everyone games

me playing any online game ever
  • Me: Haha alright guys let's get out there and have a good, fun game!
  • Everyone: Yeah the game ended already you died like 15 times
  • My router, made out of bamboo and silly putty: GGGRRRRRRRRNNNGGGGGGGHHHH

Will I ever be able to draw these two well? Probably never.

❥”Mystic Messenger” characters



Aries: Yoosung Kim (gif by @kziir)

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Taurus: Jihyun Kim (V) (gif by @wiiwiipyon)

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Gemini: Sarah Choi

Cancer: Rika (gif by @springbirdy)

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Leo: Ryu Hyun (Zen, this beautiful fucker-) (gif by @inigoazur)

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Virgo: Saeyoung Choi (707) (gif by @gayalexy)

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Libra: Saeran Choi (Unknown) (gif by @frozenpinetree)

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Scorpio: Jaehee Kang (#1 wife) (gif by @kiib0u)

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Sagittarius: Elizabeth the Third (gif by @sour-gato)

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Capricorn: Vanderwood (still can’t tell whether Vanderwood is male or female, someone tell me- are they a girl or just a really hot guy?) (Thanks to @kiib0u for telling me the artist of this picture!) (picture by @arotxt)

Aquarius: Echo Girl (I have a severe hatred for this bitch) (picture by @carminabruh)

Pisces: Jumin Han (hhhnnnnnnnnggggggg-) (gif by @kurai-reii)

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who did you end up with?

+ I know Mystic Messenger isn’t an anime. It’s essentially an otome, and I’m trash for it-

++ (spoiler, move away) did anyone else cry in the ending where Unknown shot V? I literally burst into tears-

+++ Saeran is my small bby and I need him to be protected at all times; I don’t care how much of a dick you thought Unknown was, I love him so much

++++ God, I can’t stop staring at the gif I used for Jumin- in all honesty, I had no problem with the bad ending for him. I would want him to tie me up and keep me-

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D-Kikan, the Hoshidan Army’s intelligence branch, formed due to war with the Kingdom of Nohr looming overhead

AKA The FE14 AU no one asked for

(click for some notes and stuff)

Some hcs under the cut! o/


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I was tagged by @tonyspegasus @sugdens-robert @itsafangirlthing @boookemdanno @robertsuggles @wellyfullofale @escapingreality51 @andyoumattertome @dannymillers - thank you all so much!!! I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this (some of you tagged me a few days ago!) but here I am, I’m finally doing this!!

Name: Bethany


Gender: Female

Star sign: Pieces 

Height: 5′2

Sexual orientation:
straight I guess????

Hogwarts house:
I think I’m Hufflepuff!!!!!

Fav colour:
baby blue, pink, purple

Fav animal: DOGS, ducks.

Average hours of sleep: Probably about 8 nowadays!

Cat or dog person: Dogs

Favorite fictional person: I mean it has to be Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden doesn’t it?! But I also love Marty McFly, SAMWISE GAMGEE and….lots more!

# of blankets I sleep with: One duvet

Fav singer/band: McFly, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, the Beatles, SWMRS, Green Day, Blink 182 (old), Enter Shikari, the Monkees

Dream trip: I mean I hate flying :( but I’d love to go to the Maldives!

Dream job: ??????

When was your blog created: Sometime in 2010

Current # of followers: a little under 2,000

What made you create a tumblr: I honestly don’t really remember, I know a friend of mine at the time was really into it so I guess that’s why!

Honestly I’ve seen so many people do this already and so many people have been tagged and because I’m so late getting to this I’m not going to tag anyone because the thought of leaving people out freaks me out I’m sorry!!!

m-h--fnaf68  asked:

Hi robot scout I have a question for tonight what is it like being with your friends do you 2 go on cool adventures

not really

being friends with me is like being friends with everyone else

i play games with friends, draw for friends, i mean i guess the only perk is getting inside info about my games and such but other than that

most of my friendships are just like everyone elses


I never thought I’d get to see club penguin’s iceberg tip but here we are, probably 10 years since I stopped believing it was possible, and dreams have come true. (Excuse the sniff in the middle - I was holding back tears)


character design 
kingsglaive vs final fantasy xv