the universe, about our fears, about what makes us happy and what makes us laugh, about the stain on the hem of my coat I can’t get out, about the weird things that happened between classes in college, about the callouses on F’s hands from playing the banjo since he was 14, and about what the future holds for us.

We don’t know what that will bring. We haven’t and we never will. But we have solace in each other and we will face those futures together.

I hope everyone can watch the sun set today with someone they can find solace with. If not, then at least remember that F and I will be watching that same sunset alongside you and that the sun will set and the moon will rise, unwavering and unapologetically, just as they have been for billions of years.

John Murphy Fandom’s Greatest Hits
  • The great John vs Jonathan Murphy debate
  • Alex Murphy being a confirmed memelord
  • Everyone deciding the ‘dye’ thing was just Murphy being dyslexic instead of making fun of him
  • John Murphy + John Mbege = John²
  • His edgy fingerless gloves both simultaneously loved and hated
  • John Murphy Nose Rub™
  • Memori aka Bonnie and Clyde except their crime skills are mediocre at best
  • “Give John Murphy A Hug” campaign after season 2
  • Farmer Murphy
  • The John Murphy sex scene that made all our eyeballs fall out (seriously, why)
  • Making polls and bets over what his crime would be
  • Nicknaming him “everyone’s favorite cockroach” bc his only skill is barely surviving
  • John Murphy Face Scars™
  • Murphamy…just Murphamy
  • Dropping both Johntari and Jroth at the drop of a hat when the rape scene got leaked
  • John Murphy’s goddamn sass mouth not having an off button…EVER
  • The Red Spiky Shoulder Pad™
  • John Murphy not learning Trigedasleng despite it literally being a necessity in his new job #SlackerLyfe
  • Embarrassing Virgin Murphy
  • Titus aka the ultimate Murphy hater killing himself to get out of helping Murphy
  • Both Murphy and his fandom being lowkey pissed no one is letting him back in the delinquent squad
  • Asexual Murphy
  • Being able to admit John Murphy is a Problematic Fave at best and an Irredeemable Scumbag at worst and loving him either way

What I love about Yuri on Ice is that there’s little cultural exchanges between the characters. Learning words of each other’s languages, the food hybrid of ep 9, etc. It’s just so…. endearing? Without being in your face about it??



Its just so refreshing and pure like, yes, this is how our world should be.

(Also shout out to them for making Canada a real boss. I’m totally okay with the Canada King tbh)

Why do the monsters I hunt have to keep personifying themselves?

I was in MH4U with @nero-the-fallen @elderchameleos and @shen-gaoren We decided to hunt a Raging Brachydios (my first one, incidentally) and the tactic we chose to take this beast down, at Nero’s suggestion, was sleep bombing.

So we get in there, start slapping this thing in the face with our sleep weapons, and eventually it starts the “going to sleep” animation. Now everyone else in the party runs away, but me? I had to be special. I had to be close.

So the Brachydios falls in such a perfect way where I am stuck snugly in a tiny circle made by its head and its arms, with no way out. It hugged me while it was sleeping.

Like, like a teddy bear.

And I was not happy. I had heard this thing exploded with proximity and attacks. I was scared. These were not consensual hugs. I somehow managed to attack it without exploding and wake it up so I could escape, but it carted us all eventually. So yes, it lives. It’s still out there, somewhere in the world.

Hugging people.

Be afraid.


Finally break is here!!!! Good god it’s been a very long and unplanned hiatus, and I’m so sorry about that everyone. But now, both Mod Spacey and I are back and we survived our finals (kind of lol)

But anyway, in terms of getting the next update out, hopefully that can happen very very soon. I can’t give specifics but I know that it’ll be out soon and you’ll finally have your answer as to who the Riverperson actually is!! Good god we’ve been holding that back so long what an awful cliffhanger jeez.

Please feel free to slap me in the face for making you guys wait so long :<

SO YEA!! Break is here, updates can start up again and hopefully we’ll be able to get back on a regular schedule of sorts.

In the meantime, have a wonderful day, happy holidays, and enjoy your winter break if you have one!!

Thanks a bunch <3

-Mod Shade

The Way I Am, Pt. 4/4

Thanks, as always, to everyone who’s read, and thanks yet again to @myhufflepuffpants for letting me use and abuse your prompt in this way.

Penelope AU, modern ExR with some magic thrown in for good measure.

Read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.


As far as headlines went, it wasn’t particularly original, and Enjolras, who was still trying to adjust to the fact that, after being treated like a freak for as long as he could remember, everyone seemed to suddenly care about every detail of his life, scoffed as he chucked the newspaper onto a table at the Musain. “You’d think there wasn’t anything else going on in the world that matters,” he said, sinking into a chair and feeling suddenly exhausted.

“Well, it’s not every day that our very own pig-faced hero gets engaged to the son of a baron,” Combeferre pointed out reasonably, passing a cup of coffee over to Enjolras, who accepted it with a grateful smile. “Besides, all this publicity is great. The second or third line of every article has mentioned Les Amis.”

“Yeah, right after they mention my pig snout abnormality,” Enjolras grumbled.

“If it makes you feel better, people have started dogging my footsteps now, too,” the freckled man sitting next to Combeferre offered, with a tentative smile. “Though of course, they’re mostly trying to figure out if I’m just after your money. Or what my sexuality is. Or why I had a temporary restraining order placed against me, which was a complete misunderstanding, I promise.”

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Cousin fun

Ever since I could remember, me and my cousin used to experiment with each other. We’re very close in age, only about 3 weeks apart, so we always spent a shit ton of time together and we did a lot of things together. He was the first boy I had ever kissed at 3 or 4, the first dick I ever sucked at 7 or 8 and the first person to ever eat me out. When we were still young we used to play a game with our siblings and other cousins where we’d see who could stay up the latest and it was always a tie between us. We’d wait until everyone was asleep then we’d get closer to each other and start our own games. He’d rub on my little clit making my little pussy shiver and I’d lick and suck on his dick enjoying his face as he enjoyed my mouth.

I moved away when we were about 11 and thought that we’d never play our games again so I let it go. After I moved back and the first time my dad fucked me when I was 15, we got back to our games getting really close to fucking but still not crossing that line. It wasn’t until after we were 18 that we started again. It was Christmas after our 18th birthday when it actually came up again. He had came out with my best friend, her baby daddy, and I, and after the club and the food we had all went back to her baby daddy’s house and they started fooling around. She looked at me and was like “you guys don’t have to be sitting there all awkward, I used to fuck my cousin’s all the time, we won’t care.” I’d like to let Yall believe that I let it happen that night and that me and my cousin finally fucked for the first time, but her statement shocked me so much I acted as though the thought had never crossed my mind plus I was on my period. I ended up fucking her BD that night, with her permission, because the thought of fucking my cousin with my best friend watching had turned me on, but even though we didn’t do anything that night she had no idea that she had rekindled an incestuous flame in us that I thought had died years before.

A few weeks later I went to visit him, and since he has always been my favorite cousin, no one thought anything about it. His little brother was there but he was preoccupied with a game so I dropped hints for him to meet me in his room. I laid on his bed and waited for him to come in there. He finally got in there and we started heavily making out, touching on each other’s bodies, getting under the covers to conceal our next moves. I was only wearing a tank top and leggings so I just pulled down my pants and moved one of his hands done to my pussy letting him feel how wet I was while moving his other hand under my shirt so he could feel my now C-cup boobs. I pulled out his dick stroking it and feeling how big it had gotten since the last time I touched it. I leaned forward rubbing him against my wetness feeling him tremble and rubbing his precum on my outer lips. The moment we had been building up to since before we even knew what we were doing had finally made it here. I pushed back and for the first time we were finally fucking each other. It was like lightening that first time, and since neither of us were virgins we knew what we liked. He pulled my hair and gripped my ass, spreading my pussy apart from the back, gliding in and out. He told me he was about to cum and since I was on birth control I told him to cum in me. I started to wiggle my ass with each of his strokes, coaxing the cum out. Finally I heard him groan quietly and felt his cum hitting my cervix and then dripping out as he pulled out his now soft dick. We kissed one more time then I scooped up some of his cum and put it in my mouth. Shockingly his brother never walked in but the chance of being caught made it all the more exciting.

That was years ago and we never had another encounter after the first one because he told his mom like an idiot about 4 months later and she stopped allowing me over there. When he comes around though there’s a palpable tension between us as we remember the way the other felt. We might do it again one day but if we don’t we at least know that we had that experience anyway

model seokjin

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  • okay so this had been in the inbox for a while now and i’m super duper sorry i just wanted to get some namjoon stuff out!!
  • okay i’ve never seen many model aus so this is gonna be lit just wait i have some quality ideas
  • okay so firstly, you!!
  • you’re not the cliche make up artist who fixes the lead models make up and gets all close in his face…
  • and you’re not the photographer either, who gets to pose our dearest model however you want…
  • you’re actually a lowly secretary, like the one who answers phone calls for the head of the agency, and you’re always sent on coffee duty for everyone, and you’re usually the one taking notes, and emailing potential sponsors like you’re not really high up on the ranks
  • but because you’re a secretary that means you get to always be right near the action in case anyone needs a super large frappuccino with extra whip cream (looking at you, mrs. fashion designer lady)
  • which means you get to see him
  • and by him i mean the one and only kim seokjin
  • he’s well known across the world because he’s so damn handsome like he’s a god or something??
  • it’s always a war to see which agency will get to book him for a shoot because he’s so super popular
  • he works for the company big hit modeling (wink wink) and they’re not really a super known company, until seokjin starts modeling then they become one of the most famous companies across the globe
  • he’s mostly a fashion model (idk if there are other models) but he started with the typical fashion magazines where his hair is all messed and he’s holding some sort bag over his shoulder and giving the camera the big pouty lips
  • but recently he’s been in like sports magazines (mm kim seokjin, modeling in some bathing suit trunks, yes plz)
  • actually everyone expects the bathing suit issue to be sultry but legit you remember opening the issue and it’s seokjin with one of those flower swimming caps, smiling playfully and holding a beach ball up to his chest
  • and then in other pics he has the heart sunglasses and he’s wearing cute pink floaties and then an innertube around his waist!!
  • but still, you can see those shoulders,,, and those calves,,, and you just kinda have to fan yourself with the magazine because that level of beauty is overwhelming
  • you low key hoard every magazine he’s in okay like every single magazine he’s been in, it’s stashed under your bed
  • you wish that he would come and do some shoots for your magazine agency…
  • and guess what, your boss manages to do it, manages to get the one and only kim seokjin to come and do a “business” photo shoot
  • everyone goes into a full out panic because kim seokjin, the kim seokjin is going to be here of all places
  • you’re excited sure, but a little upset
  • you’ve been an admirer of seokjin since as long as you can remember, since he started his modeling career
  • you don’t know how you’re gonna feel having him so close to you, yet so far away
  • you then scold yourself for being so sentimental because why would he even notice you to begin with??
  • okay okay so it’s the first day of the shoot
  • you’re dressed in your usual work clothes, super business-y like a button down and then slacks or a skirt or whatever you like that’s business-y idk my work uniform is a cheongsam so like idk
  • but you can tell everyone is ok edge from the get go because everyone is being super snappy with you and everyone is running around and running into each other and it’s a hot mess up in this camp
  • okay it’s like an hour before seokjin is even supposed to show up but everyone is still super stressed and everyone is like go get our coffee and be useful and you kinda smile through the tears oh alright i see how it is
  • you know everyone’s orders by now so it’s not that big of a deal but still you’re feeling personally a little frazzled by all of the drama
  • you stumble into the coffee shop and the little cashier who you’re actually really friendly with now waves to you and you wave back and smile like if anyone can make your day better it’s him
  • so you order everything and kinda mention what’s going down at the agency like “yah kim seokjin is gonna be down here soon and everyone is stressed and being kinda crabby”
  • and the boys eyes light up “oh seokjin huh?” and he smiles “yah he’s a riot. really pretty. really sweet. don’t you think?”
  • he’s not really looking at you but you don’t mind too much
  • “seokjin is so gorgeous. and this is weird, but his hands are really super cute?” you laugh “you know i’ve been a fan for like years now… he looks so gentle and sweet… and i’m sure he’s so much more than a pretty face! like i bet he saves puppies off the street, well, maybe cats. and i bet he carries groceries up the steps for old ladies too!!”
  • and your counter boy is snickering and you’re like “jeongguk stop making fun of me i really think he would be like thaT”
  • but you’re pulled away from jeongguk because someone taps your shoulder so you spin around and guess who’s standing there
  • it’s, that’s right, you guessed it, it’s none other than kim seokjin in the flesh
  • your face drains of all color and you wonder how long he’s been standing there, listening to you rave about him
  • it’s a super small hole in the wall coffee shop that mostly older folks come to which explains the lack of paparazzi and screaming fans but you kinda wish they were there to take the pressure and attention off of you
  • he’s staring down at you and his face is so red but you’re sure that your face is even more so
  • jeongguk is cackling behind the counter and you start to blush harder
  • and finally seokjin manages to stammer out “thanks for thinking so highly of me…!! it means the world to me, that people, like me, i mean, i know people like me, but i mean like-”
  • and jeongguk just coughs “plz mom, you’re embarrassing yourself.”
  • “i tolD yOu noT TO cALL me tHaT”
  • and he hides behind his hands and you think that’s so super cute you just wanna like… idk… kiss him all over…
  • “you’re um… coming over to do a shoot with us!!” you smile a bit
  • his eyes go wide and he smiles “are you one of the models im working with?”
  • and you go so red you can feel your heart slamming against your chest “who me? ahh no i’m just the assistant…”
  • “oh… what a shame, i would wanna do some shoots with you. maybe one day we can get jeongguk to take our picture!”
  • “smoooooth”
  • “jeon jeongguk is2g shut your mouth”
  • you’re blushing and smiling and seokjin is looking anywhere but your face and jeongguk is coughing like um your coffee is ready
  • and you both think it means your coffee and you both go to grab it and your fingers brush and you both pull away and stutter out apologies
  • jeongguk rolls his eyes but smiles anyhow
  • but alas seokjin’s phone rings and his agent is like :))) hurry it up there pal :)))
  • and seokjin says he’ll see you soon but before you can reply he’s rushing out the door and as soon as he’s gone you’re practically screaming to jeongguk, from a melted heap on the floor
  • “you should probably get going so you can see your boy…”
  • jeongguk hands you over the trays of coffee and sends you off with a playful little wink
  • okay okay so you get back to the office area and you’re handing out drinks to all your superiors and they’re too busy trying to fix the lighting and touch up seokjin’s makeup and whatever to even notice that you stay in the shooting room while things start to go down
  • but you don’t notice that seokjin keeps glancing over at you, and he’s low key trying to ask all the staff about you like who’s that angel over there just for reasons…
  • okay so he’s dressed in this extremely tight white button down and he has some black slacks and a skinny black tie and his hair is down in his eyes and also !! carrying a briefcase and probably wearing some ugly ass penny loafers but he makes them look so nice
  • okay but then
  • then
  • the coordinating outfit lady whatever they’re called, she comes over and undoes the first two buttons and wow chest chest chest chest
  • you feel your stomach twisting in knots and you want to look away but oh it’s so tantalizing
  • but something is definitely off, the imagine isn’t right but nobody else is seeing how awkward it looks right now and you’re like um this can’t be the image we use??
  • and so like any normal person would do in this situation, you totally disregard your job and your standing and you rush up to the runway area and you hurry over to seokjin
  • and there is some astounded gasps and screaming and your name followed by some rude and profane language but you disregard all of it tbh
  • you rest one hand on seokjin’s chest and the other one works at his tie and he tenses up and goes red as a tomato and he stares down at you
  • you stick your tongue out a bit and he thinks it’s so cute how you’re concentrating but also you’re so close and he might die?
  • you loosen the tie up so it’s not so tight and stuffy and it hangs down a bit and it really matches this whole messy professional thing and it looks like a million times better
  • and the head photographer has a light bulb right, it just pops up over his head
  • “you two, stay like that please”
  • and you’re like wait what im not a moDEL
  • but hey you’re already in the business clothes and you two look so cute,,,
  • most of the pictures you two end up taking, your face is blocked from view either by looking to the side or looking down or whatever but it’s super touchy like he has his arm draped over you at some points, or his hand on your waist and it’s so close and you’re like wow how have i not died yet
  • but then
  • then
  • seokjin leans down and he gives you a look and you don’t need words to understand he ghosts his lips over yours and wraps his arms around your waist and your hands are on his chest and you can hear like seven million cameras going off
  • you both pull away and he’s stammering and you’re blushing and the entire business is in a frenzy because that was so good
  • and the main photographer comes up and he’s like “nice to meet you i’m min yoongi, if you’re interested we could get you a job over at big hit… you and seokjin here have a certain chemistry that would be so amazing to capture in photography.”
  • he gives you his card
  • seokjin gives you his number (wink wink wink)
  • and a few weeks later jeongguk is the first to confront you about a certain photoshoot in a certain magazine featuring a certain someone that looks very much like you, kissing a certain famous model…

Brainstormed for the circus au at work and these are some thoughts I have:

  • At some point, something goes wrong with the lion and Trixie nearly gets hurt. Sportacus saves her but Robbie is there almost as fast and grabs her away from him and just. Clings to her.
  • Everyone at the circus being fluent in sign because of Ella and Flobby, and them taking the time to teach Sportacus after they take him on
  • Sportacus telling people to “make a wish” when things are getting rough
  • After the inevitable point where it’s clear that Sport and Robbie are falling for each other, they have a long talk (unrelated) until Robbie falls asleep. Sport comes out of his room and finds himself face to face with seven children aged six to fourteen, all staring him down and demanding to know “What are you intentions with our dad????”
  • The moment when Robbie explains to Sport why he’s working so hard to keep the circus is because while he stopped caring about the circus years ago, if he loses the circus he loses most of his kids
  • The scene where Stephanie wishes for Sportacus is gonna be a straight-up homage to Lilo and Stitch

josie-theoneandonly  asked:

11. things you said when you were drunk & Reibert (how surprising, I know) p.s. do not hurt the moon, please

11. things you said when you were drunk

Bertholdt is accosted in the showers, and he sputters for a towel as Reiner dangles a flask in front of his face.

“We’re celebrating tonight,” Reiner says, grinning. Across the washroom, someone hollers; cadets sprint past the showers, out the main door, and onto the lawn, cheering.

“Celebrating what?” Bertholdt exclaims. “Can you get out?”

“Our first exam!” Reiner shouts. “We passed! Come on, everyone’s celebrating!”

“Fine, I’ll be right out, but can you just- get out, Reiner!”

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Ok, so real talk right here.

So last night at the Nashville concert while Michael came out on his own to do his solo thing for jet black heart, everyone began to cheer for him, and i mean really cheered for him. At first, he just stood there for a good minute or two and admired everyone cheering for him. After a while, he cleared his throat to get our attention so we would quite down and let him sing, but we just kept cheering and this most beautiful smile came a crossed his face. I’m not even lying when i say that whole arena just cheered for 6 minutes straight, and it was all for Michael. I could’ve swore I saw him tear up. Literally, moments like these make me so so happy to be a part of this family. Michael deserved that moment so much. I love him, and I love the 5sos fam.  


Cafe!au Series

Word Count: 1232

Genre: Fluff

You walk into your friend Seungcheol’s cafe on a Monday night, looking forward to some freshly brewed coffee. Music is playing and all the tables and seats are facing a little makeshift stage. You get in line and walk up to the barista behind the register. He was a tall, tanned boy with jet black hair. There was no denying he was cute.

“Hello welcome, what would you like to drink or eat?” He says taking out his pen.

“Hi, I would like an americano and that’s it.” You say paying and sitting down at a table. The music ended and a young man who introduced himself as Seungkwan thanked everyone for coming out.

“Our very own assistant manager Jihoon wrote that last song isn’t he amazing,” Seungkwan says as Jihoon bows and everyone claps.  

Then everyone gets up to leave. The young man who sang and played the guitar was extraordinarily good and very talented.  Your coffee hasn’t come yet so you wait. The cafe was open late and you came out because you couldn’t sleep.  You enjoyed sitting in the cafe. It was lively and had loads of charm to it. The bus boy started spreading out the tables so they’re not clustered around the stage, and the next act prepared to perform. As you see the young man come out with your coffee you smile and he smiles back at you.

“One american-” But before he can finish the bus boy knocked into the young man making him stumble and the coffee landed all over the table nearly missing your clothes.

“Aish,” The barista says scratching his head.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Seungcheol asks as he glares at the poor bus boy.

“It’s fine. At least it didn’t get on me right?” You say getting up as the coffee dripped onto the floor.

“I’m sure it wasn’t that good anyway, Mingyu made it.” A tall man says as he comes out from the back.

“Wonwoo hyung, you’re so mean to me,” Mingyu whines as the boy named Wonwoo chuckles.

“While they clean that up, sit at the counter. “ Seungcheol says as Mingyu begins to wipe everything up. As you watch them all clean up, Seungcheol talks to you about various random things. Sports, weather, etc; just trying to keep you entertained as a new coffee was being brewed.

“Well, do you like cheesecake?” Seungcheol asks and you nod.

“Well I can have Mingyu here make you make you a fresh cheesecake.” Seungcheol says as Mingyu rushes to Seungcheol side and whispers in his ear.

“Hyung what if I mess this up too? I can’t embarrass myself again… They’re too cute.” He says, or at least that’s what it sounded like he said.

“Mingyu, you’ll be fine,” Seungcheol says as he pushes Mingyu into the back. You really like cheesecake but you couldn’t take a free one.

“I’m sorry, I can’t accept that. I have to pay.” You say, getting out your money.

“Nope, it’s on the house.” Seungcheol says as Mingyu spends the next 15 minutes in the back making a cheesecake.

“Cheesecake is served!” He says coming out from the back and presenting the cute little cake in front of you.

“It looks delicious.” You say taking your fork and taking the first bite.

“Wow, it is good!” You exclaim.

“Thanks, I’m Mingyu by the way.” He says sitting next to you at the counter.

“So I’ve heard. I’m Y/N.” You say, shaking his hand.

“I’m sorry about what my hyung said before, I’m not really the best at making coffee, I do pastries.” Mingyu says earnestly.

“I see, well this cake is delicious, but, I have to pay for it.” You say, getting out the money once more.

“No no no, keep the money, and eat the cake. It was my mistake for spilling the coffee.” He says, pushing the bills away from him and back at you. You take the last bite of cake and place the fork down on the counter.  

“Well, then I’m just going to have to come back every day and buy something in return for your hard work.” You say as he laughs.

“Thank you, but I can’t have you spending that much money.” He says as your lips form a grin.

“No, trust me the cakes aren’t that expensive. Plus, they’re really good. You can’t stop me from coming back, can you?” You say as Mingyu sighs.

“I guess not.” He admits.

“Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” You say with a victorious smile, as you walk out of the cafe.

“Y/N. What a pretty name.” He says as he grabs the plate and fork that you left.

Over the next four days, you would come in every day at 5 o'clock to buy a pastry and a coffee. You would talk to Mingyu and would learn a lot about him and his passion for baking.  You also learned a lot about him in general. You got to know the staff of the cafe really well, and they enjoyed your company.

“Seungcheol, how does Mingyu bring out new pastries every day? He must work really hard.” You say on your 5th day visiting, as you sit at the counter on a Saturday afternoon.

"Well, do you want to see him at work?” Seungcheol asks you.

“If it’s ok, sure.” You say getting up from your seat.

Seungcheol opens the door to the kitchen and you enter into the large workspace. You see Mingyu rolling out a crust as the assistant manager talks to him rather loudly.

“Mingyu, you’re going to run out of ingredients if you keep baking all these pastries every day. Just confess already, they’re all you ever talk about these days, and I’m sick of you constantly saying how cute and adorable they are,” Jihoon says as Seungcheol clears his throat. Mingyu and Jihoon look like a deer caught in the headlights.

"Umm, Mingyu is this true?” You ask as Mingyu nods.

“Well, thanks for calling me cute and adorable.” You say walking up to him.

“And I think you’re the sweetest, kindest, most handsome guy ever.” You say, taking his hands. He smiles at you, but then for some reason he pushes you out of the workspace.

“I’m sorry, Y/N, but I have to make you pastry.” He says.

“What?” You ask, being corralled into the next room.

10 minutes later Mingyu comes out with new cheesecake.

Written on it in white icing was “Y/N, I really like you. Will you go out with me?”

You looked from the sticky note to Mingyu who was fidgeting with his hands. You take a bite of the cake and nod.

“Mingyu, of course, I’ll go out with you.” You say as Mingyu hugs you.

“I never knew I’d get to know and love someone over the span of 4 days, but, Y/N I really like you.” He says as you hug him even tighter.

You both hear the cheers of the rest of the staff erupt from the back of the cafe, and Jihoon screaming “FINALLY WE CAN STOP SPLURGING ON INGREDIENTS!”

You laugh and take a bite of the cake.

“Mingyu this cake is sweet but, you’re even sweeter.” You admit as he laughs at your joke.

“And you’re cheesier than this cheesecake.” He says stealing your fork and taking a bite.

Admin Jai

Piano Girl


The bell rang and everyone around me rushed out, not sparing a second longer in the maths room than they had to. I tried to be quick in gathering my things but it was no use, one of the last people out as per usual now I had to face the walk to my most dreaded lesson, music.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hate music by any means I just didn’t like the lesson. In that class I didn’t know anyone very well, music was based in this small long hut, with various classrooms and small music rooms with instruments that everyone rushes to get to first. Meaning I am always left sat at a desk writing down some lyrics to a song or other work I need to get on with. Our teacher tries to inspire students but deep down, even he doesn’t care what we do he is just trying to get through the day like the rest of us.

As I arrive into the building it immediately feels stuffy, students pass up and down and the sound of music fills my ears. From guitars and drums to saxophones and flutes, various melodies made and I smile. Walking into the classroom I see it is now empty besides my teacher who sits with his coffee. He gives me the usual greeting and I walk back out, hoping to find myself a practice room I could use for once. As I wonder up and down I go around the side of the hut, finding a large room that is long with a piano placed in it with no one in sight. Glancing to the door I check to see if it is private, or reserved but it isn’t, it’s completely vacant.

Taking one last look I quietly go inside, walking along the white Walls and find myself brushing along the piano a layer of dust collecting on my finger tips. Pulling out the stool I sit down and place my bag next to me, lifting the lid I examine the keys my fingers rising, itching to play something after so long. I search through my bag for any form of sheet music I may have in there and by luck I do, pulling out an old song, fairly simple my teacher taught me when I was only eight years old.

As I begin to play I find myself immersed in the music, and begin to sing to the sweet tune. My concentration completely on the music and the words I zone out, unaware of another’s presence in the room. As I look up momentarily I stop harshly, looking to the student in the room who was staring at me, making me feel rather uncomfortable.

“Can I help you?” I intended for my voice to sound more willing as opposed to mousey.

He stepped forward out of the shadows, allowing me to see him more clearly. He had blonde hair, which was in a sort of quiff off to one side, he had blue eyes like the morning sky in between the clouds on a winters day. He kept his gaze locked onto me, I had a faint idea of who he was, a fellow quiet student in my class. I had seen a few of his covers on YouTube but now I wish I had paid closer attention as his name escapes me.

“It’s alright Y/n, I heard someone playing and sing and I felt almost drawn to it. I stood by the doorway for a while, blissfully listening before looking in and I saw you.” He stopped as a blush crept onto his cheeks, he scratched the back of his head and he did look cute as he did so.

“So you were spying on me?” I joked but he now had a scared look in his eyes.

“No, no! I was just, I just saw you and you are really talented and-” He stumbled for words furthermore and I let out a chuckle, moving towards him.

“It’s fine honestly, I just didn’t think anyone would’ve noticed that’s all.” I said moving away collecting my things.

“Why wouldn’t anyone notice you? You’re beautiful.” Silence filled the air after that, I kept my back turned away from him and no movement was detected.

The silence lingered as I could feel the heat rise in my cheeks. “Did, did you just?” I turned around but he was gone. My heart felt heavy and I assumed I imagined the whole thing, I turned back round to the piano and he jumped up making me scream. “For gods sake!” I yelled to him, causing him to laugh even harder.

“You should’ve seen your face, you were terrified.” He laughed more and it made me smile, thinking how easily I am to freak out since I’m quiet.

Closing the lid to the piano I picked up my music and put it in my bag, all the while he remained leaning on the piano watching me with a bright smile that made me feel all warm inside. I began to make my way around the piano but he stopped before I could get any further. “Is there a problem?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he seemed to have lost all confidence again.

“Do you want to do a cover with me sometime?” He blurted out, then stepped back as I processed what he asked.

“You want me? Me? To do a cover of a song with you?” I sounded downright shocked and gave him the wrong impression immediately by the look on his face. “No no! It’s not a bad thing I’m just surprised!” I chuckled and his face lightened up, he did look very attractive with this light shinning on him.

“So you will?” He asked, sounding more hopeful this time and I nodded. Not thinking of a reason not to. “Perfect, say Friday? After school?” He asked opening the door for me.

“Of course, erm?” I still couldn’t remember his name and couldn’t help but feel awful for not knowing it.

He noticed and grabbed a hold of my hands, “I’m Luke, and you’re Y/n.” He smiled and we began to walk away, he kept ahold of one of my hands now, not that I was complaining.

As we headed for the exit knowing it was the end of the day we came outside and I let go of his hand, feeling empty without it and began to walk away. I glanced back to see him stood there, with a sad look on his face and I waved but had no response back. Trying not to think of it too much I continued until I heard someone calling after me.

As I turned I saw Luke running towards me, but stopping half way to catch his breath making me laugh and walk towards him to save him the trouble. Stopping in front of him he had his hands resting against his thighs as he breathed heavily. “Are you okay Luke?” I ask rubbing his back but he held up his hand, signalling he needed a moment.

People continued to pass as they left school and some glanced back but after a minute he was back upright looking right at me. “I didn’t get to say that you didn’t hear wrong.” He smiled but I felt confused and it must’ve shown.

He moved closer to me and bent down so our eyes were level, giving me the perfect opportunity to see how truly blue they were, a pure shade of blue with no fragments of other colours. He moved my hair away from my ear and I could feel his breath tickling against my skin. “You truly are beautiful Y/n.” He whispered before pulling away slightly but remained close to me.

Looking at me he moved closer and I responded, closing the distance between us and I could feel his breath on mine. “Y/n! Come on!” I pulled back as I heard my name, whipping my head around to see my brother there impatiently waiting for me.

Looking back to Luke who seemed equally as embarrassed I gave him an awkward smile, apologising for the interruption he brushed it off. “But I’ll see you in music tomorrow, piano girl.” He winked before walking off, this time leaving me standing there.

Maybe music wasn’t my most hated lesson after all.